Lana’s Leap Pt. 01

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Although I write for a living..this is my first attempt for this site. It takes a while to get going , but I intend for this to be the first of a series about Lana’s adventures, and wanted the first installment to spend some time setting up the characters and some narrative.

* * * * *

Lana felt a delicious shiver run up her spine as she pulled the tiny silky thong from the small paper bag. At almost exactly the same time she felt the shiver come to an abrupt end

Brad—goddamn him! She thought

Brad…now “Bradley” had been her boyfriend all through high school. Smart, ambitious, good looking, Brad seemed like the perfect catch. Eight months after their breakup Lana knew differently. In the early days of their relationship everything had been fine, in fact Brad had given her a promise ring. They often talked of getting married shortly after graduation. But as college admission grew closer, Lana and Brad began to grow apart. He decided in his senior year to set his sights on becoming a CPA, while Lana just couldn’t get interested in the rush for college entrance exam, SAT’s and all the rest. The thought of spending another four years sitting in a classroom filled Lana with dread. Brad was mortified when she took a job as a cocktail waitress.

Throughout Brad’s college days, Lana worked for a chain of upscale bar/restaurants, finding some success. moving from cocktail waitress to manager. The final showdown came shortly after Brad was accepted at a prestigious accounting firm and announced that there was no way his wife was going to work in a bar…what would the partners in “the firm” think? He often invoked “The Firm” as if it was the final arbiter of all things of heaven and earth, and “The Partners” as if they were the original inhabitants of Mount Olympus. Lana would have to quit.

In a blinding flash Lana saw herself 20 yrs from now, married to Brad, an insufferable, pompous old wind bag, living a comfortable but empty, boring, country club existence. And, she had to admit, an empty, boring, sexless existence. With Brad discharging his husbandly duties on a regular, scheduled, carefully considered basis. While their sex life had been “adequate” Brad never seemed to be interested in expanding his sexual horizons. Lana always seemed to be the one making any sexual overtures. She often fantasized about Brad coming home from the office, grabbing her by her long blond hair, dragging her upstairs and ravishing her. Over time, Brads face had faded from that fantasy and had been replaced by a tall, dark faceless man who took her purely for his own pleasure. Those had always been the most satisfying orgasms.

Eight months ago, with the help of her best girlfriend Teniesha, Lana had quietly found a new apartment, and, while Brad was away, moved out. The bond between her and Brad was broken the moment she took the small promise ring off her finger and left it behind in their old apartment.

Ch 2

For the last eight months Lana had thrown herself into her work, taking any and all available shifts. Hostess, waitress, she didn’t really care, as long as it kept her from that empty apartment. Her life was a constant cycle of work, overtime, sleep and back to work. Striking beautiful, many of the bar patrons had hit on her, but she was simply just not interested in dating customers.

One day while Lana was in the office adding up the receipts, Teniesha poked her head around the corner and in an exaggerated Southern accent announced

“Girlfriend, ahs come to bust you out of this here convent. Ah has here two tickets to the Busters. The biggest, swankiest, its rainin’ mens soiree to hit town in forever. You and I is goin’ and we’re gonna cut a swath through the eligible menfolk that is surely gonna be there”

Lana was taken aback “How did you get tickets to the Busters?? The Busters were an annual media awards dinner. Many celebrities appeared as did all of the local television, movie and radio community. Lana knew that tickets ran upwards of $300—each.

Teniesha displayed an impish smile “Lets just say an appreciative client was called out of town and immediately thought of me…”

“Because you were probably lying next in him in bed, Slut” It was a standing joke between the longtime friends. Teniesha was a classic Nubian beauty, with perfect coal black skin and a lush, curvy body. Her hair was a mass of waist long, jet black braids. Professionally, T as Lana called her, was the general manager of a large liquor importer/distributor that supplied all of the upscale establishments in the city. Both of them had started as cocktail waitresses at the restaurant on the same day, years ago.

T was notorious for her sexual appetites which were both eclectic and extensive. Lana was frequently in awe of some of T’s exploits and would listen in rapt silence on the nights the two friends would share a pizza and a bottle of wine. Truth be told, after T went home those nights and Lana’s fingers crept between her thighs, Lana had sometimes imagined herself Escort Bayan in T’s place.

