Lara , Skye

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(This is my first literary submission for my lovely Mistress Lara. Merry Christmas, baby! I love you!)

Skye shifted and made a contented sigh. Her lover, Lara, was spooned against her back like she always was, holding her firm and protecting her. Shaking off the wisps of slumber still clouding her mind, she sorted out where and when she was. She lay docilely on her side, Lara’s arm folded under her arm and under her breasts clutching her tight. Skye was rather amazed that even in slumber, Lara’s hold on her was so firm and capturing. Skye subtly shifted her legs, and felt her cock cage clutch on her swollen shaft. Skye was a shemale, a pre-op transsexual male-to-female. The genetic burp in the cosmos had cruelly placed her in a male body, so she had spent the majority of her 26 years on earth striving to correct the error that nature had made. The talents of a couple of gifted plastic surgeons along with a life-long regimen of hormone therapy had resulted in an exquisite specimen of female pulchritude which sported a dwarfed yet sensitive girly cock and balls.

Lara was aroused from her slumber by the squirming about of her lover and property. Lara slept like a ninja; in a state of slumber, but always wakeful should anything disrupt her surroundings. Her eyes and ears took inventory of everything around her and assessed that all was well except for the squirmy movements of the lovely treasure in her arms.

“Hey, wiggle worm, be still”, Lara muttered as she pulled the svelte body closer to her.

Lara appraised her treasure again like she did every morning. She saw and smelled the cascading shock of curly copper hair spilling over a most sensual back. Skye’s body was one of the most exquisite collages of feminine curves ever assembled . There was nothing flat on Skye’s body. Every part of her was one curve preparing to proceed into another curve, like a sensual slalom. Lara eased her arm folded around Skye’s slim waist and idly caressed those sinfully wicked contours of her hips and bottom. Skye snuggled back into her molding herself to the human seat. Lara leaned and placed a soft kiss at the junction of the neck and shoulder, whispering, “Good morning, my love.”

“Good morning to you, my Mistress. Your sweet kiss is still sending ripples through my body”, Skye answered in a lilting soft sigh. “I’m a little achy this morning, but feeling very good. You really did your magic on me last night.”

“Oh? Did you get ripped again, baby?”, Lara inquired as her hand slid down Skye’s hips to her perfect little bubble butt. Feeling the tingle of the tiny peach fuzz on her cheeks, Lara traced her finger down the cleft of her lover’s butt and nudged into the hot tightness. Skye’s asspussy resisted just at first, but then allowed the welcome intrusion of her mistress.

“Ooooo! Careful, you really wore me out last night. But, oh so, glad you did!”, said Skye with a wide smile.

“We need to be careful”, Lara said. “That ass belongs to me, and I don’t like it when my stuff gets damaged. More lube next time.”

Lara had fucked Skye with the larger ribbed strap-on the night before. Skye needed the ritual of being taken as much as Lara needed to assert her domination over her lover. There was the sexual aspect with the prostate stimulation of the t-girl and the rubbing of the harness on the mound of the mistress, but it also defined their roles as the taker and the taken which fulfilled both their needs and desires.

“I’m awake now. Turn over here, baby”, Lara said as she pulled on her lover’s shoulder. Skye turned over and nuzzled her leg between Lara’s legs nestling against the small tuft of hair above her Mistress’s mound. Lara gathered her girl in her arms and gave her a playful kiss on the nose and Skye beamed back at her in pure love. Skye always felt in awe being face to face with her Mistress.

Lara was a striking woman with darker, almost ethnic coloring. She had shorter black hair which was barbered in a severe and sculpted cut. Her eyes were a sharp in crystal clarity and could look right into anyone’s soul. She had a chiseled face that evoked a power and a peace at the same time. Her body had a muscular tightness to it, but still suggested an alluring sensuality to it. Her breasts Ataşehir Fetiş Escort were tight and full, her stomach flat and muscular, with slimmer and powerful hips. Lara knew at an early age that she was misplaced in a female body, and had wanted to be “just one of the guys” as long as she could remember. Living her life as a dyke in the lesbian community had been a way of life for her since early puberty. Unfortunately, nature took its genetic course and she blossomed into a strikingly beautiful woman, which she tried to tone down with looser clothes and men’s wear. She never wore make-up, but her natural features and facial structure really did not need any enhancement. And make-up was way too girly for Lara.

“I love having you in my arms, Skye”, Lara said while gazing into the bright blue eyes. Skye melted under the strong gaze and snuggled closer pressing her breasts into the breasts of her lover.

“Easy, Skye, the cage is digging into my leg, sweetie”, chided Lara.

“Not for long… It’s Sunday!”, laughed Skye

“Oh yes… It’s Sunday”, Lara mused gazing off into her own thoughts. “Let me think… should you be allowed to cum just because of the day of the week? I want to make sure that it is serving its purpose.”

