Katherine is Naughty in Class Pt. 01

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My first story. Please enjoy. No offense intended.

Katherine was usually an A student but ever since she started dating Matthew last year, her grades began noticeably slipping. Today she was in Mr. Bell’s sociology class, sitting at the back because she overslept this morning and ran all the way from Matthew’s dorm.

Last night they got drunk and had sex for hours before passing out. She could feel his dried cum on her back, breasts, inner thighs and right above her pussy.

Thank God she washed her face before running out or there would have been cum on her chin, she thought.

She shifted uncomfortably as she locked eyes with Mr. Bell who was now staring sternly at her for a second too long during his lecture.

“Shit, did he ask me a question?” she thought, while looking down as if she was flipping through the notebook on her desk.

‘Matthew Riker Chem 214’ it read.

“Fuck I must’ve grabbed the wrong notebook on Matthew’s desk this morning,” she mentally facepalmed.

After the longest second in her life, he continued droning on about God knows what topic they were covering this week, and she finally released an anxious breath.

She straightened up in her seat, feeling the cum even more, as she tried to pay attention but all she could think about was how that stickiness got on her back in the first place.

Matthew called her up while she was writing a paper and told her to come to his room without panties or a bra because they needed to celebrate.

When she got there, he flew open the door, pulled her in and pressed her up against it as soon as it closed.

“Hey beautiful.” He breathed into her neck while his hand slid up her tight cotton dress.

She gasped as his fingers swirled around her already wet pussy and rolled her clit making her legs feel like jelly.

As soon Trabzon Escort as she relaxed into his frame, he slid two fingers between her pussy lips and started fingering her until her moans turned into high pitch signs of a close orgasm.

He smiled to himself because every guy who passed his door would know not to disturb him tonight.

When she came on his fingers he picked her up with her feet around his waist and laid her on his bed face up with her head hanging over slightly. She knew that was her cue to open wide as he slid his cock into her waiting mouth.

When she was in this position, looking down at her fat pussy clumped between her legs, her nipples standing perfectly atop her round perky breasts and her mouth wrapped around his cock he couldn’t hold back.

He fucked her face with hard and fast strokes. Feeling the head of his cock sliding in and out of her tight, wet and warm throat was heaven.

Her gagging and sputtering only made his desire to shoot his cum at the base of her throat even worse so he continued fucking her face with brief intermissions for her to catch her breath.

Soon he felt ready to shoot his load straight into her belly and he didn’t hold back. His head fell back and he grunted matching the cum spewing deep into Katherine’s throat.

Finally, he pulled out much to Katherine’s relief. She coughed having no choice but to swallow Matthews loads of cum which caught her off guard.

Seeing her face puffy and covered in saliva was enough to make him hard immediately.

He showered her face in kisses telling her how sexy she looked after a face fuck before getting behind her and slamming his cock deep into her pussy.

She cried out as his cock dug right into the walls of her pussy immediately catching the tempo of how he fucked her throat. This time he had Trabzon Escort Bayan more wiggle room and used it to his advantage dipping at an angle to drive his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her squeals melted into fast paced moans as she threw her ass back on his cock at the same speed.

He sunk his fingers into her small but cute ass and fucked her pussy as fast as he could using her ass as a brace to slam into her cervix.

“Do you like when my cock is buried deep in your pussy?” he asked her, each word peppered with a thrust harder than the last.

“Yes Daddy” Katherine replied each word spaced with a grunt from being dug out by the head of his cock.

“Yes Daddy, what?” he asked slamming his heavy hand on her smooth ass in a loud spank. He grabbed her hair pulling it back as she yelped not expecting any of that.

“Yes Daddy, I love it when your cock is buried deep in my pussy” she quickly replied as her neck craned over.

He felt her pussy clenching around his cock. He smiled proudly at his girl who loved being roughed up despite her tiny frame.

He felt ready to cover her in his cum and let go of her hair just in time to pull out and spray his cum all over the base of her back.

He didn’t even stop to wipe her off before he-


Katherine nearly fell out of her chair frightened by Mr. Bell’s booming voice.

She felt her pussy juices pooling from her flashbacks but quickly focused on Mr. Bell who was shouting at her in the now empty lecture room.

“You have been slacking off for the past few months and my frustration is at its peak with you now! You sat there daydreaming for the entire class you didn’t even realize it was over. I am going to suggest to the course coordinator that you are dropped Escort Trabzon from my class unless drastic action is taken. I may reconsider this if your paper is an absolute perfect submission.”

Katherine could feel her pupils dilating as she her heart sank into her stomach. “THE PAPER MATTHEW INTERRUPTED WAS DUE TODAY!” she screamed in her head.

“You did write the paper due today, didn’t you?”

Katherine panicked. Desperation clouded her face but no words came out.

Mr. Bell sighed as he started closing all the windows on the left wall of the classroom

“Ms. Allen, you must do better. You are on your last lap. It would be a shame if you were to lose credits now.”

He walked over defeatedly to the back wall and started closing those windows.

Katherine sat frozen in her seat. The reality of the situation sat on her shoulders.

“You need an urgent wake up call and strict discipline. I can only think of one option but it surely is a last resort.”

He was now finished closing all the windows and stood at the door of the small classroom holding it as if their conversation was over.

“Please Mr. Bell I would greatly appreciate anything you could do.” Katherine finally spit out frantically.

Mr. Bell raised one eyebrow as if in doubt.

“Please sir, I don’t care how hard, I know I have been distracted but I am ready to set it right. Anything.”

“Alright” he said matter-of factly as he closed the classroom door and clicked it shut.

Katherine felt a shiver run down her spine as she heard it shut and saw him walk over to his desk.

What he pulled out puzzled her even more. He turned around and she almost rubbed her eyes to see if she was seeing right. Mr. Bell stood in front of her with a thick ruler in hand wrapped in many inches of tape and a distinct bulge in his pants.

She gulped in fear. What the fuck is this.

Me Bell adjusted his glasses. All kindness that was previously in his face melted away to show hard resolute features. He opened his mouth and she couldn’t believe what came out of it.


To be continued.

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