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He arrived at Sarah’s flat and was greeted by her there. Needing a place to stay and having no definite plans other than working in the city, it was lucky he’d found a place a decent area. Sarah was about 5 years older than him, long blonde hair and very posh.

“Hi again – well, let me show you to your room” and swept down the hall. It was a spacious 2 bedroom affair, a huge bathroom, quaint kitchen and large living room area.

He followed her and deposited his two large bags near the wardrobe. The room was very big, almost as big as what appeared to be Sarah’s bedroom next door, but not quite.

“Well, feel free to unpack and be at home” she said merrily.

“Thanks – this is really great. Erm, now hang on, here’s the first month’s rent” he said and handed her the cheque.

He went to pick up the deposit cheque too and couldn’t find it.

“Um, Sarah, I can’t find the other cheque. Let me unpack, it will probably be in a bag. If not, I’ll go to the bank around the corner and get it out in cash” he said.

“Okay, that’s fine” she said and he smiled and nodded understandingly.

After unpacking, he took the the task of sorting all his stuff out. It was only a matter of a couple of hours before this was completed. Then he thought about his landlady. Sarah was early 30’s, a plain but pretty face, but her body! She had the most perfect legs, although they were encased in tight jeans at this point. He could see himself fantasising over her but that was about it. He thought it might be polite to go through and make conversation too.

“Well that’s the stuff unpacked. Now, are there any rules you have for the house?” he said jovially.

“Not really. Obviously no smoking as we agreed, but as you don’t that’s not an issue. Clean up after yourself, use the dryer in the bathroom for laundry and that’s about it. As long as you obey my rules, I’m sure we’ll get along great!” she said enthusiastically.

“Oh, I’m meeting friends tonight, so I’ll be back later, but you’re more than welcome to get to know the place” she said.

Later, he heard the door going and realised Sarah had gone out. Going through to the living room, he settled down and just enjoyed the relaxation of a night in. Several hours later, the door went. It was Sarah, a little worse for wear but not completely legless. She grinned at him and sat down heavily on the couch.

“Phew, what a fun evening. I love catching up with the girls. Could you do me a favour and help me off with my boots” she said offhandedly.

“Uh sure” he replied and moved to kneel in front of her. Gently starting on one, it wasn’t easy and he really had to work to get the thing off.

“Oh, do you have the deposit?” she said slurrishly to him.

He smiled and took out his wallet, handing over the 500 in cash. He was also trying not to look up her skirt as he finally managed to get the first boot off. Moving to the 2nd, he felt a little awkward as her foot was still on his shoulder, but she didn’t seem to be aware, engrossed in counting the money.

At last, the other boot came off and he was left holding her foot in his hand. He could also see the outlining of her knickers in between her thighs. Her skirt had ridden up as she had sat down and was now mid-thigh. Still counting the money, she seemed not to notice as his hand, almost with a life of its own, began imperceptibly rubbing her foot. He was engrossed in the sight of her inner thighs to notice he was doing it until he realised the situation he was in. Dropping her foot, he hoped she hadn’t noticed when she let her other foot leave his shoulder and drop into his hand.

“Mhhm, that was nice. The other one” she said, still counting the money.

He realised Sarah must have assumed he meant that and began to rub the other one gently. She was seemingly content to let him do that and after almost 10 minutes, she simply presented her other foot again. This had gone beyond just an accidental foot rub and he wondered…but realised this was his landlady and even if something happened, she would probably ask him to leave.

“Can you do legs as well?” she asked him, watching.

“Legs as well? Oh, you mean, um, massage? I’ve never really tried to, taksim escort I mean, um, I guess I could um, try…” but he was cut off as both her feet came up to rest on his shoulders, presenting her calves and thighs to his hands.

He took her meaning and gently kneaded the muscles on her thighs. As he worked his way up, he wasn’t sure if Sarah was sliding her legs further onto his shoulders or his hands were causing it, but by the time he was at her thighs, she hadn’t batted an eyelid. As his fingers gingerly worked her thighs, he could only reach the outsides of them. His vision instead was on the sheer knickers coming imperceptibly closer to his face. Another minute and they would be touching him and still Sarah hadn’t reacted. Was this what she wanted?

Finally, he could no longer ignore the situation, as his nose was touching her crotch through her knickers. He kissed there and nothing was said. Being bolder, he licked and still no reaction. When he used his hand to part the fabric, his tongue followed. At the first touch, she shivered a little but remained silent. Becoming bolder, he took a lip in his mouth, letting it caress his tongue, and then moved to the other one. Flattening his tongue, he licked upwards gently, until it touched her clitoris.

“Leave that alone for now” he heard her say and dropped down in response.

