Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Ch. 01

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Kassandra sat upon her front porch looking out into the woods, beyond those she could see the tops of the mountains. Dressed in her baggy Grey sweatpants and her Jeff Gordon racing t-shirt she rocked in the handmade cedar rocking chair. She watched the fog begin to lift from the ground, watching it head toward the peaks of the mountains as the sun started to rise. The porch creaked as she rocked back and forth on the oak wood, sipping coffee as her mind drifted.

The morning sounds of nature began to sing their melodies. Each bird chimed in it’s own special sound to create something so beautiful, no human could ever duplicate it. The sounds of whipper wills, bullfrogs and fluttering wings of a hummingbird replaced the shrilling screams of police sirens and gun fire which was all to common in the city she left behind.

Kassandra left the busy city of Reading Pennsylvania behind and never looked back. She sold everything out right then bought a small ranch in the middle of nowhere in the backwoods of Missouri. Once established with a full house of furniture, she started on animals. First a few heads of cattle, couple horses, then added a mix of birds as well. She became quite content as her life fell into a daily routine. No longer was she a slave to the alarm clock, or anyone else. No longer did she need to worry about traffic or being late for the corporate office, she was content in her own little world.

Always wanting to start painting again, sculpting and writing she now had the time. Kassandra also had the place that brought her that peace of mind letting all stress be free from within. She started a bunch of short stories submitting them to various editors within small book companies she had found on line. There was one female that took interest in her work, based out of a small town in Michigan. Kassandra had a knack for writing soft core pornography with a touch of BDSM. She wrote what she knew most, some non-fiction and some fiction, always letting another wonder what was real and what wasn’t.

Private messages back and forth to her new found on line friend and editor became her only real means of a social life. Kassandra really didn’t mind, she had worked in the corporate world for so long, the solitude was a welcome. Dating had been a disinterest to her since her last relationship went to hell in a hand basket. Her sexual life had been a dark and twisted one. She knew if the last relationship hadn’t ended when it did it was only a spiral down from there.

Her life had involved BDSM since she was eighteen where she could actually understand what her home life was. Growing up in a household where her father was a sadistic master and her mother one of his submissive, Kassandra grew up believing this was how families actually all were. It wasn’t until after she left home, and found out things were much different. Her father pushed her at eighteen to a man who was just like him. Kassandra moved in to Damien’s home and became his submissive while she continued her schooling.

Kassandra woke at AM. each morning, serviced her Dominate how he wished her to, then she served him coffee and his paper in bed. From there she got ready for school. Her days were filled with classes, while others were having fun doing things they loved like parties, drama classes and making friends Kassandra was doing homework, housework, serving her Dominate sexually and anything else he wished of her. Damian filled her with drugs and BDSM gatherings on weekends letting his male friends have their way with her. Kassandra was robbed of everything, stripped of her dignity and robbed of her identity. This continued until her last year in college, what Damian didn’t know was she was secretly seeing a young man at school, which she eventually married after graduation. Jeff then took roll as her Master.

Her marriage lasted five long grueling years to Master Jeff. it turned out to be a disaster as did the next few relationships after that. Kassandra floated around from master to master each wanting more than she cared or could deliver. There was one man that took her by the hand and guided her down the path of bisexuality. He wanted her to train under a Mistress in the city. Fredrick wanted Kassandra to widen, broaden her flavor. He wished to see her in control over other females sub missives. He wanted to see her enjoy a female companion as he watched them, then eventually join them.

Kassandra had been sexual with a female in college. Secretly she had explored her sexuality with a girl in her one class. With Tina she found a sexual adventure, a flavor she enjoyed. Tina and her bonded in more ways than one. It was a relationship that ended sadly when Kassandra was caught by Damian, and Jeff wouldn’t approve of it. After each failed relationship with a man, Kassandra got involved with a woman. There she found love, sensuality, and contentment.

She had sent her first novel to her editor Lilly, the novel was about her own life. All the darkness, Otele Gelen Escort the twisted men, all the pain and hurt typed into pages. Those same pages that heard her rages, her happiness followed by so much sadness. Lilly was the only one that took notice to the times Kassandra was happy. She pin-pointed out that it was when she was with female lovers. Lilly questioned her more and more as they spoke about her life and what she was truly looking for, what her goals and future held.

