Karla’s Surprise

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Karla and I had been married three years. She was picking me up from work so we could go out for my birthday. We live in a not-too-small college town. The downtown area has a lot of nice local shops and restaurants, and that’s where we appeared to be heading.

We parked in the community lot and started walking. It was a nice day for it. Karla had her shoulder-length brown hair down and was dressed casually in a pink v-neck crop sleeve shirt and jeans. I had my blue dress shirt and black work slacks. We were both pretty skinny, late 20’s, so we fit in fairly well with the college age shoppers.

“What shall we have?” I asked.

“It’s YOUR birthday,” she reminded me. “But I have a surprise first.”

Surprise indeed. We took a detour off the trendy strip back a block and into an alley. There was a solid steel door on the back of an old windowless building. Stenciled on the door was simply “ADULT XXX”. I had no idea this place was here. It was if it was inconspicuous by design.

Karla isn’t exactly a prude and we’ve had many conversations about our sexual likes, dislikes, and fantasies, especially in our early days of dating. But we’d never gone to a sex shop.

What did she have planned? I, the guy in this scenario, actually hesitated. “What are you up to?”

“Come on,” she simply said, and opened the door.

Inside was an adult book store. Magazines, toys, videos. I’m sure I looked as nervous as I felt. She paraded around like she owned the place. Had she been here before?

She walked up to the cashier and handed him money. He handed her coins. She grabbed my hand and led me to a doorway that seemed to lead into darkness. I’d read about arcades, but never actually seen one. She led me down to a booth with a wider space than most of the others. “It’s a couples booth,” she explained. We entered the booth. She locked the door.

There wasn’t much to it. Two chairs…guessing the smaller booths had one…a monitor, channel buttons, and a coin feeder. Karla fed her entire plunder of coins…tokens, I guess…into the machine. A video came on and the display showed a countdown of 60:00. I guess we were going to watch porn for an hour? Maybe Anadolu Yakası Escort do more things? We could’ve stayed home or gotten a nice hotel room for that.

Then I remembered stories of gloryholes. And sure enough, there were two of them in here, one accessing each neighboring booth. And when Karla saw that I’d seen them, she got a sly grin on her face.

“For your birthday, I’m going to help you fulfill a fantasy of yours, she whispered. “You’re going to suck your first cock tonight.”

I said nothing, but the look on my face clearly said “WHAT???”

So here’s the thing…I like cum. When I pull out and cum on Karla’s stomach, I will often lick it up. And I have thought about what it would be like to actually perform oral on a dick. But the idea of doing so on a big hairy guy has never appealed to me. Karla knows this from our talks. But as I started to stammer out this point to her, she jumped in and whispered “Exactly. Which is what makes the gloryhole perfect. It’s just a dick and a wall. It’s anonymous.”

Well…that’s a point. But what if I proved to not know what I was doing? As if she anticipated my thoughts, she said “I’ll guide you.”

She sat down in her chair and started flipping channels. There were a couple dozen different movies playing. Naturally, she settled on one where oral was happening. Setting the theme, I guess.

“Oh!” she whispered. “Take your shirt off.”


“So it doesn’t get messed up.”

I was a little confused, but I took off my dress shirt, leaving my white cotton undershirt on. She placed it on a shelf to the side.

There was movement in the arcade, but no one in the neighboring booths, which was sort of a relief. Karla looked a little disappointed. “Maybe I should have saved the tokens so we could move around,” she whispered.

“How did you even find out about this place?” I asked.

She just smiled, but suddenly the door to the booth closest to me closed. Somebody was in there. Karla got a look of nervous excitement. And truth be known, while I was mostly ready to make a run for it, I was kind of excited too.

The sound of video came from Avrupa Yakası Escort the next booth. Karla was peering into the hole. She leaned back up to my ear. “He’s got it out,” she whispered excitedly.

I carefully peered towards the hole, hoping I couldn’t be seen. I could see the legs of someone probably college age. He had his shorts pulled down to his ankles and was stroking himself to the video. I leaned back up. Karla was looking at me with the biggest wide-eyed grin ever.

“What are we supposed to do now?” I whispered.

She didn’t answer. She practically bounced to her knees in front of the hole and stuck two fingers through. This, apparently, is the universal signal that a willing mouth is available. The guy slipped his cock into our booth. Karla grabbed it immediately and started stroking it while signaling me to join her. I had frozen. My wife was touching another man’s cock like it was nothing at all. “BUT IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT,” she mouthed at me.

Finally, I moved the chair and kneeled next to her. She grabbed my hand and moved it toward the disembodied cock starting at us at mid erection. Finally, I put my hand around it where hers was and she let go. There was that grin again. But there was also MY cock, which was now getting aroused.

Karla watched as I started stroking it. She leaned up to it and slowly started licking the head before taking it into her mouth. Now I was REALLY getting excited.

She pulled back and smiled at me, mouthing “Come on.” And I did, putting my own tongue on the head, then my lips. And that’s all it took to suddenly make me a cock addict, as if I’d just turned on a part of my brain I didn’t know was there. I took the shaft as far in my mouth as I could without gagging…and gagged a little anyway. Karla giggled. But I was slowly working it. I was working my first cock.

Karla started stroking the base of the shaft I wasn’t reaching, working her motion quicker and quicker. This kid didn’t take long to explode, shooting hot cum into my mouth . Unprepared, I immediately choked and spewed cum. Karla quickly pushed me back and took over, expertly taking what load was left, İstanbul Escort jerking him into her mouth until he was satisfied. The cock slipped through the hole. I looked down at my now cum-stained undershirt and suddenly realized why Karla had me undress.

Karla gave me a deep kiss, our breaths having the common scent of cum now. “What do you think?” she whispered.

I said nothing, still stunned and processing this.

“Want to try another one?”

Without even thinking, my mouth whispered “Oh yeah!”

She moved to the other side of the booth and slipped her fingers in. Somebody else had entered the other booth while I was sucking the first guy. “He was watching,” Karla whispered, devilish grin on her face.

The new cock was bigger than the first with a thicker head. I moved in and didn’t hesitate at all. I put my hand around the shaft at the wall and my lips around the head. I bobbed up and down what I could and jerked the rest. When I thought he was coming close, I backed my lips up to his head, teasing it with my tongue, and jerked him to orgasm. He flooded my mouth but I swallowed it all.

I turned to see Karla’s reaction, but she wasn’t paying attention. She had removed her shirt and was working a cock at the other hole. I peered over her shoulder and watched as some lucky stranger had his way with my wife’s mouth. I was ready to explode. I dropped my pants and underwear and started jerking myself off. But then two fingers appeared in the other hole. Somebody was making ME the offer. I stuck my cock through the hole and felt a warm mouth take in my head. He barely started stroking before I shot what felt like the biggest load of my life. It took no time at all.

I slipped back out and turned to Karla again. She was jerking the guy’s load all over her bra and tits. Once the load was mostly out, she sucked him until he was satisfied and slipped back through the hole again. Karla stood up, stretched, and turned her cum-covered chest toward me. “Lick me off,” she whispered. And I did, licking a stranger’s load off her exposed chest as the rest soaked into her bra.

We worked our last cock together. When his groans made it clear he was about to explode, Karla pulled him from her mouth and jerked him off all over my face. My first facial.

Karla produced a towel from her purse. We cleaned up, put our shirts back on, and went home. I fucked her silly. We never did have dinner.

Well…yeah, actually, we kinda did.

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