Karen and James Ch. 01

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It started unexpectedly. After years of working together and being friends they began texting and talking about intimate issues. Karen confided in him the lack of intimacy between her and her husband, Roger. They had only had sex 3 times in the last 8 months. She was starved for attention and James was happy to give her his. He loved the flirting and sexting. It was an outlet for his stress and fantasies.

Innocent flirting and texting quickly turned into graphic sexting. Their conversations could shift from their kids to religion to detailed fantasies about each other. The intensity of the relationship grew. Their lust for each other would come to a boiling point then cool off. The cycle of heating and cooling repeated itself over and over. At times it caused both of the emotional and mental anguish.

As the years passed, they became as close as brother and sister. Slowly they lost most of their other friends and had strained relationships with their families. As each person left their life they became more dependant on each other. They burdened each other with deep, dark secrets. They both had affairs, but not with each other. Eventually they developed a unique relationship consisting of equal parts siblings, confidant, secret keeper, best friend, and lover.

Their marriages were cold. Both descended into not much more than two people living together for financial benefit and stability for their kids. The lack of energy and passion drove them closer together. They had no secrets. They talked openly about their sex lives and marital problems. But they never crossed the line of intimacy.

Finally, James gave in. He told Karen being with her was worth the risks. He was so starved for love and passion that the thought of being with her overwhelmed him. He pursued her aggressively. He would grab her ass or pat her butt when no one was looking. She loved and hated it. He loved the feel of her ass. It was so soft. He dreAmed of touching and squeezing her bare ass. He wanted to touch her breasts so badly. We’re they as soft as he imagined? What would her skin and nipples taste like? And her pussy. He wanted to bury his head between her legs. How did she smell / taste? Did she have a long or short vagina? We’re her lips short / round or long / thin? Did she have a small upturned clit or full and plump.

For her part,she wanted him. She thought about it daily. Years ago he bought her a vibrator to help find satisfaction she was not getting at home. Many nights she used it while fantasizing about him. She even thought of him while she was with her husband. She had similar thoughts. Was he big enough? Was he a patient lover? Would he think she was good? Was he a good kisser? She wanted him in her mouth. How did he taste? Then her thoughts would turn to running her hands through his hair and touching his face and cuddling. That is why she knew she could not give in. This was not just another screw. She loved him and sex would be dangerous emotionally for both. It could spin out of control and destroy their friendship and marriages .

For years she deflected and subdued his advances. Occasionally he would get angry or hurt from rejection. After an emotional outburst he’d come to realize she was right and promise to calm down. In a week he would begin the chase again and the cycle repeated. The ebb and flow of the chase consumed much of their idle time. Then there was the accident.

James’s wife and kids went to her parents for 10 days. On the 5th day James was in an auto accident. A teenager ran a stop sign and struck him in the driver’s door. Karen’s phone rang,it was James wife. She told her he was in the hospital and asked if she would go check on him. Karen and Roger rushed to the emergency room.

When Karen entered the room she was shocked. The left side of his head was shaved and he had stitches in his head and face. His left arm was in a cast from his forearm to his hand. He looked terrible. Roger left the room to find a nurse. Karen walker to his side and touched face and arm, which woke him. James blinked his eyes open. Shaking himself awaken he looked at her. Both eyes had blood in them. “Call Melissa! Tell her to stay at her parents. I don’t want the kids seeing me until I have a few days to heal.” Karen made the call. After comforting Melissa she handed him Tokat Escort the phone. “Hey baby, I have bad news, I need a new car and phone. Both of them are destroyed. Good news is I think I finally got some sense knocked into me.” He laughed in a deep strong voice. He continued on in a strong confident voice. Convincing her to stay. He looked bad and the kids would be shocked. Melissa agreed and he hung up. Immediately the pain came back and he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Roger returned and pulled Karen outside. “He’s hurt bad. Left wrist is broken and he has a server concussion. They say he can’t be alone for several days. He can’t drive. I have to work 12 hour shifts the next two days. Can you stay with him?” She nodded yes and told Roger to stay with him while she went home for clothes and supplies. On the way home she made arrangements for her kids to stay with friends. When she returned he was discharged and ready to go home. Roger lifted James into their SUV and got him out at home. Once in bed he went right to sleep. Roger stayed for about an hour then left for work.

Karen found a book to read and set a chair beside his bed. He woke up and immediately said, “Get me the phone. I need to call the kids. ” Karen replied, “James, it is 2 AM. They are asleep. How do you feel?” “Awful”, he relied. ” I need to pee. Help me up.”

Karen helped him to his feet. She noticed he had a tenting issue in his book boxer briefs. She thought to herself, “That looks big enough. Bigger than I expected…” No no no. Stop thinking like that. He’s sick and your married. She screamed inside her mind. James stumbled out of the toilet and turned the shower on. He dropped his boxers right in front of her and climbed in the shower. She rolled her eyes at his lack of humility, but did check out his ass. It was cute. And she noticed he kept his pubic hair trimmed very short.

