Kathryn’s Chocolate Martini

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Double Penetration

I casually walked into the restaurant around 11:00pm, and believe me not much was going. I passed by the hostess and headed directly to the martini bar off towards the back of the establishment. Lucky for me, three stools were open at the far end of the bar. I took my familiar place, choosing the very last one and ordered a beer. For the next hour or so I passed the time watching some boring west coast basketball game.

Eventually customers started to replace the emptiness that filled the bar, so maybe there just might be some hope this Friday night after all. I checked out some married women eyeing a group that appeared to be part of a marriage shower of some sort. Sure, there were a couple of thirtyish women in the party that I could easily imagine having some fun with. One in particular had those “oh so familiar breeder hips.” I could imagine hubby at home watching the kids and some cartoons on the tele.

Yes, holding her ass tightly from behind, I pull her firmly towards me as I penetrate deep into her unfaithful pussy, she whimpers helplessly from the sensations of her actions as I take full advantage of her sexual weaknesses unmercifully. I stroke her marriage-ring on her left hand, reminding her of her indiscretion as I download my genes deep inside of her fertile womb, injecting ample potent baby-batter into her cheating steaming cunt. But no, it was just my sexual imagination on overload. I was more than willing to wait out the evening to see what “prey” walked in the door before testing my luck. That married slut would be mine if I wanted her, but only if I wanted her. But at that point in time I chose to just hang out at my stool allowing time to pass.

A bit later an interesting couple joined me at the end of the bar, along with a third wheel, “perky” Clara. Yes, Clara really got into chatting, joking, teasing and more; too bad she was waiting for her deadbeat boyfriend. It seemed quite misfortunate, fucking her brains out would be quite fun. Of course the question would be how to shut her constant yap, yap, yap. Oh well. I imagined she would be quite the screamer with cock pounding her tight little ass. Regardless, I bought her a drink anyway, mostly for the entertainment and she was clearly building a nice buzz. An hour or so later a fourth wheel in their party showed up. She was absolutely gorgeous, 5’3″ great figure and cute short blond hair. This one was my mark, the one I wanted to hook-up with, if given the chance.

The couple along with “perky” Clara and my cute late arrival ordered some Patron shots and proceeded to put several away which was quite entertaining, to say the least.

As is frequently the case, age eventually came up, as it so often does. “Perky” Clara had to ask me “how old are you?”

Of course I answered the honest truth “thirty-one.” I laughed and responded “you must be, uhh, well, twenty-five, and your cute friend, let me guess twenty-four.” I assumed, being at a bar they were both in their mid twenties.

Clara laughed, and offered “ok, I’m twenty-three, pretty close guess.”

But the “hot” blond argued quietly “You aren’t even close, I’m eighteen.” Well her age statement seemed extremely interesting, what, with the her being three years short of legal drinking age in Florida, but what the hell.

“What’s you name,” I asked her.

“Kathryn” she responded matter of fact.

As things turned Kathryn, “perky” Clara and “coupled” Deb all worked together at Tommy’s restaurant and Kathryn had just gotten off shift. She was a hostess, who I somehow recall seeing at the restaurant weeks beforehand, this confirmed my thought that she most likely was eighteen and was telling the truth. She was putting away shots underage and why would she lie about that. I picked up from Deb that Kathryn’s high-school boy friend and her were apparently headed in opposite directions. Honestly, what eighteen year boy would dare go to a bar as Kat had tonight, I pondered. He was out of her league, way out, so to speak.

After some fun but meaningless chitchat with Kathryn, I discreetly offered to buy her a drink, and seeing this hot beauty had already put three Patron’s away she was game to using my money to build upon her buzz. So I ordered what she wanted from the menu, a chocolate martini. Now lets keep things in perspective. Martini’s are not cheap at this bar at $12.00 a pop, but at that price they mix them pretty liberally. I figured what the hell, lets see where this fun all ends up, it’s only money, Bostancı Escort and maybe just maybe, this one will open up.

