Kevin’s Journey to Findom Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

April 15th was my birthday. I love birthdays and I love when people remember my birthday. For about two weeks I dropped hints to Mike that my birthday was coming up. Like most muscled headed guys, he just gave me a blank stare and nothing more. Two days before my birthday, I gave Mike another more obvious hint that I was looking for some attention for my birthday. He said he would take me out for a nice dinner. For a college student, a nice dinner usually meant it was a place where your food did not come in wax paper or Styrofoam container. My expectations were incredibly low.

The actual day of my birthday was extremely busy. The day started with two early classes, then a lab. I followed that up with a trip to the gym. By the time I was finished it was almost four. Mike had said he had reservations for six, so I had to run to get ready. As I walked to my dorm, I saw Kevin. He had a small package in his hand. Kevin said hello then looked me up and down, at which point a small pup tent appeared in his pants. I was all sweaty in my skin-tight workout clothes, short socks, and sneakers. Nothing was left to the imagination and it appeared Kevin liked what he saw. I grabbed his hand and told him that I needed his help. As we made our way to my room, I told him that Mike was taking me out for dinner, and I wanted Kevin to help me pick out something naughty to wear. Kevin blushed and looked down and said he was happy to assist me.

When we arrived at my dorm room, I stripped out of my workout clothes and handed them to Kevin and told him to make sure they got washed tonight, because I needed them clean for tomorrow. He responded, “yes ma’am.” As I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower, I asked Kevin to go through my clothes and pick out something naughty that would make Mike want to fuck me hard after dinner. Kevin turned to my dresser and open it as I got into the shower.

Once I had finished my shower, I fixed my hair and threw a towel around myself. I came out to see what Kevin had chosen. Laid out on my bed was a short Lycra miniskirt, a tight white cotton top, a tiny black thong, and my 5-inch patent leather pumps. I walked over to the bed and looked down, then asked Kevin if he thought that this was naughty enough. He shook his head vigorously. I reached over and grabbed his crotch to see how excited he was. I laughed out loud. My little pervert’s penis was rock hard just thinking of me in this outfit. I thanked him and told him to help me get ready. He hesitated for a minute, then said he had a birthday present for me. I responded with augh, that is so sweet. Kevin blushed and handed me a small package. It was heavy. I opened it slowly. To my surprise, the gift was a butt plug. A shiny steel butt plug with a big red jewel on the base.

I asked why he got me a butt plug. Kevin said that when he watched Mike fuck my ass, he could tell that I was in shear ecstasy. He wanted and thought that I deserved to feel that joy in my tight ass all the time, not just with Mike. How incredibly sweet, I thought. Then I asked him why he got one with a bright red jewel. Kevin blushed a bit then looked down. He shyly said that my soul was like a fire, hot and ready to burn at any moment. He said that the red on the jewel, once in my butt, would look like a window into my inner soul. Fuck, I thought, this guy is really deep. I asked him if he wanted me to try it right now. He smiled broadly and said he did.

I dropped my towel and got some lube from my nightstand. I lubed up my hole, then the plug. I bent over so that Kevin could get a full view of my tight ass as I Bostancı Escort pressed it in. Slowly, I pushed his gift into my anxiously waiting hole. At first it resisted, then with a pop, gobbled the sphere completely. Leaving just the red jewel staring back at him. “Shit that looks amazing”, I heard him say. Wow, this felt good, I thought. He got the size exactly right. I stood up and jiggled my butt a bit and the plug settled into its new home. My pussy got wet in response. This was a perfect gift.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed. It was the alarm I sent. I only hand 15 minutes to get ready. I quickly slid my thong on, then my top and finished with my skirt. I sat on the bed and Kevin got down on his knees and kissed both of my feet. He then carefully placed the sexy heels on my feet and again kissed the tops of my feet. I stood up and spun around. He told me that I looked gorgeous. Seconds later, Mike arrived. Mike was in a pair of tight jeans and a polo shirt. Both of which barely covered his bulging muscled body. Mike looked hot. I reached up on my toes and gave him a kiss and told him I was ready for my birthday dinner. As I left, I reminded Kevin that I needed my gym clothes washed and hoped he would do it right away. I looked towards the bathroom and realized I had not put my stuff away after I got out of the shower. I looked back at Kevin and said I would appreciate it if he cleaned the bathroom too. He looked down and said, “yes ma’am”.

