Juanita ‘n Dito Ch. 10-12

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10 In Vicki

While you read this part of the story, listen to:

Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield

Of course I was in love with Vicki. What I didn’t realize at first was that it was a game for her, a game like so many games she played, or that were played with her.?

The deception?became clear?by summer. Vicki had been with us for more than a year and, uh,?well, we didn’t just do our homework in my room. Although I had noticed a change from Christmas. Vicki was no longer so accommodating. Often she was too busy with her exams to be able to pay attention to me. In the evening she was often too tired to come to my bed to have a little funtime with me.

On a warm evening in April, Vicki had indicated that she wanted to study in her own room because she had an exam week ahead of her. I gave her a kiss and walked through the bathroom to my own room. The doors were usually open, except when we had to use the toilet. A little after nine, I saw from the corner of my eye, the bathroom door closing. The sun that had been in my room that afternoon had made it pleasantly warm, so pleasant that it made me drowsy. And then also the boring economics lesson that I had to study.

I woke up a little after midnight. I had to pee. I looked at the bathroom door, the light was out and the door was closed. Very gently I opened the door and stopped in the doorway.

I heard a voice in Vicki’s room and it certainly wasn’t Vicki’s voice I heard, it was A MAN! I promptly forgot why I had come to the bathroom and held my breath as I walked to her door.

There could be only one reason I could think of why Vicki would invite a man to her room … Mum and Dad wouldn’t like this!

The door was a little ajar. I was glad I hadn’t?turned?on the light immediately. Now I had the opportunity to take a look without being seen. In Vicki’s room only her desk lamp was lit.

“No, young mistress, my mistress has ordered me to give you these clothes to put on,” whispered the man I did not see, but whose soft voice I thought I knew, not that I recognized him immediately. It certainly wasn’t someone I dealt with on a daily basis.

But what did such a person do in her room at this hour? I shifted so that I could see a little more of the room. I now saw Vicki’s bare back and buttocks. She stood naked in front of her bed and looked at a black pile on her bedspread. She also held something in her hands but I couldn’t see what it was.

She looked from her hands to where I expected the man would be and said: “Okay, at what time does your Mistress expect me to… “.

She stopped and made a gesture at the man. She tilted her head, she listened. Had she heard me? I really hadn’t moved.

Vicki slowly turned her head towards the bathroom door and I made sure I disappeared into the darkness of the bathroom. She went on, apparently confident that there was?nothing to fear? “… .Arrive?”

“Half past one, young mistress, half past?one, my mistress said. Not before, but certainly not later.” I heard the man speak even softer?as?he almost begged Vicki, “Please be so good to be present at the requested time, young mistress, as otherwise I will be punished.”

“Hmpf, I will see if I can make it, now shoo, I’ve gotta prepare myself.”?

I pushed myself through the bathroom even further to my own door, which luckily was still open. On my butt, I fled through the door and gently closed it with my foot. I got up and went to bed.

I lay down with my back to the door and pretended to sleep. I heard Vicki turning on the tap in the bathroom. On the wall I saw the dim light of the bathroom lamp. As the light grew stronger, I closed my eyes.

“I know you’re awake, you little sneak. I will just warn you now. Don’t go there! Stay in bed and nothing between us will change. If I just catch a glimpse of you I will punish you beyond?measure, just count on it! ”

She whispered, but the threat?in?her voice was unmistakable. To reinforce her threat, she?turned me to face her?and kissed me hard on my mouth, sucking my lower lip and inserting her teeth. Her hand found my breast and she?tweaked?my nipple through my pyjamas. I was trembling and shaking like a straw. Goosebumps?rose on my arms as my?pants and bed got wet. I opened my eyes.

Vicki looked at me in the half darkness. I looked at her with wide eyes. What was she wearing? This was not an outfit that I recognized. She was wearing a shiny black catsuit that was tight?against?her skin. There were holes on her breasts through which her long nipples protruded. I admired her and my gaze slid down. Her crotch was also open and the blond curls contrasted like a tuft of cream with the shiny black.

“DON’T YOU DARE LOOK AT ME “. She hissed it at me, slapping my cheek with her?flattened?hand. I started crying.