Kathryn took her first sip of the martini and offered “My friends call me Kat”.

As things turned, “perky” Clara was working on getting pretty wasted with her friends and Kat was now letting me feed her a third chocolate martini. To be honest, I cannot understand how any chick can drink these syrupy drinks, but the alcohol effect can be more than interesting. By the time closing arrived, Clara was totally wasted and there simply was no way she was going anywhere but to the apartment of her couple friends, which happened to be conveniently around the corner. Kat on the other hand simply wanted to head home. Now being the opportunist, I volunteered to chauffeur Kat as it was on my way. And truth be told, nobody else had the capability to drive her anywhere, and I knew it. So after getting things sorted out, off we went. We said goodbye to her friends and walked together towards the parking lot. Noticing that Kat’s state was a bit past where she might normally be, maybe a lot past. I do have to mention that Kat was a dream date still wearing her nice outfit from work, a blue button down blouse, a cute white skirt and low heels. Kat was slender with all the right curves in all the right places, her short hair was sassy, her blue eyes begged for attention and her ass was round and firm. I looked forward to some quality time with her. Kat to my liking was pretty wasted, so I took her hand to help steady her and I could feel the warmth of the blood passing through her body. Kat didn’t seam to mind too much.

I opened the door of my Mercedes and wondered “how far would she go” as she slid into the seat. Moments later I was in the driver seat and off we went.

I asked Kat where she lived and we figured out how we would get her home about a twenty-minute drive across town. At the first red light, I leaned over and kissed her. To my surprise, her lips parted accepting my tongue. I couldn’t resist, after the light turned green I turned immediately into the first parking lot I could find, a well lit Bank of America lot would do just fine for some male to female attention.

“So are you getting some cash?” she asked.

“No” I laughed. I needed to take advantage of her vunerability.

We immediately enjoyed kissing deep and passionately, but I wanted a whole lot more.

“I kinda figured you wanted to kiss me,” she joked.

I took this as an invitation to move things to the next level. Holding her firmly while continuing our tongue dance. Kat tasted of alcohol. I kissed her on the neck, nibbled on her earlobes and found Kat had a distinct weakness for neck kisses. Her breathing became harder each time I nibbled on her neck softly. I imagined this stirred her juices on and her pussy must become slicker with each little nibble.

Slowly and deliberately I moved my left hand up to cup her breast, she pushed my hand off of her mound. I needed to test the neck-affect, I approached again while nibbling her neck and her resistance dissolved; she let me fondle her tits through her blouse. Returning back to her lips our kissing became more passionate.

“What are you doing?” Kat asked well knowing the answer.

“Enjoying your gorgeous body!” I replied honestly.

“Oh” she whispered as I continued my assault on her defenses.

Her breathing a little harder than before, Kat was becoming sex-cited. I took the opportunity to move further into my quest, I slid the electronic button backwards as her seat hummed to the lying position. I love Mercedes conveniences!

“Nice and comfortable, Kat?” I pondered before taking another deep kiss from her lips.

Breaking away from the lip union Kat responded “I think you are trying to seduce me? Aren’t you?”

“No,” I answered. “I really like your company and tell me you aren’t having fun too? Truthfully.”

“Well, well, O.K. then yes.” She had too tell the truth didn’t she.

As I resumed enjoying her tits, slowly, I unbuttoned her blouse, button by button until all were released. Kat had granted me access to her bra, and I quickly unclasped the front clip releasing her beautiful full tits for my pleasure.

I withdrew my kiss from her mouth and moved down to suck her waiting nipples. They were like pencil erasers hard and erect. It was time to make my move. I placed my warm hand on the inside of her leg just above her knees. Slowly Ümraniye Escort caressing her leg in teasing circles I was moving up her soft tender skin stroking under her skirt slowly towards her sex. Kat, from experience, knew where I was headed and pushed my hand back toward her knees stopping my progression.

“Please, I’m not that type of girl?” she asked.

“What type of girl are you?” I teased her with.

