Joy for Jiggly Jane

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a continuation of the story, “An Erotic Exchange” in which I describe the emails exchanged between the two people involved, and how this correspondence led up to their tryst in the coffee shop.

Jane Franklin, AKA Jiggly Jane, sat by herself at a small table in Maxine’s coffee shop. She had made a point of choosing a spot where she could sit and wait for the arrival of the young man she expected to meet there. They were supposed to arrive at ten o’clock, so she had gotten there twenty minutes early to watch for him. So far, nobody inside the café looked like the picture she had committed to memory, and nobody was wearing the clothing she expected to see. If he failed to show up, she would write off the whole experience, but Jane was so horny she fervently hoped he would keep the date. Her dildo would help, if necessary, but she was thinking about the methods Superdude said he intended to use in alleviating her horniness, and hoping that he would appear, drive to her apartment, and do what he had said he would,

Promptly at ten, a young man walked in. Jane spotted him as he stood in the doorway and was sure he was the man she was expecting. He seemed to be slightly less than the six feet tall he had credited himself with being, but that was no problem. She was more interested in the other dimension, the seven inches he had told her about, and which had been displayed on the other picture that Superdude had emailed her. He was wearing the appropriate red jacket, which was needed anyhow because it was a fairly cool morning, and blue jeans and white sneakers. As she watched, he went to the counter, was served a cup of coffee, and stood sipping it while looking around at the few other patrons in the coffee shop. She partly stood up, and pulled her sweater away from the front of her body, showing off the cleavage that she knew Superdude would be looking for.

Daryl Jensen’s eyes scanned the interior of Maxine’s Coffee Shop, hoping the woman who was to meet him would be there. He hadn’t seen her face, but the picture of her voluptuous nude body had been enough to induce him to drive ten miles that morning to get to know her, including in the biblical sense. In the corner, he saw an attractive, pleasant looking woman who had just stood up and was looking in his direction. She seemed to be the right age and to answer the description he had been given, and she was smiling, apparently at him. Daryl hoped she was the one. The unknown customer had light brown hair and the wide hips he had pictured, wrapped in a bulky, dark skirt. She also had big, luscious breasts like the woman he had come to find, so big they were almost spilling out of her low-cut red blouse. Coffee in hand, he started walking in her direction.

“Jane?” he queried her, when he was close enough to address he in a normal voice.

Her smile grew wider. “Superdude?” she asked.

“That’s me. You look as good as I’ve been picturing you.” He noticed her cup was empty. “Can I get you another cup of coffee? Anything else, like a doughnut?”

“No, just some coffee, with a little cream and sugar. Why don’t we go out to the back porch for a little more privacy?”

“Good idea.”

He started to go back to the counter, but stopped before he got there in order to watch Jane walk out the back door. She looked even better from the back than she had from the front, with her big ass and wide hips. Daryl was a firm believer that real women have curves, and the woman who called herself Jiggly Jane had some of the curviest curves he had ever seen. After the door closed behind her, and she was no longer in his field of vision, he completed his errand at the counter and got refills of coffee for both of them.

When he joined her on the back porch, he could see why she wanted to be there. It was a cool day, but she had a sweater covering her shoulders, but not the luscious breasts that seemed to be even more on display than they had been while they were inside. The cool air would probably keep anybody from coming outside, so they would be able to talk and get to know each other. Even if anybody did prefer sitting in the chilly breeze, Jane was sitting with her back near the wall and would be able to see anybody who might happen to get too close for their privacy. He placed the coffee on the table and sat down in the chair beside her, giving himself a view of the back door also. He placed one hand on the table while his other arm rested on the back of her chair.

As soon as the young man sat beside her, Jane moved her seat closer, so their legs were pressed together, and leaned back against his arm. She had been immediately attracted to the young man, and hoped they wouldn’t spend too much time in the cool breeze, when she had a warm apartment with a soft bed waiting for them. Jane had made the bed that morning using her brand new sheets with the high thread count, and she was anxious to get back there with him so they could break them in properly.

“Jane is my real name, but what should I call you?”

“Daryl. I’m not really ateşli gaziantep escort bayan all that super, but it’s a nice sounding handle.”