As time went on Kassandra and Lilly grew closer and closer, the distance between writer and editor didn’t seen to be thousands of miles anymore. There didn’t seem to be states between them, it was a feeling Kassandra only felt once before with a special woman that changed her life entirely. Lilly’s strong persona reminded Kassandra of that one special female lover. The Dominate that sent her to learn to be controlling had no idea what he did for Kassandra in the long run. He only found out when she disappeared from his life, and the dear John letter left behind.

Although she enjoyed her new found set of ‘balls’ and being in control in certain situations, she still yearned to serve within. The only good thing about it all, other than her positive self being was she shared a sensuality with sister submissive. She may have acted like a dominate female to appease her Master but within she was an equal with her sisters. Once that relationship ended, Kassandra moved on to a full lesbian relationship. Her lover was the female who trained her, that lasted over two years till she passed away.

The woman who Lilly reminded her of was Mistress Alexandria, Alex for short. She was the one that gave her all the important things back to her she’d lost growing up. Self-esteem, strength, self-worth and anything that fell in between those things. All the negativity turned around and Kassandra was filled with nothing but positive energy. An energy that surrounded her with a bright aura only a select few could see, and what all wanted to have channeled through to them.

Kassandra’s last relationship began to turn her toward that path of drugs, drinking and self destruction. She felt it within her gut, she had enough of the pain and abuse, the humiliation and everything else. Jason was out of control, his hand got heavier and heavier upon her smaller frame. He was able to break her bones, but those healed. Kassandra knew that once he broke her spirit she would die. He left for work one day, she sold all and left him nothing as he left her that same feeling inside.

She tried to explained all this to Lilly through their on line world of private messages. Trying to explain so much of her life, was getting harder and harder to do. It was like telling the story all over again, chapter after chapter. Kassandra answered all of Lilly’s questions, each one fully thought out and carefully she chose the answers. Lilly began to understand why Kassandra left her old life behind to begin a new. She started to understand why Kassandra feared the traditional male and female relationship. Everything was coming into the light, with her new client. Trust, respect and love were all missing for each relationship Kassandra had but with females, Lilly saw the patterns.

Lilly began to grow fond of Kassandra, those feelings were starting to show on line. Those cute little words like honey, baby, even the kisses and hugs goodnight grew deeper with meaning. Lilly was known to a small community as Mistress Lillian, which she’d held the title as Mistress for the past seven years. Lilly wasn’t sure she was ready to tell of her own involvement of the D/s lifestyle to Kassandra just yet. She didn’t wish to bring up bad memories, or try and push anything upon her. She did how ever want to let her know she understood how she felt.

This was the first time Lilly felt feeling, more than friendship for another female. There were crushes on cute button-nosed submissive on line or offline at local munches. Lilly knew this feeling she felt within her heart ran deeper than those feelings. She’d always felt herself leaning toward a female submissive more than she cared to admit. Kassandra was able to draw Lilly to her, she wasn’t sure why, or when it began to happen but it was happening. Kassandra tugged upon Lilly’s heartstrings, she felt a bind forming between them, she’d wondered if Kassandra felt it.

Lilly sat in her office reading over assorted manuscripts that were submitted to her company. None seemed to grab her attention like Kassandra’s did, perhaps she was stale and needing a vacation. She placed her glasses down, turned off the computer and stared out her office window. She drifted to thoughts of Kassandra, what she was doing, was she sitting on her porch, was she riding in the fields feeling free upon a horse, or was she even thinking of her? She picked up the manuscript titled, ‘The leather binds of love’, written by Balgat Escort Kassandra De Sole, and placed it in her briefcase. Locking the twin clasps shut, she grabbed her jacket and headed home for the day.

