Justin’s Story

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“Hey, you okay, Justin?” Dave asked. Justin looked up through the haze of sweat his over exertion had brought on, to see the new Gold’s Gym towel boy looking at him. His name, as far as Justin could remember, was Dave something. Uhh, Roberts, Dave Roberts. Justin recalled their brief conversation now. It was Justin’s first visit to a new gym, in a new city, a city where he knew exactly no one, outside of his college roommate.

He thought back to their conversation just an hour before.

“Justin, if there’s anything you need, just call out and I’ll get it for you,” Dave had said.

“You’re mighty helpful Dave, I appreciate that. Most employees at gyms could care less about doing anything for the clients,” Justin replied.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t want to be stuck doing the towel thing any longer than I have to. I just got out of the Marines, and I’m looking to make a career out of physical therapy. Working my way up the ladder here would pay my bills AND give me some good career experience while I work on my degree.” Justin was impressed by the earnest look on Dave’s face, and felt a stirring looking into Dave’s cute blue eyes, which gazed steadily back into his own.

He couldn’t make out much of what Dave looked like under the formless smock the gym made him wear, but it was obvious that he was in pretty good shape. Justin found his neck craning slightly, looking up at Dave. He must be 6′ 2″, Justin thought to himself. A lot to hold onto there.

“Hey, I’m enrolled at City College in the Physical Therapy program myself,” Justin said. “Maybe we can do some, uhh, studying together?” Justin had no doubt in his own mind that he was gay, and that Dave was awfully cute, but that whole “gaydar” thing was a bust for him, one of the reasons he’d left home back in Iowa to come to school on the Coast. Get a new start without the harassment or embarrassment.

“Sure, maybe so,” Dave replied with a grin. God, what great teeth. Sparkling white, with a cute pink tongue pinched between his teeth right at the end of his smile, when the smile part usually fades on most guys, and you can see what’s really on a man’s mind. But Dave’s smile stayed just as friendly as ever. “I’d look forward to that. But I hope you don’t mind, I’m a junior since I picked up a number of credits while I was a grunt. Had to, y’know, or else I’d be the only 23 year old freshman at City.”

“Ohh, geez, I’m sorry Dave, I’m 19 and a freshman this year,” Justin began explaining. “If you don’t-“

“No, no, believe me, it’d be good for both of us….” Dave’s voice trailed off and Justin saw his eyes fixed well below his own. He followed Dave’s eyes to see him looking at Justin’s crotch. To his horror, his gym shorts were tented out in front from an enormous erection. Justin’s 8″ dick was betraying him once again with a cute guy. The last time had gotten him beat up.

“Umm, I get those sometimes, uhh, just a circulation problem, uhh, sorry,” Justin sputtered.

“Hey, no problem,” Dave said smoothly. “You’ll learn how to deal with problems like that in Physical Therapy.” His easy grin warmed Justin’s heart, but confused him too.

After exchanging numbers, the two men separated, Dave off to attend to his duties, Justin off to work through the weight circuit. It was halfway through the machines when Justin discovered he’d overdone the repetitions, and caused himself to nearly black out. First thing he saw when he came to, was Dave’s face with a look of concern, looming close to his.

Confused, Justin forgot where he was, and brought his lips up to Dave’s, their lips warmly brushing. Then awareness of where he was rushed into Justin’s consciousness, and he furiously blushed red. “Ohh, shit, what the fuck, I’m sorry-” Justin bulled his way past Dave, and the two other gym employees, and ran out to the shower room, anxious to get away from the embarrassing scene he’d just created.

He slipped off his sweat shirt, shorts and jock strap, then his shoes and socks, and slipped them into the basket at his locker. Sweat streaming down his muscled torso, converging at the vee of his crotch, and unimpeded by any hair around his semi-erect cock, finally continuing down his smooth legs, gaziantep escortlar he stepped into the communal shower area, which was thankfully free of any other customers. “Geez, I feel bad enough without having guys staring at the ‘fag’,” he thought to himself.

