Kevin’s First Bi Experience

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It was a fantastic night out with friends, and eventually we and our crew found ourselves at our apartment, with plenty of food, booze, and weed. Everyone who had made it that far into the night crowded into the living room to watch some classic movies with snacks and more drinks, but one by one they trickled out the door, tired and happy. Eventually, it was just me, my wife Becky, and our friend Kevin. It was not unusual for Kevin to crash on our sofa on nights like this due to being far enough away to have to drive, and that arrangement was already assumed. Becky had been pretty flirty all night, and I knew she was craving a good hard fuck. I was a little tired, but I was still willing to take one for the team, so when we took a short break, I went to our bedroom and swallowed a boner pill from our stash. When I came back, we all squeezed onto the love seat to watch a few more episodes on Netflix.

The show started to get a little sexy, and Kevin made a few comments about having been single for a while and needing to find a girlfriend.

“Damn, I wish I had a friend like that, it’s been a while for me you know.” Kevin lamented. A few minutes later, my wife adjusted herself on the couch, making a show of needing to get a little more comfortable, but I noticed how she “happened” to settle in a position a little more snuggled into Kevin. At this point, I knew exactly what naughty thoughts were going through her mind, and nudged her to give her a wink. She gave me a mischievous smile and wedged her shoulder slightly behind Kevin’s.

A few minutes later, there was a romantic moment in the show, and I felt my wife shift a little closer to Kevin. I could tell by her naughty expression and snuggled posture that she was shifting her top lower, and ever so slightly touching his arm with her breast. She has a particular skill for giving people seemingly candid views into her blouse, and would oftentimes do it just for the power trip of catching the eye of her mark and giving them that little “made you look” smirk. Kevin seemed to be trying to pay attention to the show, but it was obvious that he was enjoying her touch when he leaned back into that pillowy softness that is my wife’s tits. Becky, encouraged by this move, looped her arm under his and pulled him in closer. With this move she just “happened” to slide her blouse down a little further to clearly expose the top strap of her lacey cutout bra. Not to be left out of the action, and wanting to enhance the mood, I placed my hand on her thigh and caressed idly.

“Have you ever done a threesome?” she asked Kevin, looking up at him with her emerald green bedroom eyes. He looked back at her with the most curious smile until he noticed me looking at them; however, his sudden guilty expression changed to a grin when I gave him a sneaky smile and raised my eyebrows in a suggestive look.

“Well, I almost did a foursome once with my best friend in Colorado and his girl. We were also kind of into each other, but it never ended up working out before I moved here.”

Becky gasped and gave him a faked exaggerated look of surprise. “Look at you being bi, you big hunk!” elbowing him and settling in even closer, and in a dreamy voice said “you know what they say! Bi guys do it best!”

Kevin chuckled. “so they say…”

“So, Kevin, how long has it been since you’ve had a good blow job?” I asked.

“It has been quite a long time.” he said, emphasizing each word.

My wife gave him that mischievous look again, and with her words just dripping with a vixen tone said “well, we might have to fix that soon.”

At this point, Kevin had to adjust his hips to accommodate his growing crotch. A few minutes later as I continued to watch the show, I heard a sigh and looked over to see Becky massaging a prominent bulge in Kevin’s pants, and his hand reaching into her blouse, which was hanging half way off of her shoulder. With the mood already so explicit, I no longer saw a need to be subtle, so my hand found its way up her thigh to her crotch, and her legs spread to welcome my touch.

When I could hear her breathing getting heavier, I knew it was on in earnest, so I decided to move things along a little. “I think we need to break that dry spell of yours. What do you say?” I prompted.

“Well, I’m not going to say no.” Kevin grinned. At that cue, Becky wasted no time unzipping his pants and leaned down as a thick uncut rod came free.

