Katie’s Kinks

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Bdsm S

I met Katie in middle school. We quickly became close friends. Back then I was a lot more shy than I am now. Katie was the opposite. She was never shy about anything. Often times she’d lose herself in conversations with complete strangers in public. It seemed like she could make friends with anyone with her radiant, bubbly personality. Meanwhile, my introverted self remained quiet. We certainly made quite the contrasting duo. The only thing that was similar was our unbreakable platonic love for each other. Don’t get me wrong, Katie was gorgeous, but we never dated. She had long brown hair that cascaded halfway down her back. Her bright, blue eyes shone almost as bright as her smile. Although I don’t talk about my friends this way, Katie had a fantastic body too. She was slightly on the chubby side with a small pudge to her belly but most of the chubbyness went to her huge ass and thick thighs. Her breasts were decent, a perky B or possibly C cup, it was hard to tell. It didn’t matter because either way her tits stuck out way further than her kinda round tummy and her flawless bubble butt more than made up for any imperfections one would perceive from her belly. I always thought Katie was hot though our conflicting personalities kept us from ever considering a romantic relationship. Besides, we were the closest friends could be. Neither of us would dare risk that.

After high school Katie and I parted ways for a while. We went to different universities and rarely saw each other. She went on to major in dance while I majored in physics. At first it felt like I had lost my best friend. In time, we gradually stayed in touch more often until it suddenly didn’t feel like we were that far apart. We frequently called to share our deepest secrets, latest rants, funny stories, or simply to catch-up. It was clear we would be friends for life. Every phone call ended with an exchange of, “I love you,” just as we had since we met. This was nothing out of the ordinary for Katie. With her overly friendly attitude she was always hugging her friends, complimenting them, sitting on their laps, and of course telling them how much she loved and appreciated them. This made it impossible to tell who she had feelings for. I joked that she had a crush on everyone. Some saw her as a flirt while others knew she was simply the sweetest.

I graduated college, got a job and lived on my own. Katie got married right after graduation to a man I never met but heard a lot about during our talks. His name was Tyrone. He was short, with dark black skin, dark brown eyes and long, black dreadlocks. I remember being surprised by his hair when she first showed me a picture of him. For some reason I always found dreadlocks to be so cool. I was jealous that my pale, white self could never pull them off without looking like a distasteful appropriation. I always kept my hair short and straight. There was nothing that stood out about my appearance at all. In other words, Katie made an excellent choice and so did Tyrone.

Two years after Katie’s wedding, she came over for a visit. Tyrone didn’t come which was a shame as we never talked except for at their wedding. It was disappointing, though I was still ecstatic to see Katie. Our calls were far less frequent and I could count on one hand the amount of times I saw her since graduation. Her visit was a big deal. It was for the whole weekend, arriving Friday and leaving Sunday. We had so much to catch up on, I couldn’t wait!

There was a knock at my door late in the afternoon. The door opened to reveal Katie’s beaming face. She dropped her bags to give me a strong hug. Either it was the bra she was wearing or her tits had gotten a bit bigger as I couldn’t recall being able to feel them so clearly while pressed against my chest. She smelled like strawberry candy. I had missed Katie’s big, warm hugs. When our embrace ended I took a moment to give her a once over. She didn’t change a bit, still absolutely gorgeous and bursting with energy! She had on a pair of jeans that made her ass look huge and a loose fitting blouse that hid her curves. Her skin looked the best it had in years with no signs of the acne that once plagued her. Those creamy, white cheeks of hers blushed as I complimented her beauty.

“Oh stop it, I don’t have any makeup on. I look terrible!” Katie gushed. She definitely looked good but I didn’t feel like arguing or buttering her up too much. The silence didn’t last long as her talkative nature drove our conversation forward.

We spent the whole day doing nothing but talking. For an introvert like me, that was a big deal. There was a lot to go over. Katie and Tyrone moved into a new place in the city. He recently quit his job for a better one and she had a big interview with a cruise-line entertainment manager. There was never a dull moment, Katie could talk nonstop if you let her. Even when she went to unpack in the guest bedroom she was still gossiping about the time she got really wasted with her friends Escort Bayan Junior year of college. That reminded me to fix us some drinks to celebrate our reunion. When she came back out I noticed she had changed into silky pink pajamas. It was late at night after all. Despite the time, we didn’t want the day to end. We decided to stay up and rent a new movie.

