Kat’s Pool Party

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Big Boobs

Eddie’s grandfather hadn’t been in good health for several years, so the family had done most of their grieving and mourning before the news came that he had passed away. Eddie and his wife, Liz had driven to Kentucky for the funeral. It was now Saturday and the family had started cleaning out the big old farmhouse, barn and outbuildings. Since I had the truck and the flatbed trailer, he asked if I would mind going with him to pick up a bedroom set that had been in the family for generations. I agreed and our friend Jason would ride along to help with loading and unloading. Eddie’s uncle would be meeting us at the house to let us in. We met at Eddie’s house and headed down the interstate.

Traffic was surprisingly light for a Saturday morning, especially considering it was a bright, sunny summer morning with the high forecast for the mid 90’s. We made it through Louisville and were eastbound on I-64 when Eddie’s phone rang. We expected it to be Liz, checking on us, but it was Eddie’s aunt, letting us know that his uncle wouldn’t be able to meet us at the house. Eddie’s uncle was the assistant chief at the local volunteer fire department and they had a big field fire that didn’t show any signs of coming under control any time soon. With that news, I exited the interstate at the next chance. We stopped at a truck stop, used the facilities and each grabbed a drink. We got back on the interstate and headed back home.

For his drink, Jason had chosen a Squirt, which made me laugh. They both asked why I found it so funny.

“Who would think that something called Squirt would taste like citrus?”

“What else would it taste like?” asked Eddie.

“Like a woman’s cum!” I replied.

Eddie, nearly as much of a pervert as me, laughed, but Jason didn’t get it. Jason had lived somewhat of a protected life, but we’d been working on correcting that.

“Jason, you’ve never heard of a woman squirting?” I asked.


“Well, there’s regular cumming, where her pussy gets really damp and might drip a little, but then there is this spot kinda in the front of her pussy, that gets really sensitive. If you work at that spot, you can get her to squirt out this almost clear cum that will shoot out of her pussy.” I explained.

Jason looked at me with a look of both amazement and disbelief.

“When a woman first has it done to her, she thinks that she’s going to pee, but it isn’t pee at all. It will be the best orgasm she’s ever had.”

“How do you do it?” Jason asked.

“Lay her on her back with her legs apart and her knees up. Start playing with her pussy and get her good and worked up. Once you feel her juices flowing and can feel that she’s nice and moist, slide in a couple fingers, holding your hand with the palm up. An inch or so inside her pussy, slide the tips of your fingers against the front of her pussy. You can push down on her bush a little with your thumb or the other hand to help you add pressure. Feel around for something that feels kinda like a walnut. That’s the spot.” I explained.

Even Eddie was listening intently at this point. I think that he’d seen girls squirt in videos before, but had never actually got a girl to do it.

“Slide your fingers around on that walnut with fairly firm pressure. You will probably notice her squirming around a lot more. The more that she squirms, the firmer and faster you should rub. Unless she tells you that it hurts, don’t stop. Next thing you know, you’ll be covered in her warm juices.”

They both sat silence with big smiles on their faces. In fact, they were quiet for quite a while. I don’t know if they were thinking about the chance to use this or going over the instructions in their minds.

Finally, somewhere north of Louisville, Eddie said, “Dave, can I ask you a question that may be inappropriate? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“I’ve noticed that Kat’s got some really big tits. I mean, Liz’s are big, but Kat makes hers look small.” Eddie started.

“Ok…” I said, waiting for the actual question.

“Do you know what size her tits actually are?” he finally asked.

“Well, the bras that she is wearing now are 38DDD, although the cups on some of them are a tad small.” I said, fairly matter-of-factly.

“DAMN!” Jason blurted out from the back seat.

“Ok, that’s what I thought… Well, kinda. I knew that hers were bigger than Liz’s.” Eddie said.

“Why? What size is Liz?” I asked.

“Well, she’s bigger in the number, but smaller in the cup. She’s a 42D. Smaller than Kat, but definitely more than a mouthful.” Eddie said with a grin.

“They do both have nice tits.” Jason said, surprising us both that he would actually admit this. Although he was a little more free to speak when Beth wasn’t around. “I mean, Beth’s a C cup, which isn’t exactly flat, but I’ve always liked nice big, round boobs.”

We continued our discussion on large breasts, who had nice ones, who didn’t and whose we would like to see until we made it back home. We planned to go out to lunch, since it was now almost noon, but we needed to stop by my house and drop off the trailer before we tried maneuvering through restaurant parking lots.

