Katherine Takes Control Ch. 04

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In which Katherine exerts more control helped by Robert

As he laid on the bed his stomach churned and his mind ran wild with jealousy evenly mixed with trepidation. He had received the severest caning of his life from Katherine, his wife of seven years, who was aided and abetted by Robert, her work colleague. As instructed John had left her with Robert in his flat. Robert had insisted that she remain with him for one hour as a precursor to the ultimate deprivation of ‘giving her away for the night’. He was uneasy that she had remained with Robert. What would he do to her during this hour? She had deliberately worn the sexy expensive French lingerie he had previously bought specially for her. Why? She had goaded him into agreeing to show herself to Robert in it. He had reluctantly agreed providing she kept some semblance of modesty by not removing these last pieces of transparent clothing. As he massaged his hard cock he imagined her standing in front of Robert showing off her body in her see through bra and skimpy panties. This was new territory for them both. He wondered how it would turn out.

John had a deeply worrying feeling that Robert was intending to seduce his wife, Katherine, at some stage, but he didn’t know when. Would it happen today while he had her alone? The thought excited him. He had no means of preventing it. He knew that she was in awe of him. Was it more than this? Was she aroused sufficiently by him to be unfaithful? He felt aggressive. He hoped that Robert would teach her a lesson and give her a good shafting. She needed it. His cock responded. He stroked it harder. “Oh God.” He murmured to himself as he imagined his wife, Katherine, parading in her sexy bra and panties in front of him. Robert would be able to stretch out a hand and feel the silky material over her well formed breasts. Her nipples would definitely harden. The material was so transparent. Would she get wet between legs? Would it show? Yes, of course it would; Robert would know that she wanted him and needed fucking.

As he laid there naked he recalled the circumstances that had got him and Katherine to this point. He had agreed that his wife, as the principal earner, was the one who would make family decisions; that he would take a secondary role and become a house husband responsible for the cleanliness of the house; that they would have an inspection by Robert to determine how well he was managing the house. Finally, this culminated in a series of erotic corporal punishments where standards had been determined by Robert to be below that required. Katherine had participated and enjoyed in administering the punishment programme. He had already received the crop at home and, this morning, he had received the latest punishment of twenty four strokes of a severe cane that Robert had purchased especially for Katherine to use.

He was rubbing his hard cock as he reflected that he was now into another period of sexual abstention He knew that for the next two weeks he would be denied any sexual release under the terms that Robert and Katherine had set. Although he hated the thought of this he had to admit to being aroused by the build up of sexual tension that the abstinence always brought.

He awoke as the taxi drove away. He ran down the stairs to get to the front door just as she was letting herself in. He grabbed her in his arms, held her tight and kissed her passionately. She responded returning his kiss with ardour. He was naked. She laughed. He laughed. All was well with both of them. She had spent the last hour with Robert and he had no idea what they had got up to, but he was glad to have her back. They went into the sitting room with his arm around her waist. He turned to her taking careful note of how she looked. She was radiant. She noticed his cock starting to rise.

He held her hands and looked into her eyes. “God, I love you,” he said as he kissed her softly and longingly on the lips.

He was still naked as he went into the kitchen to get a glass of champagne for each of them. As he turned away from her she noticed again the vivid scarring on his buttocks and thighs. She put her hand to her lips. “Oh, God,” she exclaimed. He turned and smiled at her. She jumped up and held his back tightly. Running her hands gently over the welts she told him: “Oh my poor darling. I am so sorry.” She kissed his neck as she gently rubbed his buttocks. His cock was responding.

Later John had put on a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt and they sat on the sofa, drinking their wine, holding hands and kissing gently. His cock was still partially erect under his boxers. He couldn’t wait to hear the details of the time she had spent with Robert.

She started her story: “After you left I felt so sexy. The caning I had given you had affected me and I felt invigorated but incredibly randy. Robert got a couple of glasses of wine from the kitchen and we sat on the sofa discussing what had happened. I had been in awe of the punishment that you had taken. Deep down in my stomach I felt a desire to take pain myself. Escort Bayan But I was too scared. After a couple of minutes he pulled me towards him and he kissed me. His hand went to my breast over my blouse as he kissed me again. He was quite firm with his hand pulling my nipples through the material of the blouse and bra. I told him that I was wearing the blue French lingerie set which he had admired when he had inspected our bedroom. He whispered that he would like to see my body complimenting the lingerie. We kissed again and I felt even more aroused. My nipples were solid and I could feel my vagina soaking my knickers.”

