Justin in Lace

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Open Legs

Justin and I had been fucking around with each other for a few weeks now. To me it was just that. Fucking. To him it was something else and something he wanted to build on. I suppose I am an asshole because I knew that and I passively lead him on. I’ve always been pretty private and slightly ashamed I like to fuck men. There’s is definitely no way I wanted to go out with him in public even if he was semi passable in drag. It was becoming a sore spot between us.

We had plans to meet that night at his apartment. Earlier over the phone he had hinted around that we should go out for a few drinks at a gay bar he knew, but I ignored him and got him to settle on just staying home. I was supposed to show up at 8pm but I’ve always hated waiting around so I showed up fresh from the shower at about 7:30. After knocking on his cheap apartment door I waited for him to open it. I could feel him peering out of the eye hole at me. When he opened the door I could tell he was pissy.

“Your early.” He said flatly.

“Yeah. I was ready so I figured I’d just head over.” I could see I had caught him before he was ready. His natural dark brown hair was still slightly damp and slightly curly. He had already put on his make up but he was only dressed in a tight v neck white tee shirt and a pair of cut off gray sweat pants. Justin was taller and skinnier then I was. On it’s own his body never appeared feminine or sexy to me, but he had this way of standing and moving that seemed to accent everything and turn me on.

“I’m not ready yet.” He kept his voice low and he cocked his hip the slightest. I knew he was still touchy about our “relationship”. I briefly wondered if tonight might not even happen.

“Hey come on. Look I brought some wine.” I raised the bottle lamely and smiled my best smile. I could tell it didn’t work but he moved aside to let me in anyway.

“Open it if you want and have a seat while I finish getting ready.” He raised his long left arm and pointed a skinny finger towards the small economy kitchen while he walked back into his bedroom. I watched him go and felt my cock twitch as I looked at his small butt in his tight old sweat pants. Walking into his tiny but immaculate kitchen I fumbled around for a corkscrew and let the wine breathe. I walked towards his bedroom and glanced in.

“Hey. I’m sorry if…” I stopped mid sentence as I caught him peeling off his tight sweat shorts halfway down his bare ass. He stopped and stood there looking back at me over his shoulder. His clear blue eyes were still annoyed with me but I just briefly glanced at them. Instead I focused on his tight smooth butt.

“Um, I’m dressing here. Do you mind?”

“Yeah, sorry. But your so fucking hot in those shorts.” I could feel my chest getting tight and I felt my cock nod it’s approval too.

“These? Please. Now go away so I can finish.” His voice lost a little of it’s annoyance and his eyes softened a bit at my compliment. I walked into the room and reached out and put my hand on his thin hip.

“No I’m serious. Your so fucking hot.” I tried to pull him backwards into me, but he resisted and pulled up the shorts. I could smell his light fruit-like perfume. Justin was about 7 inches taller then me. I leaned up and kissed the back of his neck softly.


“Shhhh.” He didn’t resist when I pulled him back into me this time and I felt the top of my rock hard dick nestle in the bottom of his sweat pant clad butt cheeks. I had both my hands on his hips now.

“No.” He said as I kissed him again, a little longer and gave him a light lick. I could feel his small hairs as the tip of my tongue found the soft skin on the back of his neck.

“No. Stop.” He brushed my hands off and spun away from me. He looked at me fully from a few feet away. “Jay stop and let me get dressed.” “Undressed?” I asked hopefully arching an eyebrow. “Not amusing. You know how much time I spend getting ready? You don’t see it and you don’t even care. You just show up, want to have sex, mess everything up, then leave. It’s like all that time is for nothing. It doesn’t even matter to you.” He threw his hands up as he spoke to me. I’d heard this speech before from past girl friends. But I also knew that he was right.

“Okay. Your right about some of that, but your wrong about me not caring. I do care. I just think you look really sexy right now. But I’m sorry.” I reached out and grabbed him by one of his thin elbows and pulled him closer to me. I looked up into his eyes. “I’m sorry I came over early and I’m sorry I don’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking your time to look your best.” These were lines I’ve said before but I meant them this time. “I know I’m kind of an asshole sometimes. I’m not good with this…this stuff.”

I don’t know quite what I meant by that line. Was it the fact that he was a biological male, a part time transvestite, or did I really mean I wasn’t good at emotional connections? Maybe it was all of it.

