Just His Luck

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I don’t know how readers feel about it, but for me there is nothing more erotic than a true story. And the writing process certainly has its benefits — the reliving of a sexy, fruitful and fulfilling event creates all sorts of stimulation for me and a productive hour or two invariably sends me off in search of human (or battery-driven) contact.

So I offer another account of a genuine encounter burned into my memory – as so many are — in the hope that it will have the same effect on a few readers. If it does, be sure to let me know in as much detail as you wish.

If not, please spare me the advice on how to live my life and the eternal damnation promised by my innocent pursuits . Some of the moralising I get seems to be the province of old-time religion and bible-bashing fundamentalist types and I get very confused about what they’re doing on the site in the first place… But I realise I can’t stop you — it’s a free world and always will be. Unless you get your way, of course.

A x

Tony and I like to talk in bed. You know the sort of talk I mean.

With us, it’s mostly variations on a theme. We picture either one or the two us being away from home, certainly with no kids around… Sometimes we’re on holiday or a quick weekend break, sometimes on a business trip or conference; sometimes in a five-star suite with jacuzzi and room service, or just as often in a ratty Travelodge or some sleazy backstreet hotel where the scent of stale, illicit sex hangs over the rooms. All have their appeal.

But we always create an anonymous place — somewhere no one could ever know us, recognise or even see us again. We’re always happy, relaxed, focused on each other….but focused most of all on sex. And then, in the paranoia-free safety of our own home, in a virtual world free of STDs, where everyone is at least half-decent looking and optimistically endowed… well, with the help of a few toys as ‘extras’ in our little drama, we’re up for pretty much anything.

We’ve imagined visits to sex clubs — what we’d want to see there, how close we’d like to get and whether we’d participate and how. We’ve thought about what I would wear to dinner in a hotel restaurant and how much I might flirt in a bar full of leery business types. We’ve explored chance meetings with strangers, being watched as we fuck in a back alley or on a beach — all featuring men, women, old and young, in singles pairs or groups and who all invariably end up in our room, drunk and debauched.

I remember one night, we ‘mistakenly’ watched an outrageous clip on the Net featuring a gorgeous Brazilian trannie hooking up with a couple… and we managed some serious role-playing with that idea too. All good clean fun… even if it pleases both of us to keep it as dirty as possible.

But one little scenario — one we never tire of and that always gets instant results — is the product of a very real event that happened a few years back.

We had planned a long weekend in Amsterdam, with the express purpose of celebrating my thirty-fifth birthday and at least dipping our toes into some of the more achievable and unthreatening of our fantasies. The kids were to stay with my mother while we headed for a hotel just off Dam Square and three days of whatever — a few clubs, a quick trip round the red light district’s sex shops, maybe a little smoking time in the coffee shops — and a lot of time spent in our hotel room.

We reckoned the art galleries and museums (much as we both like them) could wait for another visit.

I’d bought some great new lingerie including a tiny cut-away bra, a few miniscule thongs and seamed stockings since Tony is such a perv for those. Me too I’ll admit — I’d never where them around friends or even locally, but when we’re away I just love the effect they seem to have on men — the knowledge they infer. Come on girls – the message is always the same with seams isn’t it? They say to anyone that’s interested; ‘wearing stockings and looking to be shagged’

I’d also found an amazing ankle-length black dress — low cut and made from the same sort of material as opaque tights – soft, clingy and sheer enough to be fairly see-through in the right light… the sort of light you might get in a bar or restaurant for example. We had agreed that I would wear it on the Saturday night when we planned an expensive meal somewhere – accompanied by a full compliment of lingerie beneath, naturally.

There was no intention of doing anything ground-breaking or outrageous, just the two of us getting as horny as possible via some safe voyeurism, maybe a little discreet exhibitionism and well… just general flirtatiousness. Amsterdam always seemed like the perfect place for it and we were anticipating the trip with mutual pleasure.

Of course, the best way to make God laugh, as they say, is to tell him your plans.

Three days before our flight my mother took ill — nothing too serious but bedridden and inactive. I made sure she was OK then called Sarah, a friend nearby, to see if she would have the kids instead. She was Escort Sincan fine with it but also had a sick relative who might call her away anytime, so she was understandably nervous about us being so far away.