“Don’t, please don’t Vicki, I won’t look, Please don’t hit me, please!”

I tried to dive under the blanket, but she pulled it away and discovered the wet spot bursa escort bayan in bed.

“What the fuck did you do Dito, did you really wet your bed?” She laughed and gently took my head in her hands.

“Now hush, my darling, hush, it’s?alright, we’ve got some time left before I have to go.”

She gently rocked me and?kissed my?forehead. She stroked my black locks from my face and brought her lips to my ear.

“Please, my dear, forget what you’ve seen tonight. It’s better for your sake. Don’t spoil what we?have,?okay?”

She came up again and looked questioningly at me. I nodded, unable to answer, so much went through my mind. While she was supporting my head with one hand, her other hand went under my butt and pulled off my wet pants and threw?them?in a corner of the room.

“But if we want to have some fun we first have to clean this mess.”

She pulled me off the bed, then?she systematically started to pick up the bedding. Everything was thrown into a corner of the room.

?She took a few towels out of the bathroom and placed them on the wet spot on the mattress. I just stood there and looked at her. Every time she stooped, I got a look at her open crotch. The tight black latex gleamed in the light of the bathroom and tightened around her butt.

She turned around while?my eyes were?still fixed on her crotch. In the light of the bathroom I saw a sparkle among her blonde curls. My hand naturally slid over my lower abdomen to my mound. It was as if I received an electric shock when I touched my clit. Vicki stood before me with her arms crossed as if to support her breasts with a grin on her face.

“It looks like you don’t need me after all … Show me, sweety, show me how you’re going to make yourself cum.” Her hands searched her body and found her nipples and she began to gently knead them.

I brought a hand to the buttons of my pyjamas to loosen them. Vicki preceded me and, without saying a word but with a devilish smile on her face, yanked my pajama coat open with two hands. The buttons jumped through the room.

“Hey, my jacket!” I looked angry at her. The next moment I got a dry?slap?over my left chest. I bit my lip while my chest turned fiery red.

“Focus Dito, I want to see you cum.” ?She?snarled at me while she stretched her long nipples with two fingers and?released them; like stretchy rubber, they bounced back to their normal shape, but more ruddy. Her tongue shot out and licked her upper lip.?

Apparently it took her too long and she pulled my arm close to her. She pushed her knee hard between my legs. The smooth latex shot up and stopped just before my pussy.

“Now if you can’t do it yourself, I think I need to give you a hand!” she said as she dropped her knee, turned me around with one hand and pulled me against her belly so that her nipples stuck in my back, well it felt like that for a moment.

Her other hand squeezed between my legs and pushed my thighs apart. Because she thought I should spread them wider, she pinched my lips. I moaned and spread my legs. She brought her free hand to my throat and pushed my head on her shoulder. She found my clit and rolled it back and forth. I trembled and shivered.

Suddenly she stuck her tongue in my ear, with her lower teeth scraping my earlobe and her other hand kept rolling. I started wriggling, in turn trying to free myself and then pushing against her hand and moving with it while trying to turn my head so that I could greet her tongue.

I felt first her middle finger, followed by her ring and forefinger, penetrate my slit while her thumb continued to press on my lump in the same rhythm as her little finger pressed against the spot between my pussy and my poophole. I rolled my eyes and saw stars when she suddenly raised her three fingers. Her tongue found my mouth and pushed it in just before I wanted to scream that I was coming. I bit her tongue and she put her hand on my larynx.

My knees failed and I collapsed in her arms. She slowly lowered me to the floor and stood over me. She opened her lips with one hand and routinely found her clit. She plucked it and tucked her middle finger deep under her blond curls. I watched her open her outer lips with her ring and forefinger as she slowly sank over my face on her knees.

“Lick me, you little bitch, suck me, like you never sucked before. I have to cum quick. So I can clean?myself before?I go.” I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue against her clit. She lowered herself further. My face disappeared between her black latex thighs. My teeth closed around her clit, and my tongue turned circles and tapped gently against it.

