Kathryn Goes Shopping Ch. 02

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For Women

In which the day continues Kathryn and William having returned home with the results of her shopping trip.

— With thanks to my charming female character assistant who chooses to remain nameless.

Kathryn surfaces on her sofa under her throw and finds its wool slightly itchy on her nakedness as William places a heavily laden tray on the coffee table. She purrs, and smiles up at him as she recalls their homecoming, goes to move and finds that her hands are still bound, then realises that as her bra is no longer trapped above the cuffs, and the cuffs surround her wrists more tightly than before, he must have removed it and then re-bound her. “You didn’t have to tighten these or clip them back together once you’d removed my bra you know.” She says, reaching her bound wrists out towards him as he bends to kiss her, “You took the time to get yourself dressed properly I see”.

“It was too tempting not to,” He replies, “And you didn’t object.”

“Was I fully conscious or awake?” She asks archly.

“No, you weren’t.” He smiles and kisses her, still not moving to free her bound hands.

She realises that the now fully discharged egg is still inside her, “You could have removed the vibrator at least!”

“I thought it would wake you if I did, and besides, I wasn’t sure how you’d want to clean it.” He replies, in an overly innocent tone. “The red or the fizz with lunch?” he continues conversationally, “I got the champers from the refrigerated shelf but it could ideally use a bit more chilling.”

She still has her arms out to him expecting to be released, but he makes no move to free her.

Reluctantly Kathryn rolls onto her back uncovering herself to his gaze, flushes, always so conscious of her nudity, as he seems oblivious to his own whenever he is unclothed. He doesn’t look away; he never does, as pulls at the now dormant vibrator’s tail. It gives her a final wave of pleasurable sensations as it emerges. “Where shall I put this?” She asks holding the warm wet toy in front of her, and, as she appears to have no intention of cleaning it in her mouth he proffers a kitchen towel, which she takes and with some difficulty dries it and her hands before wrapping the vibrator in the cloth, she then raises herself somewhat awkwardly to a sitting position and, leaning forward, put it down beside the tray.

“Can you at least remove these and let me put something on before we eat?” She finally pleads.

He kneels by her, and his hands take their time enjoying her body. “Why? Are you cold?” His touch leaves her breasts and, bypassing her cuffed hands finds her Mons, the palm presses there while his fingers hover, millimetres above her labia.

Kathryn feels a temptation to rotate her hips and bring them into contact, “No, but…” She begins.

“If you let me make you cum again I will take them off.” He offers playfully, his fingers are already toying with her folds as he asks this and her body is responsive, the devilment in his eyes tells her she’s have no peace until she’s let him do so. He takes her silence for consent and lifts her cuffed wrists above her head, turns her and lays her full length along the sofa while he kneels beside it. He stretches her arms above her head, enforcing her sense of her vulnerability and powerlessness, he kisses her breasts and her lips as his fingers delight in her wetness. It’s not just that he knows how to please her, inside and out, it’s his confidence and her certainty of the eventual result. She feels at times as though the interaction is between him and her body while she is just there.

Her nipples become engorged as he stretches her out, it’s almost a switch he has found in her, when he holds or binds her body taut, her inner feminist tries to rise, but at this point the probing middle and fingers of his right hand insider her and thumb outside close around her pubic bone pressing the base of his thumb under her hood against her clitoris, it’s a way nobody had ever touched her until she met William, he applies tension slowly creating a sensation akin to a luxuriant yawn throughout her body and other thoughts fade with every ounce of force he uses. The internal political debate inside her is short and one sided as she feels something inside herself open like a flower.

His right hand prescribes the minutest of circles tantalising as it declares ownership over every nerve ending, he sucks her further left nipple into his mouth and she feels the tips of his teeth drag over its sensitive bud as he releases it, “How many times did you deliberately tease me today my sweet?” He asks, taking her buy surprise.

He resumes his oral ministrations, and when she does not answer his teeth nip her sharply eliciting an exclamation more of surprise than pain, “I didn’t hear your answer my sweet…”

“What do you mean?” She asks, knowing that it’s not a good strategy.

He quite deliberately bites her nipple again, then leans forward and bites her right, “How many times in the lingerie shop?” He asks before tenderly kissing it.

