Kitana and Gina Go Camping

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A fetish fantasy concerning fictional characters of adult age that indulge in lawful sexual activities that centre on the enjoyment of unwashed underwear. The story briefly includes characters introduced in other stories by the author, namely: Sperm Bank Artists I&II.

Kitana and Gina were friends that lived in the town of St. Petersburg in Russia. Both of their live-in relations with their boyfriends were on the rocks and having previously consoled one another through numerous romantic disappointments were united in their need to have fun with other men and be spoiled by them.

‘Let’s just get away, you know how we’ve spoken for years about visiting the United Kingdom, how about it?’ Gina suggested.

‘I don’t have the money and I doubt whether you have too,’ Kitana replied.

‘I doubt whether you have either,’ said Gina correcting her friend’s English grammar as she was always requested to do.

‘I already thought of that, you remember my friend in Edinburgh, the one that runs the gallery, her sister and her have a tent and a car that they can lend us. Fabiana also said we could earn some money at the gallery. Their technician has injured himself and they need to repaint all the exhibition spaces, the holiday will pay for itself,’ Gina added.

‘Well, in that case, I’m all for going,’ Kitana responded.

The women were met by Fabiana at Edinburgh airport and soon they were heading back to the heart of the city with Gina at the wheel accompanied by Fabiana in the passenger seat who helped her old friend with directions and the challenge of driving on the left.

‘You’re a natural, doing a great job,’ Fabiana told her friend and it was so, Gina confidently steered them to the Old School Gallery in the suburbs of Edinburgh.

The three women went directly to the office where Fabiana’s sister, Angelina was making a call. After a little while, Angelina put her mobile on the desk and turned to her sister’s friends.

‘Welcome to Scotland, I’m sorry that I’m so busy right now but Fabiana tells me you would be up for doing some decorating for us. Should be able to find you both a bed for a week or two, the thing is you would have to be back here in two weeks because we only have a short window between exhibitions to get the place re-decorated. How do you feel about that?

‘We’ll go with the flow, I think you say,’ replied Gina. It suits us very well. I hope you won’t think us rude if we leave on our trip as soon as possible, we long to see some of the beautiful sites of Scotland and northern England.’

‘It’s fine with us but we were thinking you might like to practice putting the tent up in the front garden. I have a picture here you can have,’ Fabiana said handing over a photograph and said,

‘Dad used to take us camping a lot, it’s quite old but still good to go.

‘We’ll figure it out,’ Gina replied.

‘There’s a picnic hamper with crockery and cutlery and a holdall with the usual stuff you’ll need,’ Fabiana told them.

‘We want to start in the district of the lakes do you think we’ll make it today?’ Kitana asked.

‘Gets dark about eight o’clock, you’ll make it by then, sleep in the car tonight and you can erect the tent in the morning when you’re feeling fresh and can see what you’re doing,’ Fabiana advised.

The office door swung open and a lush round bottom covered with a white laboratory coat entered. When its owner turned around a tray with cups and a coffee pot were revealed.

‘Meet Olivia, Olivia this is Kitana and Gina all the way from St. Petersburg. They’re off camping but will be re-joining us to decorate the gallery in a couple of weeks,’ Fabiana said.

The women exchanged greetings and as the coffee was poured Angelina lit a customary spliff and began her routine of filling the office with the sweet-smelling aroma of ganja. The guests were happy to participate and Angelina opened a drawer in her desk and handed a small bag of ganja to Gina and said, ‘A little pressie to enhance your trip.’

‘Now we are totally equipped, thanks so much,’ Gina added.

‘Wow, thankyou,’ said Kitana.


Close to Keswick, Gina turned off the road into an empty car park and pulled on the handbrake.

‘I’m finished, we can sleep here tonight and look for a nice place in daylight.’

The women alighted from the car and took a short walk to the fence where they enjoyed a fine view over the fells as the sun was setting.

‘It’s wonderful,’ they both said in unison and laughed about the coincidence of both choosing the same foreign word simultaneously. It made them feel united and they wrapped their arms one about the other and kissed and slipped their tongues between each other’s lips.

An observer to the spectacle would have seen two very skinny young women of similar average height. A discerning viewer would have noticed that Gina liked to use makeup and have her long hair regularly styled and highlighted whereas Kitana’s face showed no trace of makeup and her auburn hair was rather unruly. She had clearly sported Ataşehir Escort a fringe in the past which had grown out and was now rivalling the length of the rest of her long mane, her look was entirely natural almost like she didn’t care. She didn’t need to, she took your breath away.

