Julia and Rob Ch. 02

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After my first encounter with Julia, we steered clear of each other for a few days. I think both of us were scared out of our minds that Casey had overheard (or, worse, overseen) what we’d done and was just biding her time before she outed us. But as days turned into a week, we relaxed and even rejoiced. Casey hadn’t witnessed anything. She still went to work and gave me perfunctory sex when she decided it had been a while. Same old, same old.

What was not getting old was my erotic interest in Julia. I started to get hard almost every time I thought of her—which was a lot, considering we were living in the same house.

A week after I first tasted her glorious tits and she drank my cum, I, at least, got to taste her again. It was brief. Casey had just gone out for a run and I’d eaten breakfast and was heading upstairs for a shower. Julia ran into me on the stairs. I looked up at her.

“Oh, Rob,” she whispered, even though we were alone. She clutched at the hem of the white crop top she wore with another pair of cotton shorts. I could see her perky nipples starting to poke through her top. “I can’t stop thinking about your mouth on my tits.”

“Babe,” I said, putting my hands on the narrow waist that curved in deliciously from her wide hips before giving way to her hot rack. She was much shorter than Casey, so when I stood a couple of steps down from her, we were more level. Her breasts hung dangerously in my face.

“I love when you call me babe,” she groaned. “I want to be yours. I want you to own me.”

“Jesus Christ,” I mumbled.

“Am I being too intense?”

“No. No. It’s just that I want that so much too.” I leaned my face into her chest. While one of her hands had snaked around behind my head and was massaging my hair, one was still clutching her crop top, and she brought it up just a tiny bit so I could see her underboob. “That’s so fuckin’ hot.”

“Yeah?” she breathed. “Why aren’t you licking them, then?”

Standing on the stairs, I began to hungrily lick the flesh on the underside of her breasts. I shoved my nose in and inhaled like I wanted to be suffocated underneath her big titties. Julia giggled and raised her shirt more. Her pink nipples looked like they were begging for my mouth, and I obliged.

I lifted my lips only for long enough to say, “I wish you had given me the milk for my cereal just now.”

“I want to give you milk so badly, Rob,” Julia moaned. “I want to feed you. I want to be all that you need.”

I wrapped both of my arms around Julia and fed noisily at her breast. I sucked and chewed toothlessly. I made my tongue into a u-shape and put that around her nipple within my mouth too, hoping for anything to draw milk out of her lovely breasts. Julia mewled. I couldn’t take hearing that sound from her—I needed her right away. I swept her up in my arms and carried her up the stairs as she looked at me with the deepest devotion I’ve ever seen on another person’s face, and suddenly I heard the front door slam. She leapt out of my arms.

“It is way too hot out there,” Casey called. “I am not Tekirdağ Escort doing this humidity. I’m going to do a yoga video in here and maybe use the pool later.”

“Sounds good, honey,” I yelled back. Julia and I were on the landing where Casey couldn’t see us, and Julia was panting and smiling from leftover fear mixed with the elation of not being caught. She gave me a passionate kiss before turning away into her room. I gave her ass a little spank to hurry her along.


“I think I’m going to take one of those sleeping pills Dr. Bronson gave me,” Casey said. “I’m so sick of hearing Julia masturbating herself to sleep.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I said.

“Oh, don’t be so scandalized,” Casey scowled. She had misread me, but that was probably for the best.

“I…don’t think I’ve heard that,” I said.

“You can be so oblivious sometimes. And you go out like a light. Meanwhile I’m lying in bed fuming. Sometimes she even moans. It’s this long ‘ahhh’ sound and it’s really noticeable.”

I wondered if Julia was moaning my name. “Rob” could sound, I thought hopefully, like the vowel Casey was implying.

“Bottoms up,” Casey announced, and washed down the pill with some water before crawling into bed and flicking on the television. I hated trying to wind down with the bedroom television on, but I had decided that tonight I wasn’t going to try to wind down.

After Casey had been snoring for a while, I made my way out of my room and nudged open Julia’s door. She had showered and was sitting on the bed in a silky short robe, her hair flowing around the huge swell of her chest.

She jolted a little bit when I opened the door. “Oh, boy, I thought you might be Casey.”

“Afraid Casey was going to catch you touching yourself?” I teased.

“Honestly, yeah,” she said. “I’ve been playing with myself nonstop since the day I got to taste you. It’s not that often that I’ve gotten access to such a beautiful cock.” She blushed furiously. “Is it weird that I like it so much?”

“Not at all,” I said, feeling my penis respond to her appreciation and sinking down to sit on the end of her bed. “What is it you like?”

“I love that it’s huge and you give so much precum,” she said. “I love that you have a big pink cockhead and that I can see throbbing running down veins on the shaft for me. I love that you shave your balls—I should have shown my adoration for your balls more last week.”

“There’s still time,” I said hoarsely.

“But I want more,” she said with just the slightest pout. “I want that big cockhead and fat shaft filling me up.”

I started openly stroking myself through my shorts.

“Should we go outside?” Julia asked.

“No,” I responded. “Casey took a sleeping pill. That’s why I’m in here. I don’t think she’ll be bothered by us tonight. She did say that she hears your making the bedsprings creak on your own sometimes.”

Julia blushed again, but this time drew her chin down to look at me seductively. “I told you I’ve been thinking about you constantly.”

“Have Tekirdağ Escort Bayan you been thinking about how naughty you are for stealing your cousin’s man?”