“He told me to stand up. I told him that my husband had bought the bra and panties for a special occasion. But I explained to him that you had specifically said that I should display myself to him in them.” John sighed deeply. She looked him in the eye as she felt his cock hardening through his boxers. “You did say that didn’t you, darling?”

“Yes, I did Katherine,” he whispered barely loud enough for her to hear.

“Good boy.” She slapped his cock which sprang up to attention through the shorts. She continued: “He stood with me and he started to unbutton my blouse. Soon the blouse was on the floor and he was caressing my bosom through the bra. He stood back and admired my breasts as he handled them. He loved the bra and told me that you had good taste. Once again he pulled on the nipples until they both came out of the top of the bra.”

“Oh, my God,” cried John. “He played with your nipples?” He sounded indignant but Katherine noticed that his cock was not diminishing in size. She quietly continued her caress of it.

She continued: “They were standing out like stalks. He said that he wanted to see what I was wearing under my trousers. He was so forceful and persuasive. I undid the cord of my slacks and he gently eased them down over my hips until they dropped to the floor.

“Oh Katherine, no.”

“Yes, darling,” she continued. “He stood back and looked at me. He told me to turn around. He gave my bottom a gentle slap. I giggled. He much admired my bottom encased in the French knickers which you had bought for me. As you know there is not much material in the back with the high cut but he seemed to be over the moon with them. He touched me and his hand went up and down my bottom over the silk of the knickers. He turned me round again then raised his hand and slapped my bottom. I nearly came on the spot. I felt so naughty.”

Katherine felt the twitch as John’s cock jumped again. She paused as she extracted his penis from his shorts and continued to rub it. “Darling, you want to hear this don’t you?”

“Oh, Katherine.”

“It is exciting you, isn’t it?” She gave his now naked member an extra squeeze.

“Yes, I need to hear it. Please carry on.”

Her soft hand went up the length of his shaft. “But you mustn’t come. Understand?”

“I won’t. I promise.”

She licked her lips, gave him a kiss, looked into his eyes and continued in a quiet whisper while caressing him: “I felt his hand between my legs. He started feeling my pussy. I was getting really turned on and couldn’t resist moving to his touch. I knew that I was wet and I was worried what he would think when he touched me. I had to stop him. I told him that we should have a drink of our wine and cool down. He ignored my remark as he caressed my barely covered bottom. There I was standing in front of him in just my skimpy bra, out of which my nipples were sticking, and my glorious soft silk panties which gave scant cover to my pussy and which provided only a loose cover over the cheeks of my bottom.”

John was on tender hooks. His cock was now fully rigid. “Take off your clothes so that I can see you as he saw you.” He told her.

“No, wait. Let me finish.” She continued to rub his penis. “He took my shoulders and gave me a gentle kiss. It was so romantic. He whispered so I could barely hear him that he wanted to beat me with the cane but this time without my skirt protecting me.”

John gasped but said nothing. His cock jumped in Katherine’s hand. She continued her tale: “I shivered and nearly lost my balance as suddenly my knees were so weak. I could barely breath. I knew that I wanted to feel the cane but did not have the courage to tell him.”

“As you know I had taken two strokes from him previously but these had been over my skirt. Now I was nearly naked. Any strokes of the cane would be significantly more painful. But I remembered that you had been incredibly brave taking your punishment. I wanted to take some of that pain myself so that it would not only be you who suffered. He told me that he knew that I loved my husband and he knew that the periods of your sexual abstention to which we had agreed were also hard on me. He said that for every stroke I took he would delete a stroke which was to be given to you, and, in addition, there would be one less day of abstention.”

Katherine continued: “We were both silent, he gently caressing my back. Bayan Escort ‘You want this don’t you?’ He held me tight. I whispered “Yes,” in reply.”

“My bottom tingled with desire but I shivered in fright at the thought.”