He soaped up all over, his fingers holding the bar of soap running up and down his body, relaxing from the pleasure of feeling a hand stroking him, the hot water running over him, and the feel of a man’s body under his hand, even if it was only his own. He sank into a reverie, enjoying the sensations, when he turned to see Dave at the opening of the shower area. Dave was holding a towel, as though waiting for Justin to finish.

To Justin’s surprise, though, Dave dropped the towel on the floor, then gripped the smock he was wearing, ripping it over his head. Justin could see Dave’s well muscled physique under his white muscle shirt, and stood fascinated as Dave gripped the bottom of the shirt and lifted it, too, over his head, casting it on the floor near the towel and smock.

Justin gasped as he looked at Dave’s tightly muscled, hairless chest. His taut abs shone with the glow of sweat. Dave smoothly slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his gray sweats, slipping them down to the floor. Dave stood there momentarily, his pants pooled around his feet, but Justin’s eyes were locked on Dave’s huge penis, which was at least 10 inches, and thicker than any cock he’d ever had the pleasure to feel inside of him. It was slowly rising up to stand out from Dave’s muscular body, bobbing in time with his heartbeat.

Dave licked his lips, unconsciously. Dave’s cock was a thing of beauty. Uncut, the foreskin slowly pulled back from the sheer hardness of his erection as it grew to its full size. With no pubic hair around that tremendous shaft to block his view, Justin got an eyeful of his large lemon sized balls hanging low below his dick in their pink wrinkled sac. Justin could feel his own cock responding to the masterpiece in front of him, but he didn’t care now.

Dave reached Justin in just a few tremendous strides, and the two stared at each other from a distance of no more than a foot. Justin was lost looking in Dave’s sky blue eyes, but jerked when he felt a tapping on top of his cock. He looked down to see Dave’s heavy cock resting on his own, and he sighed loudly with pleasure. Dave’s hands reached around Justin’s slim hips to his full ass cheeks, and Dave pulled Justin to him. Conscious of Dave’s cock poking him in the stomach, but mindless of the discomfort, Justin looked up at Dave, to see his lips parted and his head already tilting in that classic position for a lover’s kiss.

Justin gulped, but tilted his head, too, and felt Dave’s warm, wet lips attaching to his, and opened his mouth wider to allow entry for Dave’s invading tongue. The two men kissed passionately then, and while they were locked in the embrace, Dave’s hand wrapped itself around their two cocks, holding them together, and stroking up and down their joined shafts. Justin caught his drift immediately, and brought his hand down to their ball sacs, Dave’s large heavy balls, and his own, slightly smaller nuts, stroking and cupping them, and stretching them out to hold them both in his one hand.

Justin was sure he’d cum immediately, but Dave had a stroking technique that kept him at the height of pleasure without shooting. He felt Dave’s free hand snake around his ass to slide up and down his crevice, quickly zeroing in on his puckered anus. Justin gave an involuntary shiver of intense pleasure. God, it had been so long since another man had pleasured him there…dildoes were fun, cucumber, anal probes all fun, but to feel another man’s pulsating flesh deep inside him, maybe shoot him full of hot, creamy cum….

“Mmmmm, god, that feels so good. Touch me there, please! Oh yeah, slip your finger up inside me, please, PLEASE! Ohh, fuck Dave, your touch is sooo nice on my cock, up my ass, fuck me! Please, fuck me!!” Justin heard the words spilling out of his mouth, but couldn’t believe it was him saying these things. He’d gotten hot with other guys in high school, and jerked off, sucked each other, even ass fucked once, but it was just to shoot off, never as intense as this.

Justin could feel Dave’s strong arms spinning him around, and his left hand lifted up Justin’s hands until they were against the tiled wall by the shower head. Justin got the idea, and leaned into the wall, spreading his legs as he did. He could feel the steaming hot water running down his back, over his ass, while his front felt cool from being wet. His cock was harder than he’d ever felt it before, and he thought about stroking himself over this hot scene, when he felt a pushing at his butt cheeks.

