Kicking and Screaming Ch. 04-05

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Chapter 4

I damn near fainted more than once, not being exactly a spring chicken anymore, as Consuela, my lovely bride, wore me down at last. I had beads of sweat dripping off my flesh, and she had them, too, until I licked hers off her skin, of course. Consuela Jackson, nee Dominguez, was truly the most erotic and sensual woman I had ever known. I had no idea what I was getting into that first night that I hired her services as a lady of the night, but I was damn sure glad that I did so.

“Oh, papi … it’s okay … we don’t have much time left, anyway, until that meeting with Nadia and James, you know. I really put you through your paces tonight, didn’t I? As you can see, you chose well. I will be the best wife ever, I swear it!” the Nicaraguan beauty that I had taken to wife reassured me, though her actions had already made that clear enough.

“You know, I think that I’ve fallen in love with you. That might be an odd thing to say to one’s bride on one’s wedding night, but we entered this as a marriage of convenience, of course. Being with you ever since … seeing you constantly, seeing what kind of woman you really are, damn, girl, you impress me, especially since there is no way that you could fake being this good for that long!” I grinned as she began kissing my chest repeatedly.

“Oh, honey … I have to confess … I’ve been in love with you since you offered to marry me. What, couldn’t tell? Men! Well, I suppose that you guys can never really read us that well, can you? You had absolutely no obvious motive to take me as your bride, yet you did. You put up with awkward questions from ICE now and then, with them examining every aspect of our marriage, all of that … damn! Seriously cool, papi!

“It wasn’t just that, though. You thought me worthy of your last name. You thought of me as worthy of having your babies. Despite not wanting to raise false hopes, you managed to give me hope for … acceptance. There’s a song, by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers … it goes, ‘you don’t have to live like a refugee.’ Well, partly because I started out as a refugee, I’ve lived like one most of my life. You fucking changed that, Jack! You’re to me what Tom Petty was to the girl in the song.

“So, yeah, I’m more than a little smitten with you, babe. You have me … believing that love really can win for a change. In any case, how about a quick shower while we grope each other … okay, maybe not a QUICK shower, more an excuse to see if I can revive him one last time before our date … you get the idea,” Consuela made it clear that she hoped to make my little soldier salute at least one more time before we met up with Nadia, James, Jill, and Karen.

“Sounds good to me … and let’s face it, if any woman alive could make me hard again right now, it would be you,” I assured Consuela as we walked together to the shower to wash and fondle each other.

“Oh, honey, let’s get you all clean … all over!” Consuela told me while kissing me even as she washed my skin so eagerly.

“Got to get you clean, too … okay, that’s mostly an excuse to grope you, too!” I told my wife as I really began feeling her up as well as washing her.

“Oh, honey, you don’t need an excuse for that!” Consuela assured me as we soaked in the hot water and body wash that cleaned us up.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have the finest ass on Earth?” I asked my bride, who laughed even harder now.

“Yeah, my husband does that all the time,” she winked at me, of course, because I did that often.

I winked back as I helped Consuela out of the shower and began drying her off. I openly stared at her culo and she returned the favor without any embarrassment at all. I grabbed her lustfully and pushed her over the vanity to slide back inside düzce escort her from behind. I started smacking her cute bottom with my hands even as my balls slapped her thighs with each stroke.

“Told you that I’d get your dander up!” Consuela teased me as she pushed back hungrily at me after I got my second … or whatever wind.

“Are you sure that you didn’t slip me some kind of pill or Spanish fly or something?” I joked, but damn, how did I get it up again so soon.

“Not Spanish fly. Latin booty. You’re building more stamina, baby, thanks to regular sex with me. The more you fuck, the more that you’re able to fuck. Haven’t you noticed your sex drive, your libido, picking up steam lately? Between sleeping with me and with Jill … well, you can get the idea. Today’s events should help even more!” Consuela dropped some kind of hint, causing me to raise an eyebrow now.

“Is that a fact?” I asked just as she clenched my cock and I came from the vise-like grip as well as the sight of her lovely ass.

“Hey, honey, trust me … you’re gonna love it!” Consuela kept things a bit mysterious.

Somehow, I didn’t mind. I trusted her. All I could think as we got dressed was … what a woman!

Chapter 5

“Okay, so, we’re here, folks. What gives?” I felt more than a little nervous, despite my bravado, as we sat down at Applebee’s together, all six of us.