“Who said it was a he??” T broke Lana out of her thoughts “Oh you are just terrible” replied the young blonde. “I’d love to go…but… I’m working” It was her well practiced, standard excuse. When Lana looked up T was standing with her fingers in both ears merrily singing like a 5 yr old “Lalalalalalalalalalala I’m not listening, cos I’ve checked and you’re not working!. Lana, not to be outdone so quickly replied “and I don’t have anything to wear..”. T clearly had prepared for this encounter “What about that green silk thing that Bored”, her not so pet name for Brad “wouldn’t let you wear to his graduation??”

In an attempt to put a little spice in their relationship Lana had spent a months tips on a magnificent green silk satin dress. With a halter neck and plunging back, it clung to her like a second skin, the cowl neck providing a teasing glimpse of her cleavage, which at 22 required no support. The hemline was short and full , providing a perfect view of Lana’s long legs. She had splurged for matching strappy sandals and clutch bag. It was from the “Elegantly Slutty Collection” as T had put it. Needless to say Brad came home while she was trying it on and had gone apoplectic that she was considering wearing that at his CPA graduation. It went back in the garment bag and had never come out.

“Well… I… suppose…” Lana whispered “Good! Because I got you a present” T exclaimed. From behind the door she brought out a small paperbag from a lingerie boutique uptown. Parting the tissue paper she extracted the tiniest g-string panties with rhinestones on the waist band. ” these are for tonite…none of those ugly ass granny panties y’all like to wear. I personally will be wearing exactly nothing under my outfit” she smiled.

Lana looked at her friend and the tiny triangle of silk and realized she had been lovingly, but thoroughly ambushed. “OK OK..OK…are we meeting there??” T smiled. “Nope, that appreciative client also threw in the limo that was booked and paid for.” I’ll swing by your place Thursday night at 7. You can pay for a bottle of our excellent wine, which you and I will enjoy while the driver waits for us.” With a flounce she disappeared.


It was now Thursday evening. As the event got closer Lana was surprised at how excited she was becoming. She took a long bubble bath and after shaving the usual, remembered to trim her kittenish blonde pussy to accommodate T’s little present. After the requiste powdering and creaming. Lana slipped on the high heeled sandals and took the gstring from its bag. It was then that the fleeting thought of Brad interrupted her delicious moment. He would have thrown a hissy fit had she attempted anything like this. Determined to enjoy her first real night out, she defiantly slipped on the thong and tucked the string tightly up between her firm round buttocks fitting the panel of sheer silk over her well trimmed bush. Turning, Lana looked at herself in the full length mirror. It was the first time Lana had looked at herself this way.

The reflection that stared back at her was a classic California beauty. Her hair long and naturally blonde, just brushed her waist, straight with a slight undercurl. Her ass was firm and well rounded leading to long well tanned legs Her breasts were just a bit bigger than she had always wanted but they were firm, and as T had joked “heliotropic” (which Lana had to look up) Her nipples, always sensitive were small and pink, budding like tiny pencil erasers when aroused.

Which was the condition they were in at this exact moment. Along with her hardening nipples Lana felt a blush of moisture form between her thighs. Her left hand silently slipped under the silk thong as her right slid up over her nipples.

He sat before her in a dark leather chair. He too, was dressed in black, his eyes dark and piercing in a face without features. Wordlessly Lana approached and stood directly in front of him. Although he never spoke Lana knew exactly what his expectations were. She reached up and unfastened the halter of the green dress and it slid quietly to the floor. Other than her shoes and jewelry, Lana was naked as she slid to her knees between his thighs. Looking into those eyes, she reached out with long red nails and gently caressed the hardening bulge in his soft woolen slacks. Expertly, Lana unzipped his fly and extracted his fully engorged, thick, hard cock. The young blond bent over and felt its soft hardness against her cheek , felt the almost magical power it, and the man, held over her. A power that aroused, and strangely, also comforted her.