I took my teeth off her, put my lips over it and started to suck. I sucked and sucked as if my life depended on it. With the middle fingers of both hands I opened her crack. I moved my face down a little, put my tongue in as far as I could go and started licking between my fingers. Then I pushed görükle escort my fingers back so that they pressed against her perineum.

A little more backwards and they would have shot?into?her poophole, I suddenly thought.

Grumpy, I concentrated again on the movement of my tongue while moving my fingers in the opposite direction. Suddenly she pushed her crotch forward and my fingers flew against her?pooper. She lowered at lightning speed and yelled as?my?wet finger slid inside. She pushed her whole body over my head and my tongue relaxed as soon as I felt her shock. My finger was still stuck in her anus, held in place by her full weight. My whole face was shaking when she came. She sank down, pushing my finger out of her anus and leaning against me.?

“Thanks honey, that was amazing,” she whispered. “Now I have?to prepare?myself. You go to my bed to get some sleep. I’ll take yours when I return.”

11 ?In troduction

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

Born to die by Lana del Rey

Vicki wasn’t there when I walked into my room in the morning. And she hadn’t crawled beside me when she came back. Had she even come back? At breakfast, nobody told me where Vicki was.

Mama tried to reassure me by saying that maybe she had a boyfriend in college and slept at his place. I knew better. Never, no, never would she have a guy instead of me. However?

The doubt was there. When I returned from school, nobody had seen her. At dinner, I was looking at an empty chair. Vicki did not return. Not even when it was bedtime. I couldn’t go to sleep, not even while my sheets were changed and everything smelled so nice and fresh. But she still had to come back, she had to study. She had an important exam week, she told me herself. I walked through the bathroom five times that night, but her bed remained empty.

Suddenly, after six days Vicki was back again. She greeted me cheerfully when I came back from school in the afternoon. She wouldn’t explain to me what had happened. She had already spoken with Father and mama and it was good, she told me. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut. Sobbing, I fell on my bed. Why? How much pain could I endure?

Confused, I looked at my thumb that pressed hard into the bronze nipple. I could endure? a lot of pain without being forced from my memories. A combination of saliva and blood ran across the chest and abdomen and ended up in the woman’s crotch. I suppressed the urge to lick it off the statue and walked with it to the kitchen to get a cloth leaving a trail of splashes. I would have to look at that later.

The splashes were still in the hall and the corridor. I didn’t take the time to clean immediately and after a while I thought that dark trail through the house was a kind of intriguing. Today I would have to lock them away. Tonight Juanita comes to my place for the first time.

This morning Juanita stood in the archive. “Dito, do you have a moment for me?”

I looked up from my desk and there she was, timid, elegant and a terribly sexy animal to look at. She stood out against the dusty background of filing cabinets and papers.

I closed the database I had been working on and pointed to a chair in front of the desk. “I’ll be with you in a moment.” I quickly arranged a number of orders so that I didn’t have to check that again while looking at her from the corner of my eyes.

She was wearing a beige pencil skirt with a split, stilettos in the same color and a snow-white blouse that shone a little, so I suspected that she was wearing a white lace bra. The top two buttons were open and a simple, slightly too long necklace hung around her neck so that I had no view of what was on it, without looking into her blouse. There was something hanging from it that was obvious because there was tension on the chain.

“Just tell me, ehh Juanita. Which order are you looking for?” I looked at her over my reading glasses. She shifted in her chair, clearly uncomfortable. She held her hands in her lap and removed a little fluff while slowly looking up. I saw that her eyes were watery as if she would start to cry any moment.

I stood up and walked around the desk to the door and closed it, then when I walked back I said to reassure her somewhat: “I don’t think you came here for an order, did you?”

I sat down again and kept looking at her. She said nothing, but her eyes spoke volumes. Something was not right at all. At the side of my desk I had a coffee maker on a table. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” She nodded.?

“Milk, sugar?”?

She shook her head. “Black please” she replied hoarsely. I took a cardboard cup from a drawer and poured some coffee. I also filled my own mug. I set down the cup for her.

“Here you go, girl” She took it off the desk with two hands and took a sip. So we sat there without saying anything for a while and drank our coffee. I kept looking at her. bursa escort bayan

The moment she ventured to look at me, I asked, “Can I help you with something, honey?”

