La Femme Meets The Jackal

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Despite your reputed distaste for black men, the agency needs you to utilize your skills. The mission is simple. Fly down to Jamaica and infiltrate an infamous white slavery ring. Be careful though. The island is crawling with spies and men who prey on vulnerable foreign women. On this mission, you are to color your hair red, and assume the name of Charlotte, a nurse from North Carolina.

The cover story of your past is that you have decided to take a vacation, on the spur of the moment, for a little personal ‘wind down’ time. Life has been hectic recently and you’ve been working long hard hours at the hospital and the extra task of studying for school is beginning to wear you down. You reckon that a week in the sun on your own should give you a chance to get some rest and to catch up with yourself.

Accordingly, after having been briefed on who the target of infiltration is, you are soon on a plane and headed towards Jamaica as your latest mission gets underway…

You arrive in Montego Bay to warm golden sunshine and balmy breezes, and climb aboard the bus for the 90 minute trip to the resort. From the moment you landed, despite your previous aversions, you have been captivated by the amount of tall, lean and very sexy black men strolling around and you cannot help feeling the strange stirrings in your loins of desire for some hard black cock.

As the bus arrives at the resort the manager emerges to greet his new guests, he is a tall, very attractive, well dressed gentleman who catches your eyes because his skin is so dark it is the color of bitter chocolate. You gauge him in his early 30’s and he is clearly very well endowed, this being obvious from the substantial bulge in his trousers.

He turns towards you and catches you appraising him and gives you a discreet but playful smile, “May I help you Madame?” he asks.

You look him in the eye and respond, “Not right now, thank you.”

“Maybe later then!”, he replies, as his focus is drawn to the remaining guests waiting for his attention, but not before he has returned an equally appreciative glance at your body. After which, you check in and are shown to your room.

After a little time spent unpacking and resting on the bed you decide to have a shower to freshen up before you go out and reconnoiter the resort. The shower has great pressure and hot water, and so you linger awhile as the steam builds in the bathroom, when suddenly a black hand draws back the shower curtain and the manager is standing there before you naked and coated in a light sheen of sweat as the steam swirls around him.

Several things go through your mind at once, the first being the size of his cock, it is immense, for you have never seen one this large in the flesh before. It is standing at rigid attention and is at least 12 inches long. However, what is most impressive is its girth, as you realize that you might not be able to close your fingers around it.

“I checked the guest register and discovered that you are staying here alone”, he smiles, “so I thought that I would ensure that you got an appropriate welcome.”

As you stare in disbelief at the sexy black man before you, it is then that you realize that the white slavery ring has made you their next target. However, just as you were trained, you remain passive and let yourself be lured into the trap. Your breathing has become heavy as the moment is beginning to stir serious lust within you. Your breasts grow firmer and nipples spring to attention as the excitement and spontaneity of this unexpected visit has touched off some neural fireworks deep within your groin.

As the dark skinned stranger steps inside, you can feel the sensitive soft skin inside the lips of your pussy tingling with hot juice as it further begins to leak slowly down your inner thigh. He reaches towards you and roughly spins you around so that you have to put your hands out to steady yourself and you find yourself spreadeagled facing the wall in a strip search position, the hot water hitting your breasts and streaming down your body, the sharp stinging jets stimulating your nipples to the point of pain. You feel him place his huge hands on your hips and then leans forward to whisper into your ear.

“If you want this cock in your pussy you are going to have to earn it!”.

You simply nod frantically, too breathless from desire to speak.

You look over your shoulder to see him take some bath oil and start smearing it all over his massive tool. The sight of that thick black shaft topped off with a head the size and color of a large dark chestnut raises your need to be dominated even higher and you long to feel his huge black balls slapping against your face while you suck and shove his cock deep into your mouth and down your throat. Now lubricated and glistening with oil the stranger then holds his member with one hand and places the tip of it so that it is resting against your asshole, as you feel it sliding around your tight bung.

He then grabs a handful of your görükle escort hair and pulling your head back growls, “Do you want it?”

