Just Desserts

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It’s just another boring night spent in front of the television, at least that’s what you expect it to be. You’re home alone and I was supposed to be at work but I called in sick. I really needed to spend some time alone with you. I didn’t tell you I stayed home from work because I wanted to surprise you.

As you sit on the chair in your bedroom watching the football game I pull in the driveway, park and let myself in. I’m wearing a very short skirt, a white “men’s shirt” style blouse and a pair of high heels. I approach you slowly, letting you drink me in with your thirsty eyes. When I finally reach you I place my left hand on your right shoulder and swiftly throw my right leg over both of yours and lift myself onto your lap. Straddling your lap like this, my skirt hikes up and you can see I’m not wearing any panties. “Oh My!!!”, you moan and begin to reach out. “NO! You may not touch – Put those hands down!!”

I can feel your member growing and throbbing below me. I re-adjust myself and center my crotch over it so I can feel it better. Mmmmm, it feels sooo good!

You lean forward, your hot lips kissing my neck just below my ear. You inhale deeply, drinking in the scent of my cologne. I push you back in your chair. I want you to watch me. Watch me…………and want me.

I slowly begin to disrobe – just for you…….and you alone. I undo the first button and as I do I lean in to you and kiss your chin, running my tongue over the stubble.

Then the second button. And again I lean in, this time I kiss your ear, letting my tongue tease your earlobe. I know I’m getting to you as you begin to squirm under me.

And then the third button and I kiss your other ear and tease that earlobe as I did the first. I pull the bottom of the blouse from out of the waistband of my skirt and unfasten the final button. And for a tantalizing moment I let the blouse hang open. Just enough for you to see I’m not wearing a bra.

Reaching out, I run my hands up and down your arms, from your shoulders down to your elbows. Mmmmm….such strong arms! I can feel your biceps and triceps, firm, sculpted, developed by physical labor – not grotesque like some body builders.

Again you attempt to touch me. “NO!! I told you, KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN! NO TOUCHING!! If you touch me again without permission I WILL restrain you! Is that what you want? I didn’t think so. Now calm down….relax……enjoy.”

I remove my blouse and let it drop to the floor, leaving me wearing only a skirt and heels. I kick off the shoes and raise myself up and place one knee on either side of your legs. I cup my breast in my hand and offer it to your lips. Lips now parched with desire. You open your mouth and draw my already hardened nipple in. “Oh……oh…….god!”, I moan. I arch my back, bringing my breasts closer to you. You twirl your hot tongue around my nipple. Oh my god! I feel jolts of electricity pulsing from my breast through my body down to my pussy.

“No! Stop! Let me go on……..Please!” I lower myself back down to your lap……..slowly…………making sure to position my crotch over your pulsing and throbbing pole. Mmmmmmm…oh yeah!! I rub my bare pussy over you.

I reach out and slowly unbutton your shirt, on button at a time, slowly…….tantalizingly slowly. I finish unbuttoning your shirt and pull the shirttail out from your jeans and let it hang loose. I slide my hands inside and caress your chest. I move them all over, up and down your ribcage, from your armpits to the top of your belt, then back up and over your pecs. Massaging in a circular motion for a few minutes and then up your chest to your collar bone and down again to your shoulders.

I lean forward once again and kiss your Tekirdağ Escort forehead, your nose, your eyelids, your cheeks, your ears, your jaw, your neck…..working my way around to the other side of your neck. I continue the little kisses, little biting kisses all over your chest.

I lift myself off your lap. “Easy now, luv. Relax. I won’t hurt you, I promise you. Please, let me hide your eyes with this soft, silk scarf……There! See? No danger or pain. Just relax now and take it all in and let me please you. Be patient my dear. I promise you won’t be sorry.”

I stand now in front of you in just my skirt. I wedge myself between your legs. I kiss your lips. Our lips part, our tongues each snaking into the other’s mouth, dueling, spearing, sparring with each other. You jam your tongue as far as it will go……back…….back………all the way to the back of my throat, almost gagging me. I respond passionately, my tongue stabbing against yours. We break our kiss and I step away from you Grabbing your belt buckle, I bring you to your feet.

“Do I have to tell you one more time? KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF until I tell you to touch me! One more misstep and I WILL hand cuff you! I know you don’t want that. Or do you??”