She started to cry softly and I put down my mug and walked around the desk. I squatted beside her and took her cup from her. “What is it, girl, why are you so sad?”

Tears now ran down her cheeks and I brushed them away with my thumb. “I… I don’t know who else to talk to about this, Dito. And…and I don’t know…if you can help me, but I didn’t know who else I should have gone to and …and …you’re always so nice.”

Secretly I felt a bit flattered. Here she was, wanting to pour out her heart to me, Dito, the dusty old maid of the office. I put my hand on hers, which still nervously tried to remove the invisible fluff.

I gave her an encouraging nod. “Let me hear, girl, and then we can see if I can do anything for you.”

She told me, after her divorce, she had had a hard time and had to fight to keep her little one. The return to the office had made her stronger. Her son, Tomàs, now went to school every day and she had started getting things back on track.

She had a small apartment in the city and was able to make ends meet with her salary. The first months of the year she had apparently been in Carlos’ sights like quarry.

In the corridors I had heard something from jealous colleagues who had the idea that she was trying to score points with the boss. Well, she admitted, she liked him and wasn’t numb to his advances and so they went seeing each other outside work.

Carlos was married, but that had not prevented them from getting involved. She, too, had enjoyed it. She no longer wanted to commit to anyone.

But yes, as it goes, after a while she had started to feel more for him and that was the beginning of the end. About two months ago, an intern came to the department and Carlos was glad to set his eyes on a new toy. He started to neglect Juanita more and more and today he had told her that it was over.

“I have been blind, Dito. I expected that maybe something more could grow. And then he gave me a sneer as well.” He had said that if she was going to be a drama queen, he would fire her, after all, she was here only on a temporary contract. Her job could be easily filled by the trainee.

She burst into tears again. I rubbed her hand and squeezed it for a moment as an encouragement. She took my hand and brought it to her mouth. She kissed my hand and held it tightly.

“What should I do now, Dito? I really fit well in this team and I really need the money to be able to take care of Tomas.” She looked at me sadly with her tearing eyes.

My god! What an idiotic guy that Carlos was. Dealing this way with her emotions. Inside I was incensed. Men are assholes shot through my head.

I said nothing but got up and put the cup on the desk. My hand ran over her hair. “Calm down Juanita, you’ll get out of this. Now it’s still fresh, you cannot control your emotions. You have to take the time to think this over.”

I quickly had to come up with a plan to let her keep her job and to make sure she got some rest. For a moment I churned my brain till I came up with an idea.

“I’ll just walk over to Carlos and tell him that you had a good idea about archiving and that we need to work it out for the rest of the day. In order not to be disturbed, I tell him that we will do that in the city during a lunch on my account. I will tell him that when he needs one of us, he can call me. You just sit still. I’ll be right back.”

I walked to the door. “Are you sure, Dito? Will he go for that? ” I turned to her and laughed.

“Of course he is going to think that it’s a good idea, I have considerable persuasion and as long as it doesn’t cost him a cent, he will be fine with it.” I turned again and walked down the corridor, making sure that I closed the door again. Ten minutes later I was standing next to her again.

“Take your coat and stuff, you will come with me.”

12 In a French atmosphere

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

Philharmonics by Agnes Obel

“You, you there, you come with me.” I pointed to a?delicate looking?little pledge in the line of first-year students.?My heart wasn’t in the whole hazing ordeal,?but yes, as president of the sorority, I naturally had to take the lead. Fortunately I had adjutants who had taken a lot of things off my hands. Every now and then I only had to give my approval or veto about what was planned for the freshmen students. And now it was time.

All pledges stood in a row, arms behind their backs, heads down, waiting for what was to come. I had been there along with my adjutants, Estrella and Luiza, as a general inspecting his men, and had occasionally lifted a head.

It had given me a good feeling, that power within myself and the uncertainty of so many girls who wanted to join our sorority. I had addressed them encouragingly… Those who would come through these two weeks would be initiated with us. It was going to be two tough weeks for them. Heavy, but on the other hand, as a proud member of the “Artemis” sorority, they were allowed to call themselves proud Amazons from that moment on.

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