Karen’s Manipulation

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I had been home from work for over an hour when my wife Karen came home.

“Honey I want you to meet someone, ” she called out.

Strolling into the living room I received the shock of my life, when Karen introduced her knew friend.

“This is Jan, we met at the gym. Jan this is my husband Steve. Jan just transferred in from New York.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Karen, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

I was speechless. I had met Jan about twelve months before, while on business in New York. Now like a movie, she was standing in my living room a thousand miles from New York. Jan offered her hand, and I took it not knowing what else to do. Jan was cool never letting on she knew me. I was literally trembling with fear. Jan was a three day fling, but intense to say the least.

Karen left the room to change, Jan for the first time acknowledged are prior relationship.

” You never mentioned you were married. I bet Karen doesn’t know about our affair does she. Don’t worry, it’s our secret, I won’t tell.” Then crossing the room , her hand found my crouch and she brazenly kissed me. Again I was stunned, I felt my cock start to stiffen when I heard Karen coming. Backing away from Jan, I tried to compose myself.

“Well I’d better be going, I’m still unpacking. It was nice meeting you Steve, I’m sure well meet again. Karen are we on for dinner and drinks after the work out Thursday?”

“Oh yeah, Honey you don’t have anything planed for next Thursday do you?”

” No ,” was all I could say.

“Good, then I’ll see you in a couple of days.” With that Jan left.

I then went innocently about asking Karen how she met Jan. According to Karen , they met at the gym about three weeks ago. They hit it off right away and had worked out a lot together, since meeting. I was gratified that during this time Jan had never mentioned our affair.

“She’s cute don’t you think.” Karen asked, like a woman does, when she’s trying to determine if she has competition. “I saw the way you were looking at her, you were staring.”

“She looked familiar is all,” I said lying.

Later that night, I thought about my little dalliance in New York. I met Jan in a lounge my first day in town. Our eye’s met , and the next thing I knew we were talking. Jan was very attractive, in many way the opposite of Karen. Jan is about 5′ 1″ were Karen is about 5′ 5″. Jan is a soft voluptuous type while Karen is very athletic and firm. Jan has brown eye’s and hair, Karen is blue eyed and blond. We hit it off and ended up in my room later that night. In the morning I went to my conferences and when I returned Jan was still there. Jan was wearing one of my shirts and nothing else. Sitting on the side of the bed, Jan let the shirt fall open revealing her dark areolas and pert nipples. Her cunt lips were moist and parting her legs, she asked. “See anything you’d like to eat.”

Jan was magnificent and irresistible. For the next three days the sex was torrid. Truly, had I not been so in love with Karen, I’m sure I would have wanted a more serious relationship with Jan. I never told Jan I was married and stood her up my last day in town. I caught a flight for home that night, never dreaming I would see or hear from Jan again.

The next morning Jan called me at work and told me to meet her at her new home. Jan didn’t make any threats, but there was a menacing tone to her voice. Afraid she might contact Karen I complied with her request.

Certainly I was unprepared for what Jan had in store for me. Instead of arguing or yelling at me she was very nice. Hugging me at the door , she told me she was happy to see me. the next thing I knew my cloths were off and we were making passionate love. No sooner had I came when Jan was sucking my cock to a second erection.Jan was relentless and I came a second time in less than an hour. Then after making some small talk, Jan massaged me hard again. I tried to stop Jan claiming I had to return to work. Jan wouldn’t take no for an answer. Again she went down on me, sucking my dick and rubbing her teeth over the head of my dick.

” God you hardly came that time,” Jan said.

“What did you expect after three time,” I said defensively. My dick was almost raw and hurt when I left Jan’s.

Never once during the visit did Jan bring up New york or the fact that I left with out so much as a good bye. Instead, Jan acted as if nothing had changed. Her only comment was that now we could be together more often. Of course I agreed, until I figured out what to do about Jan.

What I didn’t know was that during the three weeks preceding my rendezvous with Jan, Jan had been pumping Karen for information. For example Karen told Jan of our plan to start a family. Karen comes from a large family and after five years of marriage was ready to start. Karen’s fertile time of the month, was going to be over the next three days. Jan had me over the same day that Karen mentioned as a target date for starting a family. Jan’s plan was simple, keep me busy and tired.

