Kitten Meets a Mommy Ch. 02

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All characters are neither related nor underaged.


“What am I going to do..?” Leah thought to herself as she held a scrap of paper in each hand.

In her right hand lay a handwritten note, left by her loving boyfriend who always knew what she needed. In her left hand was a hastily written address for a café across town, provided to her by her lusty professor. Both of these people so easily toyed with her body and mind, and though she obediently followed all of her Daddy’s commands and all of her rules; she was quite a naughty girl when it came to loopholes.

Darting down the hallway to the bedroom, she opened the closet and pulled out her ddlg box, a purpleheart chest with a heart carved into its lid and a bronze lock built into it. She took her phone out of her pocket and flipped through her little charms attached to the case, stopping on a small bronze key. Pressing the key into it’s fated hole, she twisted it with a click.

Looking inside her special box she saw all her favorite things. A lavender colored leather collar with a bell at the front, along with a tag that read “Kitten”. She ran her fingers along the pink lush lining of the box, as she looked at a small black chalkboard built into the lid. Leah felt pride in herself as she found what she was looking for; The 10 Golden Rules.

The rules were fairly simple: Most of them to labeling daily routines she had to do, or bad habits to stay away from but her main interests were the last two rules: Never let another man touch what belongs to Daddy, If you break a rule tell Daddy immediately. As she read the rules, she smirked and felt her naughty side dig its heels in.

“Never let another man touch what belongs to Daddy…” She said to herself, emphasizing the “Man” part of the rule.

Leah wasn’t one to cheat, she had never had a problem with that rule before this eventful morning. But she couldn’t deny the kind of feelings her teacher was evoking from her, she couldn’t control herself with how in control Ms.Marshall was. So she made herself a compromise in her heart of hearts.

Since it didn’t technically break the rules, she would go on a date or two with Ms.Marshall to get these feelings out of her system. She would do it secretly for now, but once the experience was over she would tell Jack everything and accept any punishment he gave her. Then everything would go back to normal.

Satisfied with her plan, she closed her box and locked it, giving her key a gentle peck as she put her phone away. Closing the closet she made her way to the bathroom, deciding to take a shower after such a naughty morning.

*Later in the evening*

“Kitten! I’m home!” Yelled Daddy, as he walked into their apartment. He looked around and saw his beautiful girlfriend in her studying best. She was laying on her stomach with her nose in a text book. Her figure was kept a secret by a baggy pair of sweatpants along with a pullover that did not to belong her, all tied together by her messy bun and the tip of a pen which she subconsciously bit on.

“Oh!” She yelped out as she looked up at him, waving giddily as he took off his shoes and walked into the living room. “Hey Daddy!”

“I missed you so much my little kitten…” Cooed Jack as he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, eliciting a giggle from his little girl.

“I missed you too!” She sat up and patted the spot next to her, where her Daddy sat before he suddenly scooped her and pulled her into his lap.

He pelted her with kisses, each kiss making her blush more and more before she remembered her plan.

“Daddy~, can I go out with one of my girlfriends tonight..?” Kitten cooed, looking up into his eyes just the way he liked.

“Of course, just be back before 11 okay?” He said, stroking her hair as she leaned into him and purred for him.

“Thankies…” Mumbled the naughty Kitten as he massaged her ass.

“I guess Uşak Escort I don’t have to cook dinner tonight?” He said, before he grabbed the TV remote in the crook of the couch.

She shook her head as she melted into him and relaxed, feeling almost all the stress and tension of the day disappear; but not all of it. She felt a twinge of guilt in the back of her mind, because she was going to be doing something very naughty behind his back.

*10 minutes before Kitten’s date*

She couldn’t help but feel a tightness in her chest as she nervously stepped out of her cab. She wasn’t much for dating, her only real boyfriend being Daddy. Now she was not only going on a date, but it was with a girl and it was behind her boyfriend’s back. She looked into tall windows of the café, her eyes darting around until they spotted her.

Ms.Marshall was patiently sipping coffee as she sat idly. She didn’t look nervous at all, like she knew exactly what was going to happen; it reminded her of Daddy. She felt weak in her knees as she slowly opened the door to the little restaurant. As she made her first step inside she looked towards Ms.Marshall, who was giving a sultry smile as she placed her cup down on the table.

“Why hello little miss…” She said, making Leah’s already weak knees turn to jelly as she sat across from her.

“Hello Ms.Marshall…” Leah spoke in a whisper as the beautiful women across from her passed her a menu.

“If you’re going to use a name then call me Susie…” Susie said with a smirk.