“Thank you. Did you ever think that maybe “I” feel better if Pendik Fetiş Escort I’m dressed?”” He leaned down and gave me a brief peck on the side of my mouth that I found incredibly sexy. I wanted to grab him and kiss him, but I let him go and stepped out of his way.

“No. Do you remember the part where I said I was an asshole sometimes?” He laughed a little at this and turned his back towards me. I started to turn around to leave the bedroom when I felt him grab my wrist in his long thin fingers. “Who said you could go?”

“I was just going to wait in the living room.” I pointed backwards over my shoulder with my thumb as if he didn’t know where it was.

“No. Your going to stay and watch but you stay put unless I need your help.” Justin and I always had an odd relationship. He was very feminine most of the time and I preferred to be what I considered a “normal” guy, but sometimes when it came to sex he had a slight edge about him.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

He leaned in close to me and breathed into my ear and whispered softly. “And after that your going to take me out for some drinks or your never going to fuck me again.” I’ve never heard anyone make the word “fuck” sound so utterly filthy and naughty as he did right then. He kissed the bottom of my ear lobe and sucked it slightly to punctuate his point. He stepped back and smiled at me. I knew he was giving me a choice. I’m not good when people give me ultimatums. I almost always act contrary just to spite them. I surprised myself when I spoke.


“Good. Now that that’s settled…” I watched as he cocked his hip slightly before turning around facing the wall. He arched his back a bit, making his ass look even sexier then it had before, and slowly he pulled down the pair of old cut off sweat pants he was wearing. I watched paralyzed as his bare ass emerged. I wanted to run over there and bury my hands, face, and cock in it. As if he was reading my mind, he spoke up in his best silky feminine voice. “Ah ah. Remember I said you are only here to help.” I watched as his shorts slipped down his long skinny legs and piled up at his bare feet. He stepped out of them daintily and I saw a glimpse of his long, thick, limp cock as it swayed with his movements. When he was fully erect it was a solid 10 inches, ram rod straight, and thick. He kept himself nearly neatly shaved including his big heavy balls. He walked over to his dresser and bent a knee slightly, jutting out his hip to show off his ass. “Can you pick those up for me?” He looked down at his discarded shorts.

I nearly leapt across the room to get them, keeping my eyes centered on his ass, wanting to plant kisses all along it and the small of his back. Instead I tossed the shorts casually on his low bed. I watched as he reached into a drawer and pull out a pair of gorgeous lacy panties. He then gracefully stepped into them and began to pull them up over his butt cheeks. The tight material lifted and held his smooth white ass for a moment before letting go and sliding into place. He looked back over his shoulder at me, his blue eyes clear and confident. I glanced back down at his beautiful ass, my cock rock hard, as I saw the smooth curves of the panties accent his slender pelvis. His milky white skin poked out from beneath the lace and I would have given anything to feel his pantied crotch against my cock right then and there.

“Pretty.” I mumbled out thickly and stupidly.

“Mmhmm.” He agreed before reaching back into the drawer and getting a pair of black sheer thigh high stockings with lacy tops. I stood there stupidly as he sat on the bed and pulled them up over his long feet, slender legs, and up to his thighs. I wanted to feel my hands on those thighs. I looked at his crotch and saw his huge balls and cock straining against the tight lacy fabric. In the times we’d been together I never had sucked his cock, but for the first time I was finding myself wanting too.

“Your so goddamn sexy.”

“You keep saying that, but thank you.”

“You could a least pretend to blush while I’m drooling over you.” Once the last stocking was in place he stood up and reached down with both hands and peeled off his tight v neck tee shirt. His chest was smooth and toned. He surprised me by covering his bare nipples with one of his arms in a gesture I found surprisingly sexy. He then smiled at me and turned around and retrieved a matching bra from his drawer. He put it on smoothly and peered back at me somewhat shyly.

“Can you fasten it for me?” I quickly stepped forward and attached the hooks into the catch. His skin felt smooth under my fingers and his perfume was alluring. Ever so slightly he leaned back and bumped his ass into my crotch before pulling away.

“Remember the night we first met?” He asked almost teasingly.

“I do. I remember how good you felt.” I quickly thought back to that night at my brother’s Halloween party where I first saw him in drag. He had given me the hottest bare assed lap dance I’d Pendik Gecelik Escort ever had.

“You must have thought I was a slut.”

“Actually I did.” I teased and moved towards him. “I still think your a slut.”