I returned to kissing her on the lips, and then once again taking advantage of her weakness, nibbling her neck I repeated stroking between her legs slowly on my journey towards her pussy. I was no high-school boyfriend, and getting into a woman’s pants was an art I had learned. Seduction of a woman takes time and patience that I was willing to work for.

On the third journey, I reached Kat’s pussy. She moaned in heat as I began stroking her pussy under her skirt.

“Michael” she mumbled confirming that she was weakening. “What are you doing?”

Through her damp cotton panties I could feel her delicious cunt-lips, softly tracing her crotch with a single finger, with her knees still nervously closed together. I kissed her nipples and her neck again and she responded slowly opening her legs. Kat’s panties were becoming damper with my touch and her hips slowly began gyrating into my hand.

“Oh my, what are you doing to me? She asked as I slid my hand into her panties and slowly began to finger her pussy. Kat spread her legs open and began pushing into to the hand fucking I was giving her slick wet pussy. The smell of pussy juices filled the air, I was very very close to seducing this filly.

I moved in-between Kat’s legs and opened my shirt to allow for skin, chest to chest contact. We kissed as I teased her excited pussy more. Kat knew I wanted her and now she wanted it too.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked in a heated whisper. “I’m a virgin,” she then followed. “No man has touched me, there before, like this.” she confided.

I pondered my fortunate situation and smiled as Kat began instinctly stroking my cock through my pants. I would be the first to plow this field! “Fuck me, a virgin-cunt, well this was worth waiting for” I thought to myself.

“I do have a condom,” I answered. “Are you sure you want to?” I asked bluntly after delaying my answer. “No. I’m not sure,” she answered softly while tracing my cock slowly with her warm fingers. “But I think ……” she answered while not finishing her sentence.

I was now completely in control, I kissed her deeply while releasing my jeans belt, and then I quickly lowered my zipper knowing she was soon to be had. Kat found her way into my jeans looking for my hardened rod and soon began stroking my rod harder. I removed her blouse, tugged her skirt off, tearing it open in my haste. Kat lifted her ass, allowing me to get the remains of her skirt off and I tossed it to the back seat. Again Kat lifted her ass in obedience as I quickly pulled her little blue panties off, exposing her beautifully trimmed virgin bush for its first complete seduction. Kat was naked except for her opened bra and shoes.

Kat watched me as I dropped my jeans and my shorts to the floor exposing my rock hard rod to her eyes.

“Oh, my god?” she questioned. “It’s huge!”

“Nice” I answered.

She knew her virginity would soon be gone. I slipped out of my pants freeing myself completely from the confines of my clothing. I again kissed Kat gently as she whispered breaking our kiss “Be gentle, I’m a virgin, and please, put on a condom, if you want me”.

Leaning back, I gently grabbed her around her waist and pulled her down towards me. Positioning her for the taking. Slowly I spread her lips apart and began probing her sex with my finger teasing her between her lips. She was as wet and ready.

“It feels beautiful, doesn’t it. Your cunt is beautiful.” I suggested as her ass slowly began gyrating with her pleasure.

“Are you going to fuck me?” She asked innocently completely lost to what was happening to her.

“Soon, you will be,” I replied.

I grabbed my wallet with one hand and found the old trusty Trojan safe while sliding my rod along the open folds of her slick and ready cunt. Her wonderful tits pushed against my chest as I kissed her deeply and slid the hood of my hard rod between her wanting cunt lips. Kat moaned deeply, broke our kiss and begged, “Hurry, damn it, before I change my mind.”

I kissed her deep and passionately Ataşehir Escort knowing I was not going to lose the opportunity to break this filly. Her body was ready to be taken to womanhood, how could it not be? I scanned up her naked body from her cunt, to her naval, her bare tits and up to her face begging me, please take me. The tip of my rod nestled in between her hot virgin lips, and she wanted all eight inches inside of her slick seduced cunt, and I was ready to oblige.

