Kristina Ch. 02

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Ahmed is a bald pot bellied hairy man, standing 5’6″ tall in his fifties with a mustache and a long beak nose of Turkish decent. He spoke to his wife Kara, a tall woman around 5’10” who was in her late forties, with a thin Manish body with small breasts and a hard thin face with the same nose features like her husband, she was of Arab decent. Ahmed turned from his desk in their Apartment to his wife.

“Is everything ready for our new arrival.”

Kara leaned over and turned the large monitor on in front of the desk, the screen broke up into six separate sections, each section showed a different picture of the apartment next door.

The Bedroom, Bathroom, Toilet, kitchen, lounge, and a full view of the double bed from above. Kara moved the separate controls for each room and the cameras zoomed in back and forth.

Kara looked at her husband and said, “The sound is also working 100% in all the rooms.”

Ahmed picked up the 8″ by 10″ Color photo and they both looked at the person in it, a beautiful young blond in pigtails. Kara started getting wet between her legs, while Ahmed’s cock got hard, with a evil smile on his face Ahmed looked at his wife and said.

“Our new training Nurse Mrs Kristina Lenko will have other duties to see to, as our new sex slave looking after the staff and paying guests.”

Kara laughed and said. “She will be sexed starved not having any sex from her husband for six months as he is in Iraq on a tour of duty. And the guests will pay a handsome price to have and use this sexy young wife any way they wanted.”

Kara picked up the phone and spoke to Doctor Loi and told her to bring the staff to her apartment straight away. The nursing home only held six full time residents with seven resident staff, and five part time staff in attendance.

About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door.

Ahmed opened the door to let his staff in.

First in was Doctor Loi a forty six year old dark skinned Malaysian woman, the resident doctor, thin wiry build 5′ 7′ tall with short length salt and pepper hair, cold eyes, hard facial features.

Followed by her lover a woman named Su-Lee who was the resident nurse, aged thirty eight black shoulder length hair, Chinese origin, 5′ 5’tall, slim build.

Next in was Leroy a black man in his sixties Large build with a large belly, wearing glasses about 5′ 10′ tall with receding grey hair, he was the security guard at the care home.

The next in was the cook Olga a Russian woman in her forties short blonde hair, large build who was the resident cook.

And the last person in was the janitor/ handyman. Jamal was a dwarf of Arab descent with missing teeth the remainder stained yellow, bald with a hump back, in his early forties about 3’8″ tall, he closed the door behind him as he entered.

Ahmed told them of the new arrival tonight.

“Our new training Nurse Mrs Kristina Lenko will be arriving tonight, she is a young married woman, twenty three years old. Her new husband of two days has been sent to Iraq for six months tour of duty. And in the six months on her contract here at the care home, and with the help of you the Staff and Guests.

She is going to be changed from a young wholesome loving wife, to a perverted sex slut. To be used and abused by all of us including the residents. They all smiled and walked over to the desk as Dr loi passed the photo around to the staff to look at, each took it in turn to fantasize on what each would do to her with their cocks getting hard and the juices soaking the woman’s knickers.

It was dark when Kristina had finally arrived after the long journey from Jacksonville, she approached the gate at the main entrance, she was met by a black security guard who came over to her window, she opened the window to talk to him when he leaned down to speak to her, she introduced herself to him informing him she was the new trainee nurse and she asked for Mr Ahmed.

Leroy’s cock went rock hard, she looked more beautiful in real life then her photo, Kristina’s nipples went hard and protruded through her blouse as she saw his eyes drift down the length of her body to rest at her thighs drinking in the view she felt really uncomfortable, when he asked her to step into the guard room to sign the book, while he phoned to let Mr Ahmed know that she was here.

As Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort she got out of the car He told her to go ahead as she went past him he could see her nice round arse cheeks going up and down as she walked towards the building, drooling at the mouth he said to himself “bitch you will be in impaled on my nine inch cock very soon oh yes.”

They entered the guard house Kristina walked over to sign the book on the desk as she bent over to sign.

Leroy went right up to her arse and pressed his cock into her backside she felt it touch her arse sending a shiver through her body, he leaned over her and reached for the phone still rubbing his cock in to her ripe full arse.

He pretended to make it look like an accident, but she felt the hardness of his cock and stood up and moved to one side to give him room to phone.

While Leroy was on the phone talking to Mr Ahmed. Kristina looked at him her eyes wandering down his fat body to his legs, her mouth opened wide in amazement, when she saw a large bulge in his trousers going down to his knees she thought he must be huge, she wondered if it was an accident that he got so close to her or did he do it on purpose.

It still sent a shiver down her spine it made her feel uneasy, when he had finished talking to Mr Ahmed, he told her to drive to the building ahead as they were expecting her, as she walked back to her car, he was licking his lips still looking at her lovely arse in her tight shorts, he grinned and said to himself “Oh yes, we all our going to use you very soon bitch.”

