Judg Not, Want Not

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The hot water felt good as it ran down Shandra’s back and over her ass. Her perfect body glistened in the candle light that flooded the bathroom. She gently rubbed the rose scented body lotion over her slender arms, full tits, long tone legs, and high tight ass.

The fuck session her and Nicholas had had an hour ago had really relaxed her and gotten her juices going. Knowing what the rest of the night held for them made her even more excited. As soon as Nicholas was done using her body for his pleasure, she had hurried him into the shower and then to the store for some groceries. As his Jeep pulled out of the drive way she had made a call which was the finale arrangement for her little surprise.

Shandra had slip into a pair of skin tight cut off shorts and a soft cotton t-shirt that bared her midriff by the time she heard Nicholas’ Jeep pull back into the drive way. She blow dried her hair and applied some light makeup as Nicholas put the groceries away. She walked into the kitchen and gave him a hug from behind as she kissed the nape of his neck. Nicholas let out a pleasant little sound at her touch. Nicholas turned and faced Shandra, kissing her lips lightly. Thinking maybe Shandra was ready to go at it again he pulled her closer. “Uh uh baby” Shandra said as she pushed Nicholas away, “I asked Bethany to come over for dinner and a movie. She should be here any minute now.”

Nicholas responded with a groan and stepped away. Bethany was Shandra’s best friend and Nicholas got along with her just fine but one sex session after a week of being away from Shandra had not sated Nicholas’ desire for her at all.

Being the understanding type of guy, Nicholas smiled and said “That’ll be nice. I know you haven’t seen her in a month or so.”

Shandra grabbed a bottle of Vodka and a container of cranberry juice from the refrigerator and handed it to Nicholas. “She seemed excited. She broke up with Pete a month ago and really needs a night to decompress a little.” Shandra said. After making a drink for her self and Nicholas she went out to the living room and turned on the stereo. She put on some soft R&B and started to sway her hips to the music. Nicholas went to the phone and ordered a couple of pizzas to go with the romantic comedy he had rented for what he had assumed was going to be a quiet romantic evening with his lady love.

The Vodka and cranberry went down smooth and left a pleasant warm feeling that started in her stomach and gradually spread from there. Nicholas sat on the couch and started to sip at his drink as he enjoyed Shandra’s sexy dancing. She was hot enough to melt an iceberg. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Shandra sauntered over to open it. She squealed in delight as Bethany walked in.

Bethany was a stunning redhead with a body made for sin. Her auburn hair was shoulder length and wavy. The hair offset her flawless porcelain skin. She wore a light grey blouse and knee length black skirt. Already taller than Nicholas by an inch, her calf high black leather boots added to that by four inches. Her full lips were accentuated with a light pink gloss. Her semi-conservative attire did nothing to hide her beautifully sculpted body. Her D cup breasts slightly strained at her blouse and her legs and ass were tight and strong without being too muscular.

“Hey girlfriend, how have you been?” Shandra said as she hugged her friend.

“Oh, not bad I guess. I’m over the Pete thing and I’ve been working overtime at work to stay busy.” Bethany replied. “Hi Nicholas, how have you been.”

“Pretty good kiddo. Sorry to hear about Pete. He seemed like a pretty solid guy.” Nicholas said as he went to the kitchen to fix Bethany a drink. He hadn’t seen Bethany in an even longer time than Shandra and, while he had always thought she was attractive, she had become downright smoking hot. He could hear the girls talking and when he came back into the living görükle escort room they were sit on opposite ends of the couch. Shandra was sitting with her legs tucked up under her and Bethany had her left leg crossed over her right. Nicholas noticed she was wearing nice, silky stockings. Nicholas had no choice but to sit between the two on the couch as they caught up on the latest news and gossip.

This continued for about fifteen minutes and then Shandra said “Well, do you guys want to start the movie?” Nicholas and Bethany thought it was a good idea so Nicholas slipped the DVD into the player and started the movie. He didn’t see the women watch him as he got up. They exchange a knowing look with almost predatory smiles appearing on their lips.

The movie was pretty good though Nicholas thought it was a little demeaning towards men. Everyone sipped at their drinks and relaxed. Nicholas noticed Bethany had a habit of gently swinging her foot as she sat back. Nicholas had a slight foot fetish and he found it somewhat difficult to concentrate on the movie. A half hour into the movie the door bell rang and they realized the pizza had arrived. “Bethany, will you stop the movie hun while I get the pizza?” Shandra asked.