I unbuckle your belt and then unfasten your jeans. While maneuvering the belt and your jeans I grip the zipper tab with my teeth and pull it down. There! Almost free!! Just one more barrier to go. I reach out and through the smooth cotton fabric of your shorts grasp your swollen member. I run my hand over it…up and down…..tracing it’s form with my nails. Are you ticklish?? No?? Then why is it jumping???

I run my fingers around your waist and pull the waistband of your shorts towards myself allowing your shaft to spring to full attention, the tip of the head peeking out above the waistband. I run my finger around the tip and with my long nail I play with it’s solitary eye. You draw a sharp, raspy breath and seem to lose your balance. Oh dear! Am I being a bad girl, teasing the poor baby? I’m so naughty! Alright, enough already! I wrap my fingers over the elastic and pull down your shorts, and help you step out of both your shorts and jeans as a single unit.

My gaze returns to your crotch. DAMN!! It’s gorgeous! So hard and strong! I can’t help myself, I just have to drop to my knees and bury my nose in your thick thatch of fur. It tickles my nose, but I love the smell of you! I inhale deeply, taking in the traces of the scent of soap from your shower hours ago, a bit of perspiration and the unmistakable scent of S-E-X!!!

With all the self-control I have in my body I pull myself away, but not before running my nails oh-so-very-lightly over your gorgeous cock all the way down to your balls. I reach behind your sack and gently, gently bounce your jewels around with my fingertips and then finally run my fingernail over that area between your sack and your “back door.” Does that feel good, Baby? Hmmmm???” As I stand up I run my fingertips up the inner part of your legs from your ankles all the way to your crotch…..oh so lightly teasing – but not touching your crotch.

I take your hands in mine and guide you to your bed. We stop with your back toward the bed. I give you a slight shove. You lose your balance and fall backwards onto the bed. “Go ahead, move away from the edge, scoot over to the middle………….and wait.”

I remove my skirt and climb up on your king-size bed with you and position myself between your feet. Beginning at your toes, I kiss each one in turn letting my tongue trail from one kiss to the next. My tongue traces it’s way over your foot, over your ankle, up the calf……..trailing from the outside to the inside Tekirdağ Escort Bayan and back again. Right behind my tongue I trace your legs with my fingers. I get as far as your crotch….then move to the other leg, starting back at your other foot and working my way up again…..deliberately avoiding your sex. Don’t worry baby, it’ll be attended to soon enough. I move myself up and start kissing all around your crotch up to your adorable “innie” belly-button. I pause and run my tongue around it – oooohh wow! As I tongue your belly-button your cock jumps like a puppy happy for his master’s return.

I continue my ministrations, kissing you from your belly-button back and forth across your pelvis, my tongue trailing between kisses across your smooth skin. At the same time I’m massaging up and down your ribs and your sides all the way from your arm pits to your ass. Trying to tease and tantalize you like this without touching your cock is not easy, but it’s such delicious fun! I wonder which of us is enjoying this more, you or me? I know that turning you on turns me on and teasing you is a turn on too. Oh baby, it’s such a shame you can’t tell just how turned on I really am! I suppose you could if I let you touch me. But it’s not time for that yet. “What is it time for?” you want to know, don’t you? Mmmm, just lie still and I’ll show you……………..

Without warning I engulf your shaft with my hot, moist mouth. I’m not able to take in your entire rock-hard member, but you don’t seem to mind. I pull back, almost completely releasing you, keeping only the head in my mouth. I encircle the mushroom cap with my lips and flick my tongue back and forth across the tip and then I plunge my tongue into the slit and wiggle it around in the slit. I can tell by your moaning that you’re enjoying what I’m doing. Removing my tongue from the slit I again engulf your shaft with my hungry mouth, taking in as much of you as I can. I begin to fuck you with my mouth. Swiftly I bob up and down. I can tell how much you’re enjoying it, your breathing becomes rapid and you start bucking your hips. Oh Baby, I love turning you on like this. I get such a feeling of power knowing I can take you from oh-so-soft to hard as a rock to a mind blowing orgasm……….Ohhh, but not yet baby, not yet. I release you suddenly and pull away. You groan as if you’re in pain and in a ways I guess you are.

I leave you alone momentarily. You can’t see me but you hear me leave the room. You’re wondering, I’m sure, why I’ve deserted you. Oh Baby, I haven’t deserted you – not the way you mean it. But I WILL “dessert” you, you’ll see what I mean eventually.