Dinner was nice. Mike took me to an Italian place. During the meal, I made it a point to slide the toe of my heel up between his legs and massage his balls with it. Each time I would get something on my finger, I made it a point to suck it off as if it was Mike’s huge cock. Mike spent the whole meal squirming, which was my goal. I wanted him so horny that he would literally rape me when we got home.

After dinner, he made sure we walked quickly back to my room. As we walked, my new gift rolled in circles in my tight ass. It felt amazing. It was like having Mike’s cock riding my ass the whole way. My pussy was desperate for attention and dripping wet. As we arrived at my room, Mike slammed the door shut behind us and threw me fully clothed on the bed. He hiked up my short skirt and pulled the crotch of my thong aside. He quickly pulled his massive cock from his pants and shoved it deep inside me with one thrust. The sound was incredible. As my vagina devoured his hard tool, it made a loud, wet slurping sound. Mike’s eye opened wide and he looked at me and commented that I was very wet tonight. Little did he know, it was from the constant pressure of my tight asses, new gift. I looked back and told him that it was because of his big cock.

That comment is just what his ego needed. Mike then gave me what I needed. He grabbed my throat with one hand and my perky B-cup breast with the other and used them as handles as he fucked me like an animal. Mike had only one way to fuck, that was full rape mode. Mike was not a sensual, sensitive lover. No, he was a crazy serial rapist, taking what he wanted. He did not care if I came or if I was enjoying it, he was getting off and that was his goal. For the most part, that is exactly the sexual experience I wanted tonight. However, tonight was my birthday and a “love making session” would have been nice too. My bed screamed from the stress of his driving thrusts. His grip was intense, I found myself having a hard time breathing. I tried to tell him to be gentler, but no sound escaped my mouth. I began to panic a bit and reached up and dug my long nails into his back as Ümraniye Escort hard as I could. Mike gritted his teeth in pain then growled loudly as he began to shoot a gallon of cum deep inside me. His body convulsed with each contraction of his balls as they released their potent liquid. I could not move. He had my body pinned to the bed. Pressed into the mattress as hard as he could. Right at that moment, I was only a receptacle for his warm seed, nothing more, just a tool for his sexual desire. I had nearly blacked out by the time he had finished. Suddenly, his body crashed on top of me in exhaustion.

I laid there beneath him, feeling his chest rising and falling rapidly. His heartbeat thumped strongly through his chest. He had surely enjoyed himself. He had done what he had come to do, feed me, get me horny, then shoot his load into me. As he began to come down from his sexual high, he rolled off me and stared blankly at the ceiling. I asked him what he was thinking, he said that he was worried about one of his finals and that he really needed to go and study. I told him that I wanted to snuggle for a bit, but he said he needed to run and hopped out of bed. Within seconds, he was dressed and left me alone in my bed.

I closed my eyes, upset, no pissed off, because it was my birthday and all I wanted was to be in his arms after we had made love. Instead, he was gone. Then I heard a noise. It was Kevin. Once again, he had watched us fuck. I asked him what he was doing. He told me that he had been cleaning my bathroom as I had asked, he had even cleaned the toilet for me. He had heard some noise and came out as Mike was fucking me. I called Kevin over to the bed and told him to undress. He quickly shed his clothes. Like the good boy that he was, he had his little pink sock over his small penis. However, something looked different. I sat up a bit and pulled him closer. Kevin had completely shaved all the hair off his groin. It was perfectly smooth like a baby’s bottom.

I asked him why he shaved. Kevin said that he noticed that I was totally shaved and that he thought it was beautiful. Besides, he said, he thought it looked better with his little pink sock and that when he came, his cum would not stick in his pubic hair. He then asked if I approved. I smiled. It was kind of cute. I told him that it was very nice, then directed him to my dripping pussy. Kevin dutifully began to clean up the mess Mike had left between my legs. It did not take long before Kevin’s soft tongue was teasing my swollen clit. Fuck, I thought, this guy gives the best head! A few minutes later, my back arched, my breathing stopped for a moment, then the electric shock of my orgasm jolted through my body. My hands grabbed his head and buried it deep between my legs. In response, he hummed a low tone directly on my clit. My body curled into a ball, involuntarily. Kevin was the most amazing human vibrator.