“Sure baby.” Bethany replied as she got up. Shandra stopped just as she walked out of the living room and peaked back into the room. She watched Bethany get up and walk over to the entertainment center. Shandra smiled as Bethany bent over at the waist and slightly bent her knees. This gave Nicholas an incredible view of her perfectly rounded ass. Shandra looked at Nicholas on the couch and smiled as his eyes locked onto Bethany’s ass. Everything was going according to plan. She went to the front door to get the pizza.

Nicholas for his part was completely enthralled by the gorgeous ass on display before him. He noticed the telltale signs of garter straps but he also noticed the lack of a panty line. His cock, already somewhat erect by watching Bethany’s swinging boot, started to get even harder.

After pausing the movie Bethany straightened up and stretched her arms above her head and rose up on her tip toes. Putting her arms down, Bethany turned and faced Nicholas. She smirked as he quickly averted his eyes from staring at her body. “Nicholas can you do me a favor?” she asked.

“Sure. What do you need?” he said thinking she just wanted another drink. Bethany slowly walked over and put her left boot on the couch between his spread legs.

“Can you unzip my boots and help me get them off? They get kind tight after a while.” Bethany said as Nicholas stared at the boot.

“Sure, not a problem.” Nicholas said as he regained his composure. He reached to the zipper that ran down the side of her boot. He unzipped it and then the other when Bethany offered it to him. They switched places and Nicholas pulled her boots off and placed them next to the couch. As he pulled each boot off Bethany had raised her legs just enough that Nicholas got a good look up her skirt. As he suspected she had no panties on. Her pussy was completely shaved all but for a small tuft at the top of her pussy slit. He did his best not be obvious about his peeking. His cock was so hard that it started to strain at his pants. He quickly sat down and crossed his legs to somewhat hide his erection.

Bethany acted oblivious to his situation and said “I’m going to help Shandra with the pizza.” as she got up and walked out of the room.

Nicholas let out a long breath and tried to compose himself. Shandra wasn’t the jealous type but he didn’t know how she would react to him being rock hard over her best friend.

In the kitchen Shandra was using the pizza cutter to slice up the pizza. “Well, how did it go?” she asked Bethany as she walked in.

“I thought his cock was going to rip a hole in his pants.” Bethany said with a giggle. “God you look great tonight baby.” eskort bayan With that Bethany stepped to Shandra and began to kiss her fully on the lips. Shandra returned the kiss with equal passion.

Shandra actually had spent the last week not on a business trip but in New Orleans with Bethany. The two of them had went drinking for Shandra’s birthday two months ago and what had started with an innocent friendly kiss had turned into a full blown lesbian sex session full of pussy eating and vibrating dildos. Neither one could count the number of times they had given each other orgasms that night. They had decided not to tell Nicholas or Pete because they truly did love them and didn’t know how they would react. Unfortunately Pete had come home from work early one day and caught Shandra with her tongue buried in Bethany’s pussy as she shoved a thick eight inch dildo in her own pussy. He freaked and stormed out of the house. Bethany, while disappointed in Pete’s reaction, was willing to give up her new found bisexual life style because of his hang ups. Shandra didn’t want to lose Nicholas the way Bethany had lost Pete so they formulated a plan to seduce Nicholas into a three way as a way to ease him into the idea of them doing each other.

Their tongues play darted in and out of each other’s mouth as their hands danced lightly over each other’s body. Finally Shandra gently pushed Bethany away. “Whoa, baby. We need to finish with Nicholas first.” she said.

“You’re right. Sorry. You just look so fucking hot I couldn’t help it.” Bethany said with a big grin. “Besides I’m really looking forward to a hard cock in me.”

They quickly finished cutting the pizza and went back into the living room. Handing Nicholas his pizza, Shandra started the movie again and everyone relaxed again as they ate.

The movie was almost over when everyone was finished with their pizza and Nicholas took the plates back into the kitchen. His cock had softened again to semi-erect. He couldn’t lose his erection entirely because Bethany had gone back to gently swinging her foot again as she ate and watched the movie. Her feet were perfectly arched and Nicholas could see your light pink toe nail polish through her shear stockings.

When Nicholas went back to the living room the girls had turned the lights off and Bethany was sitting crossed legged on the floor with Shandra behind her on the couch giving her a neck rub. Nicholas sat back down and watched them out of the corner of his eye. Shandra neck rub gradually worked down to Bethany’s shoulders. “Good lord you’re tense girl.” Shandra said.

“All these extra hours have really been stressful.” Bethany replied. “My feet are killing me from all the time I spend on my feet.”

“Nicholas why don’t you rub Bethany’s feet for her.” Shandra said coyly. “

You give the best foot rubs.”

