Just a Thought

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Its snowing here again and my mind is working overtime. It’s beautiful outside. It’s snowing so hard it seems like a curtain has dropped and I am all alone. Just me and my thoughts.

Hmmm this one thought keeps popping in my head…from the other night.

You lying on the bed, the lights low. I am not there, at least that is what you think. You have some soft jazz on in anticipation of me coming over. You are slowly stroking yourself remembering what we did together in bed this morning.

You are so hard thinking about it running it through your mind like a movie again and again. Your hand is stroking your cock slowly up and down. Gripping it lightly every once in awhile then letting go.

Your eyes are closed so you don’t see me standing at the door. Watching you stroke yourself. Harder and faster. Raising your hips to give that extra sensation. As if you are inside me and need to be deeper. Watching you is arousing me so much.

I slowly start to undress knowing you are close to cumming, I want to wait and watch you cum. Your whole body is tightening up getting ready for your release. Harder and faster, up and down, gripping and releasing. Just like I would around you.

As you start to cum. I moan softly, so aroused watching you. Your eyes open. You heard me. I was trying to be quiet but I just couldn’t. It’s too much for you, you are cumming. Watching me watching you. I am pulling my shirt off as I walk towards the bed. Tossing it to the floor not caring where it lands. You are surprised that I am there and didn’t tell you that I was watching. Undoing my jeans I let them fall to the floor too, at my feet. Escort Sincan Stepping out of them I crawl onto the bed with you.

Your arms go around me as we start to kiss. Soft little kisses, nipping and nibbling all over. Your mouth. Your eyes. I nip gently at your ear lobe following it with a lick to soothe it. Your mouth is nibbling my chin, my jaw, teasing me back. You whisper to me, “You are in for it now” I chuckle softly. “Oh I am, am I?? What gives you that idea?” You grin. I am in trouble I can see it in your eyes.

Your hands are stroking up and down my back. You run your fingers lightly over that one little spot on my back that drives me wild. I shiver. My nipples are hard little nubs poking through my bra. Your hands move up to remove it. “Let’s get rid of this” you tell me. Letting it slowly fall off my shoulders and breasts. You roll me onto my back. Your mouth moves down my neck to my chest. Kissing and licking the whole way down to my breasts. Molding them in your hands you softly kiss the tops. Not touching my nipples which are begging for your mouth.

My hands are on your shoulders. Stroking your neck running down to your spine. Finally your mouth closes over my nipples. So hot, so wet. I arch my back, pushing my nipple harder into your mouth. I’m panting as your teeth tighten around it. Nipping gently then harder. I scream softly. You move over to the other one and do the same. With every touch and caress you give me I get wetter and wetter.

Your thigh is between my legs pressing against my clit. I am grinding against your thigh, leaving my wetness on you. You moan against my nipple feeling Sincan Escort how wet you have made me. Your hardness touching my leg telling me you are aroused again. Rather you are still aroused. I tug you back up to my mouth for a kiss. My hands at the small of your back caressing you, touching the top of your butt with my fingers.

Your hands at my hips, slowly move down. Touching, playing with the crease in my leg, moving on to the tops of my thighs and finally over to my wetness. You run a finger down the lips feeling them part for you in arousal. Again and again just stroking outside the lips never touching my clit. Drawing my wetness up. Finally you touch my clit, I buck my hips up into your hand. The palm of your hand is resting on my mound pressing slightly down while you stroke all around my clit. Soft and gentle and then strong and hard. Varying the touches to keep me on edge.

You pull me closer and closer to the edge. My hips arching up to meet your hand on me. You slide your hand down further until your finger is almost inside me. Rimming my entrance until you slip one finger inside. Thrusting it in and out. You add another on the next stroke. Out and in…out and in. My hips rising and falling with the rhythm of your hand. Finally you slide in a third finger stretching me fully. Gently opening and closing your fingers inside me as you thrust. I scream as I cum around your fingers. Gripping you with my muscles tightly.

You slow the rhythm of your fingers as I pulse around them. Finally sliding them out. You bring them to your lips and taste my wetness on them. I shiver as I watch you. You bring Sincan Escort Bayan your mouth to mine. We kiss. I taste myself on you, what a combination my wetness and you. As we kiss you rock your hips against me. I feel your cock bumping against my clit. Stroking it into my wetness. I move my hand down to you and gently guide you inside.

I feel you slide inside me, hot hard velvet. Just resting inside me, teasing me. You are pulsing in arousal.

I am grinding my hips against you. Circling against you. You start to thrust inside me. Slowly in and out. Pulling out. I can feel the head of your cock against me. You thrust back in hard as I push my hips up to meet you. I can feel you fully inside me stretching me. I grip your cock moving, pulsing up and down your shaft. You push into me hard and fast. Pulling my legs up over your arms penetrating me so deep. Your cock slamming into me harder and harder.

I can feel how close you are to cumming. You are soo hard inside me. Thrusting harder and harder. I whisper to you, cum with me.

You pull my legs up higher opening me more and more as you grind and pump into me. I start to cum around you, pulsing around you tight, gripping your cock hard. It sets you off, you start cumming inside me. I can feel you pulsing inside me hot and wet. You keep thrusting through our climax. We are both breathing so hard, panting, moaning, saying each others name.

You collapse onto me slowly letting my legs slide down bonelessly to the bed. Letting the little aftershocks pulse through us both. Your breath warm against my neck, tracing little kisses up and down my neck and shoulder. You look up and me and kiss me softly, our tongues tangling together. Your hands finding mine and griping tightly. We lay there and just listen to the other breathe.

Cuddling together we can’t get enough of each other. We slowly fall asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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