Kim’s Sick Day

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Early Morning

One day Kimberley woke up with an unusually high fever, she went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink of water and take an aspirin, when she realized she should call the doctor.

“Good Morning Dr. Thomas Medical Clinic can I help you?” said the female voice on the other end of the phone.

“Yes, This is Kimberley Christerenson, the doctor knows me, and I have a terrible fever, I think I should get in to see him today.” She thought to herself i’m rambling on, she doesn’t even care.

“Ok, we can get you in, at about 1:00 pm, if that’s ok” Said the voice. Kim looked at the clock on the wall that read 11:15. “Yes that’s fine Ill be in, Thank you.” As Kim hung up the phone she realized that she didn’t feel as hot as she was earlier, so she walked down the hallway of her apartment to the bathroom and started to warm up the water for her shower.

The Shower

As the water began to warm up Kim dropped her robe to the floor, and stepped out of it and onto the scale, it read out 139 pounds, just the right weight for her height of 5’6 not Barbie doll shape, but just the right weight for the cute little girl next door look. She stepped off the scale and looked herself over in the full-length mirror and started to run her hands over her body, so she could feel how smooth her skin was. Her hands ran up her thighs, slowly across her vagina, stopping only for a moment to slip just one finger inside of her pussy, then her hands continued up her body.

Across her stomach and onto her breasts, cupping them each in her hands. Kim decided that the water was warm enough now and climbed into the shower, the water felt so good hitting her back and running down her body to the drain, she turned around quickly to get the front of her wet as well and then she grabbed the soap from the soap dish. Doing her routine in the shower she started with the soap at her feet and slowly slid it up her legs, then ran it over the inside of her thighs and further up to her pussy making sure the lips were nice and clean. Kim then continued up her body to her nice firm 36c tits then put the soap down, once she was covered in soap she began to massage it into her skin slowly with her hands and then rinsed it all off. Then Kim washed her hair and rinsed all the soap down the drain. Shutting off the water she then reached outside the shower and grabbed her towel and wrapped herself up in it.

What to wear.

Kim walked upstairs and went into her closet, she was feeling much better now but she always did have a crush on her doctor so she was going to go anyway. She picked out a silk, navy blue g-string and slid it on. “This is always good for a tease.” She thought to herself. Then she reached up and grabbed her favorite push-up bra and strapped it on making her good size breasts look even bigger. As she stood there in her closet in her bra and panties she thought “Now what should I wear?”

Kim decided on what she thought was a very sexy Uşak Escort pair of hip hugger jeans, which showed off her g-string and how it was pulled right, up her ass. Then she put on a low cut black t-shirt, and some black open-toed platform shoes. As she looked in the mirror studying herself she noticed that it was time to get down to the doctors office. So Kim jumped in her old beat up mercury, and drove to the office.

The doctor’s office

When Kim got to the doctors office she did her best to try and at least look sick before she went inside so the doctor would still see her. She was really just hoping for the doctor to ask her out. “Ill just tease him a little and I’m sure that he will ask me.” Kim thought to herself.

She walked inside and rang the bell on the receptionist counter.

“Can I help you with something?” Said the same voice Kim had heard on the phone earlier.

“Yes, I’m here to see Dr. Thomas.”


“Yes, that’s me”

“Come on back” She said as she led her to the Dr.’s office. While following the receptionist to the exam room Kim couldn’t help but notice the way the receptionist filled her dress so nicely and she thought to herself “God I’m not bi but its legs like that, that make me curious about what it would be like.” She smiled shyly.

“Here we are” said the receptionist.

“Thank you.” Said Kim. Thinking to herself, “Maybe some time I’ll come in just to see you.”

Kim thanked her again and smiled.

The receptionist closed the door.

Almost seconds after she closed the door, the doctor came in. He stood in the doorway overlooking Kim’s paperwork as Kim overlooked him, He was older than Kim by about 25 years which made him 43 to be exact. He was starting to show gray in his jet-black hair, and was still in pretty good shape for a man his age. He was about 5’11 and had very strong hands and piercing gray eyes, he was also relatively muscular as Kim could tell when she noticed the veins in his arms.

“Hi Kim what seems to be bothering you?” said the doctor.

“Oh I just woke up this morning and felt terrible so I figured I should get checked out.”

“Right, well lets take a look shall we? If you could please remove your shirt.” Said the doctor while closing the door.

Kim obeyed and took off her shirt probably faster than usual. Her nipples were already starting to get hard, she was just going to tell the doctor that it was cold that’s why if he asked she decided.

“Ok lets have a listen,” The doctor said as he drew closer to Kim and placed his stethoscope right between her breasts. Kim was so excited now she could hardly stand it. She could feel her pussy getting wet and her nipples getting harder. “Take a deep breath,” said the doctor. Kim tried but she was so excited her breath just trembled at the site of the doctor and his hands on her chest. “Is something wrong?” said the doctor. “N-no sir, everything is fine.” Kim said Uşak Escort Bayan nervously. The doctor immediately sensing that Kim was aroused and asked her to turn around.

