La Portuguesa Ch. 03: Tour Guide

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After letting her roommates and their friends gangbang her, it got weird. They became immature. They thought they could fuck her anytime they wanted, or bring over friends to fuck her. She liked it at first, but they were getting too cocky with her.

And if her parents ever found out, she would probably lose her inheritance. Time to be more discreet and responsible with her life, so she moved out. Sal wept. Briggs could care less, since he already had plenty of girls to bang when he pleased. Sri seemed relieved, as he was the only one who seemed to regret the experience.

Oh well, time to move back home with her parents on the Sand Ranch. She missed being around horses and closer to the open beach.

So back to good, honest work scrubbing down horses, moving hay, repairing the fences, painting and roofing, and whatever else her dad and mom had her doing. She still worked in town four days a week waitressing at the bar and grill.

Then her parents left the ranch to her. The moment they left, she made sure all the gates were locked, stripped, and did her work naked in cowgirl boots and a utility belt. The sun felt so good on her bare skin as she worked. And the drudgery, sweat, grime, and toil was so better without clothes as well.

When she was done for the day, she bathed in a trough near her bedroom, in her own little courtyard private even from her parents. With the afternoon sun waning, she then got her saddle and mounted a horse naked.

Padre Island was really just a long sandbar, divided into the north and south. Since beaches were considered highways, people can drive on the beach, and that was the only way to access the rest of the island from the City of South Padre Island at the southern tip. It was an average of only about a mile wide, but over a hundred miles long, interrupted by a canal for access to the bay area. The west was the bay, and many swamps along the shore, and shallow water for hundreds of feet. To the east was the Gulf of Mexico, where waves crashed onto the sand, and cars drove up and down it day and night.

She loved riding nude. Her dark Spanish skin gleaming in the sunlight as she rode through sand and grass, exploring the dunes. On weekdays it was hardly crowded at all, so she dared dismounting and running naked into the waves for a swim as the sun went down.

When she saw headlights in the distance, she ran back to her horse, leapt on, and went into the grassy dunes out of sight where no cars could follow.

On top of one of the larger dunes, she watched the sun set, her bare ass on dry sand. Then she lied back and closed her eyes, and masturbated slowly, her fingers exploring her shaved, wet pussy.

She thought of Tom, Orcus, and Apollo way too much, and how they had all taken turns with their huge dicks in her ass. Her anus quivered just from thinking on it. A dad and his hillbilly sons in the Hill Country of Texas.

Touching her nipples made them hard. She wished someone could suck on them. Her fingers slipped in and out of her slit and played over her clitoris.

Her orgasm made her shudder and curl her toes, but it could never be as intense as getting fucked and filled with cum.

Then she fell asleep under the perfect, warm night.

The next day while she was riding around in the buff, a black sedan honked its horn at the gate. “Pendejos, what do they want?”

She thought about getting clothes first, but was feeling naughty and rode up to the gate. Three men got out of the car and gaped at her. Martina knew she had to be quite a sight. A dark Latina with a naked petite figure holding a rifle, sexy long legs and perky tits wearing a cowboy hat. She only hoped they weren’t friends of her parents.

“Well howdy,” said a man that reminded her of Matthew McConaughey in a broad cowboy hat. “I wasn’t expecting such a charming and underclothed senorita. Might Senor Balli be in?”

She spoke Spanish instead, asking who was asking.

The gringo surprised her by speaking Spanish with a Spanish accent, very formal and educated. The other two men were lean, young men wearing sunglasses, white cowboy hats, and looking like cops. All three dressed in suits. Business man with guards maybe?

“We are with the bank, senorita. Developers for Campbell Ranch. We were hoping for a tour of the island and heard you had the means and a guide here. Ranch at the end of the road.”

Mm, rich white people, she mused. She smelled money and opportunity. She spoke English after that.

“Then you came to the right place. I have a jeep and I grew up on this island. When did you plan on this?”

The man grinned. “Now if you’re willing. I have five hundred dollars for the rest of the day, if that works. More if we can camp for the night with you. Though I was expecting…”

“A Texan man with experience at camping?” Then she leveled her rifle at a crow on the power line and fired. With a bang, an explosion of black feathers, she looked back at the man smugly.