“dang, dude!” I goaded. “that’s quite a gun you’ve got!” I barely got much of a look at his beautiful cock before it disappeared between my wife’s scarlet lips, and slowly reappeared with a quiet slurp. As she skillfully brought him fully erect, she signaled to me to help her get her yoga pants off. The instant this mission was accomplished, she grabbed my head and buried it in her pussy. I immediately noticed was just how deliciously wet she was as I swallowed a mouthful of her juices, and knew that she was hungry to get to that first orgasm. I wasted no time with teasing or edging and went straight Gaziantep Emek Escort to working my tongue over her clit in smooth fast circles. As I continued to eat her out, she let out a muffled moan onto Kevin’s boner and was soon making shorter and faster excited grunts as Kevin grabbed a handful of her fiery hair, desperately forcing her throat down onto his cock. I knew she was close, so I redoubled my vigorous tongue-fucking and used her soaked pussy as lube to slip my thumb into her vagina, to stimulate her g-spot, and worked another finger into her ass. This was apparently enough to send her over the edge as she pushed against Kevin, who was giving her no mercy, and squealed and thrashed as her first orgasm shook her toned body.

Once she regained control of her senses, she stared up at Kevin. “I want to fuck your cock so bad!” she growled. Not waiting for anyone’s cue, she lept up and straddled him. Kevin wasted no time guiding his dick into her hot, dripping pussy. “Oh, yes!” She screamed, tearing off her top to reveal her lacy cutout bra and burying her tits into his face. She stopped bouncing on his cock long enough for Kevin to get into a position to be the power bottom, and with eyes wild with lust, looked back at me and ordered “Fuck my ass, baby!” This was obviously an order I could not refuse, so after getting Kevin’s and my pants removed, I positioned myself between their legs and worked my rod into her back door. Kevin and I quickly found a rhythm, seesawing in and out in turn, and I could feel every thrust he made through the thin wall between us.

“Good call taking that boner pill,” I thought, as the tightness of her ass enveloped my manhood. Becky’s gasps were now loud and ragged as her two partners pumped her holes vigorously. It was a beautiful synergy between the three of us as we ravished each other in pure lust. With her body now conforming to sizes of the cocks inside of her, Kevin and I now synchronized our thrusts, filling her even tighter. With Kevin in one hole and I in the other, she worked her wide hips and round ass to take in as much as possible. My wife was now squealing with pleasure as another orgasm was building, so I dug my fingers into her hips and started to slam her down on both our cocks. Being powerless to control herself, she came loudly, twitching and shaking while gasping for breath. Wave after wave thundered through her body until she let out a familiar satisfied exhale. She scooted forward away from us and collapsed onto Kevin’s chest, Burying that gorgeous head of hair into Kevin’s neck, panting.

“Jesus, fuck!” she rasped. “I’m going to need a minute!” She flopped off of Kevin onto the couch, listless from the intense fucking she had just endured. I crashed down on the other side of him, panting from the exertion, with my arm around him.

It didn’t take long being so close to such a gorgeous man before we turned towards each other and started making out. I reached down to his still-hard rod and noted just how thick he was as I started to jerk him off. He responded in kind, matching each of my strokes. With my other hand behind his neck, I pulled him closer, and as our tongues intertwined, a spark sent me into a state of satisfied bliss with my friend.

“We need to take this to the bedroom,” Becky commented once regaining her breath. Her eyes lit up with an idea as she twisted her body around in a half-drunken manner to face her newest partner with an enthusiastic look. “Kevin, you know what I would love to see? I would go crazy to watch my husband fuck you.”

Kevin seemed a little shy at that suggestion, and spoke hesitantly. “Although I’m bi, I’ve… I’ve never actually been fucked by another dude,” giving me a sheepish look.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ve done it a couple times, so it’ll be alright” I smiled, taking his hand to lift him off the couch.

Becky followed us excitedly and bounced over to the far side of our California king bed and into her signature sexy pose that always got my motor running – One leg straight, the other crooked, with her hand supporting her head. Other than her favorite lingerie top that she had been showing off so wickedly throughout the entire evening, there was nothing else but her smooth body and shaved pussy on display.

“Now you two boys just pretend like I’m not here,” she said with a sheepish smile.

“That, my dear, would be impossible,” I quipped.

“Yeah, you can’t expect a fella to not notice a hot piece like yourself lying there!” Kevin added, as he rolled across and gave her a tender kiss on her lips.