When we turned the corner Sincan Escort to head for the house, we noticed that the driveway was full of cars. I carefully maneuvered the truck and trailer across the ditch and parked across the front yard. As we opened the doors to get out of the truck, we could hear loud rock music coming from the back yard. The gate to the privacy fence was closed, so I unlocked the front door and we went inside. There was no one inside, but there were several purses and bags sitting on the living room couch. We walked into the dining room and were all struck by the same sight.

Just outside the French doors of the dining room, on the deck lay Liz, Beth, Kat, Sara and Johnnie absorbing the sun’s rays.

They were all lying on their stomachs with their feet toward the house and their head toward the back yard. This would have been enough of a sight, if they had been in one piece suits or even bikinis, but Liz, Sara, Kat and Johnnie were completely nude. Beth wore nothing but thong bikini bottoms. We immediately froze in our tracks. Realizing that we didn’t want them to notice us, we took a step or two back in an attempt to stay “invisible” from outside.

To the far left was Beth. She is only about 5 feet tall, has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She carries a little extra weight in her hips and stomach. Her legs are thin up to mid-thigh, where they widen up to wide hips and a round apple butt, then she tapers slightly to a thinner waist and then widens back out to those C-cups breasts that Jason had described to us.

Next to Beth was Liz. Liz would be considered by some to be a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). She’s about 5 feet 3 inches or so, has dark brown hair down to her shoulder blades and deep brown eyes. Her legs are thick and muscular from ankles to hips, including some thick thighs that glistened in the sun. Those thighs led to a very nice, round ass. Although she was lying on her stomach, we could still tell that she had those wonderful D-cup tits, as they were squashed out the sides. Her arms didn’t cover them, since she had them raised to hold her head off the deck.

Next to Liz was Kat, my wonderful wife. Kat’s build is similar to Liz’s, although she doesn’t carry quite as much weight. She has long blonde hair that hangs to her waist when she stands and beautiful blue eyes. She has the same thick, muscular legs as Liz and nice, round ass. Kat’s breasts spilled out the sides even more than Liz’s, showing that she indeed has those wonderful DDD tits.

Next to Kat was Sara. Sara was somewhat of the exception of the group. While the other girls are thicker and more well-endowed, Johnnie is about the same 5 feet 3 inch height, but significantly thinner. Her legs are slender from ankle to thigh. Her ass is small and firm. Her hips are narrow and barely wider than her waist. Her breasts are A cups, seeming tiny compared to the others. Sara has the same beautiful, long blonde hair and blue eyes as Kat, but hers only hangs to a few inches below her shoulder blades.

Finally, at the far right end was Johnnie. Johnnie’s legs are muscular. Her thighs and ass are tight and toned, but still with enough muscle to give them that appealing roundness. Her hips are relatively wide and narrow down to an average sized waist. Her breasts are somewhere at the line between C and D. She has short brown hair, which barely reaches her shoulders and hazel eyes.

So, this is the sight that we had, as we stood there in awe of this field of feminine beauty.

The CD that was playing ended, providing a strange silence.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Kat said, “Somebody remind me to change the sheets later, before the guys get back.”

“Ok? Are they that nasty?” asked Liz.

“Well… Not exactly. I soaked them last night.” Kat replied.

“You peed the bed?!” Liz said with a smile.

“No! I squirted like crazy. I thought that it would never stop.”

“Squirted?” Liz said.

Kat tipped up a little to her side, so that she could look at Liz. “You haven’t squirted?”

“No, I’ve never heard of it. What is it?” Liz asked.

“The rest of you have heard of squirting right?” Kat said.

Sara said that she had heard of it, but never done it. The other girls just shook their heads.

With that, Kat turned over, in the process giving all of us guys a gorgeous shot of her neatly trimmed pussy and those gorgeous milky white orbs, with their extremely light pink areolas and erect, hot pink nipples.

“Squirting is the best orgasm you will ever have!” Kat continued. “You actually shoot cum out like a guy does out of his cock.”

“Seriously?” Johnnie said.

“Oh yeah! It’s awesome.”

“How do you do it?” Liz asked.

“It’s kinda hard to explain.” Kat said. She explained about the walnut and stroking.

As Kat was describing this, the other girls started to turn over onto their backs also, showing us the rest of their gorgeous bodies. She’d been describing the procedure for a while, when Beth went to roll over, looked at the other girls and said, “When did you guys take off your bottoms?”

“Like twenty minutes ago. Where were you?” Johnnie replied. Etlik Escort The rest of the girls laughed.

Beth stood up within about a foot of the French doors, turned with her back to the doors and slid her thong down to the deck. As she did this, she lost her balance a little, causing her bare ass to press against the glass and giving us all a great view of her pussy lips. I could hear myself and the other two guys take an extra deep breath at the sight. She tossed the thong to the side and then sat back down on the deck, facing the doors. We were sure that she’d seen us, but she didn’t seem to show any signs of it.