“He took my hand and led me to the other room. We approached the steel whipping post and he pushed me down so I was bent over the leather strap just as you had been. As he bound my ankles and wrists to the poles he wanted to remove my panties, but I told him ‘No.’ I told him that you had said that I was to keep my underwear on. He did not want to frighten me further. But suddenly I was very frightened.”

“Oh Katherine. I am about to come.”

“No, John. You mustn’t. I will stop stroking you.” With that she removed her hand from his penis, placing it on his thigh.

“He whispered in my ear that it would hurt and asked me if I was ready. I told him, “Yes.” He got hold of the cane and waited. He told me that I would have to take six strokes. My heart was thumping loudly in my ears. I pushed my bottom up. Swish, the most awful pain hit the centre of my buttocks. Oh God it hurt. I jumped and would have run from the room if the bindings hadn’t held me. He had aimed the stroke below the knickers so it had hit naked flesh. It really hurt. He gave me the second stroke. This was higher, but still below the knickers, then the third higher still. He paused. He asked me if I was OK. I was crying gently and was straining at my bindings; but I was so aroused. It felt so sexy; I told him to continue. After giving me the remaining three strokes he started to remove the bindings. As he did so I felt an enormous feeling of relief as I came. It was dripping down my legs. My vagina was oozing wet. He lead me to the sofa and told me to lay on my stomach. He gently applied ointment to my bottom. It was such a relief.”

“Oh my God, Katherine, you were letting him touch your bottom and inside your thighs?”

“Yes, I had no choice if he was to apply the ointment. But I did keep my knickers on so his hands had to go under the material. After about ten minutes his hand started wandering down towards my pussy again. It felt so good. I knew that he would discover how wet I was so I told him ‘No’ and pushed his hand away.”

“Did he touch you there again?”

She didn’t answer him but continued. “Robert told me that the hour was nearly up. He told me that he really wanted to pursue other things with me but he wanted to build up trust between us and would stick to the one hour deadline. I got up from the sofa and got dressed. Robert ordered a taxi for me. As I was leaving he took me in his arms, kissed me and held me tight. I could feel his cock hard against my stomach. He told me that I should look forward to the next time. I told him that I had to go and I left.”

“You see I was very good, darling. I kept my lingerie on throughout.”

“But he touched you?”

“Well mostly over my lingerie. He wanted more but he had got your agreement to keep me no longer than an hour.”

“His fingers touched your breasts?”

“Well, yes. You know the bra barely covers them; in any case my nipples had slipped out.”

“Oh, God. That is terrible. He touched your naked nipples?”

“Oh darling. Yes he did.” Katherine kissed him on the lips. As she held him she told him gently: “He took my nipples in his mouth and sucked on them. It was an amazing sensation.”

“Oh, no.”

“And his hands went all over my bottom as he applied the ointment under the panties.”

“Oh, Katherine…. Oh, no.”

“Yes, darling.” She paused. “I know that you are upset, darling, but I want to be honest with you and want you to appreciate that your wife has been much desired and was handled by such a strong and assertive man who behaved immaculately.”

Katherine was breathing hard as she took John’s hard penis in her hand again. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Darling, you need to understand how much pleasure Robert gave me as he touched me.” She squeezed his cock hard as she whispered: “Now don’t come.”

“No, I won’t. Tell me…”

“His fingers even went to my vulva.”

“Oh God. He touched you there? I can’t believe it. Did he… er……you know…. erm ….did he push his fingers in?”

“Yes. But only a little.”

“Were you very wet?”

“Yes, I told you. I was so turned on….” She sighed.

“Did he expose his cock? Did you touch it?”

“Did you want me to touch his cock, darling? Did you want me to see it? Is that what you want?” Before he could answer Katherine kissed him again. “Lets get to bed. I need your tongue inside me.”

John was in awe as he saw the distinct six welts from the cane evenly spaced across her bottom. He gently rubbed them, admiring the ridges. Katherine sighed deeply. John was fully erect as he imagined his wife exposing her bottom to Robert. God, he thought. How erotic. Robert raising the cane to her. He got to work with his tongue as she had instructed him previously. Katherine was ecstatic as she Escort orgasmed twice. John, having completed the task with his tongue slid up the bed and laid beside her. As they hugged she felt his stiff naked penis rub against her thighs.

“I love you,” he said.

