Karen – The Hen Night

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My name is Karen. I was 18 years old when I was invited to my cousin’s hen night (bachelorette for you US folks). I accepted because I felt I had to but I did not know anyone and they where a wild crowd. My cousin Jo was 26 and the life and soul of the party. I on the other hand am introverted and shy. I am 5’5 with brown hair and a slender frame, I am conscious of my small breasts and am shy undressing in front of people.

The hen night was full of the usual fun and high jinks that you would expect we dressed Jo in appropriate veil and headdress and we all hit the town. There were 14 girls in all and we were kept organised by Lucy the head bridesmaid. Lots of drink flowed and the night took on a bawdy air. We ended up going to a male lapdancing club in the centre of Birmingham. The venue was full of hen parties and a couple of gay males. I was shocked and a little uncomfortable with what was happening but could not help stare at the cocks that were being waived around most of them in various states of arousal.

Jo was set up immediately and she was danced for by a tall slender male. He was white over 6′ tall and very muscular. He stood on her chair and removed his thong to shrieks of joy from the girls, his cock was long and slender and he slowly waived it in front of Jo’s face. Despite a number of approaches I would not accept a dance despite pressure from everyone. The visit to the club was arousing but I was glad when it was over. The night rolled on and eventually we were down to five and we were back at Lucy’s apartment where we were staying. After an hour of more drinks I thought we would be turning in when the doorbell rang. Lucy jumped up with an excited smile and ran to the door. On opening in walked two of the male strippers from the club (Ryan & Steve), little did we know that Lucy had arranged for a private party once they were finished Escort Pendik working.

I was bored when the music went on as I could not see the point as we had done this already. Things started taking an interesting turn when once Ryan was naked he started encouraging Jo to lick his Cock. Maybe it was the drink or a side of her I had not seen before but she opened her mouth willingly. The sight before me was hot and I could feel a heat growing between my legs. Ryan grew rock hard as Jo sucked his pole. He reached down and pulled her breast out of her dress and began to feel it.

The action grew in intensity when finally Ryan lifted Jo of the chair and carried her towards the bedroom, the door closed behind them; the excitement that had filled the room was replaced with tension. Steve who had so far enjoyed a drink at the table came and sat next to Jenny but we mostly sat in silence. Soon though the room was filled with the unmistakable sounds of sex from the room next door. For the next many minutes we listened to Jo’s increasing pleasure until we heard the unmistakable sound of a joint climax. By now I was squirming in my seat and Lucy was openly stroking her breast.

The bedroom door opened and a happy looking Jo entered to loud cheers. Immediately Lucy leapt up and told Ryan to stay where he was and pushed him back into the bedroom closing the door. This time the room was not left in shock and Steve was pushed to the centre of the floor and ordered to dance. The music started but in the background we could hear Lucy moaning next-door. Steve was more aggressive dancer and was immediately naked and dancing close to the girls. Jenny immediately started sucking him and making him hard. He worked around the room and eventually got to me. I felt nervous and embarrassed but equally turned on and horny. I opened my mouth and allowed him in, he tasted salty probably both from precum and the sweat of his nights work, I savoured the feel and flavour, he reached into my dress and started feeling my small breast. He then moved back to Jenny bent her over a chair and started rubbing his cock against her hotpants. At that moment the door opened and out walked a happy looking Lucy dressed only in bra and panties. Immediately Jenny stood up and led Steve to the bedroom.

The night continued like this, the boys danced and each girl took a turn I felt the pressure growing for me to take my turn but was torn as to what to do, my head said one thing whilst my…….well you know.

Eventually after cajoling from Lucy I was lead by the hand by Steve into the room. The first thing I realised was the bad looked like a small war had been thought on it and although the damp patches disgusted me it turned me on as well. Steve started kissing my neck and removed my dress. My breasts were exposed and he started greedily sucking on them while I stroked him to full hardness. He pushed me on to my knees and I started licking round the head of his cock he groaned with pleasure I could taste the evidence of the other ladies and I found this a turn on.

Once he was fully hard he pushed me roughly on the bed and removed my panties his tongue started to probe my pussy and immediately I was in heaven. I felt a digit work its way inside while his tongue lapped expertly. My pleasure grew and he increased the number of fingers inside me, it became painful but the pleasure was overriding. He stood over me and pumped his cock a couple of time, he moved closer and entered me, missionary position. I felt full, really full. Immediately he thrusted aggressively into me. and I started to groan with pleasure. He grabbed my tit and kneaded hard I bit my lip. I had never experienced this type of sex but I knew that I liked it.

After some intense minutes he pulled out and turned me over onto my stomach. I spread my legs and he pushed easily into me from behind., I reached underneath and rested a finger on my clit. I could feel my orgasm growing quickly. With a couple of deep thrusts Steve groaned above me and I could feel him pulsing inside and the warm splash against my womb. This was enough for me and a screamed out with the most intense orgasm ever.

I put my dress back on and returned to the room. I figured the guys would now be tired but the scene that greeted me suggested otherwise. Lucy was now naked and had Ryan licking between her legs. I sat down on the sofa nest to them engrossed watching two people be intimate at close quarters. Jo who was trying to pleasure Steve back to life shouted across that she could taste my juices.

In my lust filled state I reached down to Ryan’s cock and started to rub him (poor guy must have been raw) but like a true pro he started coming back to life. Lucy lifted his head and said she wanted to see him fuck me. He moved towards me and pulled my dress off. All concerns and inhibitions were now long gone. He moved his pole to the entrance of my pussy and eased inside. The load left by his partner lubricated his path. The sex this time was more sensual and Ryan was definitely a more sophisticated lover. The site of Jo who was now riding on Steve and the feeling of a large cock in me soon had me building towards orgasm. Lucy reached over and started to feel my breast. It was the first sexual contact with a woman. This new sensation soon had me orgasming and Ryan like a trooper produced his final load of the night.

The night wound down and we kissed goodbye to the guys. That night I thought a lot about my sexual awakening. I dipped my fingers inside me feeling the wetness inside producing a couple more orgasms. I vowed to myself that this would not be the last time I experienced these delights.

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