“Hey!” I said, teasingly “no smooching my gal unless you’re gonna fuck her again!” I laughed, climbing onto the bed and spooning Kevin. “But first, I’m gonna gonna get a piece of this ass!” I said, squeezing his firm rump. Becky tossed us the bottle of lube which I squirted liberally on my dick. “Just relax. you’re gonna love it.” While still spooning him, I slipped my lubed dick between his thighs and started nuzzling his neck, using my lips to explore each and every muscular curve on his smooth back. As I started to slowly pump my dick between his legs, I could feel my tip grazing his sack with each thrust. The light scruffiness of his crotch gave me little sensations that shivered all the way through me and came out the top as gentle kissing on his back, and an idle caressing of his chest. I reached out my hand to my leering wife who squirted a small amount of lube on my palm, somehow making it as sexy as possible like only she could do. Using the gel, I reached my hand over his waist and down to his growing member and began to appreciate his girth with a slow twisting motion. Becky was entranced watching our erotic display, and biting her lower lip, she slipped a hand down to her now glistening slit.

With each of us warmed up again, I knew it was time to give Kevin the experience he had been wanting. I pointed my dick towards his hole, and slowly worked it all the way in. Kevin let out some contented sighs between his smiling lips as I started fulfilling myself in his ass. The pressure was tight, and pleasure shook my body. The intense sensation in the tip of my penis lessened down the length of my shaft to give way to a whole different feeling of pleasure from the tight, steady embrasure of his rectum; with each deep stroke, I pulled his cheeks into my hips, grounding the epicenter of my pleasure to my pelvis.

Kevin leaned back, rolling his eyes upwards in bliss as my thrusts brought him his first prostate experience. Now and then, a few mumbled words would trail off as his thoughts would be clouded over by the new sensations overtaking him, and eventually he resigned himself to simply focusing in on the experience. As we settled into a rhythm, I began fucking him with more vigor, drawing a few breathy, high-pitched whines from his lips. With this indication that he was getting closer to his first anal orgasm. I rose to a kneeling position behind him, lifting his knee to give me unhindered access to put my full length into him. Becky, barely able to contain herself, leaned into his rod and started furiously bobbing her head up and down. The sight of Becky swallowing his dick deep into her throat sent my head spinning as I exploded into his ass, slamming into him with everything I had. Kevin let out a yell as he too shot his sperm down Becky’s throat, bucking his hips into both of us and growling as his orgasm carried on for the next few moments.

As I withdrew from him, my wife playfully pushed him onto his back. “Now it’s your turn to return the favor,” she said in a haughty voice, and before he had time to protest, she straddled his face and grabbed his hair. Needing a little break, I went into the bathroom to clean up. As I grabbed and wetted a washcloth and switched on our towel steam-heater (one of the best home improvement investments we ever made), I could hear the moans coming from my ginger babe in the other room. When I walked back in, I was treated to quite a sight. My Wife’s hips were spread wide on top of Kevin’s head, and his hands were making the best of her round booty. Her back was arched forward, accentuating her narrowing waste up to her bra straps, which were now unhooked. Her hands were gripping the top of the headboard, and her head was turned down and to the side, her eyes closed and mouth agape. There was no way I would pass up taking this all in and I leaned against the doorway to do just that. After a few moments of admiring my gorgeous wife having a beautiful moment with one of our friends, she looked back at me, and beckoned me with a finger. Taking the cue, I joined them on the bed and immediately took Kevin’s manhood into my mouth and went to work.

As I brought Kevin’s dick back into the game, he gave Becky’s pussy everything he had, pushing her over the edge yet again.

As she dismounted his face, I could see an insatiable look in her eye, and knew she needed more. With clever forethought, I had taken the opportunity while working on Kevin’s dick to lube up my own ass, and now it would be my turn to take Kevin’s girth. I moved over to Becky, and confidently took her in an intimate embrace, making as much contact with her lurid body as I could. As she fell supine onto the bed, I pulled away her bra and quickly found her slit. With practiced precision, I entered her and gave my full attention to her neck covered with her soft red curls.

As she lay there in my embrace, she called out to Kevin breathily. “I think my hu – husband has – the only hole available right now,” she said between sighs of pleasure. She let out a small squeak as I nibbled her ear before continuing. “I think it’s kind of lonely right now without your dick!” Without raising my head from her now somewhat mussed up hair, my muffled voice agreed.

“Okay,” he said sheepishly, and positioned himself behind me. After lubing up his tool, he reached under me to massage what genitals of mine that were not buried in Becky’s pussy, causing me to spread my knees a little wider in anticipation. “Okay, here goes!” he said, as he inserted his dick into the first man he had ever fucked.

