Kitty Cat

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Bobby didn’t know the city that well, in fact the last time he had visited New York City he was just child and couldn’t even remember the reason he had been here…a family vacation? Maybe… This time he was here for business, and he had a few short hours to explore, have a few drinks and then head back to the hotel to catch some sleep before his 5am flight.

The concierge at his hotel had recommended that he head over to Soho, it was close and he would find “plenty of things to do.”

Bobby decided he would walk the short distance so he could take in the scenery. It was busier he expected and he felt somehow displaced as he made his way through the various crowds of people. Feeling unsure and very ready for a nightcap Bobby headed towards a fluorescent blinking blue sign with the words “The Kitty Cat Bar” blaring out into the street. Good enough, he thinks ready to find himself away from the bustle. As he approached the bar he noticed several young good-looking men standing outside, cigarettes in hand, dressed as if they were going to a punk rock concert. What’s with all the chains and piercings? He thought to himself.

Bobby showed his ID to the oversized doorman and made his way into the bar. He was impressed with the amount of people inside and slowly looked around taking in the activity around him. He suddenly realized he was not in an ordinary bar, these were not young men, these were women…these were lesbians. At this point there was not enough time to change locations and he was not in the mood to venture back out into the streets. He walked up to the bar, intent on getting his drink, unsure of what his next move afterwards would be.

“Are you lost?” said a voice beside him, Bobby turned around, somewhat taken aback that he was being spoken to, the voice was that of a woman but his eyes told him differently. “I’m Al, ” the stranger said “as in Alison,” she said as if she could read his mind. “Oh…ummm…I’m Bobby, ” he said shyly. “What the fuck are you doing here?” she asked, smiling Maltepe Escort as if taunting him. “Well… I wanted a drink, ” was all he could manage to say. He couldn’t understand why but he was curiously attracted to the man/woman in front of him. He could tell that she spent copious amounts of time in the gym …and possibly took steroids or something of the sort because her biceps were substantially larger than even his own. Her hair was short, shaved on the sides, and she wore a flannel shirt with dark fitted jeans and converse shoes. Everything about her was masculine, including the way she leaned over the bar.

” I guess you’re not from here Bobby,” she said eyeing him up and down. “No, I’m not…just here for work ma’am” he replied, feeling all of a sudden like he was being interrogated. Al let out a loud and obnoxious laugh, “Ma’am? Really are you fucking serious?” Bobby stood silent, not sure that he should even respond and risk even further ridicule. A few second of silence passed before Al continued, “So Bobby, since you’re here alone and so am I…and I never like to party alone, how’s about you and me head to that bathroom back there and do a little blow?” Bobby wasn’t a huge fan of drugs but something about the request interested him and he was curious to see how this would all pan out. He smiled and nodded and Al grabbed him by the hand leading him through the crowd.

They headed into the bathroom and Al closed the door behind them. She pulled a wallet out of her pocket that was connected by a metal chain to her belt buckle and grinned as she came across the small bag of white powder tucked within. Taking her keys out of her other pocket and singling one out, she dipped it into the bag and then inhaled it quickly titling her head back and letting out a sigh of relief. “That is some good shit Bobby!” she said passing the bag of cocaine over to him. Bobby hesitated but followed along. Almost immediately he felt the rush of the drug hit his brain. Before he could say anything Al Anadolu Yakası Escort grabbed him and threw open the door. “Let’s dance motherfucker.” She said.

The next few hours seemed like a blur, they danced, they talked non-stop about politics and various obscure subjects, several drinks were consumed and Bobby was sure he might have been introduced to an acquaintance or 2 of Al’s. As the bar closed neither one of them were ready for sleep and they decided to head over to her place, which was around the corner.

Once they arrived Bobby suddenly began to come back to reality. What was he doing? What time was it? He looked around and it was as if he were in a bachelor pad, posters of various bands were hung on the wall and there was a multitude of electronics scattered about. He rubbed his eyes and when he reopened them saw that Al was in the kitchen fixing them drinks, practically naked. He gazed at the figure before him; it was incredible how much she looked like a man from this distance, her body muscular and her breasts tightly constricted under the white tank top she now had on.

She turned around as if she realized she was being examined. “What dude? What the fuck are you looking at?” she snapped, suddenly seeming very self-aware.

“Well… you…” Bobby retorted, suddenly realizing he was very turned on.

“You must be insane Bobby. You think I’d actually fuck you? Are you blind?” she laughed that loud laugh again and returned to the drinks. Bobby got up, determined to be close to her. He walked quietly over to her, all the time taking her in with his eyes. “Why did you bring me here?” he asked once he was just a few feet away from her. She turned to face him now, and then paused as if she was thinking of something, deciding something. She crossed her arms over her chest, leaning against the counter. “OK you win Bobby. I’ll fuck you,’ she said walking towards him and closing the gap between them.

All of a sudden there was a feeling in the air that enveloped İstanbul Escort the room and made them both very aware of the tension growing around them. As he pulled her near, Al groaned and turned her face upward so that their lips were almost touching. Bobby kissed her, slowly running his tongue over the corners of her mouth, the warmness of her mouth was inviting and she didn’t hesitate, drawing his body closer so she could feel him against her.

His hands drifted up her back, which was broad and muscular. They began to anxiously undress each other, Al forcefully ripping open his shirt. His hands caressed the curve of her ass and he slipped his fingers into the warmth of her pussy. It was hard to believe this creature even had a pussy…She heard his breath pick up quickly and she sighed with the feeling of his touch, his fingers filling her up and slowly moving in and out.

Both were lost in the moment and found themselves in the living room, falling onto the couch. Bobby pulled Al on top of him, his temperature rising and their bodies moving together in yearning. Bobby spread open her thick legs, exposing her pussy and Bobby grabbed his cock in his hand moving it over her clit and feeling the wetness of her on the head of his swollen cock. His hands move over her body, taking her suddenly revealed breasts into his hands, his mouth then drifted downwards and she moaned from the feeling of his lips against her bare nipple.

He then shifted to place himself between her legs. He pushed himself inside of her and felt the tightness of her pussy, sure that not many, if any men had been inside. Bobby pushed as far as he could into her. Beads of sweat began to build at his temples as their bodies move and bent with each other.

“Oh my god you feel soooo good…” she said, moving to meet his thrusts. “Do you like it?” he groaned knowing very well how much she did. “Yes you’re going to make me cum…” she whispered in between breaths. She could feel the sensation building inside her and every pump encouraged her to fall over the brink. Within a matter of seconds her body released. Bobby let himself succumb to the moment and let go inside of her, both of them left gasping for air. “Bobby…” she said trying to catch her breath, “I think you missed your fucking flight…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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