Nicholas feigned only slight interest as he slid off the couch and positioned himself at Bethany’s feet and began a very thorough job of working the kinks out her left foot.

“Wow! That feels awesome guys. What would I do without friends like you?” Bethany said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back into Shandra’s lap. She parted her legs slighted and Nicholas was once again blessed with a view of her sexy, stocking encased legs all the way to her hot cunt. His breathing picked up slightly as did Bethany’s and Shandra’s. He was so engrossed by Bethany’s pussy he didn’t notice Bethany start to slowly grind her head into Shandra’s lap.

Shandra’s hands moved down to Bethany’s blouse and she began to unbutton it. Nicholas caught this out of the corner of his eye and looked up to Shandra’s face with a questioning look. She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to say “What the hell. Why not?”

Nicholas moved his hands up to Bethany’s calves and she responded by positioning her legs on either side of his lap altıparmak escort as he sat cross legged. This of course made her spread her legs even more and Nicholas could see that her pussy was becoming puffy. Bethany’s breathing began to increase and she slightly arched her back, moaning under the gentle body rub she was experiencing.

Shandra finished unbuttoning Bethany’s blouse and started to play with her tits. Rolling Bethany’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger through the black see through bra. The bra hooked in the front and Shandra expertly unhooked the bra allowing Bethany’s huge tits to fall free of the restraints.

Bethany responded with a gasp of pleasure and reached up to pull Shandra’s mouth to hers.

Nicholas could only stare as Shandra and Bethany engaged in a deeply erotic French kiss that caused his cock to go iron stiff. As he stared, his hands slowly worked their way up Bethany’s strong thighs till they reached her pussy. He gently inserted his middle and forefinger into her sopping wet hole and started to pump in and out slowly while his thumbs began to rub her clit.

Bethany’s reaction was immediate as she arched her back even more and began to moan into Shandra mouth. Her hands went under Shandra shirt and began to rub Shandra’s tits like Shandra had done hers. She took her legs and put her feet on Nicholas’ shoulders. Crossing her feet behind his head she used her legs to pull herself away from the couch and closer to Nicholas. This broke her lip lock with Shandra. Bethany’s hands went to the button and zipper of Shandra’s shorts and started to take them off.

Shandra helped by kneeling on the floor at Bethany’s head. When Bethany was done undoing the button and zipper Shandra stood and quickly took the shorts, her shirt, and her bra off. “My pussy is so fucking wet.” She breathed as she lowered herself onto Bethany’s eagerly waiting mouth. “Aaagghh!” she screamed with pleasure. Shandra reached over and pushed Nicholas’ face between Bethany’s thighs.

Nicholas pulled his legs out from under himself and kneeled as he used his mouth to suck on Bethany’s clit and his tongue to stroke it. He now had three fingers rammed up her pussy and his thumbs was working her tight anus. This really seemed to affect Bethany since she scooted her self closer to Nicholas and his thumb further up her ass. Bethany positioned her feet in Nicholas’ crouch and began to rub his cock through his pants. Nicholas took his free hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants so he could pull his cock out. Bethany’s stockinged feet wrapped themselves around the fully engorged cock and started to pump it.

Shandra could only smile in utter bliss as she rode Bethany’s face to orgasm. She purposely cut it short and then went back to work as Bethany’s long, soft tongue expertly worked her pussy inside and out and her hands continued to tease Shandra’s tits. The plan had gone perfectly and she was so happy that she was going to get to keep Nicholas as well as Bethany as sexual partners. “Nicholas come here and give mama a kiss.” she cooed.

Nicholas responded by raising his head and using his hands to fully spread Bethany’s legs and hike her skirt up. He lifted her hips and put her feet back on his shoulders and lowered her hips and sunk his cock all the way to the hilt into her pussy. Shandra grabbed either side of his head and pulled his mouth to hers. All three of them lost themselves in the moment and orgasmed simultaneously. Nicholas’ hips bucked as he pumped load after load into Bethany and both Bethany and Shandra shuddered powerfully.

Nicholas collapsed backwards as Shandra rolled off Bethany’s face. Everyone laid on the floor catching their breath. Nicholas was the first to get up. Offering a hand to each beautiful lady he helped them to their feet. He led both of them to the bedroom and them fell asleep with them on either side of him. As the women drifted off to sleep he smiled. Pete, of course, had told him about Shandra’s affair with Bethany. He also knew about Shandra’s trip to New Orleans. He didn’t mind. Why limit yourself to one gorgeous, sexually crazy women when you can have two. With that thought Nicholas also fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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