It was Dave’s thumb and forefingers separating Justin’s tight round ass cheeks, to expose his tight brown pucker. “Relax your hot little ass hole, sweety, I’m going to fuck your sweet little hole with my big cock,” Dave’s voice growled. Justin shivered at the thought of that major league sized bat invading his ass, but felt strangely excited.

“Ohh, god, I’m not sure-” Justin began, but moaned when he felt two soapy fingers slowly sliding inside his ass. “Uhh, uhhh, ohhhh, uh, yeah, yeah, that’s, ohh yes, yes, ohh fuck yeah! Yeah, that feels so nice! Oh yeah, scratch my itch! Ohh, deeper, deeper! FUCK! YESSS!!” Dave’s finger fucking increased in speed, then slowed.

“No, don’t stop! Ohh, damn what’s that? Ohh, ouch, oww, uhh, uhh, fuck! Three fingers???” Justin moaned. “No, no, yeah oh yeah, uhh, UHHH, YEAH, YEAH!! FUCK!! I LOVE IT, FUCK ME WITH YOUR HOT FUCKING HAND!! I WANT IT ALL, BABY, PLEASE!!!” Justin didn’t care now whether anyone else heard them – he just wanted to be fucked in the ass by this luscious piece of man meat behind him.

“Feels good, doesn’t it baby?” Dave chuckled. “But I’m just getting you ready….”

With that he slowly withdrew his three fingers from Justin’s inflamed and slightly sore anus. Justin moaned at the loss of intense pleasure from his ass, and brought his hand to his erect cock, to stroke himself. Meanwhile, no more than 3 or 4 seconds later, Justin felt a pushing at his anal pucker. Dave had positioned the purplish head of his thick, meaty 10″ rod directly into Justin’s brown pucker. Justin gave an involuntary jerk backwards, towards Dave’s immense cock, at the same moment that Dave thrust forward, lodging the plum sized head of his cock behind Justin’s sphincter muscle.

Justin yelped at the quick, sharp pain, but it quickly passed as he felt Dave’s stiff penis sliding, inch by inch, up inside his rectum, stroking past Justin’s prostate, giving him chills of ecstasy. He was unable to formulate words, with the pleasure coursing through his ass and brain, but still conveyed his feelings. “Ohh, oh, ohh, UHHH! YEAHHHHHH, YEAAHHH, UHHH!! FUCK! GOD, SOOO BIGGGGG!!! FILLING MY ASSSSS!!! FUCK ME! HARD!! HARDER!! HAAAARRRDDEEERRRRR!!!!”

Dave’s stroking in and out of Justin’s tight little hole with his impossibly huge cock short-circuited every rational thought in Justin’s brain. He became a mass of quivering sex in Dave’s manly and muscular grip, their hard, wet bodies crushing together, then pulling apart. On one of Dave’s in strokes, when his smooth crotch was pressed deep within Justin’s willing and eager ass cleft, Dave’s meaty hand reached around to grab onto Justin’s hugely swollen cock, and he began stroking it, pausing at the end of each stroke to rub his thumb over Justin’s piss slit, now oozing pre cum rapidly. He soon set up a motion in time with the deep ass fucking he was giving his junior partner. The sensations in every part of Justin’s body and mind were nearly too much to bear.

Dave was enjoying breaking this young stud in. It was apparent that Justin had only dabbled in being ass fucked before. Now he was getting ploughed by a real man, and he was obviously loving it! Dave savored the feel of Justin’s tight rectal walls around his cock, a cock that even few of his Marine buddies had been able to take.

“Feel my hot cock inside your sweet little ass, boy! You’re gripping my pecker with your tight little ass, like you’re never gonna let go! I’m gonna shoot you full of my hot, creamy cum, fucker, and maybe I’ll lick it back out of your brown hole! How’s that sound, slut?” Dave growled into Justin’s ear, punctuating his lewdness with a nip at Justin’s ear lobe.