She was now sitting, propped on her left arm, knees bent and legs spread. She put three fingers of her right hand into her mouth and licked them. She then took that hand and slid it between her thighs and rubbed that natural lube on her pussy lips. She rubbed at her pussy for a while and we could clearly see that she was getting quite moist. Her pussy lips were turning bright pink, starting to swell and glisten with the moisture. Finally, she slid two fingers inside her pussy, obviously looking for the magical walnut. After a minute or two of this, she finally asked Kat, “How far in is this walnut?”

“I don’t know, maybe an inch?” she replied.

Beth kept trying. “You sure? I can’t find it.”

Kat, laying flat on her back, spread her legs apart, showing us that the sex talk had caused her pussy to swell and get wet also. She licked two fingers of her right hand, then slowly eased them into her waiting pussy. She quickly found the walnut. She held her thumb against her fingers and her pussy lips to mark how far in her fingers had gone and then lifted her hand back up, so that she could see. “Yeah, around an inch, maybe an inch and a half.”

“I must be doing something wrong. I can’t find mine.” Beth said, with frustration in her voice.

Without really thinking about it, Kat’s hand had moved back down between her thighs and two fingers were back inside playing with the walnut. With Beth’s response, Kat said, “I guess it’s one of those things, once you find it, you know what it feels like and you can find it again and again.”

Beth rose up onto her knees, moved around the feet of Liz and sat between Kat’s legs. “Let me see how far.”

With some obvious uneasiness, Kat again stuck her fingers in, marked the spot with her thumb and then pulled out to show Beth. Still not satisfied, Beth asked, “Can I feel?”

This was a big surprise to the other girls who looked over in disbelief. Again, with a good deal of uneasiness, Kat agreed. She took Beth’s hand in hers, with the back of Beth’s hand sitting in the palm of her own. She then maneuvered their hands so that they were each sticking out their index and middle fingers and the others were folded down. Surprising to all of us guys, Kat then slid both of her fingers AND both of Beth’s fingers inside of her pussy. After a moment of sliding their fingers around, Kat said, “Feel it? Right there.”

“Yeah, I feel it.” Beth replied.

With that, Kat slid her fingers out of her pussy, but Beth still had her fingers inside of Kat’s pussy. By now, the other girls had rose up and started to watch. Liz was sitting up, holding herself up with her right hand and her left was obviously exploring her own walnut.

After about thirty seconds or so, Kat said, with a tremble in her voice, “This is a little strange.”

“What is?” Beth asked.

“Ummm… having you playing with my pussy.”

“You’ve never been with another girl before?” Beth asked.

“NO!” Kat replied rather emphatically.

“Oh, you have seriously been missing out.” Beth replied. With that, she repositioned herself so that she was more in line with Kat’s body and bent forward, placing her lips and tongue against Kat’s clit and giving it a couple of quick flips with her tongue. This did two things. It made Kat squirm even more than she already was and it raised Beth’s ass into the air and gave us a clear view of her pink, swollen and now dripping wet pussy lips.

“Wow!” Kat let out involuntarily.

“Is that a good Wow or a bad Wow?” asked Sara.

“I’m not sure yet.” Kat said breathlessly.

Beth once again bent down and licked Kat’s clit and actually slid the tip of her tongue into the first half inch or so of Kat’s pussy. This obviously had an effect on Kat, as she continued to squirm.

“Definitely… a good… wow!” Kat finally said.

Sara sat up, turned onto her hip, with her right leg on the deck and her left knee sticking up, giving us a wonderful view of her pussy and then bent her head down and started to suck on Kat’s left tit. This caught Kat by surprise and made her squirm even more. Kat opened her eyes, looked down at her left tit and locked eyes with Sara as she continued to suck. Kat’s mouth opened with a big grin and then a look of sexual satisfaction, as her eyes closed and she lowered her head back down.

Seeing the pleasure that she was getting from this, Liz mirrored Sara’s position, showing us her full bush and moist, swollen pussy and began sucking on Kat’s right tit.

All this time, Beth continued to work on Kat’s pussy, using Çankaya Escort her fingers and her mouth to pleasure Kat.

Johnnie moved up next to Kat’s head and was just taking it all in. Finally, she bent to Kat’s ear and said, “How’s it feel?”

Kat replied simply with, “What?”

“Having your pussy licked and your boobs sucked by other women?”

“It’s wonderful!”