“Says you!” he feigned offense and danced away. “I can see your cock is rock hard you know…”

“That’s your fault.” I reached out for him.

“No I said.” He slapped my hand away playfully. “I told you you couldn’t touch. I never said I couldn’t.”

“Touch all you want then.”

“Show it to me.”


“Your cock. Show it to me.”

I quickly undid my belt, pulled out my shirt, unzipped my jeans, and pulled my underwear down to my knees. My average, curved dick, was nearly at it’s fullest. I noticed a small drip of precum in my underwear and on the tip of my cock.

“Your so nasty.” He said before he squatted down and put his pretty face inches from my displayed cock. “You’ve made a mess before anything even happened.” He leaned forward and breathed hot air on my cock, his mouth open as if he was going to suck it. Quickly he took just the barest bit of it’s tip in his warm mouth, cleaning off my precum, then stood quickly and kissed me deeply. His tongue meet mine and I could taste my salty peppery cum on his tongue. I kissed him fully and deeply as if I was trying to drink him all in. My hands went to his wet damp hair and pulled him in tighter, before he broke away and hoarsely spoke.

“No. Not yet.” I watched crestfallen as his took a finger and wiped the smeared lipstick off his face. “Alright now I’ve got to fix this. Go on and wait for me in the living room.”

“I don’t think I can sit with a hard on like this.” I bent down pulled up my clothes before leaving his bedroom. A few agonizing minutes later he emerged from his bedroom in complete drag.

“You look beautiful.” My eyes swept over him staring at his black high heels, slender legs, and up to a tight skirt that barely covered the tops of his thigh high stockings. Up top he wore a a tight short sleeved blouse. His dark curly hair was just brushing his shoulders, and his eyes shone fiercely. He gave me an exaggerated puckering of his red lips.

“Thank you. I feel better now. You ready to go?”

“Yeah, uh where exactly are we going?”

“I figured I’d be easy on you. Let me get my purse and I’ll give you directions on the way.”


Justin was being easy on me. He knew I was still uncomfortable with people knowing about us so we ended up in a gay friendly bar the next town over. The entire 35 minute ride there I snuck perverted glances at Justin while we made small talk. The anticipation was killing me. As we pulled in and parked he spoke in his sexy sultry voice. “Relax. This is just a normal place. Drinks, a little dance floor, stuck up bitches, just your normal type of bar.”

“I am relaxed.” I lied. “But I was expecting a place with wall to wall cocks and ass.”


We headed into the bar, getting pummeled in the face immediately by it’s annoying pop music. As I looked around, I noticed that all in all it did seem like a normal place. There were quite a few male couples sitting at booths, at the bar, and on the dance floor. I noticed there were quite a few actual women intermixed, but I only spotted one other guy in drag. Hand in hand we made our way to the bar and ordered a drink. The music was loud and you had to yell to be heard, but soon enough Justin saw a few people he knew and we joined them at their table. We ended up staying only a few hours total. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but all in all it was a lot better then I thought it would be. Soon we said our goodbyes and I was out the door with a half drunk Justin. Once we got to the car I unlocked his side as he steadied himself on it.

“Have fun?” I asked as I opened the door.

“Yes. Yes I did. Thank you.”

“Me too.”

“Your such a liar. You hated every minute of it.”

“I did not!” I feigned injury.

“Yes you did. You probably would have been better off if it was cock and ass wall to wall.”

I laughed out loud at this. “Not true, but I’m glad you had a good time.”

“I did. And I really appreciate you going with me.” He tried to say this as sober as possible. I could tell he was being serious and it made me uncomfortable. Unsure of what to do I leaned up and kissed him fully on the lips. I could taste the slight, but not unpleasant, sourness of the wine he’d been drinking. Eager, he kissed back hard and pressed himself into me. I broke away after a few moments.

“Lets go.” He nodded agreement and slide into the car. He looked up at me happily as I shut the car door and got into my side. By the time I was climbing in, he already was reapplying his make up.

“There’s no keeping my girl from looking pretty is there?”

“Nope.” He laughed as I started the drive back to his apartment.


About 5 minutes into the ride home I told him again how sexy he looked tonight.

“Thanks. Pendik Genç Escort I bought these panties just for you, you know.”

“I like them even better then I think. But I can’t be too sure you know.”

“Oh really?” He turned his head sideways and narrowed his eyes feigning attitude.