“Okie…” Leah cursed herself as Susie had so easily wrapped her around her finger.

“So about this morning…” Leah looked down in embarrassment as Susie spoke to her. “I apologize about the abruptness…but I’ve had my eyes on you for a while…”

“You have..?” The timid Kitten asked, with the same innocence Jack loved so much.

“Yes I have, do you not realize how alluring you can be baby?” Susie asked, as Leah opened up the café menu.

“I’m not though…” Answered the little girl as she pointed at the drink she was going to get, Susie not missing a beat as she ordered it for her.

“Yes you are…” She told Leah, before adding on. “The way you sway your hips as you walk around is one thing, but the way you act…”

“What do you mean..?” She always loses confidence in her ability to be attractive to people, which is why Jack would constantly remind her.

“You speak so innocently and with such naivety that the idea of unwrapping this little gift gets more and more enticing.” Susie said, taking Leah’s chin in her hand as she placed her thumb on her lips.

Instinctively Leah sucked on her thumb, drawing out a quiet moan from her date. Her hand was so soft and gentle, but just as loving as Daddy’s. It took a moment before Leah pulled away, remembering they were in public; but not before Susie giggled at how quickly she lost herself.

“That’s what I’m talking about…” She spoke in a kind tone. “You’re so cute that I just want to eat you up…”

Leah wanted nothing more than to be devoured by her again. Her kitty was already starting to moisten as she thought of the naughty things that could happen. Her mind started to wander, imagining being tied up in bed while her new friend explored her body. She quickly snapped out of her daze as she heard the clink of her drink being placed on the table.

“So we need to discuss some things…” Susie said as she sipped her coffee. “You are a little, correct?”

Leah answered with a nod, as Susie nodded knowingly before speaking. “I thought so, now would you be interested in me being your Mommy?”

Again Leah nodded, much more enthusiastically this time.

“I’d like that too…but due to you being my student currently that isn’t allowed…” Susie said, earning a pout from Leah. “So for now, we can’t be together…but a slightly casual relationship doesn’t Uşak Escort Bayan sound too bad now does it?”

“Casual..?” Leah asked confused before Susie got up and walked to her side, giving her a deep kiss.

“You can come over to my place whenever you feel like you could use a Mommy…” She whispered into Leah’s ear. “…or whenever that naughty little pussy of yours needs some loving…”

Leah looked up at the imposing figure in front of her, as she bit her lip in excitement.

“Do you want that..?” Susie asked, taking Leah’s chin in her hand once again.

She nodded and whispered. “Could we…be casual tonight..?”

Susie giggled to herself and paid for their drinks. Pulling Leah onto her feet she led her outside to a nearby apartment building. Leah was finding herself nervous again as she walked through the double doors behind Susie, seeing the clean floors of the apartment lobby. Susie pressed the button for the elevator door, wrapping an arm around Leah and pulling her closer.

“Can you press the button for the fifth floor honey?” Asked Susie, as she guided Leah in while squeezing her ass gently.

Pressing the button, she watched as Susie came in and looked down from her several inches of height advantage. Leah slowly shrunk as Susie’s eyes devoured her, taking not of all the little things she wanted to tease. As they both bit their lips in anticipation, the elevator doors opened to the fifth floor.

“Let’s go…” Said Susie in a sultry tone as she led Leah down the hall to her apartment, producing a key from her pocket and opening the door.

When Leah walked into the room the first thing that hit her was the smell. The air was so clean and smelled like lavender, with the living room being nicely well kept as well. There was a kitchen to the left of the living room along with a door that was likely the bedroom. She yelped as Susie planted a firm smack on her ass as she walked in.

“Mm…Susie…” Moaned Leah as Susie pressed her body into hers from behind. Before she could speak again, a hand wrapped around her throat and turned her head upwards.

“No…not when we’re alone like this honey…” Susie teased her as her other hand slipped down Leah’s skirt. “You have to think of something more appropriate…I’m sure you already have something in mind…”

Leah bit her lip, knowing exactly what she wanted to call her, but no matter what she tried she couldn’t spit it out.

“Does this naughty girl need encouragement..?” Asked Susie as her fingers teased Leah’s clit through her panties.

“Yes…Mommy…” Kitten responded as she looked up into Mommy’s eyes. She was practically drooling when she saw her expression; nearly the exact same hungry look that Daddy has when playing with her.

To her surprise, she was lifted off the ground and slung onto Mommy’s shoulder. She giggled and playfully tried to wiggle off of her. As she tried a loud snap echoed throughout the room as Kitten received a hard smack on her ass.