Kathryn smiles and blushes at the same time, “Did you notice?” All the while he holds her naked body stretched out and his clever fingers continue to expertly xslot work her close to the edge again and again, she tries to remain silent, knowing how the sounds she cannot resist making delight him and encourage him to draw his teasing out, but numerous squeaks and groans escape her lips.

“Then there’s the matter of some appropriate reward for completing each of the tasks I gave you.” His lips return to her breasts and his fingers continue to tease and he senses her urgency as she the movement of her hips grows more desperate, his response, easing the pressure he is exerting draws an exasperated moan from Kathryn’s lips.

“Ah, ah.” William’s lips leave her, “We have also to discuss the two threats to kill me…” In the following kiss his teeth rake across her nipple, though not hard enough to cause any pain, “…and how good you were not taking the opportunity to,” Here he grins, “…relieve the pressure.” He leans up to kiss her mouth this time and she opens to him.

His hand becomes more insistent again, but just as he feels her muscles tense he breaks their embrace, “So do you want to eat handcuffed or cum before?”

Her response “Just let me CUM!” Earns Kathryn a light open handed slap to her vulva, which in itself almost sends her over the edge, “Ow, Bastard! Please!” Both the curse and the plea leave her mouth before she realises and the curse earns her Mons a second swat, this time the “OW!” Is louder and more heartfelt, and it is followed by a supplicant plea and not a curse.

Panting, and frantic she cries, “Please may I cum sir!” Far louder than she intends to and the thumb on her clitoris and fingers inside her clamp down and circle while his gaze bores into her eyes. In moments she is writhing in his grasp, the way her arms still trapped stretched above her seems to draw the waves of pleasure out through her body, they roll through and over her crashing from her pelvis through her stomach to her breasts and onward. Once again time stops for Kathryn as the hands controlling her body keep her convulsions going and she half hears her own voice bouncing back at her from the walls. After a timeless time he senses her tiring and relents in his onslaught, releases her and then wraps her in his arms.

As reality returns his lips tenderly brush hers, he presents his still fingers, still laden with her scent to her mouth which opens and she sucks them reflexively, when he withdraws them he kisses her once more and his nimble fingers unlink her cuffs, though he doesn’t remove them from her wrists, his touch traces around where they circle her slender limbs. “Now, food!”

Kathryn is surprised at the sudden rush of realisation as her hunger hits her, and she is now grateful for his rather more extensive food shopping efforts, just having a sandwich would neither suit the scale of her hunger, nor the intimacy of the moment. She sees that William has not only laid out the items he’d picked up but also raided her own larder, finding the balsamic vinegar among other delicacies.

She fails to persuade him to allow her to dress or in any way cover her nakedness before her need to eat and the aromas of cheeses, cured meats, smoked salmon and crusty bread overwhelm her shyness. The taste of a Somerset Brie with onion marmalade and English green salad, in particular, explodes in her mouth as hunger and a well-loved feeling heighten her sense of taste.

The cool Fleurie’s fruitiness feeds her hunger too, though it also awakens her thirst and she is grateful for the chilled sparkling water, as she sates her hunger and slakes her thirst she is almost completely distracted from her nakedness, but his touch reminder her again, keeping her aware of her situation and maintaining her arousal. A cycle develops, his touch excites her, her embarrassment builds,

He goes to the kitchen and on returning with slices of warm pork pie finds that she has wrapped the throw around herself, “Did I ask you to get cover yourself?”

“No, but..” He patiently removes it despite her protest, his hands cup her breasts, working her soft flesh and hardening nipples with their familiar skill.

As so often she finds her body pausing under his touch, her shoulders lowered and squared, offering her breasts up to his touch, as he teases her sensitive flesh he fixes her with his hazel eyes and a glint there. His hands release her but his eyes still hold her in place, and the glint in his eye is joined by an upward quirk at the corner of his mouth, he holds a small, silver clip up in front of her, “To remind you.” He says, his fingertips pinch her left nipple lightly and gently pull she feels something slide around her nipple and she looks down to see to small tweezers like clip sliding around the base of her nipple, surprised she looks up at him again. “I bought you these as a treat.” Is all he says by way of explanation.

