Kiyomi’s First Taste

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Big Tits

Kiyomi was just starting out at a new college. She was a girl with red hair and bright green eyes.

“Hello, I’m Kiyomi” she said to a room full of students. Some were bored out of their minds, and didn’t give a fuck who she was. Others were staring, and waiting for something interesting to happen. There were even some women, and men staring at the light fabric covering what looked to be double D tits. Either way people were staring at something.

“Thank you, please sit down” the teacher said glaring at the students who stared at the chest of the girl.

She took her seat not knowing what exciting surprises the world had in store for her. The class passed quicker then she anticipated. It was probably due to her thought of why those people were staring at her with something in their eyes she had never seen before. She was home schooled in a very strict home. Any hint of sex was snuffed out by her family. She had no idea of dating, porn, erotic novels, or even sex-ed. All of that was hidden from her.

She walked out of the class. She needed to find her dorm room. She actually had never been to the school before. Her parents came days before to deliver her belongings. She stoped to look at the glistening water fountain. She sat on one of the benches surrounding the fountain. Then, she saw a boy walking towards her. He had the same look as some of the other students. In fact, he was one of them.

“Hey Kiyomi, Sorry to bother you, but the nurse wants to see you” he said this with the same look in his eyes.

“Okay, but who are you?” She was nervous. She had little social interaction with people outside her family.

“My name is Tatsumori” he Said.

“Umm, okay, I’ll go with you.”

They both walked in time with each other. While they were walking the nurse was surrounded by students. She held picture of KiyomI in her hands.

“So Anadolu Yakası Escort this is Kiyomi. That’s very interesting. Her parents talked as if she was some little girl with no desire to pleasure or be pleasured, but we can, and will change that.” She said with a seductive look in her eyes. All of the students in that room knew what she wanted, and they wanted it too. “Please, return to your classes or dorms until i contact you.” All the students left and she was left alone in the infirmary. Tatsumori and Kiyomi stepped in a few minutes later.

“Well, you must be Kiyomi Numata, Pleased to meet you. I am Ms. Shinosaki, but I’d rather you call me by my first name, Mako.”

“Oh, thank you, Mako, I’m sorry if I interrupted you, Tatsumori said it would be fine.” Kiyomi looked stunning to Mako’s eyes. She knew this would be easy to do.

“yes, please sit down, but before you do I am going to need you to strip for me.” Mako said this while she looked seductively into Tatsumori’s eyes.

“Umm, huh, what do you mean Mako?” Kiyomi said this honestly not knowing what Mako meant.

“I just need you to take off your clothes.” Mako said this while both shocked and saddened that this hot busty student had no idea what strip meant.

Kiyomi unbuttoned her top, and threw it to the side. She, next took her skirt, socks, and shoes off. Mako, and Tatsumori could both see that she definitely had double D tits with a thick ass too. She was thin, and she stood tall.

“Can I put my clothes on please?” Kiyomi asked this feeling a wetness between her legs.

“That’s not all your clothes, correct?” Mako asked this while rubbing Tatsumori’s erection through his pants.

Kiyomi took of her bra, and soaking wet panties. She threw them with her other clothes. She had dark nipples erect from the cold air coming from the A.C. Kadıköy Escort Her pussy was clean shaven. The wet feeling increased from in between her legs.

“Oh, you’re so wet Kiyomi, Tatsumori lick her clean” Mako said this as she stoped rubbing his erection.

Tatsumori knelt down in front of Kiyomi, and put his face to her pussy. He slowly licked her clit as small moans came from Kiyomi’s mouth. He licked faster as Kiyomi’s moans grew louder. He pulled his face away, and plunged a finger into her sweet pussy. Then he added one more, and then another.

“Ah, wow, AH, Tatsumori this feels strange!” Kiyomi mmoaned this while blushing heavily. Mako had walked closer to both of them.

“It feels good though, right?” Mako said this as she groped Kiyomi’s breast, and put her mouth on the other, licking small circles around the nipple.

“Yes, Yes, it feels so good, ah, I feel so good.” Tatsumori looked at Mako as she took her mouth off Kiyomi’s breast.

“Hey, Kiyomi, Tatsumori has a problem with his pants, how about you help him” Mako said seductively.

Tatsumori took his fingers out of her pussy. He stood up, and he sat on the bed. Kiyomi saw a large bulge in his pants. She unzipped them and pulled them down. He took off his boxers that were containing his 8 inch hard cock. He took Kiyomi’s hand, and pulled it towards his cock. She grabbed it gently, feeling it throb. She slowly moved her hand up and down.

“Kiyomi, please just a little faster.” Mako whispered something into Kiyomi’s ear.

She knelt down, took the tip of Tatsumori’s cock in her mouth. She licked slowly around the tip earn a groan from Tatsumori. He put his hands on the back of her head pushing her down more. She bobbed her head up and down, faster, and faster until he came in her mouth. To her it tasted great, it was salty but so fulfilling. İstanbul Escort She sucked every drop from of cum from his cock, and swallowed it all.

“that was so good, please let me swallow it again.” Mako enjoyed seeing Kiyomi like this. It turns out deep down within that sweet girl was a slut ready to suck cock for anyone who wanted her to.

“How was your first taste of cum?”

“Mako, yes, I loved it you had a great idea. Please, Tatsumori, let me drink your cum again? It makes me feel so full” Kiyomi said this while smiling widely.

“Why don’t we do something else? Kiyomi do you want to taste a women’s cum?” Tatsumori said this knowing Mako was getting excited just by watching.

“yeah, Kiyomi, wanna lick my pussy?”

“No way, Mako you can cum too! Yes, please let me lick your pussy?” Kiyomi had a deep look of lust in her eyes.”

Kiyomi laid on the bed, and Mako sat on her face awaiting her tongue to enter her wet pussy. Tatsumori knelt on the bed and positioned himself infront of Kiyomi’s entrance. He plunged into her breaking her hymen. Kiyomi winced. Tatsumori stayed still until Mako said to move. Kiyomi’s pain was soon replaced with pleasure as she licked Mako’s dripping pussy. Muffled moans came from Kiyomi’s mouth while Mako moaned loudly. Mako knew she was soon to cum.

“Lick harder Kiyomi!” She said this underneath her moans.

Within a few short moments Mako came, filling Kiyomi’s mouth. Then, Kiyomi came as her body tensed up and her tight soaking pussy tightened harder around Tatsumori’s cock causing him to fill her up.

“AH, YES! TATSU-” she couldn’t finish his name as her first orgasm overwhelmed her senses. KIyomi lay passed out on the bed.

“Hey, Mako I’m gonna head out, thanks that was fun. Tell Kiyomi to meet me later.”

“Uh huh” Mako said as she passed out entangled with Kiyomi.


Hi, everyone, this is my first erotic story. I hope you all like it. This is one of many short stories I’d like to write. Please let me know if you’d like me to make this a full story or if you just want it to be a part of a series of short stories. Have a great day!

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