“At least not unless I see them again.” I smirked predictably at him.

“Hmph. Pervert.” I glanced over at him as he turned back towards the front. Looking down in his lap I saw how far his skirt had ridden up exposing his smooth creamy thighs.

“I mean it. Show them to me. Pull your skirt up.” He looked back towards me and into my eyes before he realized I was serious. Never taking his eyes off me he reached down with both hands and pulled his skirt up towards his hips. I made sure I watched the road as best I could.

“Like this? Is this what you wanted to see?”

“Higher.” I commanded and he obeyed.

“Like this? Do you like looking at my panties?” I did. His big ball sack and fat cock sat hugged perfectly by the black lace.

“Now take them off and give them to me.” Knowing this was pay back from earlier he nodded solemnly, arched his hips, and slide his panties down and off. As he handed them over, his bright blue eyes looked into mine. I took them with a free hand and shoved them into my pants pocket.

“Now what?” He asked innocently.

“Spread your legs. Put your right foot on the dash.” I’d be lying if I didn’t mention how hard it was to keep the car going straight at this point. He complied and I looked down into his lap. His ball sack was resting heavily on my leather seats.

“Jerk yourself off.”

“Your so nasty.” He said as he reached down and filled his skinny fingers with his big soft cock. “Your so bad, making me touch my cock. Is this what you want me to do? To get my big cock hard?”

“Yes.” I kept an eye on the road and an eye on him as he squeezed his dick with his pale hand. It was starting to stand up and get harder. “Both hands.” I commanded and watched as his second hand joined in stroking in time, up and down his shaft. “Jerk that big cock with both hands.” He nodded at me and begun. Soon he was leaning back into his seat and breathing heavy.

“If you cum, I’m going to stop and leave you out here.”

“I’m going to come if I keep this up.” He whined in his sultry voice.

“You can stop.” He settled back down and I looked over as his cock lay diagonal in his lap. Impulsively I reached over and grabbed it in my hand.

“Ohhh.” He gasped.

“Hush.” I started to stroke his dick, feeling it swell and grow in my clenched fist. I squeezed it hard every now and then and watched his breath catch as I did it.

“What kind of slut takes her panties off and gets jerked off in a car?” I asked him.

“A nasty girl like me.”

I had his cock almost fully hard by this point so I slide my hand down his shaft to the base as far as it could go and squeezed hard.

“Oh shit. Pull over and fuck me.” He looked at me pleadingly.

“No.” I let go of his dick and put both hands on the wheel.

“That it?” He asked incredulously after a few moments.

“For now.”

“You big fucking tease.” He exhaled loudly.

“I’m keeping the panties.”

“No I want those back.” He whined.

“Shh. I don’t talk to half naked, drunk girls, who make messes in cars.”

“But I didn’t…” He trailed off as I pointed out the line of precum his cock had left on his pale thigh.

“See what did I tell you?”

He gingerly reached down with one finger and wiped it up before sticking it between his painted lips. “Mmmm. I want more. Can’t you drive any faster?”


I had his skirt up over his bare ass as he tried to get his key in the apartment door. Somehow with me grinding into him, he managed to get the door open and we were inside. Turning around to face me he bent down and attacked me with his lips. We could barely keep up with each other and I felt his cock head pressing into my stomach. He kicked the door shut, fumbled with the lock, and we made our way into his bedroom and landed on the bed. I kicked my shoes off as I climbed on top of him. His skirt was in disarray still pushed up around his waist. I felt my shaft connect with his through my clothes and he moaned as I ground against him. Breaking free from his mouth I made my way along his ear and planted hot kisses on his perfumed neck.

“You feel sooo good, I want you to fuck me.” He purred into the side of my head. I sat up, straddled him and pulled off both my shirts in one motion. He pulled me back down to him and I let him roll on top of me. He kissed his way down my chest and sucked and bit my left nipple. I felt his thin fingers at my belt and fumbling with my zipper. I reached down to help him and we yanked my pants and underwear off together. He scooted down and straddled my leg with his half naked body. I could feel the warm softness of his cock and balls on my shin and the heat that radiated out of his asshole on my ankle. He bent down towards my dick when I softly reached down and tilted his head up by the chin.

“Look at me.” I told him. He stared up at me with those pretty blue eyes of his. Then he gently removed his chin from my hand and brushed it lightly across my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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