As the obstacles piled up we reluctantly cancelled Amsterdam and rather than lose the whole weekend, Tony booked us into a random, but decent-sounding hotel in Broadstairs down on the coast. Bloody Broadstairs!

I still packed everything I’d bought for the trip, adding a washbag full of toys at the last moment when I realised we would hardly be cruising sex shops down on the Kent coast. And the mood during the drive down was promising since the talk turned to things sexual within the first ten miles.

But the hotel was a sad little affair, resentfully owned by a jaded and frankly unattractive couple in their fifties. Our room was up a creaky staircase and off a dimly lit corridor that carried the scent of boiled cabbage throughout the whole place. Not exactly palatial, the room was virtually filled by an ancient double bed, way too high off the floor and piled with faded quilts that gave off that whiff of ancient secretions. You know the one.

We stood and stared at its disappointing Englishness — the frilly curtains, the once-garish carpet, the trouser-press, plastic kettle, theme-park leaflets and bare, bone-white bathroom.

Tony looked around, scratched his chin, put the suitcase down and crossed to a non-descript, framed print above the bed, unhooking it and setting it against a wall. He then did the same with a wide, bevelled mirror hung on a chain above the dressing table, lifting it from its mounting and hanging it where the print had been, right above the pillows and angled downward.

“Much better,” he decided, throwing himself front-down on the bed and staring into the mirror, pleased. “Oh yes… and just the right height!”

We both smiled. We were going to have our fun one way or another — we’d be fine. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot tap. “I’m in need of a nice, long shower hun — why don’t you go downstairs, maybe ask about restaurants. I’m starving…”

“OK. And wear something nice right? Just remember — it’ll be pretty breezy by the water.”

I shut the door behind him, realising it was an old-fashioned lock — we’d collected a heavy iron key on a solid wooden fob at reception. I grabbed it off the dresser, turned it in the door and walked into the now steamy bathroom, feeling good.

We were out of there within the hour and sat outside a waterfront pub watching the world go by, such as the world is in Broadstairs. Even on a Friday night.

We downed a bottle of rioja, then found a passable meal nearby and chatted through two more bottles of the same. It was only ten or so, but it was clear that the best fun we were going to have that night was in our room so we strolled back to the hotel, somewhat worse for wear. In fact, we were drunk enough to buy another bottle of something or other at the bar on the way through.

As Tony fumbled with the lock I threw off the leather coat I’d worn against the sea breezes. I was wearing just a thin summer dress — short and fitted, buttoned up at the back — but as Tony approached from behind it wasn’t my dress he was interested in. I stood, a little unsteady, enjoying the sensations as he unhooked the buttons one by one finally slipping it off my shoulders and letting it fall.

I watched in a full-length mirror as he knelt, seeing his reddened face admire the whispy suspender-belt and thong I’d picked out… the dark stockings (not the seams, I was saving those for Saturday) and the high, spiky black heels I planned to keep on.

His lips touched the small of my back and the tip of his tongue began to leave a wet trail down to where the strip of thong disappeared between my cheeks.

“Let me just freshen up babe…”

“No.” His tone was firm… clear.

I shivered with drunken anticipation — Tony knows how much I love to have my bottom kissed and licked, especially as a starter. He loves the taste of me.

The thong was stretchy and easily moved to one side as he delved. And I couldn’t help it — I bent forward, both hands on my cheeks, parting them to let him know I was more than ready. His hands were on my hips, pulling me downwards and I went with him, dropping to my knees with my chin now resting on the edge of the bed, noting the musty, sexy smell of its recent history.

As Tony’s tongue found what it was looking for I moaned, imagining the many horny scenarios the room had witnessed as I always did in hotels, glancing sideways to the mirror and the image of myself pushing out my bottom onto that wriggling invader.