“And I love you too darling.” Then she added: “But don’t let that thing leak otherwise you will be in trouble!”

“No, I won’t.”

With that she turned her back to him and they lay as two spoons.

As her breathing settled she started to slip off to sleep. He was wide awake and was aching in frustration. Slowly, so as not to awaken her, he placed his hand around her and on to her breast. He felt the nipple hard between his fingers. She must have been in a dream as she pushed her bottom back towards him. Very slowly he eased his cock between her thighs. He stayed still. “No, you mustn’t,” she told him. “You must not break the abstinence period. Take it away.”

“I can’t stop,” he told her as he pushed towards her. Suddenly she felt the pulsating penis pulling and pushing between her thighs. She felt so sexy, and really wanted him, but she knew that the abstinence rule which Robert had instigated should be enforced. She loved the control over him that it gave her. She tightened her thighs holding the cock. Then she felt the sticky liquid of pre-cum between their skin.

“No,” she told him as she pushed him back. With an enormous plunge he sighed as he ejaculated between her thighs. “Oh, God,” he cried out loudly as he pumped his penis between her tight, and now wet, thighs. So much semen. They were both surprised at the quantity of his ejaculation.

He eased away from her. She looked at the dribble on her thighs rubbing her fingers over some of the secretion. “I will get a cloth,” he said.

“No, darling. Kiss me.” John leant over and kissed her gently on the lips. Katherine hugged him tight, moved her head then whispered in his ear: “No cloth, darling.” She pushed his head back and looked into his eyes. “You made the mess darling, so you can lick me clean.”

“Oh, my God!”

She pushed his head down her body. “Good boy.” She gripped his head with both hands. “Clean it all up; then make me come with your tongue again.”


Two weeks later John and Katherine, having finished supper, were sitting on the sofa watching a very mediocre and somewhat boring film on the TV. “This really is rubbish. Turn it off, darling.”

John used the remote to kill the TV. She cuddled up to him as his arm went around her shoulders.

“Robert is taking me out to lunch tomorrow.”

John felt a tremor of excitement. He did not know what to say: “Oh! Is that a good idea?”

“Yes, darling. We need to discuss the next phase of your punishment.”


She kissed his lips and her hand went to his cock covered by his trousers. She felt it expand. She knew that his tongue would be busy that night!


The next morning John came into the bedroom having prepared breakfast for her in the kitchen. She had had her bath and was naked, sitting in front of her dressing table making up.

He saw that, as was her custom, she had laid on the bed the neat black skirt and white cotton blouse ready for use. As she put on her eye liner she looked at him in the mirror.

“Darling, please get out my bra and panties for me.”

John went to the lingerie drawer. “The blue pair you gave me please, darling,” she said.

He easily found the pair that he had given her on their wedding anniversary a few months previously. The matching pair that Robert had so conspicuously admired when he had, with Katherine’s encouragement, inspected their bedroom a few weeks previously, and which she had worn the last time she had been with Robert He had washed them by hand afterwards marvelling at the heavy musky scent of her and at the obvious secretion which, by that time, had hardened in the crotch.

He placed the matching items on the bed.

“Whose underwear is it? Katherine asked.

“Well I bought it for you for our wedding anniversary.”

“Yes, but who do I wear it for now?”

John paused, took a deep breath and replied: “Robert.”

“Good boy. Yes, I now wear it for him; don’t I?”


“Not for you.”

“Oh Katherine….. No.”

“So do you want me to wear it today?”


“Even though you can see through the material and the bra can so easily slip below my nipples like last time Is that alright?”

“Oh God. Yes,” he croaked.

“I am so glad darling. The silk feels so sexy on my skin.”

Katherine stood and started dressing. John could not help admiring her breasts as they stood proud as she slipped on the bra. Would her employee touch them today he thought? Then, as she drew her small panties up her legs, his attention was drawn to her still bare vulva with it’s wisps of neatly trimmed pubic hair. That vulva where, in the past, his cock had so often stimulated them both. Would that vulva, with it’s clitoris and labia be stimulated again today? He cock was hardened as Katherine slipped the panties up her thighs and her vagina was partially covered with the thin, albeit see through, material. Shortly she was fully dressed and John kissed her goodbye and she went to work.

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