Sure enough alt yazılı seks that night when Karen got romantic, I made an excuse about being tired. For the next few days Jan invited me over for lunch or should I say sex. After the third day my balls literally ached. Every night Karen would cuddle up and kiss or stroke me. As much as I wanted Karen, there was just no way after my sessions with Jan. On the fourth night Karen became very upset with me.

“Don’t you find me attractive, why won’t you make love to me. I want a family. This is important to me. What’s’ wrong.”

All I could do was make up excuses about stress at work and fatigue, but clearly Karen wasn’t hearing any of it. Turning over, it was a long time before I heard the rhythmic breathing of sleep from Karen. Karen was angry for several days after that. At the same time Jan was being super nice and while I knew I should break it off, I found it impossible. Jan was an expert with the carrot or the stick.

On several occasions I brought up the fact that we should stop seeing each other. Each time she responded differently. Once she acted heart broken and got all emotional. When I tried to console her, the next thing I knew we were in bed. On another occasion, she in no uncertain terms, told me she would tell Karen. Jan had me right were she wanted me. She knew it, and I knew it.

Perhaps the most important piece of information Jan learned from Karen, was purely by accident. The girl’s had been working out at the gym one night, when Jan caught Karen looking, on more than one occasion, at a tall black man. Ty was a personal trainer at the gym. About 6’3″, he was slender and well muscled. Jan didn’t find him the least bit attractive, though clearly Karen seemed interested.

On a whim Jan said, “That man over there is gorgeous, what do you think.”

Karen with out thinking said, “he is that.”

“Is he married or what.’

“I don’t think so,” Karen added. “His name is Ty, he works here. He’s flirted with me before, but I’m a married lady, so that’s that.”

“So what your saying is, if you were not married he’d have a good chance with you. Have you ever gone out with a black guy.”

“No, but I have always wondered what it would be like. I mean I don’t know if you would consider it my fantasy, but I have had dreams,” Karen giggled.

“Well take it from a girl who knows, there is nothing like a good hard black cock,” Jan teased.

“Jan I don’t believe you just said that. You’ve been with a black guy, was it as good as they say.”

Knowing she had Karen hooked , Jan proceeded to tell Karen of several bogus affairs she had with black men. Of course all these guys were well endowed with cocks twice the size of mine. Karen listened intently to Jan’s lies, by the time they left the gym that night, all Karen could think of was how big Ty’s cock might be.

Karen never had an overwhelming urge to have sex with a black man. Karen didn’t even consider it a fantasy. Still, she was curious. Karen had heard the stories and now having verification from Jan it started to fuel the fire of Karen’s curiosity.

The combination of no sex with me and Jan’s lies, was getting to Karen. Jan put the icing on the cake when she approached Ty with a plan for seducing Karen. Ty who was more than willing to fuck the blue eyed blond was definitely interested. Jan told him to use a slow but persistent approach. from that day forward every time Karen would show up at the gym Ty would say hello, and flirt with Karen. Many of those times Jan was present and when Ty would leave she would start into Karen.

“God he sure has the hot’ s for you, when are you going to give in and go out with him.”

“I can’t Jan I’m married,” Karen would say. But with each passing day Jan could see some of Karen’s resolve ebbing. Then when Karen confided in Jan regarding my lack of interest, Jan poured gasoline on the fire.

“Maybe you need to spice things up, with some change. Have you tried X-rated video’s?”

“No, but I’ll try anything, if it will get us back on track and me pregnant.”

The next day Jan presented Karen with a video she rented that morning. Jan seduced me repeatedly that day. That night when Karen put in the video I had no idea were she got it from. The video was an interracial flick, sporting several well hung black studs, fucking blonds. Karen was clearly turned on watching the action on screen.

“God look at the size of that guy, I guess what they say about black guys is true.”

” I wouldn’t know,” I said joking. Karen didn’t laugh, in fact, I don’t think she heard me. Karen was totally in grossed in the movie. The black guy on the screen had a massive hard on, and if the blond on the screen was acting she deserved an Oscar. Seeing my wife excited like this was a turn on. sliding my hand between her legs, I was even more surprised to find her fingers already hard at work on her clit.

”Wow, someone likes X rated movies,” I said as I plunged a finger in to Karen’s wet pussy. Taking porno 92 one of Karen’s large nipple’s into my mouth I heard her moan with pleasure. Karen is easily excitable, something I always loved about her. My dick stiffened even though I had had sex with Jan twice that same day. When I reached for the condom, Karen pulled me on top of her.

