Kat has a Dog Ch. 07

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I woke in the middle of the night and heard the gentle breathing of Kat. In the dim light her face looked so angelic. I thanked God for the many blessings he’d given me in my life – a wonderful wife for almost forty years, beautiful children and grandchildren, good friends, and now, Kat. I reached an arm around her and she snuggled closer with a soft sigh. The feeling of joy and contentment that I thought had died with my wife had now returned. As I drifted back to sleep I could see my wife smiling in my dreams.

When I woke again it was to the awesome sensation of a hot mouth on my cock. I looked down at Kat. She smiled up at me. “You are insatiable,” I whispered.

Pulling her mouth off my cock with an audible plop she smiled at me. “Just making up for lost time. I told you last night that I’m your nympho,” she giggled as she stroked me. Crawling up, she straddled my torso. Reaching down she placed the tip of my cock at her asshole. Then she slowly lowered herself. With a soft moan she said, “I just can’t get enough of your cock, Jim.”

I groaned at the sensation of her ass gripping my shaft. “So I’m just a sex object to you, eh? I may have to invest in some little blue pills to keep up with you, Kat. Either that or enlist the aid of some of my friends to help keep you satisfied.”

Kat laughed softly. “I know what’s in those little blue pills. Want me to whip up a batch?” She was slowly thrusting herself up and down on my stiff cock. “Or maybe you’d like to see your little cumslut being used by your friends,” she said with a smile. My cock twitched hard. Damn, I loved a lady that talked dirty in the bedroom! “Mmmm, your body doesn’t lie,” Kat laughed softly again. I groaned. “You’d like to watch your little cumslut get fucked, wouldn’t you, Jim?” She was smiling as she began thrusting harder. My hands cupped her small breasts. I pinched her nipples. She moaned. “Maybe you’d like to see me sucking your friends’ cocks while you fuck me.” Kat’s breathing was getting ragged. My hands went to her hips and I began thrusting my hips up as she pushed herself down. “M-M-Maybe you’d like to be fucking me while I fuck one of your lady friends and suck her husband’s cock,” Kat gasped. Kat lowered herself to my chest as I gripped her ass cheeks and began pounding her.

“Maybe you’d like to see me sucking a cock while you hammered my ass,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh, fuckkkkk,” Kat whimpered. Her hips were a blur as we fucked. “God, I love you, Jim. I love what you do to me.” She moaned louder.

“You want that, don’t you, Kat? Maybe we could both be sucking a cock while we were getting fucked together,” I gasped.

“Yesssssssssss,” she hissed. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuccckkkkkkkk,” Kat gasped. “Fuck your little cumslut, Jim. Fill me with your cum. Oh fuuccckkkkkk!” Then she locked her lips on mine and with one final thrust I pumped her full of cum while her throbbing cock erupted on my chest. Embracing her tightly as we caught our breath, I could feel our racing hearts beating against each other. Finally, my softening cock popped out of her.

“Shower time,” I murmured. “I love the way you get me to exercise in the morning.”

Kat laughed softly. “I love to exercise with you, Jim.” She kissed me and, rolling off, headed towards the shower. I watched her cute little ass sway and then quickly followed.

As we lathered up under the warm spray I pulled Kat close and kissed her. “You are one incredible lady, Kat. How did I get so lucky to meet you?”

Kat looked deeply into my eyes. “I feel exactly the same, Jim. I had long ago given up on ever meeting anyone who would care about me.”

“I do care about you, Kat. As corny as it sounds, I think we were meant for each other. I mean, you’re just a neat person to be around. You’re beautiful, istanbul escort funny, smart, and you fit in my arms so nice,” I said as I pulled her back in for a kiss. Kat hugged me tightly.

We finished rinsing off, dried each other with a towel, and dressed for breakfast. As we headed to breakfast Kat asked about the day’s itinerary. I told her we would be headed to Killarney via the Blarney Castle. This time of year I didn’t expect the gardens to be as spectacular as they were in August but I still enjoyed walking the grounds. I told Kat that Lynn and I had already kissed the Blarney stone when we were there a couple years earlier.

“That explains everything,” Kat said with a laugh.

As we sat at breakfast I happened to see Larry and his wife enter. From the corner of my eye I saw Larry glance my direction, then do a double take when he saw me seated with Kat. Kat saw Larry at the same time and smiled. Leaning across the table she said softly with a smile, “Your friend will think I’m a real slut.”

“Well, you are,” I replied. “You’re my slut.”