“Keep that little butt of yours in place or I’ll be forced to smack it…” Mommy said as she dropped her onto the bed.

She giggled as Susie began to slowly unbutton her dress shirt; slowly stripping for her new partner. revealing a dark purple bra. She looked down at Leah expectantly before speaking.

“Your turn baby…I want to see everything…” Mommy whispered as she crawled on top of her new little girl.

Leah anxiously pulled her sweater up, before reaching behind herself and undoing her bra; freeing her breasts for Mommy’s viewing pleasure. Mommy likewise reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, with it falling onto Leah’s face. She took in the scent, feeling her lips moisten again.

“Mm…smells nice…” Kitten mewled out as she felt the weight of Mommy’s body straddling her.

Pulling the bra off her face, she saw her Mommy’s full breasts. Her nipples Escort Uşak were pink like her own, and just as hard. She stared up at her nervously for a bit, until Mommy guided her hands up to her chest.

“Go ahead…I know you want to play with them…” Teased Mommy as she kneaded her breasts with her little girl’s hands. “Have as much fun as you want tonight baby…”

Kitten licked her lips as she leaned up and took a nipple in her mouth, sucking deeply on it and teasing it with her tongue. Susie moaned as the naughty kitten desperately sucked on her breasts. Biting her lip she stroked Leah’s hair, the long brown strands tangling in her fingers.

“That feels great, little one…just like that…” Encouraged Mommy, as she guided her mouth to her other nipple. “This one now…”

Leah happily lost herself as she closed her eyes and licked like she was told to. Eventually she felt Mommy’s nipple leave her mouth once again, before she was suddenly laid back down. To make it more fun she kept her eyes close as she felt her skirt getting slowly pulled off with her panties. Moaning as Susie rubbed her outer lips.

“Mm…dat’s nice…” She moaned out as she felt the fingers slowly slip inside her, before pulling out.

“You taste so sweet little one…” Leah heard Susie say as she felt the weight of her legs on either side of her head.

She opened her eyes to see her Mommy’s pink pussy, dripping wet hovering just above her the air was thick with the scent of her sex. She drooled at the sight and smell in front of her, hearing a giggle from above.

“Is someone excited to taste her Mommy’s pussy..? Susie asked, spreading her lips wide for her little girl, but keeping it just out of reach of her.

“Pleeeease…let me have a taste…” Leah begged as she stuck out her tongue only to taste the air.

Finally Mommy lowered herself and moaned loudly as her curious little girl licked at her deepest parts with voracious enthusiasm. Leah couldn’t believe how sweet she tasted, it was so different from Daddy’s come; yet she couldn’t get enough. Soon enough, Mommy pulled away shuddering and close to orgasm.

Leah whined as she tried her hardest to get another taste, but was silenced by her Mommy’s finger. “Not yet…we have to come together…”

With that Susie made her way down to Leah’s neglected pussy, which was sopping wet. Guiding Leah to keep her feet planted on the bed, Susie straddled her upper thigh. Sliding her leg between Leah’s, she slowly ground her own pussy against Leah’s leg. While Mommy moaned she helped Kitten grind herself against her leg.

A bit clumsily, admittedly, the two slowly found a rhythm, getting just the right amount of friction to drive each other crazy. The room filled with breathy moans, whimpering and Kitten’s begs for more. Eventually Mommy felt generous, leaning down and drawing one of her baby’s erect pink nipples into her mouth; Leah’s moans growing louder as she arched her back in pleasure.

“Mommy…I need…to…” She wanted to come so badly, but she couldn’t do it without permission…

“Come on you can do it…make a nice big mess for me…” Susie encouraged as she came up for a deep kiss, feeling as Kitten’s body shuddered and her pussy clenched. Susie felt the utmost pride as she felt a sudden burst of sticky fluids as her baby girl squirted. She couldn’t hold back after the feeling, as her toes scrunched closed and she came hard on her baby girl’s thigh.

Susie collapsed on top of Leah, rolling over and letting her rest on her breasts. The two women panted, exhausted, sweaty and sticky with come. Leah buried herself in her Mommy’s breasts while Susie slowly dipped a finger in and out of her.

“Mm…that was amazing…” Susie sighed out, moaning softly as Leah nodded and took her nipple in her mouth.

“Thankies Mommy…” Leah whimpered out, looking up at Susie. “Can we cuddle..?”

“Of course we can baby…” Susie said in a gentle voice while she pulled a thin blanket over them.

Leah nodded off, satisfied with her choice. She’d figure out a story for Daddy when she got back, for now she just had to have a sweet dream with her new friend…

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