Out of all the seats in the room, Katie chose to sit right by my side in my reclining chair. Her feminine hips and shapely thighs didn’t fit. She was squeezed next to me with some of her right leg on top of my left leg. I chuckled to myself. It was as if she didn’t realize just how big her ass was, even now with her thigh overlapping mine. She ignored me and payed exclusive attention to the movie. At one point it felt as though she wasn’t there at all. Eventually, the movie progressed until there was a scandalous sex scene. I didn’t think anything of it but that’s when Katie pipped up.

“Gross, how could anyone fuck him,” Katie joked. It was a rather unpleasant character, yet as a stupid, single man I wasn’t sure what women were into.

“Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t,” I laughed in reply because well, I’m straight.

“She literally could’ve been with Zach. He’s so fucking hot. I would have fucked him in a heartbeat!” Katie exclaimed.

“Don’t say that to Tyrone,” I joked innocently. I knew her husband wouldn’t have gotten jealous over a famous movie star portraying a dashing character however, Katie responded with an absolute bombshell.

“Nah, he’d be fine with it. We actually have an open marriage,” Katie replied. She spoke as if it was no big deal. I couldn’t believe my ears. There was no way she meant it in the way that I thought.

“You mean you two are very open with each other or you actually let him, uh, you know, sleep with people on the side?” I asked for clarification.

Without missing a beat she answered matter of factly. “We both do. Well, it’s new for us so not all that much but once or twice he has and I almost did but not yet.”

“Wait seriously? What do you mean almost? You’re joking, right?” I interrogated. The movie was no longer in my mind. The last few scenes were a complete blur to me. I was way more invested in what Katie had to say. It was possible that I was too invested as I felt myself get a bit of a rise out of it.

“Yeah it’s not a big deal. We still love each other very much but it just fits our personalities better. I said almost because I sucked a dude off but we didn’t fuck. Tyrone has slept with some girls though,” Katie explained. My cock was suddenly hard and pressing against my pants. It was so odd. She was open to talking about her sexual relationships in the past but it never had this effect on me. I didn’t know if it was the taboo of it or what, but my dick sure liked what it was hearing.

“And you’re both ok with that?” I asked in disbelief. Katie stopped paying attention to the movie. She turned to look at me as she spoke.

“Yup, we love and trust each other. It’s totally fine,” Katie rearranged herself so she was now practically on my lap. My cock twitched in my pants upon feeling the pressure of her thigh on top of it.

“Damn Katie that’s real kinky of you,” I blurted out. She blushed and giggled.

“You’re one to talk, I can feel your erection through your pants. Real kinky of you to get hard from listening to your best friend, huh?” Katie teased. She threw my own words back at me. My face turned ghost white. I could almost feel the blood drain from it.

“Who said it’s because of you? We’re watching a sex scene!” I argued.

Unexpectedly Katie wiggled her thigh back and forth. Several articles of clothing separated us but it still felt amazing. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. I held in a gasp while my cock ached for some real attention. The movement of my dick combined with my reaction gave me away. Katie smiled wide, “Nah, it’s definitely from me. Nobody could get it up from watching a woman screw that ugly bastard. You dirty dog, you got the hots for your best friend,” Katie teased. She didn’t stop moving her thigh. It kept moving up and down across my lab, keeping pressure on my cock.

“It’s your fault for talking about sucking and fucking dudes. And stop moving your leg, don’t start something you can’t finish,” I shot back.

Katie laughed. “Who said I can’t finish what I started?” she replied with an evil smirk. All of a sudden Katie climbed on top of me, positioning herself to face me with her ass completely on top of my lap. I gasped and my cock jumped at the feeling of her weight on top of me. “Haha, I knew it, you do have a thing for your best friend! See, who’s the kinky one now, huh? You’re the one who always says I’m like family to you! You have a hard on for a girl who’s ‘like a sister to you,'” Katie teased. Once again she threw my words back at me. She didn’t break eye contact. Her warm, friendly smile was Bayan Escort ominous. It was strange. She was always very affectionate, kinda flirty and not afraid of what she said or did but this was on a whole different level. My erect cock was literally pressed under her nice, thick ass, yet I still felt as though this was just a test; just Katie being her wild self.