“Until you share me,” Kat replied with a laugh. She paused, “So, were you serious this morning about sharing me with your friends?” Kat looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a gleam in her eye.

“Not these friends,” I replied.

“Really?” Kat replied. “Based on your comments this morning you do have friends you play with, right?”

“You are pretty sharp, Kat.”

“Remember, your body doesn’t lie,” Kat said with a smile. “Tell me about your escapades, or should I say, sexcapades?” she said with a soft laugh.

“You’re sure you want to hear that boring stuff?”

“Yes, bore me,” Kat replied. “I’ve got you under my spell now so I’m not going to feel threatened.”

“You indeed have me under your spell, Kat.” I told Kat how a little over a year ago I’d been contacted by two couples from a lifestyle site. I had been a member for a short time and saw the profile of another couple who joined shortly after I did. I sent them a welcome note and they replied. They mentioned that after seeing my profile they thought they would be interested in meeting over drinks to see if there was any attraction. We exchanged some pictures and that didn’t scare them off so we met. Our initial meeting went so well we ended up at their hotel room and enjoyed a couple hours of play. Since then we had met several times and continue to enjoy each others company.

The other couple was from Florida and traveling the country in their RV. Again, we exchanged pictures and then met at a nudist resort. I told Kat how it had been my first experience with a nudist resort and how much I enjoyed the experience. We ended up playing a couple times during the week they were there and then later in the fall when they were returning through the area.

“Is that the nudist resort you were talking to me about?” asked Kat.

“Yes, that’s the one not too far from Kalamazoo. It really is a nice place.”

“Now you’ve got me curious,” Kat said. “Although, we redheads don’t tan well.”

“That’s okay,” I replied. There’s an indoor pool and a covered area by the outdoor pool if you’d ever be interested in going. Besides, freckles on redheads are sexy.” I leaned over the table and kissed Kat. “Time to head for the bus,” I said.

“I’ll see you at the castle,” Kat said.

“Oh, a stalker I see,” I laughed. “Then again, if I’m to be stalked I’d rather it be by a sexy little redhead Irish lass.”

Kat smacked my arm playfully. “I’ve an aunt in Killarney that I’ll be visiting. Might as well reacquaint myself with my Irish history while I head there.”

“Nice try, Kat,” I replied. “I know the true reason you’re going to the castle.”

Kat looked puzzled. “And why would that escort bayan be?”

“You’re going to be brushing up on your pharmacological knowledge,” I replied.

“How so?”

“Well, if I remember correctly, there is a rather extensive poison garden at the castle,” I winked.

“Well, in that case, we should meet there!” Kat exclaimed.

“Yes, we should. But that’s because you’re my poison, Kat.” I kissed her again. “Drive safely!”

As I boarded the bus and began walking down the aisle I saw Larry sitting in an aisle seat. He had his arm on the rest with his hand in the air. In his hand was a $100 bill. I laughed as I went by. “Keep it for now, Larry.”

“No, I honor my bets,” Larry said.

“It wasn’t a fair bet,” I replied. Larry looked at me with questioning look. “I’ll explain it over a Bulmers later,” I said as I headed for my seat.

The landscape was gorgeous as we listened to our guide give some history on the area. We arrived at the castle with the dew still heavy on the ground. The air was a bit brisk but the sun shone, promising a warmer day ahead. As we walked from the tour bus parking area towards the castle, I looked ahead and saw Kat waiting. My God was she beautiful! The sun glistened off her hair and her smile matched mine. Seeing her, Larry said, “Isn’t that the young lady you had breakfast with this morning?”

“Indeed it is,” I replied.

“Mister G, I’m impressed,” Larry replied. “You told me you were going to Ireland to pick up a red haired lass and it looks like you’ve done it.”

“God works in mysterious ways, Larry. I’ll tell you the whole story one of these days. Please excuse me. I wouldn’t want to leave my red haired lass waiting for fear some other lad will come along and carry her away.”

“Based on that smile she has, you have nothing to fear, my friend,” Larry responded. “Enjoy your visit,” he said clapping me on the back.