“Daryl, huh? Do you have a brother named Larry and another brother named Daryl?”

“No and no. But you’d be surprised how many people ask me that.”

“Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.””

“That’s okay. I didn’t say it bothered me.”

During their conversation, Daryl couldn’t keep his eyes off the pretty, full face of the woman beside him. Her skin was very fair, and unwrinkled, except for a few lines around her eyes and mouth that were obviously from smiling and laughing. The only view more inviting was her breasts, burgeoning under her blouse and looking better, also smooth and creamy, every time his gaze strayed in that direction.

Jane noticed the fascination her cleavage held for her companion, and looked toward the front door and out into the park. Seeing nobody, she leaned closer to speak conspiratorially. “Do you like them,” she whispered.

“Very much.”

“Do you want to touch them?” Confident of the answer that would have been forthcoming, Jane didn’t bother waiting. Taking the hand that was resting on the table, she moved it under a breast and lifted it, letting Daryl feel its weight erotically in his hand.

“Very nice,” he responded, and meant it. Jane was truly a woman he would love to have in bed, and he hoped to have her there in as short a while as possible. For the time being, he fondled one breast, followed by reaching over and hefting the other, loving their softness and their substantial feel in his hand.

Jane shared his hope, and her other hand got busy also, reaching down to lightly squeeze Daryl’s leg. Once her hand made contact, she moved it in the direction of his crotch and was elated when she encountered his burgeoning erection. At that point, she decided they had spent long enough in idle chit-chat, and let him know as much.

He agreed. When Jane asked him if his car was parked out front, he replied in the affirmative, and started to stand up. He didn’t really like pulling away from the hand that was starting to do such interesting things to him, but there was much greater pleasure awaiting them both.

“It’s right out front,” he answered, while still partly standing up.

Jane smiled at his obvious eagerness, which she shared. Her blouse had become slightly rumpled from Daryl’s fondling, and she pulled it back into place. She had no problem showing her body to him, and expected to be naked in bed with him before very many minutes had passed, but she didn’t want anybody else getting a look.

“Let’s walk through the park and around Maxine’s to the sidewalk,” she suggested. “I didn’t see anybody I know in there, but there might be somebody by now. I don’t feel guilty but I don’t like being the subject of gossip.”

Daryl agreed and, arm in arm, they walked down the short flight of stairs to the park and around the building to the street, where he unlocked the door to his car and held it open. Jane got in, slid across the seat to open the driver’s side door, and buckled herself into to the center seat as he was getting in. His cock had felt wonderful to her questing hand, and she wondered if it would feel as good when he was driving. She was quite happy when she was able to take even more tactile pleasure from it, because it was harder and felt longer as she covered it with her hand.

Jane directed Daryl on the short drive back to her apartment and suggested he could park at the side where there were spaces available for visitors. She opened the back door of the building and led him to the nearby elevator but, when they were inside the cab, she pointed to the security camera. He didn’t like the idea of having either of them being the subject of gossip either, so they kept their hands off each other, although both of them hoped that state of affairs wouldn’t last too long.

It didn’t. As soon as they were in her apartment with the door locked and bolted in behind them, his arms were around Jane and his hands were busy squeezing the ass he found so alluring. Her hands were busy too, fondling the front of Daryl’s fly, and trying to unzip it to gain entrance. They had both been waiting a week for this opportunity, but Jane realized it was silly for them to be playing with each other by the door when they had a perfectly good bed in the next room, so she backed away. She did have one requirement to be met, though.

“Take off your shoes, please,” she requested, while removing her own and tossing her sweater on a nearby chair.

After he had removed them, as well as his socks, Jane led Daryl into the room where her bed with the new sheets awaited them. “Back up,” she instructed him, after pulling the blankets out of the way, and coming around for another long embrace.

He was standing next to the bed, wondering what she would want to do first and, when he stepped backward, the backs of his knees were pressed bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan against the edge of the mattress. That was where Jane wanted him, and she gave a light push against his chest, causing him to sit on the side of the bed. Quickly, she raised her skirt to keep it out of the way, dropped to her knees in front of Daryl, and got back to work on his belt and the front of his pants. While her hands were busy there, he peeled off his jacket and tossed it onto the corner of the bed where it would be out of their way.

