Lance , Tanya: In Her Mom’s Bedroom

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Tanya sat on the corner of her mom’s bed, her legs spread wide and her young, lithe body completely nude except for the seductive red bra and panty set that she had just put on to go with the matching red stockings. The nineteen year old college sophomore slid her right hand down inside the racy red panties, finding the sweet folds of her love mound and smiling as her fingers began to stroke her aching pussy. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as she started to masturbate. As her right hand worked its magic down below, Tanya’s free left hand moved to the soft cups of her mother’s bra and she began to massage her sweet boobs with the delicate lace of the brassiere.

Meanwhile, only a just short feet away from her parents’ big four-poster bed, Tanya’s boyfriend Lance slid his right hand down to his cock, mirroring his girlfriend’s depraved movements as he watched her get off. Lance was just a year younger than Tanya, and he was also almost totally naked except for his underwear. Actually, though, it wasn’t *his* underwear. It was his Tanya’s.

Lance was wearing the same cotton bikinis that his lover had just been wearing a few minutes earlier. She had handed them to him as she stripped and rifled through her mom’s dirty clothes’ hamper, looking for a hot outfit with which to tease him. Lance had accepted them gladly, as he always did when the two shared their wicked panty games. They were a pair of sexy black bikinis and Lance groaned as his big rod pressed up against their soft fabric. His hand moved excitedly up and down his shaft, his heart pounding as he thought of the fact that Tanya’s succulent pussy had recently been nesting just millimeters away from where his dick now protruded.

“And think of it, stud,” Tanya whispered to Lance in an earthy voice that dripped with lust, “My twat is rubbing right against the place where my Mom’s horny cunt was just yesterday. I know that she had these on when she and dad were fucking last night. I can still smell the wicked aroma of her sex, still feel the wetness of her juices here.” Tanya pulled her right hand out briefly from the confines of the silky, satiny panties and pressed their sensuous nylon fabric into her own love hole. “Now they’ll be stained with my cum as well,” she moaned, working the panties over her quivering clit and down into her pussy.

Lance clicked the mouse of Tanya’s parents’ computer and an x-rated DVD began to play. It was one that she had taken from her folks’collection. She knew just where dad kept Bostancı escort them, in a box stashed under the bed. This one was called “Lesbian Lingerie Calendar Girls”. The movie rocketed into action with a scene showing an middle-aged busty blonde (around her mother’s age) dressed in a ruffled lace babydoll set being eaten out by a younger blonde girl who was clad in only a teddy. The girl looked to be no more than a senior in high school and, as she licked and sucked on the older woman’s sex, a scantily dressed female photographer was taking picture after picture of their lovemaking. “Yes, that’s it,” the camera-girl kept saying as she moved about, shooting the oral action, “Do it just like that, sweetie. Eat your sweet teacher. Make her cum all over your pretty little face!”

Tanya moaned at the site of the two girls having sex up on the screen. She had always been very bisexual, so the site of the women making love, coupled with the erotic image of Lance jerking off in her own panties made her hotter than ever. Tanya pulled off one of her mom’s red stockings and tossed it over to Lance. “Aren’t they hot?” she asked as together they watched the photographer slide a dildo into the younger girl’s pussy, “Wrap those hose around your dick, baby, and let me see you pump your meat into my mom’s silky stockings now.”

Lance obeyed Tanya’s directive, and — as she watched him jack his thick 8 inches into her mother’s sexiest hosiery — the naughty teenage slut pulled the well-used red panties off her hips. Lance stared transfixed as Tanya brought the nylon undies to her nose and lips. He could barely keep from cumming on the spot when he saw her begin to lick the fabric of the bikinis naughtily. “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” she cooed as her tongue danced across the wet crotch, lapping up her and her mother’s mingled liquids. Harder and harder Lance stroked his cock against the luxurious silk stocking as he watched his wanton girlfriend. She was thrusting two fingers from her right hand in and out of her wet pussy as she sucked on the panties now.

“You brazen little hussy,” Lance said, rolling the computer chair closer to the bed. Greedily grabbing Tanya’s lace-covered boobs with his free hand, he continued to jerk for her with his right. Up on the computer screen, the scene had switched to a pair of cute Asian office workers who were doing a scissors on the floor, pressing their panty-clad pussies together while another pair of camera-totting girls kissed nearby Anadolu Yakası Escort and snapped picture after picture of them. As Lance caressed Tanya’s supple breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples, Tanya brought the panties in her hands down on top of his cock. She pushed his hand off of his cock, replacing it with hers.