I decided to play it safe. If she were serious, she’d make the next big move. If she was just messing with me, I better not touch her or say anything too inappropriate. A simple compliment would do. “Yeah, well I might have said that in the past but didn’t I also always tell you that you’re breathtakingly beautiful?” I smiled innocently. Katie leaned forward. Her breath was on my lips, she was so close.

“Yes, I do remember you saying that,” Katie whispered softly as she leaned in slowly for a kiss. At first it was a quick kiss on the lips. A shockwave rushed through my body as I realized what was happening. Then a slower, lingering kiss. Each pause was not an indication of hesitation, more of shocking disbelief. My best friend I’ve known for ages, who I could’ve dated but it never felt right, was now on my lap kissing me. The next kisses grew in intensity, they were gradually becoming less soft and sweet and more hungry and rough. Soon it escalated to the point where her hands were caressing my face while mine groped her fat ass. Her tongue broke its way into my mouth as we made out passionately.

Katie had such a perfect body. I never realized how badly I’d always wanted to feel up those lovely curves of hers. The extra weight went to all the right places, her ripe tits, her huge ass, her killer thighs, and her sexy pudgy belly. Everything was the best shape and size. Even that tummy of hers was to die for. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t rub her stomach a few times while we made out. There was an inexplicable hotness about its slight chubbiness that I couldn’t explain. Katie didn’t seem to mind as she appeared to be lost in ecstasy. I moved my hands up her back, under her shirt and unhooked her bra. This was too much for her. She gasped at the feeling of my hands gliding across her luscious, smooth skin. Katie moaned and whipped off both of our shirts as I removed her bra. Two perky tits bounced into view. Her pink nipples poked out at me. They looked too good to resist. I grabbed at her tits as we kissed. Each breast was a little more than a handful. I toyed with her by licking and gently nibbling on her breasts. My tongue teased her nipples until she couldn’t take it any longer.

An article of clothing was removed with every step as we made our way to my bedroom. We were both naked by the time we made it to the bed. Katie crawled on her hands and knees to the center of the bed. Her voluptuous ass and thighs jiggled and quaked as she moved. Next, Katie lowered her chest to the bedsheets and wiggled her ass in the air. I grabbed onto her hips and plunged my cock inside her. She gasped in bliss. My movements started out slow before escalating to the rough fucking she clearly craved. Katie slammed her hips back in tune with my thrusts. Her little belly jiggled while her tits swayed beneath her. Moans and shrieks escaped her throat as I increased the pace.

“Slap my ass!” Katie commanded. I gave her thick ass a slap. “Harder,” she complained. I slapped her ass in the same spot but harder. It was amazing to see how her flesh rippled from the impact. “Harder!” Katie begged. Finally, I reeled back and hit her as hard as I could. A red handprint was left on her creamy white ass. Her pussy contracted immediately as she came on my cock. She yelped and breathed deeply as she rode the waves of her orgasm. I had no clue she liked it that rough. She definitely had a wild side to her, I just never knew the full extent of it.

The sounds Katie made was music to my ears. They drove me wild with lust. I didn’t realize how hard I’d been fucking her. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. My hands were tightly gripping as much of Katie’s ass as they could hold. After a while of feeling and watching Katie’s flesh ripple, I felt my own orgasm brewing. Katie continued to do her best to slam her ass back into me in sync with my thrusts. It made each movement so much deeper. Before I knew it I was pumping her hot pussy full of cum. It was by far the most I’d ever cum too. Katie couldn’t get enough of it. She enjoyed the feeling of being filled. A strange purring noise emitted from her. She turned over to lay on her back. Katie then spread her legs to admire the creampie I gave her. Her smile seemed so devious, as if all the years I’d known her she wanted this all along. She rubbed her shapely inner thighs as cum seeped from her pussy. Her hands slowly stroked her own body, cupping her breasts, circling her stomach, running through her long hair. She soaked in the moment.