Once the fly was unzipped, Jane pulled the pants down, as Daryl raised his ass off the bed to help her. She peeled his jeans all the way down his legs and off around his bare feet, dropping them to the side, followed by doing the same for his jockey shorts. He couldn’t see any reason for leaving any clothing on, so Daryl removed his shirt and tossed it on top of his jacket to sit naked on the bed, ready for her to start pleasuring him and herself. She didn’t make him wait very long, because Jane was just as eager as he was, and she held his erection gently in her hand.

It was the first genuine cock she had felt or even seen in over a year. To her adoring eyes, it was much more handsome and appealing than the semi-erect, plastic looking organs she sometimes saw when she went online and watched pornography on her computer. The cock she held was warm and rigid in her hand, and she resolved to derive the most pleasure she could from it, while giving as much to the man who was so happy to provide it. Jane was also quite happy to see that Superdude had, if anything, understated its size. Jane wanted to spend a lot of time moving her lips back and forth on Daryl’s cock while laving it with her tongue but, before doing that, she wanted to do a bit of preliminary licking.

“Slide forward on the bed, will you?”

He didn’t know exactly what would be happening, but he did know he was going to have a really great time that day, and so was the lovely, voluptuous woman who was kneeling in front of him. Daryl slid forward, so his ass was right at the edge of the mattress, and Jane squeezed her face in between his legs and put her mouth to work.

With his inner thigh pressed against one side of her face and his rigid cock against the other, Jane started licking Daryl’s crotch, starting right in front of his anus. Slowly, relishing the slightly salty taste and the texture of his soft skin against her tongue and the feel of his hard shaft against her face, she licked the entire area. While his cock and balls rubbed against her nose and cheeks and chin, her tongue wetly caressed everything up to the base of his scrotum. As she licked her lips to save as much of the flavor as she could, Jane leaned back on her heels and smiled up at the man seated on her bed, elated at seeing how much he was enjoying her ministrations so far. She had always loved applying her tongue to a man’s pubic area, especially when the man was as appreciative as Daryl was.

Without speaking or expecting to be spoken to, Jane leaned back between his thighs and started licking along one side of his scrotum, up to the base of his cock. When she reached that point, her tongue retraced its path and continued until it reached the other side of the base of Daryl’s erect shaft. Once again, she reversed direction and licked back to where her tongue had started bathing the young man’s wrinkled ball sack. This time, she didn’t hesitate, but started licking up the underside, finding his balls and holding them, one at a time, between her soft lips while caressing them with her tongue. Her mouth remained active until Jane had covered his entire scrotum and was ready to start licking the underside of his cock.

Before going any further, she leaned back on her heels and smiled up at Daryl again. “How do you like it so far?”

He could hardly speak, from the intense waves of pleasure sweeping through his body from where Jane’s tongue had worked its magic. “Great! You’re fantastic!” he was finally able to say. “I just hope I don’t cum too soon.”

“I hope you don’t either, because it’s really great and fantastic for me too.”

It got even better for both of them, as Jane’s tongue started fondling its way up the underside of Daryl’s cock. With one hand, she held the hard shaft in position, while she tilted her head from side to side, rubbing her nose against the smooth skin and laving it with her tongue. After a long time, she raised her head above his lap and opened her mouth wide, prepared to engulf the entire hard cylinder.

She was still in no hurry, though and, as she lowered her face, Jane reached out her tongue to begin licking the head of Daryl’s cock. Reveling in the hard, warm velvety texture of it, her tongue traveled in concentric circles, until the tip was caressing his hard ridge. Holding the hard mushroom shape between her lips, she fondled the slit with her tongue, until she started lowering her face farther, laving the hard shaft as gaziantep bayan escort her wet, warm mouth enveloped it.