Kassandra walked through the lower pastures, picking wildflowers and making sure all new born lambs were accounted for. She walked along the creek, looking at her reflection in the small pools of crystal clear mountain spring water. She laughed as she realized she held a slight resemblance to Ellie May Clampet, the TV character on The Beverly hill Billies. A thought crossed her mind, she never asked Lilly what she looked like. Not that it mattered at all, but they never touched base upon personal things like hair color, eyes, nothing. Everything they spoke about was what seemed to be things that caused hours and hours of in depth conversation.

Entering her home, Kassandra sat at her computer, her new pup in her lap, as she turned it on. Scanning the list on her one messenger she noticed Lilly wasn’t on line, which was odd since it was the early afternoon. Figuring she went to an early lunch Kassandra relaxed and began to diddle about with a new chapter to a series she began to write for an adult site she frequented. Getting lost within it, she never saw Lilly sign on, Kassandra never had her volume up unless she was listening to music. Lilly’s private message startled her, as she laughed out. They chatted a bit, as Kassandra sensed a bit Lilly seemed to be something other than her normal self.

They chatted a bit in private message, as Kassandra began to read between the lines. She popped up a question to Lilly, one they have never spoke about doing before. She typed, ‘Care to chat on the phone Lilly? You seem like you need a friend not a text buddy today.’ Lilly didn’t answer right away, Kassandra thought maybe she stepped over the line between editor and writer. Then she saw the bottom of the message box showing that Lilly was responding. Kassandra’s heart beat a mile a minute, she thought she could hear each beat of it as she waited for a reply. Kassandra closed her eyes not wanting to read what Lilly was writing, she was afraid of what would pop up in reply. She took a deep breath and popped one blue eyes hue open and read Lilly’s answer, ‘ Your right, who will call who?’ Kassandra responded with, ‘It doesn’t matter Lilly…418-555-1088.’

Lilly sent a smile face in return with the word, ‘RING!’ just like that in all capitols. Kassandra raised a brow, then jumped as her phone rang. She laughed knowing it was Lilly. She picked it up, and it started from there. They talked, they cried and eventually made each other laugh. Lilly explained how she was feeling stagnant, and felt as if the walls of her office were closing in. Kassandra told her to take a vacation, step away for a week or two. Lilly explained she really couldn’t afford to at the time, even thought she had the time to do it. They chatted a little longer then Kassandra did something, not knowing where it came from “Come to my ranch Lilly.” She explained it would cost her nothing to stay, she had the room and Kassandra herself could really use the company.

Again there was a silence on Lilly’s end, as she pondered the offer over. “Kassandra, are you sure you want me to visit? Please don’t do this out of pity for a broke editor,” Lilly said into the receiver of the phone.

“Lilly, not it’s not out of pity, it’s out of friendship. I really could use the company, the rain hasn’t stopped for a month now and I think I have cabin fever. I wouldn’t ask out of pity anyways, only friendship Lilly, ” Kassandra replied back.

“Well, let me clear my schedule for a week or two, and get all the loose ends tied up. I’ll get started when we hang up, deal?” Lilly asked.

Kassandra laughed and replied, “Lilly, do what you need to just let me know when you will be arriving. I can’t wait to finally meet you, after all these months of text messaging back and forth.”

“Me either Kassandra, I’m actually excited about it. Getting away, back into the country life for a short time. Most of all, relaxing seeing all you tell me about in our talks of the views and all there surrounding you. Let me get going and start the ball rolling ok?” Lilly asked.

“Deal Madam Editor, I will speak to you soon. For now, have a nice evening I’ll see you soon, goodnight Lilly,” Kassandra replied.

“Goodnight Kassandra, see you soon” Lilly said as she hung the phone up.

Kassandra spent the rest of her evening dilly-dallying about in the guest bedroom. She made sure the dust was removed, the linens were fresh and clean and anything else that needed to be taken care of. She placed a vase within the room for fresh picked flowers from the pasture or her flower beds. Kassandra added a phone, plugging it into the jack for Lilly to use as she made sure it worked. All the little things that added detail was being taken care Büyükesat Escort of. The private bathroom was clean, all she needed to do was place out shampoo, towels and an assortment of small designed soaps in she shell shapes in the fancy ceramic soap dish.