Back in the car, Gina arranged the tent and their rucksacks in the well behind the front seats and including the back seat it made a decent temporary mattress. She zipped their two sleeping bags together and removed her trainers and otherwise fully clothed climbed into the sleeping bag.

Kitana removed her footwear, switched off the internal light and picked up one of Gina’s trainers and held it over her nose and took a long silent sniff. She stashed their shoes to prevent any passer-by any clue that it was two women that were sleeping there. Giddy with the heady aroma of Gina’s feet that had pedalled the gas all day long she too climbed into the dual sleeping bag. The friends drew their heads beneath the covers, wrapped their arms each about the other and fell into a deep sleep.


The following day Kitana took the wheel, she felt confident to do so having seen that her friend could drive on the wrong side of the road. She had a bit of trouble with the clutch to begin but soon got the hang of it and Gina helped by concentrating on the road signs and interpreting their guidance for her friend. They had no particular destination in mind and had agreed that sat-nav was a no-no.

‘Better to travel in hope than to arrive’, Gina quoted some author or other she had read during her graduate studies.

Ambleside appeared on the road signs and Kitana said it was a nice-sounding word.

Gina referenced the location on her phone and revealed that amble meant to walk at a slow, relaxed pace.

‘I like the idea of this,’ said Kitana. Shall we go there?’

‘I like the idea of that, Gina corrected her pal. Go for it, they say that in England, it’s a very direct expression, let’s go for it.’

‘Coniston, Kitana said reading it from a road sign. What does that mean?’

‘I fucked an English guy on my English course, I remember that he said something like, ‘I want to shoot a ton of my dirty mess up your gooey fuck hole you sexy horny bitch’, but that’s about weights and measures I think but it says here, ton means a settlement but there’s nothing about a ‘conis’, shall we find out?’

‘Let’s go for it,’ said Kitana proudly having already incorporated the appropriate vernacular.

‘Campsite on your left,’ Gina noticed.

‘Let’s go for it,’ Kitana replied.

‘Stop,’ Gina instructed. A large farm building had appeared on the right-hand side and Gina thought it a good place to go and ask for orientation.

The women walked towards an open door to be met by a tall bearded young man that waited for them to speak.

‘We want to pitch our tent, can we pitch it here?’ said Gina.

‘We’re happy to have you, fill in this form and we can go from there. My name’s Sal.’

Sal showed the women a pitch next to the bank of the lake, the last of the lakeside locations amongst several other tents and told them that bread and milk were available at the farm counter and that they could have a hot shower in the toilets but for most other things they would have to go into town.

Erecting the frame tent was a bit of a puzzle but most of the poles were joined by springs so that after one false start the women soon had the frame erected just as the temperature dropped and it began to rain heavily. Eager to get under cover the women didn’t bother to put on their anoraks and the eyes of a man sat under the canopy of a neighbouring tent were glued to the sight of their stiff little nipples and tiny tits clearly visible below their drenched cotton vests.

They soon had the canopy in place whereupon the rain stopped.

‘Typical said Gina but she was smiling. They did warn us about the unpredictable nature of a temperate British climate.’

With the tent pegs inserted and the guy ropes stretched Kitana bent at the waist to draw the long zipper of the doorway open.

‘Wow, there must be a huge cock behind this,’ Kitana joked and when they walked in they discovered they had a considerable space with a sleeping compartment big enough for four campers and an equally large area for arranging their belongings.

‘Fantastic, but we’re going to have to find that big cock elsewhere,’ Gina remarked.

When they had emptied the car and unpacked Kitana said, ‘We haven’t got any means to cook.’

‘We can buy some takeaway BBQ’s and otherwise make sandwiches, and if we can attract some men maybe they will take us out to dinner. Did you bring ovsyanka as we discussed?’ Gina responded.

‘How do they call ovsyanka in English?’ Kitana asked.

‘No idea,’ replied Gina. ‘Look it up on your phone.’

‘Bunting,’ Kitana read out loud.

‘Let’s get into some dry clothes and then drive into town for stuff and when we come back we can hang our bunting on the guy ropes. Kadıköy Escort I wonder why they call them guy ropes although it’s certainly appropriate for what we have in mind. We mustn’t forget to buy some clothes pegs,’ Gina remarked.

