Kayt takes Phoebe in the Bathroom Pt. 02

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Phoebe appeared from the hall looking flushed, and unsettled. Phoebe looked straight at Kayt. She could feel the slickness of her panties rubbing against her pussy. When Phoebe sat beside Kayt, she felt Phoebes leg lean against hers. Kayt couldn’t resist her.

The game went on, and the girls laughed, as they each told stories about one another. No one else could feel the tension between Kayt and Phoebe. She looked over at Phoebe. Phoebe laughed, and told the girls the story about the night at the club last summer. Kayt stared at Phoebe. She looked at her tits. Images of Phoebes perky nipples flashed in her mind. She could picture Phoebe standing in the bathroom, her perky tits exposed; hers for the taking

The table cloth on the table, sat long enough on the sides to reach their legs. Kayt had the urge again. She wanted Phoebe right there, but they couldn’t go to the bathroom again, that would be too obvious.

As phoebe talked, Kayt slowly slipped her hand over Phoebes leg. She felt Phoebe twitch. She sat her fingers over Phoebes shorts, where her pussy lay hidden. Kayt slowly rubbed Phoebe over her shorts. She wanted inside again.

She felt consumed with lust. She wanted more than to feel Phoebe; she wanted to taste her. Phoebe looked over at Kayt and smirked. “I think I’m tired,” said Phoebe as she got up to head down stairs. The girls escort bayan all said goodnight, and Kayt went with her, stating that she was staying in the other room for the night. Kayt got to the bottom of the stairs, and made a sharp left for Phoebes room. Phoebe was there; standing in her black and red, matching thong, and bra. Kayt stopped in the doorway to take Phoebe in. Her tits we’re sitting perfectly, in that D cup bra.

Phoebe walked over to Kayt, grabbed her by the ass, and started kissing her gently. She slowly slid her tongue in Kayts mouth, brushing it against hers. As they kissed, Kayt felt Phoebes hand slide over her own ass. This made Kayt ache with delight. Phoebe began undoing Kayts pants. She got down on her knees, and pulled Kayts pants down. Kayt could feel her heart beating; she wanted to be touched.

She stood frozen with anticipation. Phoebe pulled off Kayts panties, to reveal her bald, puffy, pussy, gleaming, ready to be fucked. She looked down at Phoebe who stared up at Kayt. “Do you want me?” Phoebe asked Kayt, as she licked up Kayts thigh. Kayt shook, saying “yes.” Phoebe took her thumbs and spread Kayts lips apart, revealing a plump clit. Kayt flinched at Phoebes touch.

She felt Phoebes stiff, wet, tongue stroke her clit. Kayt was vibrating inside. She felt it again, and again, each time quicker than the

Last. görükle escort Kayt moaned with delight, her clit throbbing, wanting to cum. She could feel her nipples hardening, as she pulled at them while Phoebe ate her out. Phoebe slowly circled her clit with her tongue, licking with quick motions. Kayt could feel it coming. “I’m going to cum,” panted Kayt. Phoebe stopped instantly, leaving Kayts pussy stranded, longing for the warm tongue that had given it such pleasure. “You made me wait this long, I think I deserve to cum first.” Said Phoebe as she ran her fingers over Kayts slippery, throbbing, clit. Kayt was stunned.

Filled with lust, (a little rage), and dripping wet, Kayt grabbed Phoebe. “I’ve been wanting to make you cum since I felt your tight pussy on my fingers.” She turned Phoebe so her plump ass was facing her, and bent her over. I want you completely exposed for me. Kayt pushed Phoebe so her chest, and head, lay flat on the floor, and her knees were propped up. She could see more of Phoebes pussy; now that her cheeks were spread. She grabbed Phoebes thong at the top of her crack, and slowly peeled it away from the wet pussy it was hiding. Phoebe lips were slightly above average, they were thick and plump, but still tight. She pulled her underwear off, and stared at the glimmering hole underneath. bursa elit escort

She traced her pussy, and pushed in two of her fingers. Phoebe let out a gasp. Kayt didn’t hold back, she pushed her fingers in as far as she could, making Phoebe moan to stop. “I think you need to be punished for being a greedy girl,” said Kayt, as she fucks her pussy hard with her fingers. Phoebe continued to moan into a nearby pillow. Kayt flicked her clit with her other fingers, Phoebe shook and moaned louder. Kayt felt Phoebe clenching tight around her fingers. She felt warm and wet.

Kayt stopped finger fucking Phoebe, right before she was about to cum. Phoebe complained with a groan. “I need to feel your silky clit in my mouth,” said Kayt, as she maneuvered underneath Phoebe.

Kayt spread Phoebes legs so her thick lips parted and revealed her clit. Kayt lay under Phoebe, and pulled her pussy close to her mouth. She took all of her clit in her mouth, gently sucking and licking, feeling the silky wet lips envelop her face. Kayts own body ached at how delicious her friend tasted. She felt Phoebes warm pussy lips, on her own lips, as she slowly sucked and licked her clit. Phoebe moaned as Kayt pulled her in with every stroke. Phoebe wanted to cum, so she slowly started fucking Kayts face, feeling Kayts tongue slide all over her clit. She fucked Kayts face hard, rubbing her clit on anything that it touched. Kayt reached up and grabbed Phoebes hard nipples, pulling at them, and grasping her tits. Phoebe came hard, quivering and shaking all over. Kayts face was soaked in cum and spit.

“Your turn.” Said Phoebe to Kayt, with a devilish grin.

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