La Americano

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If you’re looking for character build-up or a slow-moving story, this one’s not for you.


Cosa Nostra or more affectionately known as Our Friends are your typical Italian Mafias. According to some Italians, they’re more noble than the nobles and more loyal than family. Others think they’re a nuisance who’ve control over the community, society and perhaps, even the government. This story is about a foreign young woman who unknowingly trifles with a man who leaders one of those mafian gangs.

Meet Amber and Rico.


She was in deep shit.

Amber scurried across the cobblestone streets, looking behind her shoulder every once in a while, running from the most gruesome sight she’d ever seen. Her mind didn’t want to accept the vision of the man with half his head blown off, but her heart had already ingrained the picture onto the back of her eyeballs, it seemed.

And so she ran, half in fear, half in an effort for self-preservation. She didn’t want to die; and even if she did, she certainly didn’t want to kick the bucket in a city where no one would recognize her foreign body. Her legs were aching, the muscles in her calves were straining as she made another corner.

And as she did, her legs gave out and she sank to the floor, plastering herself to the walls, deflated.

It couldn’t be, she thought. It couldn’t be that the man she’d been eyeing all night was a ruthless, cold-blooded killer. But he was. She’d seen him do it; she’d seen him take out the gun and point it at the bald man’s head quite easily, without remorse, without regret. And she couldn’t believe she’d actually fantasized about those very same hands that held the cold gun on her, giving her pleasure, learning her secrets…

Amber leaned over and retched, an action catalyzed by disgust, fear and anger. Resting her forehead on an upturned knee, she wished to hell she was back home. In Texas, you would definitely not see a man getting his brains blown off.

But she knew that he was after her and that he would get her, no matter what. She’d seen it in the dark mirror of his eyes– just the thought of their cold, unfeeling nature made her insides shiver.

She rose on quivering legs and made for the lamp-lit house that she could see in the distance. If she could only get there, she’d call for the first plane ticket home. But as she ambled to the light, a sudden, sharp pain overwhelmed her senses and she let out a little moan of pain and collapsed into a heap of flesh and bone. Her vision focused once, vividly, on the dark form poised above her before it gave out and shattered into black nothingness.

Finally, Rico thought as he lifted the woman’s skinny form onto his shoulder. She’d led him a merry chase, taking the winding roads and hiding behind every street corner. But she could never have held out; she was Americano and he knew his Sicily better than she did.

Rico raked his free hand through the dark crop of his hair, the only visible sign of the frustration that plagued him. She had witnessed the murder. It had been a mistake on his part; he shouldn’t have been watching her from across the bar while was on the job. And he most certainly shouldn’t have lured her with his eyes as he set out of the bar with the now-dead Casper Cunningham, drug dealer extraordinaire. But she just had the most amazing lips that he’d…

Dios! What was he doing to himself? Masochism wasn’t really his cup of tea but that’s exactly what he was doing– torturing himself, thinking about things he shouldn’t be thinking about. Besides, he reasoned. His carnal instincts were what that had gotten him into this situation anyway.

He had two options: he could kill her and deal with the consequences or he could give her some of the herbal potions his mother boasted about so she’d forget what she’d seen. He considered both options. And since the American government tended to overreact when one of their own went missing overseas, Rico decided that he’ll dose her and be done with it.


Everything felt fuzzy, Amber thought, like she’d overindulged last night. Her whole head hurt. Not to mention her thighs, which seemed to throb with a life of their own. She couldn’t move a muscle.

But as she popped open one dark eye, instant panic seized her tall frame. She wasn’t at her rented apartment. Everything was different. Her white lacy curtains weren’t there, her wooden Louis wardrobe, her bookcase…

And the events of last night hit her, in full Urfa Escort force.

Her aches and pains seemed like a trivial matter as she sat up and hurried out of the big bed. The air around her was cold but it didn’t matter. She needed to get out of the place as soon as possible. Every instinct forewarned her that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And she was a woman who believed in her instincts.

She knew that she wasn’t in her own clothes, but that didn’t matter. She flung open the only door in the room, her aching muscles poised to flee. But in her haste, she failed to notice the tall figure on the sofa, watching television as though he hadn’t killed men and kidnapped women in one night.

Her hand was on the door knob when she heard him speak.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Miss Amber Marie Reynolds,” the deep timbre of his voice penetrated her fear. Amber stopped and turned to face him, fear for her life making every bone in her body freeze in total numbness.

“What do you want from me?” she queried, her voice little more than a squeak. It didn’t matter. He probably already knew that she was scared half to death.

“Nothing,” he punctuated coolly, lounging on the sofa, “absolutely nothing but your co-operation. You witnessed a murder today and I cannot let you go free because of that. You’re a liability,” he said and her blood went cold then hot.

‘God, his voice is sexy,’ was the only thought that popped into her head when she should have been running for her life.