Tony has a fantastic tongue — long and strong. Within seconds it was inside me, my anus welcoming him without a shred of resistance. We do this so often that I have lost all inhibitions about it — and he knows how much I crave it. He groaned, knowing my mood now, knowing that I was up for it all…

“Mmmm, sweetheart…” I whispered Sincan Escort over my shoulder, “That’s amazing… don’t stop…”

As he massaged my yielding and compliant bottom, we heard people outside in the corridor — a man and woman — then a key in the door of the adjacent room and a loud click as it was closed and locked. There were giggles and low voices, then more giggles. Someone else was evidently looking for ‘quality time’ and privacy too. I wondered just how private it was going to be, given the thinness of the walls…

I eventually climbed onto the bed, having first tasted myself on Tony’s lips. I got the wine open while he went into the bathroom for another glass, then skipped over to the suitcase for our washbag full of toys — we’d surely be needing them. I’d packed two — my current favourite was an outrageously expensive one, not huge but staggeringly realistic. It looked, felt and worked almost as well as Tony himself… velvety and veined, with a gorgeous flared head.

The other was bigger – brutal and hard and generally used on the rare occasions when my husband’s desires outstripped his ability!

Tony appeared, annoyed to find no spare glass. He decided to nip downstairs for one since he was still fully dressed, so I curled up on the quilt, heels and all, sipping my wine as he shot me a lustful look and disappeared in some haste.

I stretched out my legs and couldn’t resist gently pressing my palm to my already swollen pussy. I set the washbag on the bedside table and briefly considered starting without him since he loves to watch me play with a vibrator. But just then there was a bump against the wall behind me as our neighbours evidently jumped onto their own bed with another peal of naughty giggles.

I pressed harder on my pussy as their voices filtered through, wondering what they looked like and what they were doing. By the time Tony got back, breathless and fumbling with the door, my thong was quite soaked and low female moans were clearly audible through the wall.

I parted my legs, showing the large, damp patch that had now turned my diminutive thong transparent.

“We’re going to have company hun…”

Tony looked suddenly distracted and stopped fiddling with the key. “Do what? What do you mean, company?”

“No… not literally! Next door… listen.”

He padded quietly to the dresser, filled his glass and sipped as we both strained to hear. There was a clear ‘Oh!… oh fuck…” from the woman as we listened, followed by a series of bumps against the wall. They really hadn’t wasted any time in there. But then she did sound young…

Tony was staring at my pussy hungrily.

“Never mind them… I’m sure we’ll give them a run for their money. And god that looks good enough to eat.”

He was on the bed, his face between my thighs in a second, lapping at the soaking fabric stretched across my pussy, then pulling it aside as the knocks on the wall slowly increased their speed accompanied by girly gasps and high moans of intense pleasure.

I needed no further preparation, Tony could see that. Within seconds his clothes were off and his thick cock was at my pussy lips, the sodden thong still on me. Tony’s a stayer, especially after a few drinks, so I welcomed his strong, urgent thrust into me as just the start of a long and energetic session.

In fact as next door’s passion reached its climax, with my man just getting started, I came — unexpectedly and beautifully — as the other woman whimpered through her own orgasm, our yelps combining like the soundtrack of some group porno!

Tony brought his shining cock to my mouth, letting me taste and lap up the thick film of my own juices before rolling onto his back. I threw a leg over him and then straddled him, grinning down as I felt his hardness against my pubic bone, both of us immediately ready to resume.

Sitting up straight, the cutaway bra pushing my breasts straight at his face I guided him into me, lowering my face to kiss him. He was inching into me with tiny movement of his hips as I ground back against him, back arched. It was my turn to start moaning now and I pictured the couple next door lying and listening to me.

I finally felt Tony’s pubic hair tickle my bottom as my drenched pussy engulfed his entire length. I opened my eyes and stared into his.

Mr. Connolly… can you feel that? See how randy you’ve made your dirty little wife… already?… Tell me what you’re going to do to me… come on… tell me hun…”

He gave me a curious smile and reached under a pillow.

“Well here’s a clue… and please don’t get all iffy about it… thought you might remember this?”

He produced a small brown bottle with a luridly coloured label. Amyl Nitrate — something we’d used often when we were students but avoided ever since. I had a moment’s doubt then smiled back at him as he unscrewed the top and held it out to my face.

“Mmmmm… very Amsterdam… sex, drugs… we’ll have to skip the rock n roll…”

I took one long sniff. Sincan Escort Bayan It was stronger-smelling than I recalled, but even so I followed it with a second.