“YES, YES, YES,” you gasp (knowing that any resistance now is futile). “Fuck my ass, fuck it real hard with that big black cock!!”

He pulls harder on your hair keeping your head straining back and keeping the pressure of his cock on your asshole,, as he also reaches around your waist with his other arm and begins to slowly draw you back towards him. You can feel the pressure building against your asshole, but the head of his cock is huge and does not yet slide in. He then applies more and more pressure, flexing the muscles in his big arms to try to impale you on his ebony shaft.

The pressure is becoming unbearable and you are just wondering if he is too big for your tight little asshole, when suddenly the head forces its way in, stretching your tight anus to its farthest as you scream and moan in intense pain and pleasure. Yet, despite your screams, he continues, slowly drawing you back onto his shaft as you feel your whole body stretching to receive him.

Every muscle in your body is now tensed, your toes curling as you try to relax your asshole, with your hands firmly planted against the tiles in front of you. On and on your ass slides down slowly over his cock as you feel as your insides being rearranged while you are slowly stuffed by this mammoth black cock. He soon shoves it into you all the way to its base and then starts to pull and push your hips, sliding your asshole up and down his shaft as you moan so loud he clamps his massive hand over your mouth as he fucks you harder and harder for what seems like forever. He growls lightly with each surge, for his balls are so full of spunk that it won’t be long before he cums. Your ass and rectum feel as if they are being stretched to the ripping point, but the erotic sensations and devotion to duty only drives you wilder and wilder as you begin to shove your ass back towards him in rhythm, trying to push his cock deeper.

Your clit is rock hard and feels as if it is vibrating from the lust, as he reaches around your hips with one huge hand and begins to lightly caress it with his rough hands. , so gently you can almost feel the ridges of his fingerprints, the sensation of which fills your groin with sweet liquid pleasure as your asshole grips his incessant cock. At this stage you are both bucking into each other like wild animals and you feel his body tense hard as his cock starts to pump his cum into you, his groans coming from deep within his chest.

As he squirts, you can feel his hot spunk slopping around high inside you and it feels as if he has gallons of it. His hands have now become frantic with movement from his own pleasure and like a lightning bolt you feel an electric orgasm spread through your body. He then slowly eases his cock out of you and leans back with both of you now panting like marathon runners, as he watched your ass puckering pleasurably again and again from the release.

The man who know you should fear then takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom and lays you down on the bed, Despite your fear, your gaze is fixed on his still hard cock glistening with a thick coating of his salty cum and you can’t help yourself as you lean up and slowly but greedily lick it all off. His savory taste making you crazy with the need to feel him stuff your cunt.

The head of his shaft alone fills your mouth as you slide your lips over it and on down his thick shaft, you open your throat to accommodate and take him in, sliding your head back and forth, you can feel his thick veins brushing against your tongue while you wrap your hand around the base of his cock to massage the rest of it. You start to rotate your head and feel his huge head swelling even further at the back of your throat nearly choking you.

However, he has no desire to let you take control as he violently pushes you back down on the bed and you release him as he spreads your knees wide and pushes them back. Seeing his prize, he takes his spit glistening member and guides the head of it to your now fully blooming pussy, and, with the smallest of hip thrusts, lodges his helmet into your sopping cunt-hole. The sensation takes you by surprise and the jolt of pleasure makes you cry out as he continues to apply pressure and slowly slides himself in.

You feel as if you are filled to capacity, stretched as far as you can go, for he is stretching your pussy hole so much that his shaft is rubbing your down turned clit hard, sending passionate heat spreading through your body. This time he is slow and gentle and leans his body over you as he keeps his subtle rhythm, as you raise your head to take one of his black nipples in your teeth, biting as the pleasure/pain in your pussy increases. He then begins to build up a stronger and faster tempo and as you throw back your head to gasp, you see that there is a mirror beside you both.