Kristina got into her car when she looked up and saw his eyes roaming over her body she felt violated. She drove towards the Care Home feeling very uneasy. She pulled up at the large two storey building, and got out of her car and walked up to the large double doors and rang the bell. She waited a while for the door to open.

As it opened she jumped back in fright, standing in front of her was a dwarf, she felt scared as she saw his deformed body, he was small compared to her 5’3′ he only came up to her breasts.

He told her his name was Jamal and they were waiting for her, he went to the car and picked up her two suitcases and her vanity bag with such ease as they were very heavy. She thought he must be very strong for a small man, soon she would find out first hand how strong he really was.

She was told to walk towards the end of the corridor and take the lift to the first floor while Jamal followed her, as she walked he was watching her big round arse cheeks moving up and down in her shorts, his cock stood up like a tent pole he was literally drooling at the mouth and felt his pre cum soaking his pants, he said to himself “soon very soon you will be riding my python.”

As they entered the lift he stood so close to her, he inhaled in her body odour and was getting highly aroused they arrived at the first floor.

Kristina knocked on the door and a ladies voice said come in, she opened the door and was greeted by Mr Ahmed and his wife Kara. Mr Ahmed gave her a big cuddle and felt her breasts squash against his chest his cock was rock hard as he felt her warm hot body touch him, she felt something hard push against her groin as she pulled away.

Kara took her in her arms and pulled her to her chest and felt Kristina nipples rubbing her breast, she moved back and forward rubbing herself on Kristina breasts, she then gave her a kiss on either cheek and let her go, Kristina was overwhelmed by the welcome but felt really uncomfortable when she saw her nipples poking out even further, she put her head down embarrassed trying not to look at her new bosses and the dwarf.

Kara was talking to her when she raised her head and her eyes drifted towards Mr Ahmed and the dwarf Jamal as they were standing next to her with great big bulges in their trousers.

She was brought back to reality when she heard Kara’s voice asking her to sign the six month work contract. As she went to the table she looked at Kara and felt a shiver go through her entire body as Kara’s nipples a few inches from her face stood erect like hers, she leaned over the table to sign the contract. When she had signed her name she looked up to see Kara’s eyes riveted to her breasts she started to feel flustered and uncomfortable Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort she felt they were raping her with their eyes, she felt ashamed as she felt the unwanted wetness soaking her tong.

Kara told her to be ready for her physical exam at 9-30 am with Dr Loi and then report to her in the office straight after.

She put her arm around Kristina’s waist and said.

“You must be very tired dear let me show you your quarters and you can settle down for the night.”

Jamal followed them with the luggage to her apartment next door.

The apartment was nicely furnished and looked comfortable. Jamal took her luggage to the bedroom and with the door slightly ajar took out his enormous veined cock with the large purple helmet glistening with precum, and started masturbating himself while watching Kara talking to Kristina, as his eyes went slowly up and down Kristina’s voluptuous body he started shooting his cum all over the carpet, when his orgasm subsided he opened Kristina’s vanity bag and took her tooth brush out and covered the bristles with the wad of spunk from the carpet, and put the brush back in her bag, and came out and said good night and left.

Kara gave Kristina a kiss on the cheek “wishing it was on her full lips instead.” But knew in the next six months she would know every nook and crevice of her body nothing will escape her lust for this young wife.

Kara closed the door behind her as she left. At last Kristina was on her own she took her trainers off and sat on the sofa and thought of all the events that happened to her the last two days. The wedding, the two lesbian seductions she knew it was wrong but felt she had no control with the two butch dykes.

That somehow she felt compelled to do as she was told, she had always been an introvert, shy and obedient to peoples commands as far back as she could remember. She laid back on the sofa and thought of Doug and how her body yearned for his touch.

After a while she got up and went into the bedroom as she entered she stood in something wet and sticky by the door it was all between her toes, she knelt down and took some in her hand, she put it to her nose when she heard a bang her hand jolted to her face covering her lips and chin with the sticky liquid. She went towards the door and opened it, and saw the cat had knocked a flower pot of the window shelf, she sighed with relief and walked back to the bedroom and started to strip naked to take a shower.

The taste on her lips was a strong warm salty taste she could not describe it, she stepped into the shower and started to soap herself, while her hands were going over her body she felt her body tingle all over, her hand went down to her hairless cunt and slipped her fingers in side while she imagined Doug making love to her.

She took her finger out and finished showering, she dried herself and looked at herself in the mirror, her breasts still had the love bites all around the nipples and she turned and saw her arse still red from the spanking she had received today, she felt herself getting more wet between her legs at what had happened to her in the last two days by the two dykes at the hotel.

