Lana’s Van

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Copyright 2000 Del Edwards (a nom de plume)

It was her mind he had decided. She had a good mind … just the right mix of humor, brightness, compassion and critical thinking ability. Wrapped around all of that was her self confidence. He marveled that all that was housed in a slim, petite, pretty woman who had eyes that sparkled with amusement and curiosity.

He liked her directness. They had never talked about the weather or politics preferring to use the time for more substantive subjects. His usual opening to her was, “How’s your life?” and hers was, “Where’s the sore spot on your soul?” Maybe her repeated use of the question was what caused him to believe her piercing brown eyes could look into his soul. He let her see parts of him that no one else had ever seen and he was sure it was the same with her. Numerous short conversations and a few longer ones had convinced him of that. There wasn’t much that was off limits in terms of subject matter. He had even told her he found her quite attractive, knowing she could take it as a compliment without becoming defensive believing he was hitting on her.

They had both acknowledged to the other that masturbation was the most prolonged form of ecstasy they had experienced. He had commented to her that it was probably the most self centered kind of sex there was. Her response was, “Yeah, maybe but it’s the best.” He could only smile and nod as he peered into her steady brown eyes.

She gazed up at him, both of them soaked with their own sweat after miles of effort and conversation. They were back at the trailhead having individually struggled up the mountain and then walked down together, engaged in conversation. By unspoken mutual accord they Ataşehir Escort stopped and faced one another. “Can we find pleasure together,” she asked as another trickle of sweat wiggled down the back of her neck.

“Together? Each our own pleasure? It’s certainly worth a try,” he smiled at her, wanting to touch her but restraining himself, watching her stiff nipples define themselves as evaporation cooled her hot body under the sweat soaked Danskin body suit.

A few minutes later they were in her van. She had driven to the most remote ramada she could find, all the windows down, each of them struggling to rid themselves of every shred of cloth that covered their bodies. After getting out of her denim shorts she unsnapped the crotch of her lavender bodysuit and wiggled her way out of it. She had swiveled her captain’s chair away from the steering wheel and sat totally naked. “My god, you are beautiful,” he whispered to her.

“Get like me,” she hissed. He struggled to get his sweat soaked Tee shirt off. Then his cross trainers and soggy socks. He bent at the waist as he stood up then shucked his shorts and briefs down his legs. He sat back down in the passenger captain’s chair and rid his ankles of shorts and briefs. They both sat naked in the plush chairs swiveled away from the windshield. “First this,” she said as she handed him a clear plastic water bottle and urged him to drink deep.

She was a short, slim, exotic beauty. He enjoyed viewing every curve, every texture, the color of her skin and hair and most especially the infinite depth and warmth of her brown eyes. She sat wantonly in her chair, beautifully naked, her eyes wide with excitement and desire. Her eyes narrowed Acıbadem Escort to slits as she spoke, I want us to be connected while we pleasure ourselves,” she whispered.

From somewhere she produced some clear plastic tubing about half the size of a pencil. She lubricated the short end of the tube, spread her legs and deftly parted her labia, exposing her urethral opening. Slowly she pushed the tube into herself until the hemostat clamping the tube closed touched the rose pedals of her shaved bare hip lips.

Again she handed him the water bottle and urged him to consume all that remained. He did. She told him to sit on the floor of the van and spread his legs. After he did she slid off her chair holding the catheter in herself by grasping the hemostat and pressing it to her pinkish brown lips. She settled between his spread legs, her thighs over his, extended past him so her knees touched his lower ribs.

Her hand guided his “Hold it in me so I can connect us,” she breathed. There was a bit of awkwardness as control of the hemostat transferred between them.

They were thigh to thigh and eye to eye as she lubricated half a foot of the free end of the tube. Their eyes met for a very long moment and her eyebrows moved upward, demanding that she be allowed to proceed. He nodded slowly three times. Her eyes dropped to his crotch and he felt her sliding the tube into him. With practiced grace she pushed the lubricated tube deeper and deeper into him until there was an overwhelming feeling that he was going to come. He moaned. She smiled and pushed another three inches into him.

He was half erect and wanting her to stroke and stimulate him more when she announced, İstanbul Escort “We are connected and it’s time for balance to be between us.” She gently removed his hand from the hemostat and clicked it open. He more felt than watched his yellow water flash down the small tube into her. There was a sense of relief in him as her smile slowly widened, his urine coursing into her. She became more and more breathless as his release filled her. She squirmed and her eyes begged him but he waited for the level to equal. She put her arms around his neck and moaned.

“I like you like this, ” he smiled. “Now that we are equal, begin your pleasure, ” he commanded. She began stroking herself just above where the tube was inserted in her, toying and teasing her clit. Later she would scream, knowing that he was equal to her, and that this was not a dream.

“And you yours,” she urged handing him a spritz bottle filled with an exotic mixture of lubricants. He maintained connection and erection with her, near the edge of ecstasy, in extreme pleasure, waiting for her to come.

He watched her eyes go from barely open slits of intensity to wide eyed sightlessness as a gurgling moan rolled out of her throat. After perhaps a minute her frantic fingers were back at work moving her to another peak of ecstasy. “Ooooh, Oooh, Ooh!” she screamed. After those outbursts of ecstasy she asked him if he was going to come.

“I’ll save it for another day when you are willing to swallow me with your mouth lips,” he told her.

Her eyes closed slowly and a smile of serenity spread across her face. She nodded, fingering the tube that connected them. Perhaps one day,” she said as she brought every ounce of her strength to bear, constricting her bladder and pushing urine into him. She heard his breath catch in his throat and saw surprise in his eyes. He did not object or resist when she oiled her hand and began stroking his still hard rod.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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