Kelsey’s World Ch. 30

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Barbara hadn’t seen Wendy at the gym since before the holidays. The falling out of their friendship was unavoidable — finding Barbara naked and trussed with leather straps on Ritchie’s bed was something a mother doesn’t get over very quickly. Wendy had to come to grips with a number of things on that day two months ago — her son was enjoying himself living away from her, he had a thing for older women, he enjoyed having sex with women who were tied up, and her best friend Barb was the woman in question. It was more than a little overwhelming, so Wendy had steered clear of the gym when she thought Barbara would be there.

It wasn’t an exact science, though. On more than one occasion Wendy had pulled into the gym parking lot and noticed Barbara’s car there. Wendy drove home on those days with mixed feelings, still angry at Barb and still angry at herself for holding a grudge.

The opposite was going on in Barbara’s mind. She just wanted everybody to get along, so when she saw Wendy’s car at the gym one evening in early January, she veered across the path of an oncoming car and hurried inside, hoping to ‘casually’ run into Wendy and break the long frozen ice.

“Oh, hi!” Barbara said, when she saw Wendy was just arriving too, putting her things in a locker. “Gosh, you look terrific! Have you been coming a lot?”

Wendy was shocked by the unintended double entendre. Not as much as you are, with my son! she wanted to scream. “Yeah, I finally got on a three times a week schedule,” she said, trying to sound calm. “Can you really see a difference?”

“Oh, yeah!” Barb said, looking her over. “All that worry about your ass? You can kiss that goodbye! I’ll bet Matt’s kissin’ it hello!”

Wendy laughed. It felt so good she almost cried. She really loved Barb, and had missed her.

“He has been more into things lately. And, as mad as I’ve been at you, I have to admit it’s all because of you.”

“It is not.”

“It is. Think back. I befriended you because I wanted to be sexy like you.”

“Well,” Barbara said, “you got it in you naturally. That’s all I’m saying.”

Barbara opened a locker and put her handbag inside. She opened up the gym bag that she carried with her in the car and started changing her clothes. “So, how mad at me are you?” she asked, avoiding eye contact.

“Honestly? If I didn’t sort of love you I would have killed you.”

“That bad, huh?” Barbara said, turning her sad, pretty eyes toward Wendy.

“Yup,” Wendy said. “But…time marches on, right? It’s a new year. I’ve had a lot of time to think.”


“Richie’s a good kid. You’re not dangerous. I kinda hate to say it, but…I feel like he’s in good hands. I’m actually kinda glad you’re over there sometimes. I have a feeling that house is nothing but wild. I mean, I like the girls, but I feel better knowing you’re kind of keeping an eye on things.”

“I feel like I need to be honest with you,” Barbara said. “I’m not exactly Mother Teresa when I’m over there.”

“I know that. I’m pretty sure Mother Teresa didn’t like bondage. But, you know what I mean. You’re a mother. You’re not gonna let it turn into a crack house or something.”

“I do know what you mean. I’m glad I’m there too. But honestly, those girls are kind of remarkable. I don’t think any one of them has missed a day of work. Brie and Charity love teaching. They’re always grading papers or working on something for school. Apart from the nudity and the sex, it’s a perfectly normal house.”

“We’ll talk more later,” Wendy said when another woman entered the locker room.

Barbara hugged Wendy. “I feel like a huge weight’s been lifted off of me,” she said quietly in Wendy’s ear.

“Me too,” Wendy said. She squeezed Barb tight before the two of them went out to conquer the exercise machines.

An hour later, they were sitting on stools at a high table in the bar of the fancy restaurant across the street, the same table where they’d first gotten to know each other, months ago. An open bottle of Shiraz and two half-full glasses sat on the tabletop.

“That’s good wine,” Barbara said, after too big of a gulp. “So how often do you visit Ritchie?”

I could ask you the same question, Wendy said to herself. “At his place? I try and see him once a week, but he comes home to us most of the time. I go out there once every three weeks or so. I always get the feeling I’m interrupting something. The girls are barely dressed, and…”

“You’re just interrupting their normal. You know they don’t wear clothes, right?”

Wendy sat stone-faced, trying to process what Barb had said.

“You didn’t know that?” Barbara asked.

“No. That…makes sense, though, now that I think about it. What they’re wearing always looks thrown on. Just the girls, you mean, right?”

“No. All of them.”

“You mean…Richie walks around there with no clothes on?”

“Yup. Austin, too. All of ’em.”

“I need more wine,” Wendy said. She gulped down most of what was in her glass. There was an odd look on her face when she refilled it. She filled Barbara’s, too.

“And…when görükle escort bayan you’re there?” Wendy asked. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer.

Barbara nodded. “Me too.”