She slid the length of his hardness down over her cheek and gently flicked the tip of her tongue over the tip scooping up the generous bead of precome leaking from the tip. She knew exactly what his preferences were and took great pride in being able to provide maximum pleasure. Her red lips slid over the shaft providing a slick lubricated surface Ankara Escort for her small hand to stroke. Her other hand was busy stroking her own slick, pulsating cunt, teasing and rolling her clit between thumb and forefinger. Within minutes she felt him become rock hard, his hips beginning a small imperceptible rocking motion, his hands grasping a fistful of her hair holding her in position. Experience told her he was about to explode and he did not disappoint. As soon as the thick gush of come exploded from his cock , Lana felt her orgasm crash through her body. The concentrated taste of his cum combined with her own manipulations extended her orgasm for a full extra minute, until she collapsed, laying her head in his lap in contentment, his large hands stroking her soft blond hair, the taste of him lingering in her mouth.

Lana’s eyes popped open as the intercom buzzer snarled insistently. Pressing the button to unlock the lobby door Lana, cracked the apartment door and dashed into the bathroom to recover from the effects of her fantasy.

“Be right out” she croaked as T swept in the door. Lana took an extra couple of minutes to redo her makeup and slip into the dress. “Damn” T whistled when Lana self-consciously pirouetted in front of her “If one of those young eligible bachelor types don’t do you tonite—I will!” Lana waved the comment away with feigned embarrassment. Very early in their friendship T had made no secret of her bisexuality, but had respected Lana’s reluctance to get involved “in that way”. Truth be told, lately Lana had begun to fantasize about being with a woman.

After a couple of glasses of wine, the two women continued on to the party.

The evening was everything that T had promised. A number of local and national celebrities were in attendance. Lana and T sat at a table with the management of a local radio station. The sales manager couldn’t keep his eyes from Lana’s generous display of cleavage. The radio station kept the champagne flowing freely throughout the night. After a couple of drinks, and the attentions of a number of young men at the party, Lana began to feel a sense of melancholy. Here was a room full of people, with careers, lives, relationships and Lana realized that she had wasted the last 5yrs of her life. First of all the years with Brad—no Bored, T was right, had been booooooooring. Then the last 8months she had been hiding from that exact fact. Suddenly Lan’s head snapped up, and grabbing T by the wrist excused herself and pulled T to the ladies.

“Whats going on??” T exclaimed when they entered the empty powderoom

Lana took a deep breath “At the risk of sounding like some cheesy Tony Roberts tape—Today is the first day of the rest of my life!!” She saw the look of confusion on T’s face. For over 5 years my life has been about somebody or something other than me. That stops today. I want what these people have” she swept her hand towards the door ” I want………a career that I care about and can grow in, something to look forward to, I want to travel, I want…………” she cried “…great, kinky, naughty, earth shattering sex.

I want it all!!!!!!!”

T smiled and hugged her friend with great affection “Girlfriend, its been a long time comin’, but I’m glad it has. First thing Monday lets have brunch and talk about how you’re gonna do it. But for now lets not miss the party!”

Later , while standing in line to get her shawl, the waiter from the evening approached and handed her a small off white envelope. “Excuse me, I was asked to give this to you” When Lana asked by whom he pointed towards the limo line ” A tall blonde woman…over there” Lana looked and got a glimpse of a tall slim woman being helped into a limo. The door closed and the limo eased from the front of the hotel.

Lana opened the small envelope and out fell an engraved business card and a small piece of hotel note paper. In very elegant handwriting the note said “Please forgive my eavesdropping, but I was in the powderoom and overheard your conversation with your friend. I might have an interesting opportunity to discuss with you. Would you please consider calling my office in the morning? Have me paged.”

It was signed simply “D”. The business card was a Diane Crawely and the company Enigma Enterprises. Lana noticed that the address was a prime downtown office highrise. As T returned Lana showed her the card and the note. T’s reaction was typical “Go for it—you have nothing to lose!”

The next morning, after coffee and juice to ease her mild hangover, Lana saw the card sitting on her vanity top. Remembering T’s advice Lana dialed the number. When she mentioned her name the receptionist immediately perked up and chirped ” Oh yes, Ms Crawley is expecting your call and has asked me to put you straight through. Seconds later a voice dripping with honey came on the line “Good morning Lana, I am so glad you called”. Diane Crawley explained once again that unbeknownst to Lana and T she had been in one of the stalls and overheard the Ankara Escort Bayan entire conversation. Some people at Dianes table knew Lana from the restaurant, which explained how Diane knew her name. “I wonder if you might have time to pop by the office later on this morning so we can chat…and I’ll spring for lunch if you like what you hear” Lana paused, but hearing T’s voice again, agreed on 11 o’clock.