Jane loved everything about sucking Daryl’s cock. Its thickness was just right for spreading her lips as it surged into her mouth, and its length was perfect for pressing against the back of her throat. The smooth skin, drawn tightly over its hard roundness, was perfect too, as her tongue caressed every one of its seven inches. It was the best of all possible sizes, big enough to give her a wonderful mouthful, but not so big that she couldn’t change the angles of her strokes and give joy to the entire inside of her pleasure chamber. When she tilted her face a certain way, the head of his cock would glide in, rubbing against the inside of one cheek until it reached the back of her throat. If she changed the position, it massaged her other cheek or the roof of her mouth or any other place where she wanted it.

With every stroke of her lips, either moving forward or drawing back, Jane’s soft blue eyes looked affectionately on the owner of the cock that was so marvelous. She was aware that such gazing provided extra delights for the owner of the cock she was sucking, and she also liked to watch the happy grimaces as they flickered across his face. Like most people who truly relish sex, she has always taken nearly as much joy in knowing what a great time she was giving her partner as she does in her own pleasure.

And, a terrific time is what she was undoubtedly giving her partner. Daryl loved everything about being sucked off by Jiggly Jane, including the look in her lovely blue eyes and watching his cock sliding in and out of her pretty mouth. The best thing by far, however, was what that mouth was doing for his cock. The lips applied the perfect pressure, and it was warm and wet inside, and it seemed as if everything there was caressing him in a different way. From the intense pleasure he was receiving, Daryl’s whole body writhed on the bed as his blissful moans grew louder.

Except for being barefoot and having removed her sweater, Jane was still fully dressed and, since she enjoys cocks in places other than her mouth, she began to rectify that situation. Keeping her lips pressed against Daryl’s pubic hair and her tongue busy, she unbuttoned and shucked out of her blouse and removed her bra, allowing her luscious breasts to bounce free. Nude above the waist, Jane leaned back, taking his cock out of her mouth and smiling around it at Daryl.

He smiled back, as he admired her gorgeous, creamy white globes with their big, pink nipples. They looked even better than they had felt in the coffee shop, and Jane quickly demonstrated her breasts were good for more than just looking at or fondling. She leaned forward, holding his cock gently in one hand and began rubbing it against one of her pink nubbins, which quickly grew erect. Daryl squirmed and moaned in bliss at the sensation of the tiny hard ridges massaging the head and shaft of his cock. It was a visual delight as well. The sight of Jane’s pretty, smiling face above her luscious breasts, with one hand supporting one succulent globe and the other holding his cock was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Jane was deriving extreme delight too, from the contact of her nipple with Daryl’s hard cock and from the uninhibited way he displayed his pleasure. It was even better when she turned her body slightly so her other nipple could get and receive the same treatment. This one quickly became just as rigid as the first, and they both stayed that way as Jane moved back and forth, letting the hard cock both provide thrills for both her breasts.

Bolts of joy were rocketing through her body from the contacts with her nipples, and Jane could feel her pussy getting involved as well. Her clit was becoming engorged with lust, and juices were starting to trickle down her legs. She decided it was safe to remove her bulky, dark brown skirt, which was the kind of attire she usually wore. Jane thought of her belly as flabby and her ass as fat and ugly, and the skirts helped conceal what she couldn’t help thinking of as her dumpy and unattractive body. The young man with her, however, had expressed appreciation of her nude photos, and he had displayed sincere admiration earlier. While Jane was walking out to the veranda of Maxine’s coffee shop, she had looked in a mirror on the wall and clearly seen him gazing with honest delight at her ass.

After smiling up at Daryl, enjoying the combination of lust and happiness that suffused his face, Jane once again engulfed his cock in her mouth, until her lips were being tickled by his pubic hair. While her tongue caressed the entire length of the rigid shaft, her fingers unbuttoned the side flaps of her skirt’s waistband and pushed the zippers down. The garment fell to the floor, and Jane raised one knee at a time to pull it down and off around her feet. Except for her panties with their wet crotch, she was naked.

With her hand inside the waistband of those panties and her fingers stroking her clit, Jane sucked on Daryl’s cock, while his body writhed in front of her. The slow movements of her lips up and down on the hard cylinder matched the speed of her fingers, because she wanted to take as long as she could to suck him off, and she didn’t want to cum until his tongue was caressing her pussy. However, the time arrived when she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth, and she knew Daryl was close to his climax.

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