Wendy was stone-faced again. Her mind was spinning all kinds of directions.

“Barb!” Wendy said quietly, her eyes growing big. “Naked? In front of Austin?”

“Like I said, not Mother Teresa. It sort of snuck up on me. You know Kelsey’s family are naturist, right? She sort of…guided me into it. She’s got a way about her.”

“But…what’s that like?” Wendy asked. “Was Austin…okay with it?”

“Yeah, he’s very mature about it. About a lot of things, really,” Barbara said, gulping more wine. “It’s odd, Wendy. It’s almost like were not mother and son sometimes, and yet the mother/son bond is stronger than ever. Do you remember when you and I went shopping for lingerie and you said Richie saw you in the bathroom the next day in that black see-through lace babydoll you bought, and you said you just stood there and it didn’t feel all that strange? It’s kind of like that.”

“Yeah, but, Barb…everyone naked?”

“You and Matt have the house to yourself now. You should try it at home. It’s really kind of amazing how good it feels.”

“Barb, I don’t think I’m understanding. What about the boys? Don’t they get…hard?”

Barbara blushed a little and took another big sip of wine. She hadn’t expected the conversation to get deep into her new relationship with her son, but she’d backed herself into a corner.

“Sometimes. Wendy, maybe we shouldn’t talk about this.”

Wendy didn’t know what to say. The house was nudist, and the boys walked around with hard-ons? And Barb was there, looking at her own son’s boner? That seemed to be what Barb was saying, but it all seemed crazy to Wendy, like she was dreaming it.

“Yeah, maybe…we shouldn’t. I mean…”

Barbara seized the moment to get away from the awkwardness. “So,” she said, “things are better with Matt?”

Wendy knew just what Barb was getting at. “Oh. Yeah. I don’t know why I’m gonna tell you this, the wine’s getting to me I guess. After I…found you…in Richie’s room…all tied up, I…we…Matt and me, we tried it.”

Barbara smiled brightly. “Wendy! Who tied up who?”

“Me. I mean, I let him. It wasn’t, like, fancy, like that thing you were in. Just scarves around my wrists and ankles. God, I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it.”

“Isn’t it fun? God, I love it. I think it’s awesome that you tried it. So? Did you like it?”

“Oh, yeah!” Wendy said, smiling shyly. “It’s…kinda great. Matt was like a new man.”


“Yup. I closed my eyes and it wasn’t him. I swear to God.”

“Yeah! You go girl!” Barbara said. She clinked glasses with Wendy and they both took another big sip of the nice wine. It was going down easy.

“So, get this,” Wendy said. “I found a picture in Richie’s room. I swear to God I wasn’t snooping. He left it out by mistake.”

Barbara’s heart raced. Was it one of her, she wondered?

“Richie and Abby and Kelsey, all naked with my neighbor Koop and his mechanic partner. They’re all standing together, posing, with smiles no less, in Koop’s shop. All of them are covered in dirt.”

“Really?” Barbara said, trying to act like she didn’t know about it. Wendy sensed that Barb knew something.

“Do you know about it?” she asked, looking confused.

“I’d forgotten Koop’s your neighbor. Do you talk to him?”

“Let’s just say he’s who Matt turned into, when I closed my eyes.”

“Really!” Barbara smiled. “God, I’ve missed talking to you.” She filled both the glasses again, emptying the bottle. “So where does he live? Can you look in his windows?”

“I wish! He’s sort of kitty-corner, across the street. But we missed something here. How do you know him?”

Barbara wondered if she should just come clean, and admit that Koop and Happy had given her dozens of orgasms, and that Richie and Austin’s cum had mixed with Koop and Happy’s deep in her pussy at the Christmas party. Probably deep in her ass, too, but she was so thrillingly out of her mind that night she couldn’t be certain who was in what hole.

“He sold Kelsey her Jeep,” Barbara said.

“Yeah, I know that. That’s how Richie met her, remember? But you’ve…met him?”

“This gets into delicate territory. I can’t tell you the details without getting some people’s permission first, but…let’s just say I’ve been to some parties that Koop was at.”

“Parties?” Wendy asked. She was smiling, but looked confused.

“That’s really alI can say. I’m sorry, Wendy.”

“What is it, like some secret society or something?” Wendy said, half kiddingly. “Oh, is there a mansion? There’s always a mansion in those stories, right?”

Barbara didn’t answer, but yes, Kay and Bobbie’s big old Victorian house definitely fit the bill.

“Barb, come on. Really? You can’t tell me how you know Koop? Does it involve Richie?”

Barbara sighed. “Believe me, Wendy, I’d love to tell you all about it, but…you altıparmak eskort wouldn’t want me talking about your private life with other people, would you? Let’s just say I know Koop, and I think he’s a great guy.”