The image of this huge, muscular and hard bursa escort bayan black man on top of your lithe white feminine body takes your breath away and gives you a pure spasm of lust, your pussy clamping him hard. It is at this moment that you wonder why you never saw the erotic beauty in black men. You now need to cum badly, and you are desperate with the necessity of it, and, so placing your hands on his hips, you start to pull him into you even more until your knees are almost touching the bed on each side of him, feeling as if you might split, but the friction and stuffing of his cock against your clit and in your pussy is driving you on. Your black lover soon begins to tremble, slowly at first but becoming more violent with each thrust as you feel his head swelling bigger and bigger high up inside your loins, your own pussy holding him tight with involuntary control from the ecstasy of the sensation.

For 20 long minutes his giant black balls are slapping hard against your ass cheeks as you beg for him to never stop, when suddenly your clit explodes with vibrant pleasure as you cum in massive waves, the sensation of which passes through you almost like an effervescent shower, as he pulls out and arches his back, his hips jerking, as he spurts his massive load all over your now sweat soaked body. After which, you both fling yourselves back onto the bed, spent.

Once he has regained his breath he says, “I must go and attend to my duties, perhaps you would like to join me and some friends for a light dinner later?”, at which you happily accept, not even knowing his name, after which you eventually return to the shower and then head out to the pool for some sun worship…

As evening arrives, you decide that a low cut, see through, body hugging and short black dress, sans underwear, is appropriate for the occasion and easier for a quick fuck when the opportunity you know will eventually present itself. Your new lover, whose name you still do not know, meets you at your door, and from his approving look you know you were right, he escorts you to the restaurant where you meet his friends, two more black couples. It is then that you realize that the men whom are being introduced are the same ones you saw in your intelligence briefing. The one on the right is a known killer and thug, Carlos, who is wanted in the states for terrorism. The other is the one whose white slavery ring you have been sent to infiltrate, the man known simply as “The Jackal.”

Obviously you have been compromised, and you know that it will take all of your training and feminine charms to extract yourself safely from Jamaica. The men, both of whom are eying you like a fresh piece of meat, are all well built and very handsome. Their skin is a deep and dark shade almost shining like oiled mahogany in the candlelight of the restaurant, while the bulges in their trousers giving testament to high potential of their sexual hardware.

The women equally are very attractive, One is lean and willowy, while the other more voluptuous. Their skin is even darker than that of the men. From the knowing glances over the enjoyable dinner you get the feeling that your adventures of the afternoon are common knowledge and you, despite the danger you know that you are stepping into, you like the light sexual tension that is building as everyone flirts a little, the excellent wine helping along, as the subject gradually works its way from your work as a nurse, after which the wine is poured, until finally after the third glass, the conversation turns to you…

For the next hour you listen as the man whose slavery ring you were sent to infiltrate, compliments you on your beauty and stunning sexuality, and then tells the group that he is simply a businessman who enjoys the company of young white women. The Jackal and the others then ask you question after question about your background, your love life, and eventually your sex life, not including your earlier tryst with your date, the name of whom you still do not know.

The other women asks, “So do you like to watch or do, darling?”

Carlos asks, “Do you like it in the ass?”

Then the Jackal asks, “Have you ever had two men at the same time?”

The questions cut right to the chase, as you reply with a lusty smile, “I like to be a voyeur but I’d rather be involved in the action. And yes I love having my ass fucked, but I have never been with two men at the same time before.”

“That’s excellent honey because we would desperately like to watch you fucking our men”, the darker woman replies, “but first, let’s have another drink before we retire to the jacuzzi, while the men can have a cigar at the bar!”

As the waiters remove the plates the men rise in unison and retire to the bar for a cigar and you are left in the company of the two ladies. No sooner have the men departed and you feel a bare toe caressing the silky soft skin on the inside of your thigh, the willowy woman opposite you stares at you with a hungry gaze.

It bursa escort is then that the darker woman says, “You are very beautiful Charlotte. I can see why you were chosen. The Jackal loves beautiful Americans. I would do all that I would to please him though, for he is not one that likes to be disappointed.”