His hands release her breast but the clip stays and with it a pleasant gentle pinching sensation, he moves his attention to her right breast and he repeats the process, when he is finished he leans forward and kisses her mouth, leaning her back on the sofa and, as he does so pressing his weight onto her, the solidity xslot Giriş of his chest against her clipped nipples sends jolts of pleasure through her and she feels a tightening inside. Her legs separate willingly as his hand moves between her thighs; he finds her ready and slips two fingers insider her eager body before breaking the kiss.

“And if you cover yourself again…” His free hand pinches one clip, slowly increasing the force he applies, the pressure rises and at first so does her pleasure, but then, for a brief instant before he lets go to a distinct stab of pain, “…I can tighten these.” The unexpected after-effect of the pain is a warm wash of joyous heat spreading through her breast and beyond, she feels herself clutching against the fingers insider her as the wave spreads, he leans forward again and once more finds her mouth welcoming, her body once again giving out clear signals that she is not certain she wishes it to, but it feels so good.

She feels empty when he removes his hand and presents his wet fingers to her mouth, and she looks down as her lips accept their intrusion and her tongue laps her taste from them, she feels them pull from her mouth also and again a flickering of loss passes before his lips brush her own.

“Now, eat, while it’s still warm.” The warmed pie is excellent and leaves Kathryn’s hunger, at least for food sated, she sits watching William finish a last morsel, “Do you want a break before dessert?” He asks finally.

She most certainly does, they clear the remnants together and she catches her reflection in the mirror, her decorated breasts look so exotic, normally she dislikes looking at her own body, but this glimpsed image with bright clips hanging several centimetres from each nipple turning her mere nakedness into an erotic display catches in her mind, her nipples seem more delicate and to stand out prouder atop her breasts.

Though nothing overlooks her kitchen Kathryn, but she still feels intensely self conscious, she never walks around the house naked, and the clips on her nipples and William’s presence greatly increase her awareness of her own nudity, the clamps whenever she moves and William whenever she senses him doing so.

Once they have loaded the plates and cutlery into the dishwasher, and the copious leftovers into the fridge he steps behind her, and, as his strong arms encircle her she leans back into him and closes her eyes, she allows him to move her legs apart as his hands claim her once again, allows him to touch her however and wherever he pleases, plays with her body and the clips, as he does so the image from the mirror rises in her memory, of herself as an exotic creature in the possession of this strong man. His fingers enter her yet again, her body granting its own permission moving to facilitate and welcome the intrusion, once again he doesn’t continue long enough to give her her release, and removes his hand. Kathryn finds her mouth opening reflexively to accept them its turn, but this time he places them in his own before turning her head and kissing her full on the lips.

“Now, if we aren’t having dessert yet…” He pulls on the nipple clips eliciting a yelp from Kathryn’s lips, a dare and a challenge in his eyes twinkling, the feeling is on the edge of pleasure and pain and growing in intensity as he pulls.

“Ow! No!”

“Is that a safe word?” He taunts without breaking eye contact.

Kathryn’s body is alight, “Why don’t I say the word?” She asks herself, “Pride? Lust? Masochism?” The mysterious link between her breasts and sex is flashing brightly. She stands her ground but stays silent as her nipples are stretched slowly out in front of her.

“Follow…” He pinches more tightly, “…or say it.” And as he continues to pull her feet begin to move towards him guided as much by her own rising desire as by his tormenting.

The silent part of her mind wonders at the compact he seems to have with her body and its desires as her arousal mounts and her voice does not protest. His reminder rolls around in her head as he leads her and with ginger steps and sparks of pleasure and pains coursing through her she follows him up the staircase, “I’m in control, I can stop this with a word, I’m being led like a slave or an animal around my own home, no, worse than that” she cannot imagine an animal or even a slave being led around by its nipples in so explicit a display of control and submission, aloud another, “Ow!”, as they pass the turn onto her landing at the top, but her insides clench in ecstasy at every motion and every thought, her feet move on and her internal monologue continues, “I’m choosing my humiliation at his hands and when he is not here I will lie awake and revel in the memory.”

A few ‘ouches’ and a few ‘oos’ later they arrive in her bedroom and she discovers that he must have laid out each of the new toys on her bed while she slept, well with the exception of the handcuffs that still encase her slender wrists, she sees with her eyes and feels with an internal clenching that the charging cable is attached to her new vibrator. There is also a new set of make-up brushes (so that’s what he was doing when it abandoned me in the xslot Güncel Giriş adult store).