While he showered Karen freshened up his bed. He walked in the room with a towel around his waste. He fell on the bed face down exposing hiss ass. She gave him a good smack on the ass and told him that’s for all the times he’s grabbed her butt. She helped him in bed. Covered him up, then pulled the wet to well from under the covers. She tucked him in and went to the bathroom to wash her face and out her pajamas on. As she walked by the bed he reached out and grabbed her arm. “lay down with me.” he said. I promise i’ll behave. She sighed and went to the other side of the bed propped herself up and began reading

She was startled awake the next morning by a knock on the door. She opened her eyes and looked across the bed at him. She loved his hair and the lines on his face. Little gray and wrinkles made him look older and ruggedly handsome. She wandered if maybe they were meant to be… Then another knock at the door snatched her back into reality. She went to the door. it was James neighbor, He had heard about the accident and was checking on him. They spoke quietly and as he left gave her the typical if there’s anything you need please let me know. He was checking her out as he left. He couldn’t stop looking at her crotch. Weirdo.. She thought.

She returned to the bedroom and walked by his bed. She looked to see if he was sleeping. James rolled over and smiled at her with this Devilish grin. ” No no no!! I am here to take care of you”, she said.. “So get those perv Ideas out of your head james.” He replied, “I have been trying to get you alone in a bedroom for years and now that I have i can’t do anything about it. the irony is killing me. “

Karen spun around and shook her ass at him and walk into the bathroom, locking the the door behind her. She went into the bathroom and undressed. She realized her panties were soaking wet. Even her pajama bottoms were wet. She wondered if the neighbor had been staring at her wet crotch. Lord, what he must be thinking about her. Laying in bed beside him all night had quite an effect on her. She was so horny. She touched herself and new she had to get some sort of relief.

She climbed in the shower. She held the shower head so that the water sprayed on her pussy. A direct stream hit her clit and she moaned. She leaned into the corner and held the water on her pussy until she climaxed. She was quiet so James would not hear. She couldn’t help but use her favorite Tokat Escort Bayan James fantasy to get her there quick.

When she got out the shower she realized that she had left her clothes in the other room. She would have walk by him in a towel. She threw open the door and rushed by him. He got a peak at the bottom of her ass as she left. She returned dressed in a pair of jeans and sweat shirt. She got him out of bed and helped him to the recliner. The rest of the day they spent talking and answering calls from people calling to check on him She was surprised at the number of girls that offered to come stay with him. They saw what she saw in James. He was an okay looking guy, not gorgeous. His mind and heart made woman desire him. He was like a mental/emotional addiction. Once you got inside his mind and heart he was beautiful. He new how to push people’s buttons and get what he wanted. He never tried to manipulate Karen. He loved her too much to do that. He wanted her of her own free will.

Around five Roger called and asked if he could bring them some food. At six he showed up with a pizza. They ate and at 8 Roger left for his night patrol.

Karen helped James to bed at 9. He was much stronger. He could probably do it on his own, but liked the attention. His voice was strong. His legs were steady. He stripped down to his tee shirt and underwear. She had seen so much of him that she didn’t think anything of it. He got in bed and she made sure he was comfy. Then she went to change.

She came out of the bathroom in her pajama. Without being asked she walked to the other side if the bed and climbed in bed. Tonight she got under the covers and slipped closer to him than last night.

Karen lay there with her body tingling. Already dripping wet. “Please let him make a move. I won’t resist tonight” Karen pleaded in her mind. James lay there wide awake. His dick was rock hard. He kept telling himself to behave. He did not want to take advantage of Karen’s kindness or make her uncomfortable. He thought so hard he was holding his breath. He gasped for air and she jumped it his side. “Are you okay ” she asked.

Touching his face she was melting inside. James cleared his throat and said,” I’m fine. Karen, if I leave my hands under the covers and promise to keep them there can I kiss you?” Karen slid toward him and kissed him. She slid her leg over his. James turned toward her and his hard cock pressed against her mons. She shifted upward and the head of his dick rested squarely on her clit. She moaned at the touch. He slid his one good hand inside her pajamas and cupped her soft ass. He shook with delight. It was so soft. Karen sat up and removed her shirt. There they were. He had dreamed about touching and sucking her breasts for so long. She lowered herself placing her breast in his mouth. He sucked the right one then left. His mouth was so hot. He sucked and bit her firmly but not to hard.

