Lace and Love Ch. 03

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Jake Orlov grabbed his duffle bag and rifle case out of the cab of his F-250. He had some other gear in the truck, but he decided to get the rest later. He was exhausted from driving back from Kentucky, training the Blackwell county sheriff’s department’s SWAT team for the past week.

Jake was disgusted at how these guys managed to graduate the police academy, let alone SWAT training. Jake had never seen such gross negligence of muzzle awareness and trigger discipline in his whole military and private sector career. He had to pray for that county if they were the best of the best.

He was really happy to finally be home and could see both his boyfriend Dan and his submissive Asian sissy Alice, who were both the same person. He walked up to his apartment door, fished out his keys, and unlocked the door. He opens it to find Alice waiting for him. “Welcome home Master.” She said smiling doing a very formal curtsy. Jake grinned as he walked in, shutting the door behind him.

Jake set his rifle case and dufflebag on the floor and walked towards Alice. “Hello my sissy, did you me?” He asked approaching her.

“Yes master I missed you very much.” She said standing in her standard standing position. Arms crossed behind the back and feet shoulder width apart.

Even in the black high heels locked on her feet she was still several inches shorter than Jake.

He stood at 6’3 a little over two hundred and twenty pounds in almost entirely muscle. Jake had a shaved head, he used to have a full head of hair, but after several years of shooting guns all day for a living he could never seem to get the smell of burnt gunpowder out of his hair. He did however have a light blonde goatee that was slightly graying with lovely dark green eyes.

He wore a grey t shirt with his training company’s logo on it, a skull with demonic horns in a shield with two swords crossing through it, above it was the company’s name OUTSIDE THE WIRE. He also wore a pair of 5.11 pants and an old pair of desert combat boots.

He looked down at her and lightly grabbed her by the chin. “I missed you too.” He said. The two then kissed passionately for several seconds.

“Hmm bubblegum.” Ataşehir Esmer Escort He said licking his lips smiling and staring at her beautiful feminine face.

“I know it’s your favorite master.” She replied licking her own lips very sexily. Alice was to always address Jake by master. Not sir, not daddy, not Jake, but Master. He wasn’t a school teacher or her father, he was her owner. She would be severely if she ever made that mistake.

“Well let’s have a look at you.” Jake said letting go of her chin. Jake would always inspect Alice when she was dressed. He didn’t know jackshit about hair or makeup or anything like that, but Dan did show him what to look for, what was right, what was wrong. So he memorized everything to look for like how her hair is, if her uniform was out of order, if she had done her makeup and nails correctly, and various other details that would result in her being punished if she failed.

“Show me your nails.” He ordered her.

“Yes master.” She answered showing her hands with fingers held together showing her white painted nails.

Jake looked over her nails, seeing that they appeared satisfactory he said “Return to your standard position.”

“Yes master.” She said returning to her first position.

Jake saw her panties and chastity clad penis poking through the hole underneath the too short maid uniform. He quickly reaches up and gropes her exposed balls. Alice gasps at the unexpected feeling of having her balls fondled, a shiver of pleasure runs up her body and her knees start to shake and buckle at the sensation of Jake merely feeling her balls. Her small penis, being locked tightly in the chastity device, begins to grow causing her great discomfort.

“How long has it been since your last orgasm sissy?” Jake asks while playing with her balls.

“Almost eight days master.” Alice answers gasping while trying to keep her composure.

“Eight days huh, your sissy balls feel so swollen and full. I bet you’re just dying to get out of this chastity cage.” Jake said while digging through one of his pockets with his other hand. He pulls out a small key on a little chain.

“This Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort is the key to your chastity device. I can unlock it right now and you can jerk yourself off and cum right in front of me. Would you want that sissy?” He asks dangling the key in front of her face.

“Yes master I would love that!” Alice exclaims.

Jake then quickly and swiftly gives her balls a smack causing her to squeal in pain.

“Well it’s not about you bitch. You are mine, you are my property, you belong to me. I OWN YOUR ASS. That includes this pathetic excuse for a cock of yours.” He said putting the key back in his pocket.

“Turn around bitch.” He orders her. He spins her quickly, her high heels clacking on the wood floor.

Jake turned her around to see her back and her maid dress that couldn’t cover her panties.

“Do you have your plug in sissy?” He ask groping her ass.

“Yes master I know you like me wearing the special black one.” She said gasping as she was being molested and groped by Jake. Her heart was racing, her breathing fastened, and her dicklette began dripping as Jake was treating her like a toy.

“Good girl.” He said kissing her ear with one hand pushing on her plug while the other was lightly wrapped around her throat. Jake stopped pushing the plug and reached around the front of her and felt her chastity device again. Feeling the precum dripping from her cock, he put his two fingers in her mouth. He made her clean her own precum off his fingers and began slowly finger fucking her mouth. Simply pushing his two fingers in and out of her mouth as she sucked them like a cock.

“I sometimes honestly don’t know why I even keep the keys to your cage. I mean your tiny little clit couldn’t please any man, let alone any woman. I get the urge to simply take a blowtorch to the key and melt it sometimes. I wonder what you would do without the key? I bet you would go mad with the feeling of being trapped with it on, but it doesn’t really matter.” He said while Alice continued sucking on his fingers.

“Your two best assets are this slut mouth and tight ass of yours. Now I maybe a sadist, but unlike other Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort masters I want to give my slave a chance at pleasure. So if you please me tonight I may just let you out of chastity and allow you to cum. Does that sound good Alice?” He asked taking his fingers out of her mouth.

“Yes master while I wish to cum, my primary wish is to serve you however you wish.” She answered.

“That’s my Alice, always putting her master’s needs ahead of her own. I love that about you sissy.” Jake said while grabbing her chastity device again.

“Be warned bitch before this even comes off you will have to work for it. That means you will cook my dinner, clean the dishes, then I will take you to the dungeon where I will torment and play with you, because you are just a doll to me. A doll I can do anything to, including getting rough with.” Jake stated while letting go of her chastity cage and smacking her ass once causing her to moan in pleasure.

“I laid out some toys on the coffee table for you master if you wish to play with now.” Alice explained trying to catch her breath.

Jake thought for a few seconds and turned Alice back around again to face him.

“Okay here’s what will do, I’m going to put my rifle back in the safe and put my duffle bag in the bedroom. While I’m doing that I want you in the living room on your knees waiting for me understood?” He asks her.

“Yes master I will wait patiently for you to come back.” She answered him.

“Good girl, now go.” He said giving her a quick kiss on the lips and smacking her ass again.

“Yes master.” She said submissively and walked off towards the living room. Her high heels clacking on the floor with each step and seeing her lovely round ass covered by the white panties.

Jake picked up his rifle case and bag and quickly walked towards the bedroom. He threw the duffel bag aside since the only inside the bag was only clothes, ammo, and other miscellaneous items. He took his custom built AR-15 out of the case and put it back in his safe and shut the safe door.

While he is doing this he is trying to keep his composure. He was calm and cool talking to her, but he was practically drooling when he first saw her. He fought every urge to not just rip her panties off and fuck her right in the hallway of the apartment. After taking a few deep breaths, he cracks his neck and knuckles and says “Alright Orlov let’s make this bitch work for her pleasure.” To himself as he leaves the bedroom.

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