Kitten Tales Ch. 04

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The girl took the three steps to the tool shed. Her hand slowly reached out towards the knob. It seemed like forever and a day had passed before she turned the handle. Her panting was heavy before her breath caught in her throat. Pushing the door open, she winced to the creepy creaking of the old wood. Shivers ran down her spine and it wasn’t because of the temperature that Halloween night. Her skanky heels sank deeper into the damp lawn below. The door finally swung open and she took a step inside.

It was dark; darker since the moonlight didn’t travel through the musty windows. She desperately wanted to cough. The smell in the air reeked of death and decay. Stepping further inside, the floor boards squeaked just as the door had. Her big blue eyes that shone perfectly, even without light, flicked around the shed. She tried her damnedest to make out some shape. There! She saw something move. What was that? Was it her little brother? Taking a step forward, reaching her hand out . . .

* * *

The killer lurched out on the screen and grabbed the girl, throwing her down on the shed floor. The sudden movements on the television screen made me jump in my seat and scream out. Luckily, I was watching this horribly terrifying movie in the comfort of my own home, and not in public. My rather “baby-like” demeanor would have been an embarrassing sight. Equally lucky, I was not alone. Cuddling back into the strong arms that were wrapped around me, I pulled the blanket up to cover my eyes. The killer was now slaughtering the blonde bimbo with fake boobs; I did not want to watch.

Your chuckle vibrated my ears. “Kitten, you really can’t stomach this?” Smooth, but deep enough to make my juices run, your whispers tickled my soft skin. With a little grumble, I looked up to you and shrugged. I loved watching movies with you, even more so when I got to sit closer because I was “scared”, but watching someone gut another like a fish was not on the top of my list to enjoy. The eerie music from the scene continued to blast from the speakers and I pulled the blanket up around my cheek more.

It was Halloween night. The movie was perfect for the occasion. Doing its job correctly, I was scared ‘shitless’. Of course, that just meant I needed my strong Dominant to keep me protected. Sometimes, acting like an innocent baby got me the best cuddles. Eventually, the movie ended and I felt a little pat on my thigh. “Go get dressed now. We should head over to the neighbor’s party,” you ordered and of course, I ran off without hesitation.

Tonight, was the one night of the year that I got to dress up in all my slutty outfits, all my latex and PVC, my leather and my fishnets ; and the xslot only dirty looks I would get would be the ones of lust. After a shower, I started to apply my lotion to keep my skin moisturized with a slight sheen all night long. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I poked my head out and called down the stairs for you. It wasn’t long before you stepped into my room and sat at the foot of my bed. I was still in the nude as I turned to face you.

“Sir, are you going to get into a costume as well?” I asked while bending over slightly and moving my hands along my bare legs. The lotion coated my silky skin before I rubbed it all in, producing just the perfect amount of healthy shine to it. My wet hair spilled around my shoulders as I moved my hands up more. I let them linger in the pelvic region, making sure your eyes were watching my fingers play across my skin. Knowing that the slight tease was enough to keep you interested.

“I will eventually. I’m a bit busy at the moment,” you informed me, lying back in my bed and propping yourself up on one elbow. In this position, I got a nice view of your crotch. Already, I could see a slight hard on form under the thin pajama fabric you wore. A small smirk danced across my full lips as I moved my hands to my stomach, rubbing in some more lotion. It didn’t take long for me to finish there and apply the lotion to my breasts. I knew this was one of your favorite parts of my body which only meant . . . the less time I spent on them. . . the more of a tease I would be. Flicking my nipples with my nail, I rubbed lotion into my ample mounds. My light brown eyes watched you, watching me. It was good to know that my movements could keep you so memorized, so wrapped up.

Another little flick to my nipples and my hands moved up, spreading the lotion on my arms. Your show was done; I knew that you would be a little frustrated. Standing up, you looked at me with one of those evil grins you have been known to sport. “Tease,” you hissed, but prevented any reply from me with a soft kiss. Walking out of my room, you left me to finish getting ready. I assumed you would go ‘take care of things’ before getting ready yourself.

I pulled up my fishnet stockings and let them hug my legs. No Halloween costume was complete without them and I adored the way they made my muscles look. Next, I pulled on my undergarments. I couldn’t go without a bra, my tits were just took luscious for that. Snapping a red and black bra in the front, I admired how it pushed my cleavage into view. I knew that you would appreciate this most of all and I smiled with that thought. As I pulled up the match boy shorts, I paused. Maybe tonight, being the naughty little xslot Giriş submissive I was, I could go without these. Maybe, just maybe, that would earn me a raw fuck in the bathroom later on . . . There was a good chance. The panties were tossed into the hamper.