Completely naked together the women took the opportunity to embrace, there was little between them, literally, that is they were both quite flat-chested. Gina was rather smug about the fact that although an inch shorter than her friend she had the bigger tits, all of 32A. Gina was addicted to the aroma of Kitana’s underarms and she knew from sniffing her friend’s bras that Kitana weighed in with nothing more than a 30 AA sized chest.

The truth was that they were both works of art, everything essential and nothing more, and speaking of them purely in terms of sexual objects they were two incredibly horny, luxurious cock sleeves. As for being fleshy, they both had mouths with generous lips and between their slim thighs, they both had meaty vulvas.

The girls dressed in shorts and their walking boots with thick socks and waterproof jackets and set off for the centre of Coniston. When they returned to the campsite they called in at the farm shop for bread and milk and back at the tent with the sun shining they lit one of the portable BBQ’s they had purchased and roasted portions of chicken upon it enjoying some delicious chicken sandwiches in toasted bread.

‘Time to hang our bunting,’ said Gina.

The women disappeared into the tent and re-appeared with armfuls of very saucy lingerie. From opposite sides of the tent and with plastic clothes pegs in assorted colours between their teeth they began to hang their underwear on the guy ropes, knickers, bras, stockings, bodies and socks. The inclusion of corsets with suspenders left it beyond doubt the holiday pastime the women had in mind.

Ultra-feminine froth best described the flimsy garments displayed there. Their tent was reminiscent of a fully laden Christmas tree, the multitude of colours being further enhanced by the coloured clothes pegs. The flambouyant semaphore message read, ‘We surrender, come and fuck us.’

‘I’ve still got loads of stuff I couldn’t find space for,’ Kitana announced.

‘Me too, anyway we haven’t any pegs left out of a pack of forty-eight. We can change the display tomorrow, keep them keen.’


‘I’m very keen on sucking cocks,’ Gina replied by way of an answer.

‘Do you think anyone will notice?’ Kitana asked.

‘Can pig’s fly?’

‘What have pigs got to do with it?’

‘It’s an expression used ironically to express disbelief, in other words, it’s a stupid question, Gina responded. Of course, they will notice our sexy stuff.’

A young student guy was peeking through the window of a neighbouring two-person tent hidden behind the fly screen mesh window and wanking furiously at the amazing spectacle that he was witnessing and had shot his lot before the women sat down to take the sun.

Wearing bikini tops and khaki shorts and sun specs the women set up two camping chairs in front of the tent to watch the world go by, the object of their gaze hidden from others by their dark glasses.

‘Some of my panties and socks that I hung were unwashed and a bit stinky,’ Kitana admitted out of the blue.

‘Mindreader, I was about to tell you the same thing, replied Gina. When you say some do you mean all?’


‘Same with me,’ said Gina

‘Gina, have you had knickers stolen from you by men,’ Kitana asked her friend.

‘Men and women but guys are the worst. Knickers, socks, pantyhose, stockings, bras and even a pair of sweaty canvas shoes on one occasion. I usually ask a guy that’s fucked me if he wants a little souvenir, works out cheaper in the end. If you leave them to their own devices they will rob the lot.’

‘Bet they’ll steal more of my stuff than yours, Gina.’

‘Why’s that then, Kitana?’

‘I reckon my stuff is sexier than yours.’

‘And your cunt smells sweeter than mine, is that it? Gina responded. You’re so competitive you, aren’t you? Well, okay then, tell you what, the one who loses the least pays for a curry at that Indian restaurant we saw in Coniston this morning, the aroma coming from there was as spicy as the fragrance of my fanny.’

‘More intense, I think, Gina.’

‘Don’t remember you complaining before, my dear Kitana. Check this out on my left,’ said Gina as nine burly young men dressed in Cardiff University sweatshirts approached carrying a rowing boat above their heads.

‘What are they saying? I can’t understand a word,’ Kitana announced.

‘Cardiff is in Wales I think and they have their own language,’ Gina told her friend.

‘I hope it’s the language of love.’

The rowers unashamedly craned their necks as they passed and remained that way until the exploit became too painful as the distance between them and the women increased.

‘Did you notice the size of their hands? They were huge, you know what that means?’ Gina asked.

‘They go Bostancı Escort rowing a lot?’ Kitana responded.

‘Probably, but I was thinking of something else, they’re likely to have big fat cocks, they could certainly float my boat.’

‘What boat?’ Kitana asked.