William stands her facing her bed, and finally releases his hold on the clips on her nipples, the tension disappears and she finds herself missing it, misses having her own breasts used as reins to guide her. He steps behind her giving her a clear view of the bed and reaches around her to caress her now tender orbs with both hands. She sees that the two lead ropes are tied around the stout legs at the foot of her bed. He slides her robe from her shoulders, leaving her nude save for the cuffs on her wrists and the clips on her nipples, the crop, whip, flogger and paddles lined up on her duvet seem far more threatening now that she is unclothed Kathryn realises, again her body’s responses are an odd mixture of nervous fear and wanton expectation though both are secondary to her desire to have him inside her. She feels his hardness behind her, holds her breath as she dares pressing herself into him and is rewarded with that telltale pulsing as his cock nestles between her buttocks the knowledge of his lust strangely reassuring for her when in his power, her lips open and she edges her feet apart as her body anticipates that hardness sliding into her.

William for his part is pleased with his efforts, the scene is as he has wished, and he is delighted by her obvious response to it, he feels her heart quicken at the sight of the restraints and instruments of discipline, her body surrenders itself unconsciously wantonly to him in her arousal. There are perfect moments she gives to him, her cries of pleasure and of pain, her joy at his taking of her, but perhaps most of all these moments in which she silently offers herself up to his tenderness and his cruelty. His hands on her breasts relish the softness of her globes, the stiffness of her clipped nipples and the pounding of her heart. Slowly, gently he loosens the clips and removes them; his ears enjoy her groan of pain as the blood rushes back in and their sensitivity soars and then her moans of pleasure as he lovingly caresses her tortured flesh.

His will for its part enjoys the centring as it overpowers his instinct to simply throw her onto the bed and take her as he and his cock wish to. “Sit, please.” His voice is more steady than he feels.

Kathryn turns and sits on the bed blushing as she becomes aware that when she moves again he will see proof of her wetness on the covers, she looks down so as not to meet his eyes, but she needn’t have concerned herself, as his first action is to guide her unresisting mouth towards his erection, her cuffed wrists join it in benediction as he allows her a slow languorous minute to enjoy. She cannot fathom why the act of sucking him eases the aching of the lust his body awakens inside her while stoking its head, but it does. She takes him inside her, holds, sucks, then pulls back far enough to allow her tongue to circle the head and playfully probe the opening of his foreskin; her efforts are rewarded by the tiniest slick hint of his salty sweet pre-cum. She releases his cock from the confines of her mouth and reverently draws his foreskin back then kisses the taut skin of his glans as she might her lovers tongue.

William allows her to continue she and he both need this, but he only allows her to do so for a time, he has other plans. Taking up the ankle cuffs he kneels and secures each of her legs then runs his hands up her calves and the insides of her thighs before laying her back and in his turn tasting her with his skilful mouth, she wonders that some previous partners have been unable to find her clitoris or her urethra, delights in his tongue’s exploration of both then curses that skill silently as he chooses not to grant her what she desperately needs so quickly.

His lips move to her Mons, and then her breasts, again he is patience itself, then to her own and he enters her slowly, he body clenches at him writhes against him. His thrusts are measured, his rhythm intoxicating but he does not drive into her with enough force or urgency to push either of them over the edge, Kathryn almost doesn’t care though, eagerly drinking her own taste from his mouth, the fullness of him insider her doing more to ease her urgency than that of him in her mouth. When, eventually he withdraws her body yearns towards him, and her emptiness cries out like a lost child, but she remains, ready and open to him, despite her emptiness her excitement rises still further.

“Please lie face down with your hips on the pillows in the middle of your bed.” It occurs to Kathryn how the excessive courtesy in William’s deep voice when giving her orders affects her, in her mind these are never requests, indeed it is as though the words by-pass her mind altogether as her body responds outwardly by complying and inwardly, oh God! How it responds inwardly! She turns and positions herself as instructed, her sensitised nipples send messages through her body as her breasts take the weight of her upper body while her bum is elevated and tilted offering herself to him lewdly, the sense of exposure rises sharply as he secures her ankles to the ropes at the corners of the bed, spreading her legs at a ninety degree angle and opening her vulva widely to his gaze. As she is positioned so her, displayed her body’s most intimate parts remember his hand caressing, entering, striking or wielding the instrument that strikes and the memory washes through her.

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