He chuckled. “Something Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort like that. Nice shot. I am impressed,” he now said in a Texas drawl more accustomed to the wealthy and powerful oil barons of Texas.”

She dismounted, boots hitting the sand, rifle back over her shoulders, and a belt full of tools around her waist. She unlocked the padlock of the gate, then opened it wide. Then she went up to the man and smiled.

“I’m Jason Morgan, ma’am. These are my associates, Frank Dumont and Vincente Armand. And you are? e?”

“Senorita Martina Longoria Balli, direct descendant of Padre Balli who once owned all this land.”

She extended her hand, and he took it, towering above her with cold, blue eyes and a barely contained storm of muscular masculinity beneath his black suit and tie.

“A pleasure to meet you, Senorita Balli. Is this a good day to do this? We have our things in the trunk, and just need a place to change our clothes.”

“As good a day as any. Pull into that barn over there. You’ll find a place to change there. I’ll go get ready. One hour.”

Then she walked over back to her horse, knowing they were staring at her firm, bubbly round ass, and then mounted up again.

She loved driving the beach, and drove as fast as she dared to scare the shit out of her three rich white tourists. She wore only a bikini and her cowboy hat, good enough for the public domain of the island. Her tits bounced as the jeep bounced on the sand.

The three of them looked pretty good for white boys. Muscular, lean, and tanned in their bathing suits and t-shirts, and sunglasses. Jason did all the talking, telling them about plans and investments they were thinking of making in the area.

She could care less. They had tried to develop the island more in the past, but hurricanes and made a ruin out of it, and the debris of that disaster still lied all over the beach and half buried in the sand. Tons of plastics, broken things, a few ruined boats, and in the past three Spanish ships with treasure, two of which had been found. The place was a graveyard of destroyed ships and former towns.

Miles and miles of sand she drove, until at long last they arrived to the official nude part of it. She stopped, got out of the jeep, and took off her bikini.

“It’s the nude part, boys. I don’t wear clothes unless I have to. You three can do as you please, of course.”

They had already seen her naked, but they stared at her as if they had forgotten all over again. Jason was already forming a bulge in his bathing suit, which amused her. She didn’t plan on fucking them, but who knows.

She had taken the doors off the jeep, of course. She was back in and driving at once, splashing through some of the waves that washed up the wet sand. She loved driving through the water, though she would have to rinse off her jeep when she got back. Saltwater was deadly to vehicles.

“I hadn’t known Texas had any nude beaches,” Jason said, pulling his own suit off and shrugging.

Martina nearly flipped the jeep when she stared too long at his crotch.

“Slow down, sweetheart. We ain’t in no hurry, chica.”

“I just like to drive fast. But it’s your tour,” she replied, trying to not to stare at his huge, pale white cock.

“Come on, boys. Strip those suits. When in Rome, we do as the Romans do.”

The four of them were soon buck naked riding in her rusty, white jeep, and she felt kind of kinky. They kept their hats on, which was wise in this sun. Her pussy got wet just thinking about sex. Good thing she was not a man, or she’d have a hard on.

But she turned and stared at their crotches anyway, going slower this time, and smiled at them as their packages were revealed. All well-hung white boys, she had to admit. One of them as stiff as a rock.

They drove past a few naked couples parked near the sand, enjoying the solitude. There was so much beach people just parked where they didn’t see a soul, and camped out.

“It’s Tuesday, so hardly anyone out here. We have most of the island pretty much to ourselves.”

She stopped at various places along the way to show them old wreckage, the larger dunes for overlooks, and talked about the history of the place. The sky was cloudless and the sun intense. The three men had to use sunblock, while she did not.

When it got too hot, she parked right in the shallow water, letting waves lap and splash against her tires. She got right out into the water and went for a swim.

The guys joined her, a great way to cool down. Then she got out the tent and began setting them up right there, knowing that the tide was at its highest point, so it would not wash them away. The men helped, and she directed them. They clearly had experience and didn’t really need her, so she wondered why they needed her at all.

“Senorita, don’t you need a tent for yourself?”

She smiled. “I sleep out in the open, on those dunes. I’ll be fine.”