The fact was that two of the women present were exes of mine, both of whom had crossed serious lines with me in terms of boundaries and respect. I hadn’t forgotten that fact with either of them, that much was clear. Jill had kicked me out of my own home at gunpoint, a fact that still ate at me, even now despite my attempts to heal and repair the breach between us. She did seem to feel some contrition and make at least some attempts to atone, as did Karen for pushing her to kick me out (the au naturel impregnation, for instance). Even so, I still had doubts about the living arrangement, though with three babies on the way, it might be too late.

To be frank, part of me wondered if Jill was some kind of toxic, self-destructive habit that might feel good at the moment, but caused suffering later. It wasn’t that she was bi. So was Consuela. It wasn’t that she was polyamorous to say the least. Again, so were Consuela, myself, and by now perhaps even Karen. It was that she was a hothead with serious issues controlling her rage and other impulses at times. She could be perfectly normal one minute, and then crazy as fuck the next. I began seriously doubting my decision to take her back in any capacity, let alone sire brats on her.

I suppose that what convinced me to lower my guard was three things. The first was that Jill started seeing a therapist and taking some kind of medication. I naturally hoped that her getting that kind of help would make it easier for her to control her temper and other such harmful urges. The second was that Karen had atoned for her role in the eviction and made a point of it urging Jill to accept it by having both of them let me fuck them. For Karen to make such a sacrifice was one thing, but for Jill to consent to sharing her lesbian wife was quite another.

The third, of course, was that Jill sold off her .357 magnum Smith and Wesson revolver, the very handgun that she trained on me when she kicked me out. While she could still threaten me with other things, the gesture of selling the very weapon used on me was more than symbolic. It struck me is a ceremonial severing of ties with her past attitude. For those reasons, I breathed a bit easier and chose to give her second chance. There wouldn’t be a third chance and I told her that, too, though I didn’t mention my plans for arson if she broke her word. edirne escort

Anyway, it was Nadia who broke the ice. She knew that I resented her even now and also found the eager acceptance of her by my ladies a bit frustrating, even exasperating. I decided to try to give her another chance at friendship, at least, since I wouldn’t be rid of her and I wanted her to prove either me or the ladies wrong to settle that whole morass. I also realized with some shock that I had perhaps been hypocritical and self-righteous toward my slapping ex-girlfriend. Nadia slapped me once, months back, where Jill committed a far worse and more abusive action, or had she?

“Alright, now..Jack..please keep an open mind. James and I have a rather.. It is very much an unconventional marriage, as you might have guessed from the vows and the fact of him taking my surname, not vice versa. Yes, we are a femdom couple in a wife-led marriage or a FLR, female-led relationship.

“What you don’t know is that James is a cuckold and I’m a Hotwife. And part of that dynamic requires a Bull. We want that Bull to be you. And by we, we mean both of us. I owe you for the slap, plus this puts me back in your life again, dear. Just as I have wished since you broke up with me,” Nadia stunned me with her news.

“Why would you wish to be back in my life, as you put it? Why me, of all people, as your Bull? I’ve never even entertained the thought of becoming a Bull. Or a cuckold, for that matter. It’s just not my scene. Help me understand your motivations here, Nadia. Okay, I get that you love James, but you both need this whole cuckold scene. Okay, I get that, as I just said, but why me, seriously? What would give you the impression that I would want this at all?” I pressed the matter now with my ex-girlfriend.

“Okay, here it goes. James…is a very specific type of cuckold, one where the focus is on another man breeding his wife..repeatedly. Yes, my dear, there are multiple types. We do love each other and we..have our limits, which we respect. For instance, I insisted that if he meant business by this, he had to get a vasectomy, which he’s done. He’s now clear and sterile as could be, okay?

“Surprisingly, he’s got some money and is a bit of a tech whiz type. Not what you’d expect from a willing cuck. Apparently, he left the incel scene, of which he was once a member, one day, just due to realizing that it wasn’t him..after reading some material or something like that online that described cuckolding. The rest is history. Ironically, as a cuckold, he’s still getting laid more than he did as an incel,” Nadia related that bit of backstory while James blushed a bit and nodded.