His tongue licked inside her now, trying to go deeper as it slurped around her inside walls. Her hand had came down to rest on his head, pressing on it occasionally as she tried to get his tongue go deeper.

“I’m a bit drunk so I probably won’t cum for a while, but keep trying” she encouraged, enjoying his oral responses.

Sarah was enjoying his tongue immensely and resolved silently to herself that this wouldn’t be the last time he was doing this to her. Down below, he was fluttering his tongue against her pussy, flicking it up to her clit then dropping back down to her pussy opening and delving in. Over and over he did this until she could avoid the inevitable no longer.

“Up now, make me cum” she said sighing and he did her bidding, capturing her clitoris and sucking on it gently, his tongue caressing the hood.

Her thighs bucked against his ears and clenched as her orgasm was drawn out in a groan from her. Somehow, his mouth stayed in contact with her, dropping back to lick her slit as she gently eased off her plateau.

“Clean my juices up” she told him and he moved to sweep along her pussy, dropping to her thighs too. Hesitating, he licked towards her anus and felt her legs open up wider. Continuing, he felt her hand on his head again and pressed ahead, gaining entry into her by now pliant asshole.

Sarah watched his head bobbing below, rimming her. Idly, she wondered how long it would take her to cum from his tongue just in her ass. He was pretty good at it but she knew she was too drunk to cum this way tonight, however, perhaps another time. Although it was unplanned, there was something empowering about knowing he was paying her rent and in effect ‘earning his keep’ this way too. Pushing him away and dropping her legs from his shoulders, she stood up.

“I’m really tired, I’m off to bed. Have a good sleep” she slurred and simply walked off. He sat on the floor, contemplating events. As he was getting into the oral, he had hoped she would let him fuck her but that clearly wasn’t going to happen tonight now.

The next day, he was making cereal when Sarah appeared.

“Morning. Oh, could you pop the kettle on, my head’s sore from that drink last night!” she said, with no mention of what they had done when she had returned.

He did as she asked and she politely went to her room afterwards and by lunchtime had went out for the day. It was all very bemusing and he put it down to a mistake that wouldn’t happen again. A whole week of normality went by until Sarah returned from playing tennis. She flopped down and he asked her how the game went.

“Not bad, I was beaten 6-5 by Emily in the end but it was close. Actually, I think I’ll stand up, my um, cheeks are a little tender, what with the running about on court today” she said, standing and walking to the kitchen.

He was feeling horny istanbul escort but still put the week before down to a mistake.

“Could you do me a favour?” she called through.

“Sure Sarah, what is it?” he enquired, walking through and admiring the way her little tennis skirt covered her bum, leaving those great legs bare.

“Massage my cheeks for me, just a little bit and maybe I can actually have a seat” she said, without turning round.

He wondered if she meant in the kitchen then simply knelt down. Taking both ass cheeks in his hands, he rolled them a little, squeezing very gently and easing them with care.

5 minutes later, Sarah was looking out the window. Her place was on the first floor, which meant the street was marginally below her. Her sink came up to past her waist and as she listened to the sound of him rimming her, she wondered if anyone walking past knew what the pretty posh blonde in the window was having done to her, by her lodger. She decided it might be time to find out if she was able to cum from just a rimming and walked away from him.

“Follow me” she said and walked through to her bedroom.

Once there, she had him lie on the bed and mounted his face, facing his feet. He resumed his tonguing of her arse, while she lounged on his face, occasionally reaching down to play with her clit. Stopping herself, she was determined to see if he could do it with his tongue alone.

“Push it in deeper and try to move it around a bit. If you make me cum like this, we can do something else” she said to him, smiling to herself as she felt him respond.

Over half an hour later, she gripped his tongue with her ass muscles.

“I’m cumming, don’t stop!” she yelled, her juices leaking out. Then as she calmed down, she slid back, presenting her pussy to him.

“Lick it all up” she said, and his mouth once again pleasured her.

As she settled back, his tongue found its way to her fuck hole. Sarah hadn’t really had someone concentrate on her needs in bed fully before and was enjoying it immensely. She had a great job, a lovely flat, wealthy parents and was indeed, posh totty. When she was younger guys seemed to expect as much as they gave but now she was in her 30’s, she had a lot more confidence in her sexuality and the effect she had on men. Being single meant she could pick and choose who she dated, what she did, when she did with no-one to answer to. And then there was the small matter of the young man on her bed. His face felt great beneath her and she ground down a little, feeling his tongue trying to push deeper into her, before she relaxed and let him lick back and forth.