“Parties? Jesus, Barb, are the kids having orgies? What the fuck’s going on? Should I be telling Abby’s parents about this?”

“No! Don’t do that! God, she’d never forgive either of us! I’ll tell you what, can you give me a day to run this by someone? I just don’t feel right telling certain things.”

“God, Barb, this is nuts. I guess I need to respect that you’re not a blabbermouth. Okay, you’re off the hook for today. But don’t forget me. I won’t sleep until I know what Richie’s in the middle of.”

“I promise. The last thing I want to do is lose this again,” Barbara said, waging her finger between Wendy and herself. “I’m so glad we’ve reconnected.”

“Me to. But Jesus, Barb, you got my head messed up. That wine’s got a kick, doesn’t it?”

“Is Matt home? You need to dangle those scarves in front of him. Have him tie you up face down. I love it that way.”

“Fuck! Now I’m messed up and horny,” Wendy smiled. “I missed you Barb. I really missed you.”

“Wow, you look like you had fun,” Matt said when he saw Wendy’s wine-buzz smile. “Were you out with a boyfriend?”

“No!” Wendy said. “I…had a drink with Barb.”

“Really? How’d it go?”

“Really good. We’re friends again. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed her.”

“I did. You’ve been moping around here for months. Did you see her at the gym?

“Yup. Hey, mister! What’s that look in your eye?”

“Oh, nothing,” Matt smiled. “Just picturing you two all sweaty together.”

“Oh you are, are you,” Wendy said as her wine-soaked adrenaline started to flow. “I suppose you’d like to tie me up again and think about it some more.”

Matt’s smile brightened, the way a light bulb does when you turn up the rheostat. Wendy’s wine buzz kicked in again, almost like she’d drank another bottle. In no time at all she was naked, face down on the bed, with all four of her limbs tied securely out at the corners. Matt’s cock was in her pussy, feeling like nothing less than God’s Golden Tool. Her back was arched up and her head was turned, so Matt could get his hands on her tits and his mouth on hers. It was a burning kiss, wet and sloppy, barely holding together as the fucking rose in intensity. Their moaning mouths separated when they both closed in on the big moment. The big bed was rocking, knock knock knocking against the wall. It was a feverish, primal fuck, and the climax was fitting, with crying grunts that were worthy of the Neanderthal.

When it slowed to a stop, with all of Matt’s weight feeling gloriously comforting on her back, Wendy realized that, in the heat of the moment, she’d thought of Richie fucking Barb the exact same way. Instead of freaking her out, it made her proud that she’d created a young man who wasn’t nervous about sex, the way so many men are. She was glad that he seemed to love it all, and knew how to satisfy a woman. It was an odd revelation to have in her post orgasmic state. Must be the wine, she said to herself. Must be the wine.

“So what is it about two sweaty girls that makes a man do that?” Wendy asked the deep breathing lover on her back.

“Ha!” Matt laughed. “Are you a mind reader now?”

“I hope it’s two sweaty girls, and not just Barb you’re thinking about.”

“Oh, you’re in there. You’re in there good. Have I told you how good you look lately? All that angst you were trying to sort out at the gym really paid off.”

“You noticed?”

“Of course! I also noticed your clothes are getting a little loose. You deserve a shopping spree. I’m picturing nice tight pants.”

Wendy smiled. “Don’t tell me my ass…is that what inspired you just now? Untie me. I wanna hug you.”

A few minutes later, after a nice kissy hug, Wendy was up on Matt’s hard cock, riding cowgirl.

“I don’t mind, you know,” she said breathlessly as she bounced. “I think about her, too.”

A look of happy surprise overtook Matt’s face as he watched his energetic wife. “Barb, you mean?”

“Yeah,” Wendy said. Sweat was starting to glisten on her body as her thighs propelled her up and down. “When you and I are…doing stuff. I can’t seem to get her out of my mind.”

“Because of Richie?”

“I don’t think so,” Wendy said, her breathless voice getting even more breathy as she fucked every centimeter of Matt’s length. “Maybe.”

It was the first time their son’s relationship with Barb had been discussed during sex. It seemed like a breakthrough, to both of them. It certainly triggered them both — Wendy had a slow-burn orgasm that left her limp, and Matt, with visions in his mind of his son fucking Barb, had a similar melt down. His cock, deep inside his wife’s pussy, had never felt so magically electric.

The afterglow was cuddly and warm. They both wondered what the other was thinking — should they bring up Richie again at such a moment, or Barb?

“If nilüfer escort you ever feel like experimenting…I’d be okay with it,” Matt said.

“What do you mean?”

“With…Barb. It’s something women are curious about sometimes, right?”