“It’s true. I even flirted with the whole MGTOW scene for a little while, but Nadia has saved me from that stupidity. And I do get more sex from her than I previously had, considering that she took my cherries..all of them. Very recently, in fact. I lost all of my old loser friends, but I gained so much more when she took charge of my life, this my Goddess, my wonderful Russian mistress,” James still blushed as he grinned and elaborated a bit more.

“So, I’m gathering you have..physically consummated your marriage today. I assume that you will not impose extreme forms of chastity and CBT on him, either. This is much more about psychological torment, about humiliation, embarrassment, the constant inferiority complex of a beta cuck who knows that an alpha, a more powerful man, has rights, perks, privileges, and power over his wife and his marriage that are more traditionally associated with a husband.

“Let me make something clear. The alpha/beta thing..that’s a kink. That’s roleplay. It’s not reality. It’s not science. I’m fine with that kind elazığ escort of its place. Ritual. Ceremony. Pomp and fucking circumstance, if you will. If we do this, I will not abuse either of you, nor will I stand by for abuse inflicted by either of you on each other, on me, or anyone else.

“I don’t know if Nadia’s told you about the slapping incident that broke us up, James, but my policy toward non-consensual physical violence or assaults is one of zero tolerance, and I made that plain to her when I broke up with her over that slap. I enjoyed her and I didn’t think that she meant to abuse me, but it’s the principle at stake. One you set the precedent that an assault is permissible, you risk going down that slippery slope toward full-on domestic abuse and violence.

“One of my main issues with the whole ‘fifty shades’ literature is that it doesn’t depict BDSM in safe, sane, and consensual terms. Instead, it becomes a kind of ‘courtship by rape’ situation in those books, where the domination, bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism are toxic, brutal, unhealthy, and unsustainable. This isn’t meant to be a rapey phase of courtship and dating. It’s meant to be a voluntary lifestyle embraced by consenting adults.

“If that isn’t what we have here, I walk. I fucking walk away from this right now. Are we clear about that? I won’t be a party to domestic abuse, to battered spouses, etc. So, James, time for the sixty-nine thousand dollar question. Is this all your idea? And if so, what limits have you set for your own sanity, safety, and peace of mind?” I confronted James quite directly now, putting him in the hot seat now as I drank my Jack and Coke and ate my calamari appetizer.

“Thank you for..being so blunt…so candid. No, I’m not about extreme physical pain, especially the whole CBT, crushed balls, etc. I’ve read those ‘Domina Heel’ type stories and they had me empathetically reaching for my nuts, too. They’re fine for those into that kind of scene, but I like my cock and balls intact, thank you very much.

“Nor do I favor chastity. But my biggest hard limits are…well, scat, mutilation, and any kind of gay stuff. I won’t fluff a man. I’m just telling you that upfront. I won’t be..made to do the ‘forced bi’ thing. I won’t take a man’s dick up my butt. I will, however, gladly reclaim my Goddess, I will gladly eat a creampie, I will gladly do sloppy seconds, and I will enthusiastically rim my Goddess and bend over for her to peg me. I will also gladly deal with watersports and earn my red wings.

“I assure you, here and now that I am one hundred percent heterosexual and have no interest in guy-on-guy play whatsoever. So, no, I won’t take it up the butt from you, but I will from her. I won’t suck your cock, but I will suck her strap-on. I won’t suck or lick your balls, but I will quite happily suck her tits.

“I will also be as faithful as she wants me to be. That’s up to her. She decides the level of my fidelity. I can keep it in my pants for good or I can whore it out for her or soft swing if she prefers. I trust my Goddess. I have to trust her. Otherwise, this doesn’t work. I will, however, propose a safe word. Just because we are all flawed humans, even those Goddesses among us, deep down. The safe word in question is..sterile. That will remind us all that I cannot procreate. Ever.

“Any thoughts on that, Mistress..and Sir?” James now asked me as he polished off his mozzarella sticks and showed me his scribblings.

“Well, to paraphrase from Casablanca, ‘I think that this is the start of a very wonderful friendship. So, do we have a deal, to include a collar and contract soon enough, Jack, James? Everyone else is clearly cool with it, but what about you?” Nadia turned me now.

“Let’s kiss on it,” I told her as I slipped her some tongue.

I had done it..realizing what just happened, letting it sink in. I had just committed to being a Bull, I who had once avoided that whole scene like the plague. What would this mean for us all?

Well, no doubt that I was about to find out, wasn’t I?

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