“I don’t want to use those anymore. I want a baby. Even though were a few days away from my fertile time I think we should practice,” Karen said with a grin.

“No problem,’ I responded, sliding my dick into her wet pussy. Karen is a fantastic lover and it had been a good three weeks since our last sex. The movie had Karen seriously excited and she went wild as I pumped her.

” Slow down baby, I’m going to cum real quick if you keep this up.” Unfortunately Karen wasn’t listening again and continued humping me like mad. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm, and tried to make it last. Suddenly, I felt myself cumming. I tried to make it last,but in the end I was to tired and my shrinking pennis slipped out. I remember seeing the disappointment in Karen’s face, as I rolled off of her.

“Honey did you cum,” Karen said sweetly.

“Yes I did, I just got to excited,” I said.

“That’s okay, the movie just started,” Karen added hopefully, as she cuddled up. The movie certainly had Karen’s attention the rest of the evening. Scene after scene showed these well hung black studs fucking girls senseless. Karen at one point commented, that black men even seemed to cum more. Later going down on me she sucked and licked my dick to attention once more, unfortunately I was unable to maintain a hard on. I rolled over and went to sleep. The night which was suppose to be special, was a disaster.

Two days later, Karen had another movie and again it starred some very well endowed black men. Earlier I had spent lunch with Jan. I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but I was getting Jan’s M.O. down. Frankly it turned me on that Jan was willing to go to such extreme’s to cause trouble in my relationship. Having the sexual attention of two women is great for the soul. Unfortunately, Jan had the edge, because she always knew when Karen was up for sex. That night rather than even try, I faked going to sleep.

The next day, Jan called me at work and while we were chatting she asked if Karen and I had a black pool man.

” Why did you ask that?” I said perplexed.

” What would you do if Karen, went out with another man.”

” I don’t think she would, now what the fuck are you talking about Jan.”

” I said to much all ready, besides your right, your little wife would never fuck around on you, ” Jan said hanging up. I spent the rest of the day wondering , what Jan was getting at. I knew Jan well enough to know she was up to no good.

That very same night, Karen had another movie, once again it was an interracial flick. Remembering my conversation with Jan, I started putting two and two together, or so I thought. Karen must have a thing for black guys and mentioned it to Jan.

“Karen what is it with you and black guys. Every movie you rent has got some overly hung black guy in it. That’s not my fantasy. So please no more jungle fever movies.” I was sorry I said it even before I had finished. The hurt look on Karen’s face said it all.

“I was just trying to add something to are sex life because your always so tired.” Turning angry Karen continued. ” I try and try to please you and what do I get for my trouble, I’m tired, I;m sleepy, I’ve got a headache and you wonder why I have fantasies about black men, who wouldn’t, given the amount of attention I get from you.” Karen shut the TV off and left the room.

I followed her out to the sofa and apologized, but she wouldn’t hear it. That night we slept apart.

The next day at the gym Karen told Jan what happened. Jan couldn’t have asked for things to have gone better. That same day I was leaving out of town for a week long business trip, so Jan decided to spring her trap. Jan invited Karen out for a few drinks.

“You need to relax a bit. I’m sure Steve loves you, maybe it’s work. I know just what you need, lets go dancing.”

“To be honest I could use a change, or maybe one of those black studs from the movie,” Karen joked.

“Honey all black men are hung like that, I bet your man over there Ty is hung like a stallion.’

“Jan he’s not my man, and I bet your right,”Karen giggled. ” Unfortunately I’m married remember.”

“Okay, okay, so put something sexy on and come over to my house we’ll leave from there.” Jan then called Ty and gave him the plan. Ty would conveniently show up at the club she was taking Karen to.

When Karen showed up, Jan was stunned. Jan had never seen Karen in a dress, much less a sexy one. Karen was wearing a dark print with a a low neck line that revealed her ample breasts. the dress didn’t permit a bra and Karen’s protruding nipple’s made that clear enough. Karen’s high heels accentuate her firm tanned legs and while the dress was xvideos porno short, it was tasteful.

“You don’t think this is to much do you Jan? I haven’t been out with the girls since I got married. I thought what the heck, Steve is out of town why not have some fun, right.”

“Your preaching to the choir honey, that what I’ve been telling you. Loosen up, here have a glass of wine while I finish getting ready.” Jan thought to herself, that this was getting easier by the second. Once Ty got a look at Karen, there would be no stopping him. All she had to do was get the naive bitch drunk,give her a little encouragement, and Karen would be fucking Ty tonight.