I fumbled with the condom pack, broke our kiss, and thought damn. Kat again whispered, “Hurry, hurry. I want it now. NOW!”

She moaned from the sensation of my rod teasing her demanding sex. Kat’s hips began to dance against my cock, inviting me further. She was ready, I was ready too.

“Are you ready?” I asked her?

“NOW!” she begged.

“Are you?” I asked again. I gave in to this drunk horny filly, tossed the Trojan to the floor as I pushed into her pink dance. Kat was ready with a very inviting moist cunt, and now meant “Now” didn’t it? My bare rod in a tight hot cunt beats the hell out of wearing a raincoat, doesn’t it, and a virgin cunt at that? I lifted her legs above my waste, pinned them firmly back against the seat with my arms inside her knees, her ass rotated upwards and was perfectly aligned for my engorged rod. Legs spread wide; everything perfectly in position seduction was now complete. It was absolutely lovely slowly driving my huge rod slowly into her slick steaming cunt. She whimpered, moaned and begged as my rod pushed against her hymen. I paused; she broke our kiss, stared deeply into my eyes, bit her lower lip, rapped her arms around my neck and nodded “YES” in acceptance.

I arched my back, raised my ass in victory, and drove firmly tearing through her hymen. Kat screamed “Oh fuck, Oh fuck me,” as I penetrated and stretched her vagina to the max. Damn she was tight and the cat in Kat was out to play. I pistoned in and out as she whimpered high pitch “Fuuuuuuck-meeeeeiiiii, fuck-meeeeeeeeiiiii, fuck-meeeeeeiiiii, please, please, please”. Kat met my thrusts pushing back just as hard, and I groaned in ecstasy each time she whimpered me on.

It felt so good to pound my bare rod deep inside, filling her vagina time after time, while my balls landed on her ass. I held back for as long as I could, I wanted to enjoy this ride for a long time, but my balls grew firm and became ready for release. The driving in and out of her heated cunt and her hot thrusts pushing back at me had me at explosion point. I was nuclear. I could feel my baby-butter rising, condom or not, I was riding this Filly for all she could accept. I drew back and drove as deep as my rod could penetrate, pushing as hard as I could into Kat’s womb and held it.

Kat shrieked “OH YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, FUUUUUUCK ME, PLEASE PLEASE!” she cried out, feeling my rod begin to pulsate and twitch.

Pressing into her as hard as I could Kat had her first orgasm with her tight little cunt instinctively milking my balls dry, stealing every drop of baby producing cum I possessed. I had exploded, spewing millions of my potent sperm deep into her hot fertile womb. I came deeper and deeper than I could ever imagine.

Kat had no clue I womanized her bare back, but it was my pleasure and secret to fill her wanting womb with millions of my baby makers. As I pulled out, her cunt protested slamming shut and trapping my seed deep inside. As I pulled my softening tool from her cunt, I noticed it was stained from a mixture of blood, cum and her juices. Sweet sweet victory!

“Kat, you’re the best.” I told her. “I can do this a lot, You are one fuckable little slut!” I laughed.

“Yes, I must be,” she giggled back knowing that I had ridden her for my sexual pleasure. But Kat enjoyed her new womanhood as well and was pleased with her first time experience. I knew I had converted this one into a hot cum seeking little slut!

We dressed slowly and smiled shyly at each other. I took her home at near three in the morning. She was beautiful when I dropped her off, she had that “freshly fucked glow.” I wondered If her parents saw their daughter arrive home wearing her torn skirt, unaware she was “freshly fucked” and full of my potent cum swimming happily up her womb.

Some 20 weeks later I ran into Kat, perhaps she had found me. When she turned towards me I saw Kat was clearly with child! To say the least, her parents were not pleased I knocked her up that night.

“Hi Kat,” I nervously greeted her.

“Hey asshole, I thought you put a condom on?” She asked me. “You can see we have a problem, eh?”

Anyway, she’s now my slut, with my child growing inside! She just moved in with the father of her child!

And I plan to plant many many more!!

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