I closed my eyes as the rush began to burn through every muscle, head back as the blood pounded in my ears and pumped to my groin… and then that exquisite ‘open’ sensation hit my pussy and bottom. I kind of knew what might happen next — what had always happened after a snort of amyl in the old days.

Pre-empting Tony’s thoughts I leaned down and kissed him sloppily, tracing my tongue from his lips to his ear, grinding my hips into his. A cool draft from the ill-fitting window brushed across my exposed bottom and I felt goosebumps where I didn’t know you could get them.

I needed to be filled and fucked and began lifting myself almost clear of Tony’s cock before slamming him back into me balls deep. What with the old, decrepit bed squeaking and creaking under us and the deep, guttural moans I always make when anticipating a full-on fucking, next door’s occupants can’t have been in any doubt what was happening just the other side of the plasterboard.

For all I knew they could even hear the delicious, wet sloshing sounds my pussy was making as he literally rammed the juices out of me.

“Mmmm that’s incredible… oh god yes… Jesus, that amyl brings back some memories doesn’t it?”

Tony nodded vigorously, having taken a long hit too. I felt warm everywhere… relaxed… utterly wanton…

“You know what would be the most amazing thing… right now…?”

“Go on… what would that be…?”

I moved my face back, the better to see his reaction.

“A nice fat cock… another nice… fat… cock…”

“Greedy girl you are…”

It was an old favourite but never failed. I slipped into role as the spoiled, nympho wife.

“I know hun… but couldn’t I? Just this once? Can’t I have another cock to play with sweetheart… just a little bit?”

He knew where this was going, but he knows how to play the game with me so well.

“Well… I guess so… just this once mind, and only as long as it’s not too big of course… don’t want you finding something you like better do we? And where will you want this nice, strange cock? In your pussy? Or maybe in your mouth… is that what you want… to suck a strange cock while I fuck you?”

“No it isn’t… sorry lover, but I really want it in my arse… really need it right up my arse hun… stretching me, filling me right up… all the way up my bottom while you fuck me…”

The reaction came, not in his eyes but as his cock twitched and hardened inside me.

“Fuck… yes…”

I shot a look sideways to the washbag and he reached out for it, finding my favourite prop and bringing it to my face.

“One like this? Sure you don’t want something more… substantial?”

I slapped him gently with a disapproving look, then smiled and licked at the shiny head.

“Oh I think this one will do the job fine. But it’s so dry… here… let me get it ready.”

I folded my mouth over the entire head as he held it out, slathering it with as much saliva as I could muster till it was dripping down the sides. I waited for him to move it into position, but he grinned at me wickedly and grabbed one of my hands, folding my fingers round the dildo’s girth.

“So sweetheart… your cock as requested… now show me how you want it… show me…”

Wow. We’d never once done this before. True, I had got so worked up during a couple of solo sessions when he was away that I had put two toys to use myself — and loved every second of it too. But I had never let him watch me fuck my own bottom…

I tentatively reached back, making sure none of my spit rubbed off it, finding my target first time with the slick head and using my free hand to guide it. Tony had uncapped the amyl bottle again and with both arms behind me I dipped my head and inhaled deeply once, twice, and then a third time as he held it firmly in place.

I was astonished at the effect this time. My bottom was suddenly aching to be filled. I’d been gently probing with the dildo’s slippery head, but suddenly I opened up and before I knew it half the thing was inside me and Tony’s eyes were bulging as he felt it slide in alongside his cock, just the thinnest of membranes separating rubber from flesh.

He began to pump into me, eyes wild and hard. I stared into the mirror he’d hung above the bed, seeing my breasts swing as I rode him and my half-lidded look as I savoured the feeling of my bottom stretching and drawing in my new cock.

I suddenly thought it was time we got a new camera — I’d have given anything to see what it looked like as I reached back and worked that lovely toy into my bum… to see myself swallowing it up… to see it disappear inch by heavenly inch as I rode the thick cock beneath me. What an intensely erotic and filthy spectacle it had to be…

As my fingertips made contact with my skin I realised it was all the way in me. I withdrew it slowly… so slowly… feeling every contour of its veiny surface until the head was pulling at my anus for release… then slid it all the way back. Then again… and again, a little faster and more urgently. I knew my second orgasm was starting to build and it was going to be shattering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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