“Look, what if I promise you that I won’t tell anyone? I think it’s a promise worth my life, right? And you can be sure that I value my life. I do; I really do.,” Amber tried to negotiate, but ended up blabbering instead.

“Not good enough,” he said, getting off the sofa. And she immediately wished he hadn’t. He was so much taller than she remembered and that made her feel more helpless than she already was.

“Umm…Look, can’t we talk about this?” she squeaked yet again, retreating to the wall behind her for safety but he was advancing like a giant cat. And his eyes– god, his eyes– made her remember the reason why she’d seen him commit the murder in the first place.

This is it, Amber thought as he settled his palms on either sides of the wall behind her, caging her in. She was going to die. He was going to strangle her and get it over with. She turned her head to the wall, snapped her eyes shut and sent up a silent prayer.

Rico watched the woman as she tried to cower against the wall. Damn if she didn’t look sexy while doing that. She was wearing his shirt, the one he’d changed her into. And the first few buttons were undone, leaving the curve of her small breasts exposed to the cold air in the room. He could already see her nipples peak in fear through the white cloth, the hard nubs pressing against the shirt. And the desire he’d felt for her when he first set eyes on her came flooding back, empowering his senses.

Amber stopped trembling when he leaned down and nuzzled the side of her neck, much like her dog used to do when she was younger. But this was different. The killer teased the tender skin of her neck with his stubble, his tongue sending occasional sparks of arousal through her shocked body. No, no, no! Her mind was screaming but her body was giving in to the sorcery of the man that she’d lusted after last night.

Grabbing fistfuls of his shirt, she fought back, thinking that death would be better than any form of sex with a murderer.

“No, no. God, stop!” she screamed, frustrated that he didn’t even seem to be mildly affected by her desperate kicking and clawing.

He was nibbling on her neck now, his teeth slightly raking across the throbbing tendon on the side of her neck. Her initial angst was starting to fade, giving in to the carnal whims of her body.

In one last bid for dignity, she whispered, anger lacing her words, “I don’t even know your fucking name!”

“Rico,” he said and he kissed her.

His fierce onslaught made her giddy and all the thoughts of rebellion fled her mind. He didn’t just kiss with his lips, but with his whole body; it moved with him, as though he was performing some kind of erotic dance. His body slid against hers, teasing the exposed skin of her thighs, scorching them with the heat of his denims. As his body undulated against hers, she felt the electricity from his mild touches creating a pool of stickiness between her legs.

Amber curled Urfa Escort Bayan her fingers into her palms, resisting the urge to cup his jaw as his lips worked against hers. He leaned into her, then, and she could feel the throb of his arousal against her belly. The heat of it seemed to singe her skin to life and she gasped into his mouth.

His broad shoulders were pinning her to the wall, their bodies pressed up so close that they might have been one body mass. Amber felt him take her arms and place it around his neck before taking the kiss deeper as his tongue slid in, caressing hers.

The sensations were too wonderful to resist. Amber knew she was going to lose it, lose all control. And the funny thing was, she wanted to lose it, wanted to forget all that she’d seen and been through in one night.

So she kissed him back, pressing her lips firmly against his, reveling in the low growl that emanated from the base of his throat. Her hands were no longer pliant but around his neck now, clutching, tugging, pulling at his dark hair, wanting him to do more than just kiss her.

Rico’s hands ran up the length of her sides, caressing the newly exposed skin with his calloused fingertips and knuckles. Goosebumps broke out on the tanned surface of her skin as his teases sent spirals of desire coursing through her body. She arched her back, bringing her firm breasts into contact with the clothed heat of his chest and he groaned, the need to feel her naked body against his reducing his body to tremors.

The shirt that she wore became a distant memory as he tore if off her, letting it slip to the carpeted ground around them. His hands then moved to knead the sides of her breasts, deliberately avoiding the curve and peak of them. Amber whimpered, a silent plea for him to touch her, tease her, suckle her.

But he took his time as he led her into another kiss, this one more delicious than the first as he plundered her mouth. She gripped his upper arm, her nails leaving crescent indentations on his dark skin, almost desperate now for his touch.

His fingers teased the underside of her breasts and Amber writhed, the need to feel his flesh overwhelming her. Her fingers tore at his dark shirt and he threw it to the floor in one quick jerk.

Oh God, Amber thought. He was so beautiful; like one of those male models on Fashion TV. And he wanted to have sex with her. It seemed to slip her mind that he was a murderer. Or maybe, it didn’t really matter.

His hands strayed over the waistband of her panties and she moaned, wanting the little triangle of material out of the way. She put her hands over his, helping him with the task of discarding her underwear. As she stepped out of them, he went to his knees, still holding her up by the hips.

The first touch of his tongue against the wetness of her sex made her clutch at his shoulders. He was just teasing her with tentative licks over her mound, lingering around the area where she needed him most.

She tilted her head back onto the wall as she felt his tongue position itself to lap at her in long, deliberate strokes around her labia. Her clit was so swollen that she could feel the throb of it sending bolts of electrifying pleasure throughout her body. She thrust her hips into his seeking mouth and he took her fully, sucking on her.