With that, Kat put a hand on Johnnie’s shoulder and pushed her back up to a sitting position. She then reached up with her left hand and grabbed Johnnie’s right knee, scooting it up above Kat’s head. Then she reached with her right hand, grabbed the same knee and pulled it to her right shoulder. This put Johnnie to a point sitting just above Kat’s head with her thighs against Kat’s ears. Johnnie had a look of confusion on her face. Kat then reached with both hands and grabbed Johnnie’s ass cheeks and pulled them up off the deck and toward her. This put Johnnie’s pussy and ass right above Kat’s face.

This definitely surprised all of the guys, but I think that we were even more surprised by something else that we saw. Johnnie, probably the most reserved and quiet of all of the girls had the only cleanly shaven pussy among them. This was great, as it allowed us to see every lick and flick that Kat performed on Johnnie’s pussy. Kat maneuvered one hand around and managed to insert a finger inside Johnnie’s pussy. After a while, Kat tried a second finger, but Johnnie’s pussy was too tight.

The view was wonderful from our point of view. There was Johnnie’s face with looks of ecstasy then her beautiful, full breasts with their medium brown nipples and areolas, her tight stomach and then her cleanly shaven pussy being licked by Kat. On both sides of Kat’s head were Johnnie’s muscular thighs, pulsing with each lick of Kat’s tongue. Then, there was Kat’s face, dripping with Johnnie’s pussy juices. Kat’s huge DDD tits were being sucked by Liz and Sara. Liz’s wide round ass was up in the air, glistening in the sun, her own D cups tits swung beneath her as she sucked. Her nipples and areolas were the darkest brown that I’ve ever seen, a wonderful contrast to Kat’s pale pink. Her right hand supported her and her left hand was playing with her pussy. Sara still sat, legs spread sucking on Kat’s other breast. Her right hand was playing with her pussy and her left was caressing Kat’s muscular stomach. Kat’s thick thighs were raised and spread, providing us with a view of Beth’s face between, licking and sucking at her clit. Beth had now gone from two fingers, to three, to four and now looked like she may slide her entire hand inside of Kat’s pussy. Granted, Beth’s hands are smaller than normal, but it was still an impressive and arousing site. Beth’s C cups dangled below her, with the deep pink nipples pointing toward the deck. Her back was arched and her ass was pointed toward the sky, providing us with a great view of her round ass and swollen pussy.

Beth began to really work on Kat’s walnut, applying more pressure and speeding up with each stroke. Kat was squirming and contorting more and more. The girls sucking her tits could feel this and began sucking harder and faster and playing with their own pussies with increased intensity. Finally, with the increased intensity between her own thighs and on her own breasts, Kat needed somewhere to focus that energy. She reached up with both hands, grabbed Johnnie’s thighs and pulled her slick, wet pussy down onto her face, slipping her tongue past the pussy lips and into Johnnie’s sweet spot. Kat apparently had a longer tongue that I had known, as it was soon quite obvious that she had managed to find Johnnie’s walnut, with her tongue. From the movements of Kat’s face and neck, we could tell that her tongue was definitely working the inside of Johnnie’s sweet, tight pussy.

The intensity grew as all of the girls were going at it frantically.

Beth rocked back onto her feet, pulling her face away from Kat’s pussy and going at the walnut with a new intensity. A few times, her hand actually did slip fully into Kat’s pussy, all the way to the wrist. The moisture was dripping from Kat’s pussy onto the towel below. When Beth rocked back, it put her ass cheeks and her swollen pussy right up against the glass of the doors. I could hear the other guys gasp and breathe heavy. Their cocks were probably getting as hard and swollen as my own. We could see the juices of Beth’s pussy on the window, as she writhed side to side and back and forth to the rhythm of this all girl orgy.

I don’t know how Kat was able to breathe for so long with her mouth pushed into Johnnie’s pussy and her nose smashed into either her taint or possibly her ass, but she kept going at Johnnie’s walnut with her tongue. She no longer had to hold down on Johnnie’s thighs as Johnnie was more than willing to hold herself down. Kat first reached around and took a firm grasp of Johnnie’s ass cheeks and caressed them, which was obviously affecting Johnnie. Then, Kat managed to reached up and grasp Johnnie’s breasts and caress and massage them. She raised one of them and turned the nipple upward, obviously suggesting that Johnnie give it a lick. Johnnie obliged and licked the left nipple. Then, Kat raised the right one and Johnnie did the same there. Kat released Johnnie’s tits and went back to massaging her ass. Johnnie used her own hand to raise her left nipple to her face and proceeded to not only lick but actually suck on the nipple herself. Seeing that she could use some assistance, Sara rose up from Kat’s left breast and proceeded to suck on Johnnie’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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