Kevin grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and dug into my pussy and slid his tongue deep inside. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. My original orgasm had not subsided yet, but instead re-intensified. I wrapped my legs around his body and dug the heels of my sexy pumps into his ass. Soon, my clit was so sensitive that I needed him to stop. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head away. Kevin looked up at me from between my legs, covered in Mike’s cum and my wetness. I was shaking uncontrollably. Kevin had given me an orgasm like I had never had before. He smiled, then slowly put his head down and gently kissed my quivering clit. It made me jump. He laughed Kartal Escort and continued gently kissing my labia and inner thighs. Waves of orgasmic aftershocks rolled through my body; I was in heaven.

Once Kevin had Mike’s mess cleaned up, he sat up between my legs. I just stared at him in amazement. Kevin’s mouth and his tongues abilities were second to none. I looked down at his tiny sock covered penis. White goo oozed from the little pink sock. Kevin had experienced a ruined orgasm while he was giving me an orgasm. I asked him if he had jerked off. He said no, that making me orgasm made him so excited that he came without touching himself. The feeling of my body convulsing in orgasm as his tongue probed my pussy made his balls involuntarily release a huge load of cum. I did not know how to respond.

I pulled him down on top of me and placed my lips on to his. His amazing tongue soon touched mine. Within seconds, we found ourselves kissing passionately. Our hands caressing and exploring each other’s body. Kevin slid down and sucked my perky tits, then bit my nipples gently, teasing me. Soon he was back down between my legs, working his magic. Moments later, I felt the telltale signs on another orgasm beginning to erupt deep inside me. Just as I was getting ready to cum, Kevin began to spin the butt plug in my ass. The mixture of friction and pressure made my whole body explode. I cried out in ecstasy. My body shook violently as my legs slammed together like a vise around his neck.

Kevin had no choice but to be a passenger on my wild orgasmic carnival ride. I think I nearly broke his neck off his body with the force of my grip. Finally, for his sake, I released my grip. He sat up and looked down at me and just stared. He reached down and lifted my shoe then removed it from my foot. He placed it to his nose and softly sniffed it. A huge smile crossed his face. Kevin then lifted my leg to his face and began to gently kiss my ankle. Soon, his soft lips were kissing my tired feet. Shit, that felt good, I thought. My other ankle and foot soon joined in. I watched as Kevin worshiped my tiny feet and ankles. I pulled my right foot away from his grip and lowered it between his legs. I gently rubbed the top of my foot on his cum soaked sock, then lifted my foot to his mouth. His warm tongue obediently licked the sticky goo from my foot. I again lower it, this time pressing the sole of my foot against the mess between his legs. I pushed hard to ensure that it covered my sole, then lifted it to his mouth.

As it reached his lips, I told him to lick it off like a little pervert. He moaned gently as his tongue started at my heel and made its way to my toes. I then told him that this where your nasty goo belongs. Perverts belong under their mistresses’ feet. This seemed to really excite him more. So I dialed up the humiliation and told him, your tiny shaved penis will never put cum inside a woman. Kevin grabbed my foot with both hands and passionately licked it. As he did, I watched his balls tighten, then the little cotton sock twitched and soon more cum was oozing from his soaked cotton condom. Kevin was literally having a second, totally ruined orgasm while I humiliated him. His body trembled as more goo dripped down from the sock and onto my bed. I pulled my foot away and pointed to the bed. I told him that he had made another mess and to clean that up too. He did exactly what I told him to do.

I was beginning to feel bad. He had been so good to me, but he loved when I was being a bitch to him. He relished my humiliation. After he cleaned up the bed, I pulled him down to me. I kissed him softly then told him I wanted him to spoon me. Kevin wrapped his body around mine. His warm cum oozed from the sock down between my butt cheeks. Without even realizing, we both fell asleep, our bodies cupped together like matching spoons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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