Julie’s Night Out Pt. 01

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Quietly, Julie opened the door and slipped into her house. It was dark and silent. Given how late it was, she was pretty sure her husband must be in bed by now, but it wouldn’t have been the first time she’d been wrong about that.

The pretty young woman knelt to set down the heels she’d carried, rather than worn, for fear of the noise they made when she walked.

“Now that’s nice,” a gruff voice behind her said.

“Quiet,” Julie whispered, glancing over her shoulder. In the doorway stood the big, burly form of the guy who’d driven her home, Mat she thought his name was.

“Why?” Mat leered, stepping inside.

“My husband’s asleep,” Julie hissed, looking up. She started to rise, but Mat’s big hand fell on her shoulder, firmly holding her down on her knees in front of him.

“Husband?” Mat chuckled. “You sure the fuck didn’t act like you had a husband at the party.”

“He didn’t feel like coming,” Julie started.

“Ha, you sure did,” Mat leered down at her, his firm hands kneading her shoulder. “You were cumming all over the place.”

“Quiet down,” Julie hissed again.

“What, doesn’t your husband know you’re a little cock hungry slut?” Mat growled. “You don’t you want him to know you spent the night on your knees, waving your naked little ass around? You don’t want him to know how many cocks you sucked and fucked tonight?”

“Please,” Julie looked up at him, pleading.

“Take off your clothes,” Mat ordered. “I want to see your slutty body.”

Shivering, Julie quickly stripped off her halter top and short jean shorts. She knelt, naked, in front of Mat. Her full breasts swung free, her large nipples Ataşehir Escort jutting out from their pale curves. Her firm belly sloped down to her strong thighs, and the wet tangle of fair hair between them.

“What’s that crusty stuff on your boobs, cock-slut?” Mat asked roughly.

“Cum,” Julie whispered.

“What?” Mat asked more loudly.

“Please,” Julie begged. “It’s cum, sir. My slutty tits are covered in dried cum.”

“How’d you get cum on your tits, slut?” Mat grinned.

“Rob and Dan jerked off on my tits, sir,” Julie blushed. “And I think it was Scott who came on my face. Some of his cum dripped onto my tits. Paul, I think, came in in my mouth but I couldn’t swallow it. So his cum got all over my chin and my tits too.”

“You sucked off four guys?” Mat laughed.

“No, sir,” Julie moaned. “Those are just the ones whose cum got on my tits, sir. Chris and Lou and Peter, and that big guy with the football jersey and his friend and that guy who had the schnapps… they all came in my mouth but I swallowed. My husband said I should try to swallow when a man cums in my mouth.”

“Did he?” Mat laughed. “I bet he would love how well you learned that lesson. So you had what, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… nine cocks in your mouth tonight already?”

“No, sir,” Julie said meekly. “I sucked Phil too, but he came in my pussy.”

“So you just let one guy fuck you,” Mat sneered.

“Oh no, sir,” Julie blushed. “I sucked and fucked Phil but also Charlie and Steve, those two guys in baseball caps, and the guy with the beard, and Frank and his three friends, and that guy who did that thing with the Kadıköy Escort beer bottle, they all fucked my pussy.”

“Things with the beer bottle,” Mat laughed. “I missed that. What did he do with the beer bottle?”

“He fucked me with it,” Julie moaned. “Then he tried to put it in my ass while he fucked my pussy, but he couldn’t.”

“So you sucked and fucked twenty guys and a beer bottle?”

“Yes, sir,” Julie whimpered. “At least, I think so, sir. It’s hard to keep track sometimes. They fucked me so hard and I came so much, and sometimes there was a cock in my mouth when the guys came in my pussy, so I didn’t always see who entered me next. There were so many hard cocks and so much cum. My pussy is still dripping and I’m so sore.”

“God, you are such a slut,” Mat groaned, rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. “And your husband is home in bed while you play cum-dump.”

“He didn’t want to go out tonight,” Julie said, “please, I don’t want to wake him.”

“OK, cock-slut,” Mat leered, “here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to suck my cock and then maybe I won’t wake up your husband and tell him his little wife is the local cum-dump.”

With that Mat unzipped his jeans and hauled out his thick, hard cock, waving it lewdly in Julie’s face. The pretty blonde moaned and reached out for it.

“Damn slut,” Mat laughed. “All that dick-meat and you still want more?”

“Yes,” Julie sighed, licking his long shaft from base to tip and swirling her tongue across his hard tip. “Yes, I want more. I want to suck your cock. I want your cum.”

“Shit,” Mat groaned. Reaching out, the big man took hold of Julie’s Ümraniye Escort head and pulled her face down onto his shaft.

Kneeling in the entry of her house, the door still open to the street, the naked wife vigorously bobbed her head up and down, moaning and slobbering over the long hard cock in front of her.

“Fuck, you can suck cock, bitch,” Mat groaned, pumping his meat between Julie’s wet lips.

Julie grabbed his legs and let herself be rocked back and forth by his thrusts. Grunting, Mat plunged his cock into her mouth, fucking her face like he would a pussy. With a deep, loud groan he suddenly pulled out and sprayed hot, sticky cum over Julie’s gasping face. Thick, white goo splattered over her nose, her cheeks and into her fine hair. Grunting and moaning, Mat plastered her face with cum then pushed his shaft back into her mouth. Slowly, Julie sucked the last of his load from his shaft, letting the thick cream drip down her chin, onto her heaving tits.

“Hope your husband’s a deep sleeper, slut,” Mat laughed as he tucked his slick cock away and zippered up. Still chuckling, he turned and walked away, leaving Julie kneeling in front of the open door, his cum sliding down her flushed face.

“So, fun party?” Glen smiled as Julie, naked and still covered in cum, flipped on the bedroom light.

“You are still up,” Julie laughed. “How can I wake you if you’re always still up?”

“Sorry,” he said, looking his naked, sticky, well-fucked wife up and down.

“How much did you hear?” she asked.

“If I told you that, I’d have a harder time getting you to tell me again,” Glen smirked. “But from what I heard it sounds like you had a wild night.”

“Gods yes,” Julie smirked, wiping spunk from her face and licking her fingers. “I got fucked every which way.”

“Tell me all about it,” her husband laughed. “I want to hear all about my little performing cum slut’s exploits.”

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