“Use both of your hands on me now,” she shouted to him, urgently, as she began to masturbate him with the red panties, “Feel me up through her sexy bra! Make my tits and her cups all wet with your tongue!” Lance responded obediently, taking her right breast in his mouth while he kneaded the left with his hand. “Yesss, yesss,” Tanya cried, as she felt Lance bite down on her nipple, the wetness of his kisses coating her breast and her mom’s brassiere with saliva. “Imagine that you are sucking her tits, too,” she shouted bawdily, “Oh, yesss, that feels so good, baby! So fucking good! ”

As Lance continued to lick and tease Tanya’s heaving tits, he let his free hand wander down to her wet slit and slid her mom’s red nylons mischievously inside. Happily, he began to finger fuck her, the sheer stockings wrapped around his fingers like a silky condom. “Ooooh! Ooooooh! Ohhhhh … FUCK!!!!” Tanya moaned as she felt the delight of the decadent penetration. Her squeals were now echoes of the Asian girls who were cumming in their panties up on the computer screen.

The chorus of female orgasms rising all around him, combined with the intensity of Tanya’s jerking, was bringing Lance incredibly close to his own explosion. It was imminent. He could feel the hot jizz welling up inside of him, ready to jet out at any moment. Lance pulled his fingers from Tanya’s hot box and forced her back onto her parents’ bed. He snatched the red panties from her hands.

Then, as Tanya watched, he slid his cock into her mom’s exquisite stocking and pulled it tight around his erect manhood. His huge member now sheathed in luscious lace, Lance added to his silky indulgence by taking off the black panties and placing them, as well as the red ones, around the base of his cock like a pair of rings. With tremendous force, Lance spread Tanya’s legs and shoved his satiny monster deep into her warm snatch. “How do you like that, you hot little tart?” he asked, ramming his torrid tool in and out of her dripping pussy, “You like that, don’t you? The thought of her sweet nothings deep inside you with my dick?!?”

Lance’s panty-lined pole pistoned Kadıköy Escort deeper and deeper into the wicked girl, pricking her g-spot with his satiny sword. Tanya was delirious with pleasure. “Yesss, yessss,” was all that she could say as waves of bliss swept over her beautiful body. She was cupping her mom’s brassiere close to her tits again as she mumbled words of ecstacy. “Yes … oh … ahhh … gonna … do it … gonna cum … baby …now … “

Lance knew that the time had come to release. He knew from Tanya’s whimpering that she was having her orgasm. He shot his first explosive load of jism deep inside her, filling her full of his love lava, before pulling out. Then, positioning himself right above her tits, he delivered two more smaller spurts of sticky cream all over her bouncing boobs. Tanya smiled as she saw the wet goo coating the cups of her mom’s red bra. “Tit fuck me,” she murmured, breathless. “Shove your sweet cock right between my titties.”

“Only if you lick that bra for me,” Lance said, peeling off Tanya’s mother’s top and pressing its cum-covered cups to his girlfriend’s lips. Hungrily, the teen temptress sucked away at the brassiere that Lance had just soiled. “Doesn’t that taste good?” Lance whispered, positioning his cock between her tits and preparing to press it between her ample cleavage. “Doesn’t momma’s milk taste so nice?”

“Mmmm, yesss,” Tanya agreed as she felt Lance’s ramrod stroking the flesh of her bosom sexily. Lance’s cock rocked back and forth between her mounds, growing larger and larger again, as it poked closer and closer still to her girlfriend’s pouty mouth. Tanya flicked at the swelling member with her tongue. Then she took the bra and began to massage his dick with it, enveloping it in the wet lace of her mom’s tempting top.

“Oh, baby,” Lance said, as fresh feelings of rapture coursed through his body, “We have to come to your mom’s bedroom more often, girl.”

Tanya grinned wickedly. “How about the middle of next week?” she asked, still caressing his shaft with the fine lace of the bra, “Mom always goes clothes shopping at the start of the month, and she’s sure to bring home something spicy for dad when she does.”

“Maybe you can model that new outfit for me?” Lance proposed, kissing her lustfully. “Maybe …” Tanya said coyly. “Or maybe I can get her to model it for you while dad is away.” Tanya winked provocatively. “Provided, that is, that I get to join in the fun ….” Sitting up, Tanya, and turned around so that she was on all fours in front of Lance. She wiggled her ass invitingly. “Ready for another go around, tiger?” she asked.

Lance spanked her bottom and then draped her black bikini panties around his head as he straddled her backside. “Oh, baby, am I ever!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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