She sat in the driver’s Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort seat facing outward checking her cell phone’s signal. Still two bars. Coverage reached far these days.

Then Jason buried his head between her legs and started eating her out. Startled, she gasped and grabbed onto the steering wheel and his hair. Instinctively she opened her legs more.

“Culo! Pinche gringo!” she protested. But she did not stop him.

She felt him suck on her clit and her black iron piercing touch his teeth. It felt wonderful, and she moaned as she watched this total stranger lick and suck her shaved, salty pussy.

Then he stopped and stood up, staring at her and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “You taste wonderful. Sorry, I could not resist.”

“Well don’t stop!” she protested.

He smiled and fell to his knees, putting his head even with her vagina, and went to town. Just as she was about to come, he stopped and started licking and gently biting her inner thighs. He stood up and kissed her leg every few inches, up to her bare feet.

Her toes curled as he went back down her other leg, biting her calf, tickling her thigh, and then her stomach.

“You are fucking beautiful, Chica.”

Then he found one nipple and sucked it hard, painful, making her whimper with built-up tension, and then he found the other nipple.

She ran her hands through his thick blond hair as she shuddered from his work. Then she fell back flat, back against stickshift and open gap between seats. She didn’t care as his tongue flicked her piercing and clit so damned good.

“Oh my god,” she breathed as she came hard.

No one had ever eaten her out like that. But it wasn’t over. As she she shook, he lifted her off the seat as if she weighed nothing and put her upright in the shallow wash of waves still lapping at her jeep tires.

He was rock hard and enormous. A think gringo cock at least nine inches long. Fuck me, she thought. What a lucky girl. She fell to her knees and took it into her mouth. Salty from the ocean, he tasted wonderful. She could taste his precum mixed with the ocean.

His moans and how his hands grabbed her black wet hair turned her on more. Then like Orcus had done, he forced it down her throat. She had no idea why she liked it, but she did. The feel of throbbing cock deep in her, and wondering what it felt like to a man.

She gagged and groaned as he forced it all the way in, his balls slapping her chin. And what balls they were, huge and shaved wonders of manhood.

He pulled out and let her do more of the work. With both hands on his shaft twisting and turning she worked his cock in her mouth.

Then like she had seen in porn, feeling him about to come, she opened her mouth and held his huge, purplish mushroom tip over it. Feeling the water splash around her pussy also added to the sensation.

He ejaculated a flood of pearly cum, squirt after squirt, right into her open and willing mouth. He worked his shaft up and down with his own hand and pumped every last bit into the pool that had formed.

Then she swallowed it all, though some had gotten on her face and chin. She felt it in her stomach and liked it.

The two other guys had been watching, of course. And their eyes were wide with lust. It made her feel powerful as she stood in the shallow water and regarded them, cum dripping down her chin and neck. She then bent over, hands on knees, and showed off her ass and shaved pussy to Armand behind her.

He took the bait, and got in behind her at once, his hard cock rubbing up against her very wet pussy. He grabbed her waist and pushed in hard and fast. He wasn’t nice about it, and she groaned in pain at first.

But before she had a chance to protest, Frank had his cock in her mouth and shoving down her throat. Now she was being spitroasted by two guys.

Frank grabbed her hair and held her head firm, while Armand held her waist and plowed into her. They both were not even trying to be gentle, but just getting theirs. Why she liked that, she could not say. Maybe she was just attracted to men that were not afraid to take what they wanted.

Legs straight in the water, bent over like an L, she got pounded from both ends by two white guys. She just closed their eyes and took it like a champ, loving the big cock in her pussy, and another cock in her throat.

It didn’t take long for them to come. Armand filled her pussy up with a huge load, hot against her cervix. She shuddered with an orgasm.

Frank came right into her stomach, and she choked and gagged until his cum drained directly into her belly. She would have panicked had the orgasm not balanced the sensation of pleasure and pain.

She never had cum just ejavulate right into her tummy like that. The swelling cock in her throat hurt, and she was glad when he pulled out, and nearly hurled when it slid out, coughing on cum.

When it was over, she stood up and rubbed her throat.

“Fuck. Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort Been awhile since you pendejos have had a woman?”

Armand smiled. “No, ma’am. I just never met someone so attractive and … willing. You’re a rare creature.”