Julia had started running her finger along the inside edge of her robe, revealing more of her breasts to me. Her finger pressed into her own soft flesh. “I have been thinking about that,” she said. “I like thinking about the fact that you found me so irresistible even when you’re in this perfect relationship. That you wanted my fat ass and jiggly titties more than anything she could provide.”

I lowered my shorts so that my cock sprang out and I could continue stroking it while sitting down the bed from her. Julia gasped.

“Fuck, Rob, your cock is so hot. And I want you to know I think that. That’s what I’ve been thinking about, too—that I’m partly ashamed but also partly so proud that you know how much of a slut I am now.”

“I think you should give it a kiss, if you really feel that way,” I said, rubbing my cock but pointing it toward her.

Sexy Julia crawled down the bed on all fours, her mouth already hanging open like she couldn’t believe her luck, the cleavage of her hanging tits visible through the deep v-opening of the robe, her pert ass high in the air. I hummed a small moan of appreciation just as her lips touched my cock. She kissed the head gently, making the light smacking noise I had come to find so sexy from her, and she gave the same light kiss to my balls now.

I had removed my hand, but she put her small hand on my cockhead, gliding the precum she liked so much down over my shaft as she jerked me off but started making out with my balls. She had closed her eyes and was kissing them like we were sharing a sloppy makeout session. She slid her tongue all over them and nuzzled her face on them, though at that moment she opened her eyes and looked up at me with a little smile that didn’t hide the wanton need in her eyes.

“Suck on my balls,” I said. “Keep making out with my balls.”

“Unghh, yes,” she said. She took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked it wetly. Her lips looked swollen with pleasure around it. I could feel her fat pink tongue expertly working me as she sucked first one and then the other.

“Fuck, Julia,” I said. “You really are such a slut for me.”

“Yesss,” she moaned, and tried to take both of my balls in her mouth. The buzzing of her moan around my balls turned me on even more. Her mouth was bulging, but I helped press my full ballsack into her. Once her mouth was full and she was looking up at me lustily, I pressed my cock onto her face and took it back, then gave her a little cockslap. She let my balls drop heavily from her mouth. “I need you in my pussy right now, Rob.”

I put my hands on her hips and guided her to straddle me. “Lower yourself onto my cock, baby. I want to see you take it.”

“Unghhh,” Julia moaned as my cockhead speared her pussy. Though she was dripping wet, she worked her tight pussy down my cock slowly. I was proud of my cock for good reason, but watching her take her Escort Tekirdağ time before she finally sat down and groaned her appreciation made me feel even bigger.

Julia continued to moan as she rode me. “I’m glad you want to watch my whole body like this,” she said breathily. “I was afraid you wouldn’t like my puffy pussy lips.”

“Are you kidding?” I laughed. “They’re so fucking hot. As soon as I saw them I wanted to come all over them.”

“Well, I just thought Casey probably has one of those cute little snatches that’s, like, just a hole,” Julia pouted.

“I don’t want to fuck a hole. I want to fuck a pussy. I want to fuck YOUR pussy.” I grabbed her down to me and filled her mouth with my tongue. I needed to fill her. I needed all of her. I nudged her up so that I could kiss her tits with as much tongue as I had just given her mouth. Her tight cunt continued to work at my cock. I ran my tongue over her hard nipples and drew her tits closer together so that I could lick them one after the other after the other, salivating all over her huge breasts. “God damn, Julia,” I said. “I love your big udders hanging in my face.”

“I’m going to give you milk, Rob,” she panted. “I promise. I quit taking the pill that stopped me from leaking. I want to give you everything I have. You deserve it.”

I did deserve this sexy girl. My cock twitched inside her from hearing that, and I seized her waist and threw her back on the pillows without leaving her pussy. I lifted her legs in a v-formation and pounded her, watching the fat pussy lips she loved so much take my cock over and over.

“Rooooob,” Julia cried out.

“Have you been moaning my name like that every night?” I muttered as I drilled her.

“Yes, Rob. Yes, baby. I’ve been rubbing my pussy and moaning your name even though I knew your girlfriend could probably hear. I’ve just wanted your cock so bad and now I have it and it’s soo gooood.” She closed her eyes in ecstasy and moaned my name again. My own orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I crushed her legs down into her as I insisted on kissing her as I came, but I pulled up again as my last spurts pulsed out of me so that I could wipe them on those pussy lips. We were both breathing heavily as I admired my cum both on her pussy and dripping out of her cunt.

I slumped next to her and we kissed passionately. I did break it off to ask, “Julia—are you on birth control?”

“Well, no,” she said. “It was bc that was keeping me from lactating, so I didn’t want to use that anymore. It’s not a risky time of month, though. But I can take Plan B if you want.”

“It’s up to you,” I said. “I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t think I would have a problem with any outcome from here.”

She kissed me wildly, her small body with its massive tits and bubble butt feeling incredible in my arms.

I wasn’t thinking about anything but Julia, so I fell asleep and only got back into my bed with Casey just as the sun rose.

“You know I hate when you wake me up after you use the bathroom in the morning,” Casey groaned, sleepy and angry already. “And I slept really horribly. I heard that sound again. It annoys me so much that I’m hallucinating it on these damn pills.”

“I’m sorry, honey. That sounds really hard,” I said simply. Harder things, unfortunately, were in Casey’s future. Different, better hard things were in Julia’s.

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