Despite his good looks and the kinkiness of him being her lodger, she was reluctant to fuck him – yet. That would somehow relinquish the commanding situation she found herself in. The episode in the kitchen had turned her on and she began to picture scenarios where she could have him doing something like that again. Making her mind up about how to deal with the situation, she relaxed and let her take him on a slow journey to orgasm. Turning around, she settled back on his face, taking hold of her headboard as she looked down to watch him licking her out.

“I think we should lay a few ground rules, shouldn’t we?” she said to him.

“Yeah sure” he said, hoping perhaps she would relieve the ache in his cock soon.

“Well, one rule I should add is that you can’t bring back girls to the flat. Now, how do you feel about that?” she said.

“You make the rules, I stick to them” he said.

“Good. In fact, if that’s the case, then perhaps avoid dating while you are here too. You will start doing at least 50% of the housework and you will pay your rent in cash. And I guess you’re thinking that this means you get in my knickers” she finished.

“Um, no….” he said, confused.

“Well, you might or you might not. The point is don’t assume anything. I’m your landlady and you will treat me with the respect I deserve. If I decide to let you take things further, then it’s exactly that; my decision. So don’t bring up the subject of fucking on any level, unless I bring it up, okay?” she went on.

“Um, yeah….” he said, a little deflated çapa escort and confused now.

“Just think of this as first base. You’re at first base down there and when and if I decide, you will move to 2nd base. If you really want to move to 2nd base, then all you have to do is make sure you do everything to convince me you have excelled at 1st base. Think you can do that?” she said, becoming more turned on herself at the thought of controlling her lodger.

“If, if that’s what it takes” he said.

“Good. Now lick me like you mean to leave 1st base” she said and settled back for one of the best orgasms she’d had for a while.

Of course, there was no need to inform him of that; if anything he would be told to start improving. Half an hour later, Sarah slumped off his face and rolled off him. She asked him to leave her to rest and shut the door, promptly dozing off. When she awoke an hour later, she came out to find he had cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. This power trip was really working! Feeling horny again, she decided if she was going to have him at her beck and call, she couldn’t show too much praise. Perhaps a slight criticism of the cleaning or more interestingly maybe she could steer him to start viewing her orgasms as something he should be grateful for, as a ‘route’ to 2nd base.

She was getting turned on just thinking about his cock and how eager he would be to fuck her. How long would she last before she took him to the next level and fucked him? One thing that wouldn’t change was the fact that she was his landlady. And as such, the house rules would always have to be obeyed.

A few days later, nothing more had occurred between them. He was usually home straight from work or straight after the gym, so there was no hint of him disobeying her regarding another girl. It wasn’t until Friday night, after a drink with the girls that she returned, slightly drunk again but still in control of her faculties. She undressed; got ready for bed then went to his room, wearing only a t-shirt. He was in bed, the light off; although it wasn’t clear if he was sleeping.

As he awoke from his sleep, he could feel a weight pressing down on him again. Coming fully awake, he was her silhouette above him. She was poised above his face and then her pussy came down onto his mouth. Although tired, he stuck out his tongue and licked, bringing a shiver from her thighs. She began to slowly grind on him, occasionally slowing down but mostly keeping pace with the actions of his tongue. In less than 20 minutes, she reached orgasm, sighing and groaning as she slowed down her use of his face.

“I’m going to get a lot better at that and so are you” she declared, moving off him and standing up.

“You can wake me up in the morning, I assume you know how I expect you to wake me?” she quizzed.

“Yes Sarah” he said, in no doubt that he was to be between her thighs.

“Yes Miss Fisher” she corrected.

“Yes Miss Fisher” he repeated.

The next morning, Sarah’s eyes opened to the pleasant sensation of having a tongue caressing her slit. She smiled to herself, pretty sure he must have been down there at least 15 minutes, yet she had just woken up. Stretching a little, she lounged back on the pillow, listening to the sounds of his laboured breathing below. She could get used to waking up like this, certainly at the weekends if nothing else. Adjusting her legs a little, she brought her crotch up higher, forcing his head to drop down a bit until his tongue was caressing her asshole. He was very good at this too and his oral ministrations of her pussy indicated he was becoming adept at making the pleasure last longer.

Peeking under the covers, she could see the sweat on his face, mingled with her juices. It was hot under there and he looked to be labouring. That was no real concern to her though and she let the covers drop back, enjoying the rimming he was valiantly trying to give her. With a subtle twist of her hips, she soon had his mouth caressing her slit again, as he attempted to push his tongue as deeply as possible into her cunt.

“Take your time, I’m still a bit sleepy” in her matter of fact tone she used when addressing him.

He responded by slowing down slightly, taking her lips in his mouth, sucking them, placing kisses on her slit then licking inside it again. He was a fit young man anyway and she saw no reason he should struggle with something so enjoyable. Well, enjoyable for her at the very least.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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