The combination of being stimulated from behind while filling my wife’s womanhood is a divine feeling that transcends the direct sensations involved. Fucking and being fucked at the same time creates a powerful spiritual interaction, tying each party into a single voice and state of being. The only other experience that I could possibly compare it to to describe it is from my college days sitting in the center of the orchestra as principle second violinist. The music would all swirl together in a beautiful synesthetic dance, merging us all into one unified being that was the music. In a completely different, yet profoundly similar way, our existence continued like this for a period of time that I cannot guess, culminating in the moment that I came. It was such a natural and seamless progression into a few moments of bliss that I was no longer in control of what was happening. My vision blurred, and I heard myself cry out with each breath. With Kevin’s hands on my hips, he quickened our rhythm of thrusting back and forth – into Becky, then back into himself. I felt Kevin’s shaft twitch inside me and then pump rhythmically as every part of my body gave in, quivering spasmodically.

As we all slowed to a stop, taking in all that we had just experienced, we collapsed into a pile of panting, sweaty bodies. For then next few minutes, we just laid there catching our breath and absorbing the human contact. Once we finally separated the pile of bodies, Kevin broke the silence. “Well Becky, I wasn’t really involved down there, so how did it go? Did your cum as hard as we made your husband cum?”

“It was more like a constant rippling,” she exhaled, “but oh, my GOD it just didn’t stop!” With this revelation, she flopped even flatter on the bed for emphasis.

“So what did you think, Kevin?” I asked as he laid there staring up at the ceiling with an absent look on his face.

“That… that was amazing,” he said. We continued on to discuss the feelings and thoughts about his being bisexual and I being pansexual as Becky got up and walked to the bathroom.

“Did you know that Becky is bi too?” I asked. “in case you didn’t already figure it out, this isn’t exactly the first time we’ve had… uh… guests in our bedroom. It’s not always both of us either. We’ve each had various causal boyfriends and girlfriends that we have seen both separately and together. On my birthday last year, I came home to see candle light and Becky’s hair buried between her girlfriend’s thighs!” I laughed. “That combined birthday present was definitely one to remember.”

At that point, I saw my wife’s bare, curvy body coming out of the bathroom in a purposeful red carpet walk carrying two hand towels. As she tossed each of us a steaming hot linen, she smiled at me. “Thanks for turning on the towel heater, babe!” she said. “Now you two boys better keep me warm and cozy tonight so we can do this again in the morning. I do love waking up to a good fuck.” The last sentence was directed at Kevin with a sultry voice and lustful gaze that moved down his body to his now semi-flaccid dick. As I pulled the comforter off the bed and went to retrieve another, Becky and Kevin laid on their sides facing each other, kissing and giggling. When I returned, I threw the blanket at them playfully, and they stopped for a moment to help me spread the new cover onto the bed. When I joined them, my dick reminded me of the boner pill I had taken earlier, so I slid between the sheets and shared this information with my wife’s ample posterior. “Hi, honey!” she said in an exaggerated voice without breaking her attention to Kevin’s chest and lips. “You need something?”

“Well…” I said coyly, “If you’re willing provide it.”

“That’s okay,” she said welcomingly. This was all the encouragement I needed to place my rod between her thighs like I did Kevin earlier that evening. Her opening was mildly moist, and I could just fully reach her clit with my tip to begin coaxing her vagina to provide a little more natural lubricant. With this combination of attention she was receiving, she let out a contented moan and smiled.

“My Johnson is done for the night, but I’m still enjoying this,” said Kevin as he proceeded to bury his face onto Becky’s stiff nipple. A few moments later, she was smooth enough for my dick to find its way inside of her and begin gently thrusting. As her face relaxed into her calmly turned-on expression – mouth agape, and eyes closed, she leaned down to kiss Kevin’s head. Seeing the tenderness of my wife’s actions and the bulging of her breasts as Kevin worked them over was a quite sexy scene.

I built up my pleasure slowly with ebbs and flows, edging a little closer each time. Once in that state of being right on the edge, I would back off just enough to come back down. After a few trips to the edge, the ebbs and flows narrowed in depth until I found myself able to keep myself in that blissful zone. The now slight rise and fall of my pleasure slowed to longer periods of time until each rise became a slow orgasm that lasted a little longer each time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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