Two glasses of wine later Karen a light drinker was already buzzed. When they arrived at the club several men approached them for dances. Karen and Jan danced several numbers with those men before Ty arrived. Ty wanted to make an impact on karen and he did. Dressed in a white silk shirt and pants, he cut an impressive figure as he walked towards the two girls.

Jan was the first to see Ty and she was impressed. Jan never found black men attractive, but even she thought Ty was very handsome indeed.

“Some girl’s have all the luck Karen. Look, your man is here.”

Karen turning towards the bar saw Ty swaggering over. Not since meeting her husband, had she felt so immediately attracted to a man. No that was right Karen thought, she had never in her life been so attracted to a man. Karen knew it was wrong to feel this way and tried her best to compose herself.

” hello ladies, what a pleasant surprise to see you here. Karen I’m especially happy to see you out and about. I hope you left hubby at home.”

“Hubbies out of town,” Jan answered.


“Well it’s true, isn’t it, and didn’t you say you waned to have fun.”

“Yes, but I, well I guess your right,” Karen answered not knowing what else to say. The liquor was affecting Karen’s judgment. Ty inviting himself to sit down slid into the booth next to Karen. His leg pressed against Karen’s felt hot. When he put his arm around Karen’s shoulder, alarm bell’s went off in Karen’s brain. Then Ty leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“I’m really glad to see you tonight, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.” Ty hot breath made Karen’s nipple’s stiffen. Karen took a deep breath and then all she could think about was his sent.

” Excuse me I’ve got to go to the ladies room,” was all Karen could say.

Sensing a loss of control, Jan followed Karen into the ladies room. Jan found Karen padding cold water on her forehead.

“What’s a matter Honey,” Jan said acting the concerned friend.

” I think I’ve had to much to drink and maybe I should go home.”

“Well we just got here, besides I though you wanted to get to know Ty better. You’ll never have a better chance and my god , he is a hunk.”

“Jan I can’t I’m married, besides I could get pregnant, no I need to go.”

” Look what your husband doesn’t no won’t hurt him, and as far as getting pregnant isn’t that what condoms are for.”

Karen was adamant, but Jan wouldn’t give in. Finally Jan talked Karen into a couple of dances and one more drink.

“Okay , but please lets not stay long. I’m really getting buzzed from all he drinks.”

Returning to the table Karen found a fresh drink, a double Ty had ordered while she was gone. Ty had felt her shudder when he whispered in her ear. Jan had filled him in with what was going on in Karen’s personal life, as well as her likes and dislikes. Ty figured all he had to do was get a couple more drinks in her and Karen would be his.

Karen took a deep drink from her glass, trying to overcome the sheer nervousness of sitting next to Ty. Certainly, it was not in Karen’s nature to feel this way, maybe it was the recent conversations she had had with Jan or maybe the video’s. Karen’s head spun and when Ty took her hand and led her on to the dance floor she followed readily.

Karen and Ty danced a couple of numbers. Ty was a good dancer and Karen enjoyed the dances. Karen loved to dance and it helped clear her head. When a slow dance started, Karen accepted Ty’s invitation. At first, Ty purposely held Karen at a distance. Ty wanted to lightly brush his chest against Karen’s incredibly thick nipple’s. Slowly as they glided across the dance floor Ty brought Karen closer. Karen’s braless dress and Ty’s silk shirt, confirmed Karen’s nipple’s were starting to stiffen.

Karen for her part, felt as if she were floating. Karen it seemed could feel every muscle cut on Ty’s fantastic body. Karen melted in Ty’s arms. Then as Ty pulled her closer her leg brushed up against Ty’s. That couldn’t be thought Karen, in an effort to allay her curiosity Karen pulled Ty closer. God she thought , his cock is huge. Karen couldn’t see the wink Ty gave Jan. Ty had purposely gone with out his boxers, now Karen was responding just like he knew she would. Again he pulled Karen closer, his growing cock head was now firmly pressed between her legs.

Karen closed her eye’s and leaned her head on Ty’s chest. Karen was intoxicated and not just with liquor. Karen mind went wild with fantasy, what would it be like to have a big black cock buried in her wet pussy and Karen’s pussy was wet now. Karen was actually disappointed when the song ended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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