“Ouch! Fuck, yeah! Please fuck me good and hard, daddy! Ram your hot pole inside my guts! Fuck me good! Suck out all your hot cream from my boy cunt after you’ve fucked me all day, then spit it back in my mouth! Make me eat it, yeah!” Justin had no idea that he too could be so lewd, but he was loving it. “Ohh, please baby, I want to feel your hot cream up my crack now! PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME, CUM INSIDE ME!! SHOOT YOUR HOT JISM ALL OVER MY GUTS, FUCKERRR!! UHH, UHHH, UHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Dave brought the hand that had been inside Justin’s tight ass up to Justin’s mouth, playing with his lips and his tongue with those dirty fingers. Justin opened his mouth slightly to willingly accept Dave’s offering of his ass stained fingers, and Dave slipped his fingers into Justin’s hot, wet mouth. Justin swirled his tongue eagerly around the fingers, laving them to release their flavor into his mouth. He nipped at Dave’s fingers with his even white teeth, just as Dave nipped back at Justin’s ear, taking more of it into his mouth, and swirling his pink tongue inside Justin’s ear.

They both shot simultaneously, then. Dave slammed his hips forward, his pelvis crushing the tops of Justin’s firm, round ass cheeks, his cock penetrating Justin deeper than ever before, and Justin pressing back onto Dave’s cock equally hard. Dave’s hand squeezed the swollen red head of Justin’s cock at that same moment, forcing out an explosion of cum like Justin had never experienced before. In their passion, both bit down on the other, Dave on Justin’s sensitive ear, and Justin on Dave’s fingers in his mouth, both drawing a little blood. Neither felt the least bit of pain, however, overwhelmed as they were by their mutual climaxes.

When he felt the cum overtake him, Dave moved his open hand to the end of Justin’s swollen red cock, to catch as much of Justin’s cum as he could. He could feel the sticky, hot fluid pulsing out 6, 7 times or more, collecting in his palm and filling it, until it nearly overflowed. They both moaned loudly, since there was little else they could do, and pumped into each other as long as it felt good. Too soon, though, they both felt the fatigue hit them like a wall, and slowed and stopped their mutual fucking, though Dave still remained inside of Justin’s rectum, while his cock only slowly lost its immense size and hardness.

Dave wearily brought his hand, full of Justin’s sweet cum, up to Justin’s mouth, and removed his other hand. Justin stuck out his tongue, and felt as Dave poured half of the hot liquid onto it, savoring the taste of his own cum, something he was very used to from his high school explorations. The other half Dave brought to his own mouth, and he greedily licked Justin’s hot semen off his fingers. He was no stranger to the taste of another man’s seed, and this was exceptionally fine.

Dave turned Justin’s head around slightly, and brought his mouth to Justin’s. The two men kissed deeply and passionately, their tongues battling and playing like baby seals, each savoring the taste of Justin’s hot cream. Dave then broke off their kiss, and, growling “One more thing, hot fuck,” he said, “Spread ’em and bend over!”

Not knowing what to expect, Justin did as he was told, and was delighted to feel Dave’s hot tongue invading his sore rectum, collecting his load of seed from Justin’s tight white ass as he’d promised. Dave rooted back in Justin’s pucker, and as deep as his tongue would allow, to collect his sperm, then stood up along with Justin. He took the boy in his arms once again, like a dancer completing a fancy move with his partner. Holding Justin up, his eyes now looking up into Dave’s blue eyes, Dave brought his mouth to Justin’s as though to kiss him. Then, stopping just millimeters away, he let the contents of his mouth, saliva and ass cum both, slowly drip into his lover’s open mouth. Justin eagerly drank down the fluid of love he was offered, and he hoped that this was an exercise that would have many repetitions.

Just then the two men were brought back to reality by the loud applause coming from the other clients standing around watching them. Judging by the way the men’s shorts or towels were tented out, there weren’t going to be too many complaints to management about fraternization between employee and client in the shower room…

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