She took her tooth brush out of her vanity bag and not looking put some tooth paste on top of the big blob of cum that was on it and started to clean her teeth the cum mixed with the toothpaste went into every part of her mouth, she thought the taste felt different, but put it down to her imagination, she finished in the bathroom and laid on top of the bed naked.

And unbeknown to her the Ahmeds were watching her every move on their TV screen they were both naked when they zoomed in close and moved the camera all along her body till they stopped on Kristina’s cunt and saw her hand drift down to her hairless mound, she started rubbing her clit and slipped her fingers in to her puffy lips and finger fucked herself thinking of Doug.

As Kristina’s body writhed twisted into the mattress as her breathing got heavier her fingers moved faster over her enlarged clit. Kara inserted a large dildo inside her and was fucking herself, while Mr Ahmed was rubbing his large 8″ thick cock while feasting his eyes on her young voluptuous body. They could hear Kristina’s moaning and then she screamed as she was reaching her Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort climax, her cum spurted out of her cunt and all over her hands and legs as she lay there spent.

Watching her come so strongly bought Mr Ahmed to a climax, his cum spurted all over the desk while he heard Kara scream as she looked at the close up of Kristina’s cunt with all her sweet thick white cum around it and came over the dildo all the while thinking Kristina’s mouth was swallowing her nectar.

Kristina turned over and spread her legs and fell asleep while the two of them zoomed in close covering every inch of her beautiful plump naked arse and body making sure it was all recorded, they had so much planned for her.

Morning came and a tired Kristina awoke and had a shower and went to her wardrobe and saw three white uniforms hanging up and two pairs of white slip on shoes supplied by the Care Home, she put on a white thong and slipped on one of the uniforms it was half way up her thighs and she had trouble pulling the zip up the front over her breasts it was a tight fit and her breast stuck out like two melons, the material was thin and showed the outline of her nipples and body, she put on her white shoes, and made her way down to the breakfast room.

As she walked through the doors all eyes turned to her there were six people who she guessed would be the residents, they were all over sixty, there were three women and three men she nodded to them and said “good morning” and went over to the buffet counter and picked up some toast and fruit and a coffee.

She sat opposite the table where the three old men were sitting together and started eating her breakfast, when she looked up and saw them looking at her feet under the table, she had not realized her uniform was so short and that allowed the three men to see right up her open legs to her thong covered mound.

The three old men’s hands slipped inside their dressing gowns as they played with their cocks, the oldest Mr Osaka who was sixty nine had his eyes glued to her open thighs under the table.

Kristina went red in the face and but felt silly that a helpless old man was masturbating at her open legs she felt embarrassed, but felt warm and wet between her legs she felt the urge to open her legs wider to see his reaction after all he was not touching her.

She saw Mr Osaka breathing heavy, looking at the other two men sixty eight year old Mr Peters and seventy two year old Mr Phillips were also masturbating with their eyes glued to the mound between her legs, she got wetter as their hands moved faster she opened her legs wider and pushed her crotch to the end of the seat as it made her mound protrude even more.

She glanced away to see if anybody was looking, when she noticed an elderly woman around sixty five grey haired thin with glasses and with her legs open and her two hands inside her dressing gown masturbating herself at Kristina’s body. She looked at Kristina and put her tongue out and licked her lips slowly as she eyed her body and winked at her then the old lady’s eyes closed and she moaned and climaxed. Kristina was so nervous but some what excited as she was the centre of attraction at what was going on in the breakfast room .

luckily there were no staff around. She saw the old lady get up and walk towards her she started to get nervous, the woman introduced herself as Miss Vera Bradley. Kristina hesitated but saw the steely green eyes of the woman look at her. She prayed she was not related to the Miss Bradley from the Hotel.

She took Kristina’s hand and caressed the palm of her hand and her wedding ring as Kristina shuddered and her nipples hardened which bought a smile to Miss Bradley as she noticed, she then asked her name.

“My name is Mrs Kristina Lenko.”

I am the new trainee nurse. Miss Bradley told her to be at her room, number six this evening and she can help give her a bath. Miss Bradley was still holding her hand when, they heard moaning sounds, they both looked at the three men at the table opposite as they reached their climax and ejaculated their loads, while still looking at Kristina’s open thighs and her wet patch on her pubic mound. Miss Bradley smiled and said to Kristina.

“You have made a good impression on your first day.”

Kristina blushed.

She said “don’t be late.” And left.

Kristina got up to leave looking at the men who winked and smiled at her as she left causing her further embarrassment. she made her way to the Doctor’s room.

Unbeknown to Kristina as she walked towards the Doctors room her life as a young loving wife to an obedient sex slut was just beginning.

To be continued…

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