Just enough to make her body tense with each action of his mouth. James pushed with his right leg and rolled them both over so he was on top. He kissed her and bit her neck. He ran his to.gue along her body as he slid down until his tongue was just above her bottoms. Slipping her bottoms off he wrapped his arms around her hips and leaned forward. Karen smelled so good. He paused and took in the aroma. He started just above her anus and licked her from her opening to her clit repeatedly until her pusying wide open. He plunged his tongue deep inside her. She moaned at the sensation and the felling of his beard. She tasted so good. He pushed harder to get deeper and licked every inch he could reach. He pulled up for air then went back Down.

He placed his entire mouth over her clit and sucked on it. Giving her a mini blow job. He sucked it in and out. Sliding her clit between his tongue and his teeth. Karen moaned and her hips thrust into him. James pressed his nose just above her clit and began licking it.hard and fast. Karen moaned and thrust her hips with rhythm. She was so alive. She started calling his name. James. Don’t stop. Pleas baby don’t stop. Oh God. I love you. Don’t stop. Karen’s muscles began to tighten and she finally let out a loud moan and shook her entire body with a spasm. She would feel fluid flowing out of her. James kept licking at her opening. Escort Tokat Finally he slid 2 fingers inside her and curled them up to rub her G spot. She raised her hips as high as she could. She came so hard she squeezed his fingers out of her.

James rolled over on his back. Then he moved beside her and wrapped his arms around her. “I’ve wanted to do that for years. You taste so good. Rest and then I will do it again. ”

Karen caught her breath. She noticed the hard cock pressing against her leg. She rolled him over and climbed on top. Reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock and slid it inside her. “Remember. I’m not shooting blanks. That thing can put a baby in you” James quipped. The thought of getting pregnant terrified her, but she needed him so bad. Karen sat straight up and plunged him deep in her. She moaned as she moved her hips back and forth. His cock was thick. It spread her pussy and put pressure inside her. She started thrusting harder. James grabbed her hips with his good hand and cast to help keep rhythm. She leaned back and as far as she could and began thrusting upwards. James put his hand on her mons and stroked her clit with his thumb. She felt it building. Squeezing his cock with her muscles. Oh. Oh. Oooh. Ooooooohhhh. With another body shaking spasm Karen came again. She had barely relaxed when she felt James twitch his hard dick inside her. Signal he wanted more. “Lay on you stomach,” he commanded.

James climbed on top of her. He slid into her and started pushing hard against her soft ass. He sat up straight and stroked in and out hard. She was so tight. This is what he had dreamed of. Her hot tight pussy filled with his third cock while he could see and play with her ass. Karen slid her hands under her. She played with herself and James. He stroked in and out for a long time. Slow. Then hard. Then fast. Karen had another orgasm but he never stopped stroking. Suddenly he pulled out and rolled off. Karen Quickly plunged his dick in her mouth. She bobbed on his dick as fast as she could. James played with her breasts and she felt his cock pulling up. He was about to cum. James began moaning and squirming. Louder and louder. So loud Karen almost giggled think about what a loud fuck he was. She cupped his balls with her left hand and he began shooting loads of cum in her mouth. “Oh Lord. He tastes so good,” she thought. Karen had forgot to swallow and the cum was running out of her mouth. She began swallowing and slurped and lick every drop of him. His cock went soft in her mouth. But she kept sucking and rolling her tongue around d his head. James didn’t move or speak. After a minute she was going to stop, then she felt it get a little bigger. Then little more. And in 3 minutes he was rock hard again.

What do we do with him now? She asked.

Well, I have an idea.

James reached into his night stand and pulled out a vibrator and lube. Get on your knees he commanded. She did. James got behind her and slid the toy deep in her pussy. Then he lubed up his dick. Not sure what to expect Karen gasped for air when he plunged his cock in her ass. She was so full. His cock made her vagina squeeze the vibrator so tight. He stroked her slow but firm. He pushed deep in and pulled her hips into him. “Now grab the toy and fuck yourself,” James ordered. Karen reached between her legs and started moving the toy. It was insanely intense. His cock was pushing her hot, pink pussy so tight around the vibrator. She screamed and moaned. Bucking against him as he held her tight. She climaxed and fell to the bed. James fell with her. His soft cock resting on her ass.

“Wow. I have not had a simultaneous orgasms in years,” James whispered.

He shifted to her side and they cuddled up. He snuggled his nose into her neck and smelled her hair. He was in heaven. This was the greatest sex of his life. He loved her. His heart was melting and he pulled her tight against him.

“Karen, we can’t do this all the time,” James said. “If we did it would stop being special. It would just be fucking then and we’d screw up our relationship and marriages. We have to set rules. How often, where, how we behave, etc”

James, You’re right. We have to set boundaries. We have plenty of time to figure it out. But for now, Roger won’t be back until 6 PM. So we have 18 hours to get this out of our system.

“Okay baby. Tonight I’m all yours. But before we start again I need a shower and about 30 minutes before he will get hard again…”

They giggled as they walked to the shower together…

The end.

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