Wendy could hardly believe her ears, but she couldn’t help smiling. “Sexually? Is that what you mean?”

“Yeah,” Matt said, embarrassed that his cock was plumping. “She seems like the kind of person who might be into that.”

“Oh, my God! You’re turned on by this, aren’t you?”

“Well, if you’re not, that’s plenty fine, too,” Matt said. “I’m just glad she gets you in the mood, for whatever reason.”

“Oh you are are you? That explains this?” Wendy smiled, scooping up Matt’s growing cock in her hand. “You’re a dirty boy. Why didn’t I ever know that?”

“You never asked,” Matt smiled.

“So you want me to have sex with Barb. And your son already is. What do you get out of it? I’m not lettin’ you in there, if that’s what you’re angling for. Not with the way Richie’s involved.”

“No. No. I just thought maybe you girls were…I don’t know. Forget it if you want. Or don’t. It’s okay with me, that’s all.”

Wendy was astonished. Her husband had just given her permission to fuck a woman. It sure seemed that way anyway. She wasn’t about to ask the details.

The next day, Barbara called, as she’d promised to do. Wendy’s heart raced when she heard her soothing voice…

“Wendy? Hi, it’s Barb. I don’t know about you, but I got a headache from that wine. We drank it so fast!”

“Hi Barb. No headache for me, but it was a nice buzz, that was for sure. Maybe the exercise helped with my head.”

“At the gym, you mean?”

“No. I took your advice. You’re so right. Tied up face down is amazing.”

Barb giggled. “Nice! Now I’m jealous. You with your nice sexy man to go home to. So listen, I talked to who I needed to talk to, about what I couldn’t tell you. Gosh, it sounds like espionage or something,” Barb giggled. “Are you free for lunch? I know it’s Sunday and Matt’s probably home. I think it might be easier to talk about if it’s just the girls, though.”

“Yes, I’m free.”

Two hours later Barbara turned onto Kay and Bobby’s driveway. The bright sun glistened off the white snow blanketing the ground under the craggy old apple trees.

“So this is where Kelsey grew up?”

“Yup. Like I said, Kay’s super nice. You know how nice Kelsey is — she’s a chip of the old block, that’s for sure.”

“You know, I’ve driven past here,” Wendy said. “In the wintertime you can see a little bit of the house, but wow, this is such a cool place!”

“I know, isn’t it?”

Barb parked and they got out the car onto the fresh snow.

“Welcome!” Kay yelled from the front porch.

Inside the living room, coats were hung on hooks and the heat from the big woodstove warmed Wendy and Barb.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Wendy,” Kay said. “Richie’s such a nice young man. You did a marvelous job raising him.”

“Oh, thank you,” Wendy said. “Barb told me he was here with her. I’m still getting used to the idea.”

“I didn’t actually bring him with me,” Barbara said. “He came with Abby. Kelsey invited them.”

“Shall we have lunch in the kitchen?” Kay asked. “We’ll see if Barb and I can help to answer some of your questions.”

The three of them went into the kitchen, where another woodstove was making soft ticking noises as its cast iron sides radiated warmth. Sunlight streamed in through french doors that lead out to the snowy pool patio. The kitchen table was set for three places, with a nice looking sandwich on each plate — chicken salad and green lettuce leaves between slices of rustic looking bread. A plate of cottage cheese and homemade pickles was ready to pass. Chocolate chip cookies on a bright yellow platter waited their turn for dessert.

“I’ve got some nice Riesling wine if you’d like, or something non-alcoholic,” Kay said.

“Wine would be nice,” Wendy said.

The three women talked about the house and the old orchard, the neighborhood where Wendy lived, and common experiences raising kids in the same school system. Wendy was having a nice time and really enjoyed Kay’s company, but she was still curious why she’d been summoned to the big old house. She took a big sip of wine for courage and blurted her curiosity out into the open…

“So tell me about these mysterious parties.”

“Yes, Barbara told me that came up the other day,” Kay said. “I hope it doesn’t seem like we’re trying to keep secrets from you, it’s just that…it’s a bit of a delicate subject in a town the size of ours. If I asked you to keep this just between us for now, would that be all right?”

“Of course. I hate gossip. I don’t generally get involved in all that.”

“My husband Bobby and I are swingers. And, seemingly through osmosis or something, Kelsey’s embraced the lifestyle, too,” Kay said. She looked as deeply into Wendy’s eyes as she could, and all seemed relatively calm. “Now, Bobby and I have always had a policy, informal, you know, about not getting involved with the college-aged kids in town. It’s just always seemed better to avoid that. But Kelsey, she’s sort of set off this chain of events with her friends, and, well, our old rules seem to be going by the wayside. That’s why Richie and Abby were here for our Christmas party.”

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