Lana quickly showered and, conferring with T over the phone decided on a very conservative, knee length chocolate brown , business suit. One of Brad’s favourites Lana thought. Shortly before 11 Lana stepped out of the cab and proceeded to the 54th floor. On the way up she noticed the building was filled with banks, accountants and the like. When the elevator opened on the 54th Lana stepped out and quickly realized that Enigma Ent occupied the whole floor.

The blonde stepped up to a polished, grey marble, reception desk. Behind the desk sat a stunningly beautiful redhead with ice blue eyes. She appeared to be no more than 18 or 19 and her well tailored dress showed off a stunning set of curves. Within minutes Diane Crawley came striding thru a set of smoked glass doors, and with a firm handshake introduced herself.

Diane Crawley was tall, 5’9″/5’10”, with a figure sometimes described as willowy, Lana thought. She was in her early 30’s, and strikingly attractive in an Eastern European sort of way. Her hair was blonde, cut fashionably around the nape of her long neck. She reminded Lana of a silent movie star. She wore a severely cut charcoal grey, two piece suit. The short jacket ended at her waist with a keyhole shaped neckline that was quite low cut. A touch of black lace peeked from beneath the neck of the jacket. The skirt was very short…quite short in fact, displaying an amazing set of legs, clad in black sheer seamed nylons, set in very expensive high heeled sandals. Her makeup and jewellery was tastefully done, with fire engine red lips that matched her long tapered nails. The effect of the entire ensemble was business-like, but overtly sexual.

Lana followed Diane inside Enigma down hallways filled with art and award plaques. Opening a set of black walnut doors Diane steered Lana to a large office filled with low key yet expensive furniture. One wall of the office was floor to ceiling glass, allowing for a spectacular view of the city. Seeing Lana’s reaction she chuckled “Quite something isn’t it?? But the Boss has the really great view ” motioning to a small set matching walnut doors “His office is on one of the corners, so a full three walls are floor to ceiling windows, Please have a seat” Diane gestured to a black leather couch and two easy chairs. Set on a beautiful Persian throw rug.

Whoever these people are , thought Lana, they’ve got money.

Diane sat across from Lana, and while crossing her long legs, Lana had a full view of lacy stocking tops contrast against golden tanned thighs. “Lana, I’m sure you have lots of questions which I will try and answer….all in good time. First of all, let me tell you what we do here at Enigma. We are in the television distribution business. Basically we buy programming from producers around the world, and in turn resell them to networks around the world. It is a very competitive business, and if you are successful, a very lucrative one. Enigma is a very successful company. We now have over 300 hundred employees in 15 offices around the world. This office is the head office.

The business was started about 10 years ago by my boss, The president and CEO, Drew Rice. Drew started as a one man operation and has built the company into a multimillion dollar operation with offices around the globe. I was his first employee. For the first couple of years my title was Personal Assistant. I looked after his every personal need” Lana caught a twinkle in Diane’s eye at the emphasis on that phrase. “As the company grew I took on other duties. Today, even though I am technically Senior Vice President and General Manager, I have always considered myself, first and foremost, his Personal Assistant. He has made me everything I am today. None of my success would have happened had I not come to work for him. In short, I am devoted to Drew. Devotion to Drew, is a quality you will find out, is quite common among the employees of Enigma”. Lana was transfixed by the obvious pedestal on which this woman held her boss.

“Unfortunately for me, I find myself the victim of our own success. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, tremendous business opportunities have sprung up in Eastern Europe. Since I speak a handful of Slavic languages, courtesy of a Russian father and a Polish mother—our original name was Kravczyk–I am the logical choice to set up our new office in Prague. While I do not want to leave Drew I understand and respect his decision. The only thing I asked is that I would have the privilege of finding him a new Personal Assistant. One that would look after him in the manner he has come to expect…and deserve.”

When I heard you in the hotel last night I heard myself 10 years ago…before I met Drew. I heard the same repressed passion and desire. I heard the same frustration at having wasted years of your life. That’s why I asked you here today. I think you might be that new Assistant.”

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