You hear water running and can tell I’ve filled some sort of container. Your mind is spinning trying to guess what will happen next. I return to you. I set down the container you heard me filling…..a large bowl of hot water along with a wash cloth, a towel, a can of shaving cream and a razor. You can’t see these items – only hear me setting them down and then you hear the squirting sound of the can of shave cream. The sound combined with it’s familiar scent tells you what it is. You begin to protest. ” But honey, I already………”

“Hush……say nothing……..just relax and let me do this for you.”

You’re expecting to feel the lather on your face but when you feel the menthol laden foam on your pubic area you jump from shock while shouting “What the HELL??” I silence your protestations with a kiss. “Trust me, Babe, you KNOW I’d never do anything to hurt you. I promise you won’t be sorry!”

As you relax I continue lathering your pubic hair all the way down to and covering your balls. It seems to be exciting you. The shock has worn off Escort Tekirdağ and your cock is hard again. After you’re all lathered I take the razor, wet it and begin to shave you. I start at the tip of your thatch of curly hair, gradually working the razor closer to your cock. Holding your cock with my other hand I hold it to the side and shave all the way around your cock and over your sack.

Once I’m satisfied I’ve shaved you smooth and clean I hold your cock to the other side and proceed in the same way until you’re as silky smooth as the day you were born. Taking the wash cloth I wet it with warm water and wring it out and wipe away all traces of the lather. You’re still rock-hard and needing so badly to be satisfied. But I’m not finished with you yet.

I leave you lying there – naked, blindfolded and granite hard. You beg me to come back but I ignore your pleas with a wicked smile you cannot see. You know better than to try to follow me so you just lie there and wait. As you lie there you can hear the refrigerator open……………then close. A few moments later you hear the microwave ding. Next you hear my bare feet padding back to your bedside. While you’re waiting and wondering I set the tray I’ve brought from the kitchen down on the table near the bed and I set back on the bed next to you.

You next feel something warm and wet dripping first onto your nipples, then slowly down your torso all the way down to your slightly softened cock. You don’t know what it is, but you catch a slight scent of chocolate in the air. While still trying to guess what I have in store for you, you hear what you think is the shave cream can again. You begin to protest. “Hey, what the hell?? You’ve already shaved my cock, what else are you gonna shave?? Damn, Woman!” I give you a small sharp slap on the side of your ass…”Be Quiet!! Tonight you’re MINE and I’ll do with you as I please. You should know by now I won’t hurt you in any way. Just relax! And it’s NOT shave cream!”

It finally begins to all make sense to you! You are becoming my *dessert*!!

Then you feel the cold whipped cream being squirted around your nipples, down your body, into your belly-button, and finally all around your now-bare crotch and all over your cock. Then you feel me throw my leg over you and expect to feel my tongue licking the warm chocolate syrup and whipped cream off. But you don’t feel my tongue. I don’t lick it off. Instead you are shocked to feel me lowering myself onto your sweetly coated cock.

“OH GOD!, BABY!, OH DAMN.!!…….WOW!!!” you moan as I slide down your shaft until I silence you with a kiss. I give you permission to remove the blindfold and when you do you’re stunned by the sight that meets your eyes. By now both our bodies are both coated with the gooey mess.

“Well, Baby, how do you like being my Chocolate Sundae??”

“Mmmmm….love it, baby, but now you’re gonna get yours too.” At that you reach over grabbing the can of whipped cream and proceed to squirt it all over my 46DD breasts. I start to giggle from the coldness and of course you notice how it’s made my nipples hard. I notice too and I lean over to let you lick them off. You not only lick them off but start to bite them and suck on them. You know hot and wet that gets me and you keep it up. So turned on, I start riding your cock……..slamming myself up and down on it, driving it as deep as it can go. HARDER I ride you………….and FASTER!! With a near primeval scream you grab my hips, forcing me down on you as hard as you can and let go a torrent of hot juice inside me. I feel your cock pulse and spurt deep in my pussy. That’s all I need to go over the edge and my orgasm crashes over me like waves on the ocean. I scream out my pleasure in rhythm with the spasming of my pussy around your cock, squeezing it, milking it dry.

I finally collapse on top of you, smearing the chocolaty mess between us even more. You wrap your arms around me and whisper “Hey sweet thing, I guess we’d better take a shower!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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