Kat greeted me with a kiss and we strolled hand in hand through the grounds. The gardens and garden sculptures were beautiful even though most of the flowers were well past their prime. Since our group had arrived well before any other groups there weren’t many people on the grounds. Kat and I struck off on one of the many paths to explore the caves and ancient rock gardens. There was a bench atop the hill near the hermit’s cave and Kat and I sat to drink in the scenery. I caressed Kat’s shoulders as we sat. Turning to me, she pulled me in for a kiss. Our tongues dueled. At almost the same time, we each reached down and began fondling the others hard cock. Breaking our kiss, I looked around. We were on the edge of the grounds beyond where the regular tourist might visit. Taking Kat’s hand I pulled her down towards the hermit’s cave. It was a shallow cave without much cover from anyone walking past. Pushing her up against the wall I quickly fished her cock out of her jeans and engulfed it. Man was she hot! She immediately began face fucking me as she held my head tight against her cock. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began pulling her tighter. I could hear her panting. With a gasp, she started to cum. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth. I felt her slump against the wall and I stood up and shared a cum-filled kiss with her. Kat reached down and caressed my hard cock. Placing my hand on hers I pulled back. “No Kat, I can wait until later.”

“But I can’t wait,” Kat whispered as she unbuckled my pants.

“You are a nympho,” I chuckled as she mouthed my cock. She bathed it in her spit then, turning towards the wall, she reached back and guided it in to her ass. The prospect of being seen heightened the sensations. I was harder than I’d ever been and began fucking her hard as she supported her body against the wall. The slap of our bodies meeting echoed against Ataşehir escort the cave walls. I slowed a bit to try to keep quiet but Kat began moaning.

“Fuck your slut with that big cock, Jim,” she gasped. “Oh God, I’m so close to cumming again.” I redoubled my efforts as I felt her body begin to spasm. Her ass was clenching my cock and I could feel my cum rising. My hands on her hips pulled her into me and with one final violent thrust I buried myself to the hilt and erupted into her. Her spasming ass milked my cock. I finally pulled out. Pulling off my underwear off I cleaned my cock and her ass, then balled my underwear up and put it in my jacket pocket. I kissed Kat as she pulled her pants back up and fastened her belt. Taking her hand we walked out the cave entrance to see a small group approaching the cave.

Speaking a little too loudly, I said to Kat, “That’s pretty shallow for a cave. I wonder how the hermit kept warm.” We stopped and chatted with the group for a few minutes telling them of some of the sites they should see a little farther on, then continued our walk back towards the castle.

“I think I like this side of you, Kat. It’s sort of exciting to be fucking in public where you might be seen, but let’s be careful. I don’t know what the Irish laws are regarding this stuff.”

“I don’t know what got into me, Jim,” Kat said.

“I know what got into you,” I winked.

“Not that!” Kat said, playfully smacking my arm. “I’d thought I’d never consider doing something like we just did. But when I’m with you, I just can’t stop thinking about sex.”

“Well, try to control yourself for the remainder of the trip you little nympho,” I said. “When we get back to the States I’ll take you to a lifestyle club and we can fuck and play in the safety of the club while people watch us.”

“Aren’t you worried about running into someone you know at those places?” Kat asked.

“That’s why I’d never go to a club close to where I live. There are a couple of clubs in Indiana not too far away that look interesting. Besides, if I run into someone I know, they’d likely have the same concerns I would about being seen there. It’s no different than going to a nudist resort and being seen by someone you know. So, I think we’d be safe. Nobody is supposed to talk about club stuff outside the club.”

Kat looked up at me. “I don’t know if I could have sex in front of people,” she mused.

“Don’t worry. We can take it a step at a time. You can always go and just watch others. In the clubs No means No and if any member violates that rule they will be tossed out and never allowed back in. Besides, once I wind you up your nympho trigger will take over and you won’t care how many people watch you attack my cock.” I leaned in and kissed her. “Let’s go grab a cup of tea at the gift shop.”

We strolled back through the grounds talking about plans for the rest of the day. Our tour group would be headed to a sheep farm for a demonstration of border collies in action and a chat with the farmer about his way of life. Then it was on to Killarney. We had tea in the gift shop as the rest of our group began filtering back towards the bus. I walked Kat to her car and kissed her. “We’ll be staying at the Killarney Towers,” I said. “I’ll text you the room number when I find out what it is, or am I being too presumptuous?”

Kat laughed. “I will need a place to spend the night,” she said. “My aunt is a cat lady and I’m allergic to them so I can’t stay with her. I’ll pop a antihistamine before I visit. That way I can make it through a couple hours before I have to leave.”

“Hmmm, I’m allergic to cats too. But I love pussy,” I said with a wink.

“I love pussy too,” Kat replied. “But I prefer dogs,” she giggled. Reaching into my jacket pocket she pulled out the underwear. “I better take these,” she said. “I’d hate for them to pop out at an inopportune time in front of your friends,” she said with a laugh.

I watched her drive off and then boarded the bus. Our guide is right, I thought, Ireland is magical.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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