“I guess I am. Come on, let’s get the grill going before the sunsets. You guys can have more fun when you’ve earned it.”

“I might say, senorita, that you riding naked set the mood for us. I’ve never been so aroused by a female before,” Jason said. “Rather unexpected on this business trip. I might have to hire you.”

She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. “For what?”

Jason laughed. “To recon our investments and developments. You like it out here. Being out here naked aroused you like it does no one else. You get off being free and alone, don’t you?”

She was surprised how well his intuition worked.

“You got me pegged in more ways than one, gringo.”

The boys had to put skin lotion on their reddened skin. Sunblock can’t cure Gringo. They had burned, and now sat tired and uncomfortable in the sand.

She got the grill going and began cooking some beef. And she shared her Coronas with them as well, and had a cold one while she grilled burgers.

The sun began going down, and with food in their stomachs and holding their fourth or fifth beer each, she walked them to the highest dune nearby and watched the sun go down.

“This place has its charm,” Jason said, admiring the view and adjusting his hat. Pinche Texans and their hats. Just as bad as sombreros.

“But you are the most charming thing about this barren island.”

He was already stiff as he looked her dark body up and down. It made her wet as hell. But they sat and watched the sun set behind the horizon. While still light, she led them back down the dune, across a field of debris from past hurricanes, and back to the jeep and the tent.

She went for a swim to freshen up. There was no other way to shower, of course. As carefree as a little girl, she enjoyed the water.

The three joined her, and even splashed her or lifted her high up and threw her into the water, making her scream and giggle. She didn’t mind their hands finding her intimate places, or a mouth sucking on a tit now and again.

By the time they all got out it was dark. She fell to her hands and knees, and one by one they took her then and there on the wet sand, beneath the bright, full moon.

Martina loved how her waist was grabbed, and cocks thrust deep and needfully into her tight little pussy. She especially liked the feeling of cum exploding deep inside her, and only wanted more. They through a train on her good and hard, leaving cum pouring out of her pussy and into the sand and sea.

She had a few more Coronas, and between the four of them they finished a 24-pack easily and got pretty buzzed. She ended up passing out in the tent with them fucking her a second and third time while she was on her back, legs up in the air.

One came on her chest and tits. Another in her mouth again. And a third on her face. Then they did it all over again in the middle of the night. Wake up to take a piss, nut into, or on Martina, then go back to sleep.

It was awesome. But they did not talk much, and something seemed a little off by their behavior. She should have been more careful.

Martina awoke to a mild headache and some nausea, and bright sunlight. She was inside the tent by herself.

When she tried to move, she realized she couldn’t. Her wrists were tied behind her. Her ankles were tied. And her mouth was gagged.

Panic set in quickly as she struggled against her bindings, her screams only coming out as a muffle.

Then one by one, three strange men came into the tent fully dressed. Jeans, boots, button shirts of different colors, and one had an oily mustache. Dark men. When they smiled and talked to one another, she knew they were Mexicans. Their Spanish was heavily accented, and she could barely understand it.

Then Jason came in, also dressed and smiling. “A nice piece of ass, amigos. And she likes it. We were hired to rape her, to make her father give in and sell his property after we abused their little girl. But all be damned, she’s a fucking horndog unlike I’ve ever seen.”

Jason was a chameleon of many accents, she realized. His Spanish was as Mexican as the Mexicans, when yesterday it had been as formal as the Spanish monarchy. What the fuck?

Terror gripped her at what was going on. She had been played. He papa had always warned her to be careful with men. All they wanted was pussy and ass. She didn’t care, because all she wanted was dick and balls.

“Five thousand is too much, gringo,” one of the Mexicans said. “You want her broken?”

“Yeah. And pictures. Got to do it in Mexico, though. We can sell her back to her parents. Don’t you have a donkey show you could use her in?”

“Gabacho, we don’t have a pinche donkey show. You perverted gringos invent so many things about us,” the leader of the three said with annoyance.

“And we were expecting a gringa, not one of our own,” said another. “You have a lot of nerve, gabacho.”

Jason chuckled. “Look, boys, I don’t care what you do with her. We both work for the same boss.”

“So why didn’t you just beat her and set her loose?”

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