“Fuck,” she breathed as she felt an orgasm nearing. His tongue was traveling in broad strokes along the length of her love-hole. Up and down it went until in one brief change in rhythm, it went plunging in, into the depth of her sweetness.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Amber screamed as she felt something tighten inside her. All the undiluted pleasure seemed to centre at her crotch before expanding and rupturing at a voltage that was too much for her body to handle.

She screamed, a high keening sound that tore from her throat as she held on to him as he took her flying, beyond herself, beyond stars. Her screams slowly turned into sobs as the remaining shudders racked her body– a body that was now too week to stay aloft.

She was lying on a bed when she felt that she was able to open her eyes; he was lying on his side, tracing circles around the dimple of her navel. She became self-conscious almost immediately, for she was completely nude and he still had his pants on. His eyes were boring into hers as though he was looking for an answer to an unknown question.

And that was exactly what Rico was doing, looking for an answer. He didn’t Escort Urfa know why he’d taken her in the first place when there was no reason to. Selfish desire was the instantaneous thought that popped into his head but he knew there was something more than that. She had looked so afraid of him, so vulnerable, so goddamned sexy…

…just as she did right then when she scrunched her nose at him. God, why did she have to be so adorable?

He leaned over and kissed her, waiting for her to start clawing at him again. But no hints of rebellion came from her as she melted into his kiss, her tongue sliding in soft swirls against his, sending waves of heat roiling through his body.

He felt her feather-like caresses against the sensitive skin at the base of his abdomen and sucked in a breath of arousal. He lowered his mouth and sampled the soft skin on the side of her neck, fiddling with a fold of it between his teeth. She let out a low whimper as he nicked it then sucked on it, sending drizzles of pleasure and sweet pain through her body.

Then the mounds of her breasts felt the heat of his breath as he lingered over a hard nub, teasing it. Amber anchored her fingers into his hair, wanting and needing him to take the soft crests into her mouth. Rico’s lips enclosed the diminutive yet pouting dark nipple, surrounding it with the warmth that it craved. Amber’s breath caught in her throat as she felt the wet consequences of his suckling collecting in between her thighs.

Sensation had taken over her body, her movements. All she wanted him to do was bury himself inside her awaiting body. She squirmed against him, needing to feel the rough friction of his chest against her highly sensitized breasts, needing to feel his throbbing length inside her.

With urgent fingers, Amber ripped open the button on his slacks and used her feet to push them down his legs. His boxers came off next and as he lay naked above her, she pushed him onto his back and mounted him, balancing herself on his stomach. He was big, bigger than any man she’d ever slept with and it took her three tries to take him into her dripping wetness.

Rico reached up and adjusted their position to enable her to take him in deeper, and in the process inadvertently rocked against her, sending a small hint of an orgasm through her bloodstream. As she tilted her head back, savoring the pleasure, he admired the way she looked above him, like a tigress– a very aroused one.

Rico waited patiently for her to regain her breath before guiding her into a rhythm that started out with silent sighs of pleasure from both of them.

In and out he thrust and as her hips lowered to meet his, the sight of her body enfolding him became his undoing. He sped up, his hard length slapping into her wet depths faster, harder, almost in desperation for the reprieve that he could find only in her body. Dockside Italian tumbled off his tongue as she rode him, her pert breasts jiggling as she did.

Amber came first; her inner muscles tightening around his cock, her juices flowing onto his length. She let out a sob, as the unbelievably high plateaus of pleasure ripped through her tall body. Her breath came out in inconsistent gulps as pleasure like none other racked her body. Her fingers dug into Rico’s waist, drawing tiny pearls of blood from his skin.

The sting of pain became his fall. Golden fire exploded behind his eyes as he came, spurting his seed into her endlessly, pleasurably, thrusting up into her as he did. Sweat beaded his forehead as he emptied himself into the woman. Never in his life had he come like that, felt so much pleasure in one body. Maybe it was because he was getting old. The older you got, the more you got to know about the world. Any reason would be better than the thought that Amber had made it special.

She had collapsed against him and when he opened his eyes he saw her face was cushioned against his shoulder. Funny, he hadn’t even felt her weight on him– she was that skinny.

To make them both comfortable, he adjusted her limp body onto his side, smiling when she mumbled in her sleep, her curved lips parting to mutter the gibberish of her dreams.

And then he spied it; the bottle of herbal potion his mother had given him to use upon emergency. His gaze drifted back to Amber and the bottle yet again. And as he looked upon her beautiful form, something in him tightened– something that forbade him to lean over and take the bottle into his hand. But, he thought, his entire network would be in danger if he didn’t do this.

And so, with an emotion that he didn’t want to think about welling inside him, he palmed the potion…

Only to find that Amber was awake and she was staring at him with knowing, apprehensive eyes…

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