I thought I would regret sleeping with Katie immediately after I came, but I didn’t. Escort She was always my best friend, my closest friend, and yet I didn’t feel bad one bit. Not only was she my greatest friend, she was married too! Despite this, there was not an ounce of regret within me. Katie encouraged everything I said and did. If anything she begged me to go further. There was absolutely no reason to worry or feel ashamed. The only thing I felt was a fierce craving for more. Katie felt it too. She wouldn’t stop eyeing me down while touching herself. Her thick thighs were spread wide, beckoning me to fuck her. I crawled forward until I was on top of her. I planted a trail of kisses from her belly button up to her tits. Katie moaned as I sucked on her nipples. She held my head against her chest until I finally moved up to make out with her. In seconds I was inside her again. This time she remained on her back while I fondled her tits and kissed her. I loved being able to see her tits and belly jiggle. She made out with me so passionately that I lost track of time. We ended up fucking until sunrise. At the end she wrapped her legs around me preventing me from pulling out as I came deep inside her once again. Katie gasped as she came at the same time. She wrapped her arms around me, pressing her tits against me while she squirmed from her orgasm.

What was supposed to be a relaxing visit between friends turned out to be anything but. Instead we spent almost every moment fucking each other. We did it in the shower, the kitchen, on the floor, against the wall. It felt like all the love we had for each other was exploding outward, no longer restricted to the form of a platonic friendship. Katie barely wore any clothes the rest of her stay. We were supposed to go out and have fun but all we did was fuck. It was the most intense love making I had ever experienced. I felt as though I had memorized every curve of Katie’s body by the end of her trip. She never got tired either. Every waking second Katie was touching, kissing or fucking me. I came inside her nonstop that weekend. Katie always insisted that I was inside her especially when cumming. I didn’t really want to pull out of her hot body anyway. She was always a wild character though I had no clue she would be able to seduce me into a weekend long fuck session. By the time it ended I was so obsessed I found myself craving her only an hour after she left. I couldn’t help it, I pictured Katie with her bags all packed sitting on the train while my cum leaked down from her pussy. When she got home she texted me a little thank you message saying she enjoyed her visit and couldn’t wait to see me again. The picture she included made me wish she never left.

Katie and I had been trying to plan another get together since then but our schedules never seemed to line up. After enough time passed I realized that weekend was probably a one time thing. There wasn’t much contact between us for a long time too. Part of me wondered if she stopped calling because she regretted what we did. Almost the next day I was proven wrong as Katie called to try and make plans. It turned out that our schedules finally allowed for another visit. This time around she was going to be able to stay for an entire week! The week leading up to her visit she even started contacting me frequently again. Katie would text me about how horny she was and how bad she wanted me. I felt bad being way more excited to see her now than ever before. When there was a knock at my door I sprang from my seat. It had been months since her last visit and I couldn’t wait a second longer. I raced to answer the door.

As soon as the door opened I was speechless. My eyes went wide as my mouth dropped to the floor. Katie looked more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined. That wasn’t all that surprising. What really shocked me was the gargantuan pregnant belly she was sporting. It looked like she was due any minute, however I had no clue how far along she was. Katie’s shirt barely covered her swollen midsection leaving everything from just above her belly button and down completely exposed. Beneath her belly she had on stretchy, black yoga pants that didn’t attempt to cover her stomach, resting just underneath it. The bottom of her gravid tummy had the slightest hint of jiggly chub. It seemed as though her large baby bump wasn’t all baby though one would never be able to tell unless they played with the small layer of chubbiness that covered her perfect sphere of a gut. Katie’s belly was the most drastic change though it wasn’t the only one. Her tits looked massive, not only did her nipples poke out from her shirt but it was so tight I could see her darkened areola right through the material. There was no doubt that what was always her largest asset, her ass and thighs, had also grown a bit curvier as well. Katie’s hair seemed to shine as if it were made of silk. Her skin glowed radiantly with health. I didn’t think it was possible for her to be more attractive.

“Surprise,” Katie giggled. She danced in place as we hugged. “Hope this doesn’t change any of the naughty things you had planned for me,” she joked with a sly smile. Ever since we first hooked up her smile had changed from innocently bubbly to deviously kinky.

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