‘It’s an expression, it means something does it for me.’

‘Then I want them to float my boat too, float it and row it vigorously around the entire lake,’ Kitana chuckled.

‘Looks like rain again, I’m going to slacken the guy ropes a bit, that’s what campers do,’ Gina announced.

While she did so and behind the back of her still seated friend, Gina surreptitiously photographed the four guy ropes on which they had hung their sexy stuff. She knew her friend well and that she would stop at nothing to win the missing knickers competition.

‘I need a shower, I’ll see you in a bit,’ said Gina after some time and gathered her wash bag and towel and made her way out of sight towards the toilets.

Kitana decided that she would rob a pair of her own knickers, a pair from the guy ropes around the back of the tent which were beyond her obvious vigilance. She removed the only clean pair there and re-arranged the rest of the line to hide the missing article. ‘One-nil,’ she thought chuckling to herself again as she stuffed a wispy pair of sheer white panties with embroidered polka-dots to the bottom of her rucksack.

‘My turn,’ said Kitana when Gina returned from her shower and as soon as she was gone Gina was up on her feet and checking the guy ropes according to the photos she had made.

‘I knew it,’ she thought when she saw that the wispy white knicks of her friend were missing. Gina knew where to look and soon pulled out that very pair of scanties from the bottom of Kitana’s rucksack. She dropped her shorts inside the tent and pulled her friend’s knickers up her legs and began to rub the gusset into her fanny to cream them up somewhat.

When Kitana returned Gina was back on her camp chair and had put her hair into pigtails with small banded spherical bells to hold them intact. She sat with a smug look on her face having foiled her friend’s naughty knicker plot.

‘Your hair looks lovely, mind if I join you, I also brought the little bells we bought together’ said Kitana who sat beside her friend and began to separate her hair into bunches.

‘Men love pigtails, Gina remarked. They see them like the reigns of a horse that they can use to control you whilst they have their sexy way with you, I love it when they give me a doggy and use them to pull my fanny right down along the entire lengths of their shafts.’

‘You’re making my knickers wet,’ said Kitana.

‘I know,’ Gina replied ironically because indeed she really was making Kitana’s knickers wet, those of her friends she was wearing without permission.

‘I just had a great idea, let’s use the hair bells to alarm the guy ropes, I have some hair bands for our pigtails instead. The bells won’t catch the wind but will alert us to any hanky panky going on at night,’ Gina suggested.

What’s hanky panky, Gina?’

‘Naughty sexual stuff.’

‘How about we call it hanky panty to be more specific. Won’t alarm bells put them off?’

‘Armed guards, alsatian dogs and the death penalty won’t put a guy off from stealing stinky knickers and hose, Kitana. Come on the lights fading, let’s alarm the guys.’

‘I’m sure it will alarm the guys if they’re robbing our stuff and the bells start to ring,’ said Kitana chuckling at her own play with words.

‘Very funny, you know what I mean. If a bell does ring it gives us a chance to see who’s doing the hanky panty. if we know that we have something on them, we can make them do what we want,’ replied Gina.

‘Fancy some cereals before we go to bed?’ Kitana asked.

‘Good idea, I’m really hungry.’

Gina gobbled down the bowl wanting to be the first to finish so she could be the first to brush her teeth outside the tent. She wanted the chance to undress alone and be inside their shared sleeping bag before Kitana. She was hoping to seduce her friend into eating out her fanny and had every intention of surprising her with the fact that she had foiled her friend’s espionage by keeping on the offending sheer scanty panties. Gina knew just how to play it.

Once they were in the sleeping bag the two women faced each other and swapped tongues.

‘I’m longing to see some of those rowers’ spunk aren’t you Kitana?’

Precisely as she had anticipated Kitana misunderstood the question.

‘I don’t think it’s that courageous what the rowers do, Gina, the lake is quite calm and they all have life jackets.’

‘Not courage, that’s what spunk means in American English,’ Gina answered curtly.

‘What does spunk mean in English English.’

‘Spunk is sperm. I’ve learned all the slang words the English use for sperm from watching porn on the internet.’

‘I have to stay with the Russian sites, Speaking English is okay but understanding what they say is really hard for me at times, what are the other slang words for sperm, Gina?’

‘Well, there’s jizz and jism as in, ‘I’m longing to fill your salty panties with a big load of my jizz’, or, ‘The filthy footboy filled my high heel with his hot jism before he slipped it back on my stocking foot.”

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