The bottom half of my costume did not really leave anything to the imagination. Just barely covering my ass, I carefully smoothed out the red and black ruffles of my skirt, and then plumped them back up for a very sexy little tutu. If someone were to look carefully, they would have been able to get a nice little show through the sheer fabric. Turning around and bending over, I checked if my slit was visible in this position. It was. Good; I would have to make sure that you got a nice view of that later on. I finished up my costume with the matching corset, tying it up in the front. Sitting down on my bed, I quickly pulled my very high, very sexy, latex platforms. They laced up in the front and I hurried through that as fast as I could. I’m sure you were already ready to get going and I would probably get a spank for taking so long.

Trotting down the stairs, I made my way into the living room. As I rounded the corner I could see that the television was on again. Strange; I could have sworn I turned it off. There was another B-rated horror movie on, lots of screaming and creepy music. I started to lower into a kneel but quickly realized you were not in the room. “Sir!” I called out, turning around to climb the stairs again, “We are going to be late.” I pushed my way into your room and looked around. The lights were off and I could barely make out the furniture. Assuming you weren’t in the room, I turned on a heel to leave.

With a small sigh, I crossed the room back to the open door. It was then that I saw a little note hanging from the back of your hard wood door. Flicking on the light, I retrieved the note and read it over. : ‘Already headed to the party, baby. Hurry your ass up and get over here.’ I crumbled up the note and tossed it aside with a loud grunt. Since you weren’t in the room, I really didn’t have to hold back my eye roll.

“First he tells me to get ready and then he leaves without me. Ass.” I muttered under my breath while running down the stairs. Before leaving I gave myself a once over in a mirror. My costume was flawless; I looked desirable. I didn’t know exactly what I was, but that didn’t matter. The final check was to make sure I had the correct collar on and that it glistened in the light beautifully.

Locking up the house, I crossed down to the sidewalk and started my three block walk to the party. It was a cold night. The wind blew my hair around and the leaves xslot Güncel Giriş rustled with each step I took. Forgetting a jacket in my rush, I cuddled my arms to my chest. The cold sent chills up my spine and goose bumps down my arms. The darkness didn’t help. All the streetlamps must have been out for the only light to guide my way was that of the full moon.

A small shuffling sound distracted me from the cold for a tiny moment. It was hard to tell if it was just the leaves dancing in the wind, so I continued walking. My abnormally large plat-formed heels clicked as they made contact with the hard pavement of the sidewalk. All these different noises around just confirmed my thoughts of a paranoid mind making up other noises to compliment. Until . . . I heard it again. The sound was very distinct. It was the shuffle of heavy footfalls. Stopping dead in my tracks, I listened. Looking in the one spot no one ever wants to look, the corner of my eye, I glanced over my shoulder to see who was following me.

Seeing nothing, I almost laughed to myself. How could I be so foolish to think someone was following me? Silly imagination. It was those terrifying movies you insist I watched with you tonight; my mind was getting the best of me. To anyone watching though, they would have noticed that my pace quickened as I resumed making my way to the party. The faster it was that I could be in your arms again, the better.

My thoughts drifted off then to how much I adored my living arrangements now. It had been a couple of months since my first day and I have adjusted nicely. Didn’t take long for us to fall into a simple routine. I was grateful. Before you found me, I was lost. I needed a strong dominant figure in my life. . . I needed to give myself to someone and there you were; welcomed me with open —

I heard the sound again, stopping any warm thoughts I had immediately. This time, I quickly spun around; unfolding my arms from my chest, ready to fight off any type of ghoul that was coming to get me. I was expecting Michael Myers. He was always trying to pick people off. My arms flailed as I looked around for my stalker. It wasn’t until after I was sprawled on the dark and empty street that I even realized I was knocked down.

Feeling a small pain radiating on the back of my head, I groaned and attempted to sit up. No luck. Something was pinning me down. Something was keeping me from moving at all. A heavy weight was covering every inch of me. I started to panic. What was happening? Why was it happening? The next thing I did was completely instinctual. I parted my lips and screamed as loud as I could.


Something was quickly over my mouth, preventing my screams and even preventing any breathing. My panic kicked into overdrive as I attempted to squirm around. For some reason, my eyes were blurry and I couldn’t see a thing. . .

And then darkness. Everything faded to black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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