In the mean time as Kassandra was getting her guest room ready, Lilly was clearing out the following two weeks of her schedule. She planned on leaving in two days, she knew if she didn’t go right now, she’d never go, always having an excuse. Lilly began to clean up things, making sure everything was in order. She started a load of wash, getting that done. She began to pack her first suitcase while making calls on her cordless phone. She explained to her clients that she will be overlooking their work while away, and once she got through them she’d email her ideas and what-nots back to them in the next few weeks. She explained that she needed the vacation and apologized for any delay this would cause.

Lilly felt guilty at first then realized, it had been at least four years since she’d actually taken a vacation. As things started to fall into place, the guilt went away, she told herself, everyone else gets a vacation, gets away and enjoys themselves why shouldn’t she? A huge weight felt like it lifted from her chest as she continued to gather things together, and pack her suitcases full of enough clothing for two weeks worth. She turned on her computer and emailed Kassandra letting her know she’d be leaving Saturday morning, and arriving Sunday sometime, possible Monday. Once that was all done, she undressed and crawled between the sheets, falling asleep fast.

Friday morning Kassandra woke, following her normal routine she made coffee and got a mug ready. She dressed and headed out to tend to the animals, while sipping her steamy mug of fresh java. Once that was all done, she returned to the house, got herself something to eat, another mug of coffee and grabbed her laptop. The sun was shinning brightly over the mountains as it began to rise and greet the day day with a tender kiss of color. She settled in her cedar rocker and turned on her laptop while nibbling a cheese danish.

Checking her email, she smiled seeing Lilly’s name upon one. Quickly she clicked the header of it and awaited in anticipation to read it. The biggest smile cross her face as she read the contents of the email. her heart skipped a beat as her excitement within took over. Quickly she emailed her back letting her know where she was coming to exactly so she could pull up Map quest and get directions. she explained she needed to go out and do some food shopping and a few other things , that she will be back home in the later afternoon, early evening.

Both women began their days with smiles. Each glad the other felt the same excitement within. Kassandra did a major food shop, picked up little things that she’d been meaning to get like scented candles, a few bottles of wine, and whiskey. She even grabbed a case of beer, not even sure if Lilly drank at all, yet wanted to have it on hand. Kassandra drove home, singing along with the radio, and enjoying the beautiful day. Finally, a break from the rain was ahead for the next week. That seemed like an omen to her with Lilly visiting, great weather and everything else that was falling into place.

Both women began the final stages of the meeting. Lilly finished her packing, cleaned up dishes, got her clothing laid out to wear on the first part of the drive, and printed directions to her destination. Kassandra got all the groceries placed away, liquor placed in the refrigerator and behind the bar. Doing all the last minute little shit, before she made herself a salad and showered.

She sat at her desk, turning on her computer she smiled seeing Lilly’s name lit up. The conversed back and forth finalizing where Lilly would meet Kassandra to follow her back to the ranch. Lilly shared the route she was taking in case anything happened along the way, also exchanging cell phone numbers between the two for extra precaution. The last words from both were, that they couldn’t wait to meet, how it would be hard for either to sleep that evening. Signing off they did the normal hugs symbol and sent the sweet dreams to each other. Both little lit faces outlined as they signed off their messengers.

Lilly took something to sleep so she knew she’d get a good night sleep that would enable her to drive at least half the distance before she’d need to stop and get a motel room. Kassandra stayed up and typed away at another chapter to a series that Lilly was editing for her when she had the time. Both knew that Saturday was going to drag on, Lilly with driving and Kassandra with her own chores around the ranch.

Her car was packed as she got up, showered, had her morning coffee while getting dressed and eating a bagel. Lilly was ready to go, to start her vacation. She locked up and headed to her car, with butterflies within her stomach fluttering about. She had no expectations of this trip nor any of Kassandra either. Wanting to meet her, hugs her and just talk into the night like two giggling schoolgirls at a two week long slumber party. Lilly got in, closed the door and looked to the time. It was AM, and she was now in vacation mode. Turning on the car, she set out to meet her new friend, as well as client.

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