“Ok.” said Kim as she turned to face the wall. Kim expecting the doctor to place the stethoscope on her back was shocked when she felt two warm hands on her shoulders, massaging there way up and down her back.

“How does this feel?” said the doctor.

“MMM very good” replied Kim in her best soft seductive voice. Then Kim felt her bra unclasp and watched it fall to the floor. Then she felt the two hands reach around and take her breasts in them. Her nipples were rock hard now as the doctor massaged her breasts. Kim felt so vulnerable because she was turned around not facing this man but yet so turned on because it was an element of mystery. The doctor slid his hands up and down her stomach and ran his finger along her exposed hips. Slowly working his way around her body he then unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to the floor. Kim sighed quietly as the doctor ran his hand over her barely covered ass and then slid his hands across her hips to her pussy where he began to rub it through her panties. Kim could hardly contain herself and she felt her pussy start to contract. She wiggled around trying to get the doctor to pull her panties down but he kept teasing her. “All in good time, now you just be patient.” Said the doctor. Kim moaned some more.

“I want you so bad” she whispered. The doctor turned Kim around, now facing him this time, and started to kiss her immediately after admiring her tight little form standing there in nothing but a g-string. They kissed deeply and passionately for quite a while when Kim ran her hands down to the doctors belt and unfastened it. She rubbed her hand all over the solid nub in his pants. The doctor put his hands on her shoulders signaling her to kneel down. She did so, “Is this what you want?” said Kim. The doctor looked down and shook his head yes. With that Kim undid his pants and let them drop to the floor, and then she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down putting a 7″ cock right in her face. First she went a little lower and took his balls in her mouth, slowly tickling them with her tongue she also sucked them slightly. Then starting at the base of his cock she slowly licked upwards to the tip nibbling as she went.

“Do you like this doctor?” said Kim. “Yes” hissed the doctor with a satisfied grin on his face. He place his hands on the back of her head and slowly pushed her mouth onto his cock, Kim immediately took his dick about half way into her mouth and really gathered a lot of saliva, and went nice and slow. This massage was so sloppy and slow that the doctor had trouble containing himself and had to have Kim stop so he wouldn’t cum down her throat. Kim was fine with this as she stood up now, her pussy soaked thoroughly and her g-string was like a sponge full of her pussy juices. She turned around now Escort Uşak and gave the doctor a nice view of her ass again, and this time slid her panties down to her ankles and then shook them onto the floor. Now as she spread her legs so it would open up her pussy, she bent over the exam table. It wasn’t very long before Kim could feel the doctor’s cock teasing her pussy, he would slowly put in just the head, and then take it out and rub it up and down her pussy lips as she moaned.

Then Kim started to beg “Please, doctor I want you so bad, Please, Please make me cum.” The doctor just went on doing his thing teasing Kim’s tight pussy with just the head, and making her squirm trying to get his dick in deeper, He smiled a little as Kim groaned. Then Kim started to feel the strangest thing as all this teasing had made her want to cum and she was really close, Kim tried to relax a little but she couldn’t she started to moan louder, and the doctor had to reach up and cover her mouth so she wouldn’t make too much noise. She felt her pussy muscles contract around the head of his dick and she grabbed the table tighter, just as she was about to explode he pulled out for a brief second which felt like an eternity to Kim and then thrust his cock all the way into her pussy, his balls slapped against her body, and she shivered with pleasure. “Oh my god” cried Kim as the doctor pumped her back end hard and fast now.

Kim was Cumming all over the place and she could feel it running down her legs and the doctor had her cum on him too. He continued to fuck her tight little pussy long and hard, every time he pushed it in it felt a little deeper, and he felt a little closer to shooting his load all over her. Then after a good twenty minutes of him fucking her pussy she started to get a bit raw and asked if she could finish him off. He pulled his dick out of her tight little pussy and went to the chair and sat down. Kim walked over and without so much as a word kneeled again. This time licking all of her own juices off his cock and the precum still stuck to her tongue as she pulled her head back for a moment. Then Kim opened her mouth as wide as she could and lowered it down on his cock.

She sucked hard and fast as if she wanted to drink every drop of his bitter cum. She felt his legs start to shake and his balls pulled up and she knew it was coming so she started going faster and mixed in between every few times up and down she would take the whole thing, deep throat so his balls were on her chin. She pulled off his cock one last time and licked just the tip and he exploded. The doctor let out a moan and a stream of cum shot from his cock some of it getting on Kim’s face and more of it landing on her tits. Kim then tried to catch the rest with her mouth and wrapped her lips around his dick again, tasting it now she licked and sucked his cock to get every last drop out and into her mouth. When she was finished the doctor stood up and so did Kim he handed her a towel from the counter and told her that everything seems to look just fine and she doesn’t need and medicine. She smiled and got dressed at the same time as he did. Then she walked out of the office bidding the secretary a chipper farewell and climbed into her car and drove home.

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