Then the other woman says, “Of course Carlos can be a mean one to, and when he and the Jackal team up, it can be a harrowing ride. My body is still sore from the fuckings they gave me on the yacht last night. I thought I would never stop cumming. But enough about them, lets go for a dip.”

The comments leave you speechless, for you know that soon you will be filled with massive amounts of black cock, and that no matter what happens, you are now trapped and that the only hope of survival is by being a slut.

Going toward the jacuzzi, the three of you meet the men at the bar, where your glasses are filled with more wine, after which you and the women head outside, It is a dark night and the stars stand out brilliantly, while the steam is rising off the bubbling water, as you approach the jacuzzi that is surrounded by a soft matting, Once there at the water’s edge, no one wastes time getting into the scalding water as the ladies slip out of their dresses. It is then that you look in wonder at their smooth skin, their firm breasts, and their pussies that hidden by the dark curls of their thatch. Across the way the men are undressing, while you and the women savor the sight of the three thick and already stiffening black cocks, as the anticipation of what is to come builds like butterflies in your groin.

Once in the tub, the six of you all rest while sipping on your wine, hands and feet moving and caressing each other under the misty surface as you now feel yourself becoming the center of attention as the men watch the black women begin to slowly make love to you as their hands and mouths take over until only the sounds of your moaning are filling the air. The two women kiss your breasts and neck, while they finger fuck your pussy and asshole, the feeling of which brings you closer and closer to cumming, until you hear the man known as the Jackal say “STOP!”

It is then that Carlos rises and lifts you out of the water and onto the mat beside the others. Your skin is highly sensitive from the hot water that now chills in the cool breeze, as the other two men rise from the water and stand before you.

“Fuck her!”, the women whisper, after which the men begin to move, with the Jackal lying down and drawing you, straddling his hips, on top of him. He then waits as Carlos kneels behind you and pushes your shoulders forward, raising your curvaceous ass and invitingly puckering asshole toward him, The third, your prior conqueror, and by far the largest of the three, kneels before you. All of them are hard, their circumcised cock tips now glistening with beads of their lust, with dribbles of pre-cum oozing from their holes,

“At the same time!”, one of the women gasps.

As you gaze in their direction, it is clear that the two women in the tub are fingering each other, their fingers caressing their pussies and pinching their nipples, as the exhilarating scene in front of them is now making them weak with passion. It is at that moment that you feel three cocks at once sliding against your pussy, asshole and lips, lightly pushing in unison, as their hips buck and you are filled slowly and completely, until finally each cock is driven deep into you.

The pleasure and pressure is intense and all consuming, for you have never felt as entirely taken before and you can feel the pulses of each of these horny black men throbbing inside you. Your asshole is stuffed and your ring aches ecstatically as Carlos keeps himself buried inside you, as he grabs your hips and begins to gyrate his own, causing his cock to rotate around inside you. You can feel the two cocks in your love holes bashing off of each as the the cock in your pussy starts to hammer in and out of your cunt, his thick hair scratching your pussy lips and clit. Meanwhile, as the Jackal and Carlos fuck your holes, you suck greedily on the huge cock in your mouth, rolling and rolling your tongue around the head and shaft, rasping the coarse part of your tongue on his sensitive helmet trying to return some of the awesome and sweet pain and pleasure that you are feeling.

The motions continue and you become immersed in the musky smell of hot horny males as they sweat from the exertion of fucking your whole body without any regard for you, except the power of completely controlling you and the fulfillment of their own desire. You can also not evade the tidal orgasm as it tumbles through your body, and you soon begin to tremble from the strength of it, but none of the men break their stride, they only build the pace.

For 20 minutes It feels as if they are thundering into you, your body beating back and forth, your breasts rocking wildly, and, although weak from the tumultuous orgasm, you want them more and more. You weakly glance towards the other women and see that they have left the water too and are across from you in a thrashing 69, tongues reaming each others pussies, oblivious to you and the muscular black men that are fucking your milky white body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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