After they had met at a LGBT meeting last year, they had immediately become fast friends. There was a natural magnetism between them that was both instantaneous and hard to define. They were on opposite ends of the gay and lesbian community. Skye was the girliest of girls, always dressed in the most stylish fashions, while Lara showed up in a baggy leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and her trademark Chucks. Skye was always chattering a mile a minute, while Lara would stand with arms crossed, nodding her head, and taking in every word but seldom commenting. Skye was a sparkler, Lara was a smoldering campfire. And sexually, Skye was always looking for cock, and Lara was on the prowl for pussy.

Since they were regulars at the meetings, they would hang around afterwards and just talk. Pretty soon, they would go around the corner to the local coffee shop and chat for hours. Skye would chatter away about everything and nothing, while Lara would sit there and nod and get a few comments in during the lapses in the babble. Skye was always amazed how Lara would take the massive amount of her chatter, condensed it down, and come out with some very profound observations. They both talked in length about the cosmic predicament that had placed them as polar opposites of the same genetic bungle. But out of their conversations, they both were coaching each other on what it is like inside to be a male and a female.

Their friendship shortly blossomed into a romance centered around dominance and submission. Lara felt her maleness blossoming when she was the dominant aggressor, while Skye was at her girlish best as the submissive t-girl. The initial sexual encounters were the oral gratification of Lara’s pussy and ass by Skye’s talented tongue, mouth, and fingers. To further show her dominance, Lara would regularly anally penetrate Skye by either strap-on or fingers. The more submissive the posture during penetration, the better. With the constant anal stimulation, Skye would usually develop and erection. Lara would ignore or belittle the intruding cock and watch in measured pleasure as the straining cock would eventually wilt unfulfilled. She would take extra pleasure from requiring Skye to lick up any of the dripping pre-cum left after the arousal. This only fed Skye’s intense submission.

Skye would get flustered by her erection developing and would desperately try to tuck it away. The obvious sign of male arousal both embarrassed and frustrated Skye. Skye would later get her sexual satisfaction in private recounting the intense submissive feelings she had while pleasuring without a reciprocal release.

Skye was the one that asked, actually begged, for the cock cage to be introduced into their lovemaking. Skye argued that taking the cock out of the equation would make it better for her, and she could devote all her energies to being the lesbian lover of her Mistress. Lara was rather nonplussed about the cock cage and consented, although it did fulfill a need within Ataşehir Gecelik Escort her to dominate her lover.

One pleasant consequence of the cock cage was that Skye’s intensity in the pleasuring of her lover went into high gear after prolonged chastity. Lara already knew what a talented mouth and tongue Skye possessed, but it was more intense the longer that sexual release was denied. After the first week, Lara noticed Skye’s devotion to her sexual pleasure was both frantic and consuming. Without the release of the testosterone in her system, Skye’s sexual urges could only be satisfied through the pleasuring of her Mistress. As Lara had the only key to the cage, Skye had to make sure that her Mistress was always sated and happy. Just as a practical and hygienic matter, Lara agreed that Skye could have sexual release at least once a week. And Sunday was the day.

As part of her dominance, Lara would direct how Skye could have her release. Lara enjoyed watching swollen cocks erupting, so most of the time she would require that Skye masturbate in front of her. In her heightened sexual state, Skye would agree to anything that Lara required. Usually, Lara would tell Skye to kneel in front of her and direct the speed and intensity of the masturbation. Skye was always required to request permission to cum, and was also required to catch the semen in the palm of her hand and lick it clean after orgasm. This pleased both the dominant need of Lara and the submissive need of Skye. And now it was Sunday again.

Snapping back from her thoughts, Lara said, “Yes, baby, it is Sunday. But this time we are going to try something a bit different.”

Skye’s eyes widened and whispered, “Really? Oooo, I can’t wait!”

“You will wait, and you will do as you are told to do. Understood?”

“Yes, my lovely and sexy Mistress.”

With an icy stare and the slightest of grins, Lara pulled the chain up from around her neck which held the small silver key. Reaching down, she put the key in the lock and deftly unlocked the cage.

“Now take the cage off, but do not touch yourself.”

Skye took the cage off and her erection came to full staff nearly immediately.

“Hmmmm, my cock seems eager for attention”, said Lara. “It is my cock, my balls, my ass, and my lovely body that I own, is it not?”

“Yes, my Mistress”, answered Skye.

“I’m going to milk my cock and fuck you like the whore you always strived to be. Remember, you must ask my permission to cum. Is that understood?”

“Yes, my Mistress.”

Lara gently pusheed Skye onto her back and knelt on the bed next to her.

“Now spread your legs wide like a good little whore.”

Skye spread her legs wide, her erection sticking obscenely up between the “V” of her spread legs. Lara moved down between her spread legs and grasped the hard little shecock. Skye jumped at the sudden unexpected touch.

“Calm down, little whore. It’s time for your milking.”

Lara leaned over Skye as if she was the man about to take a nasty little whore in the missionary position. In a push-up position, Lara grazed the top of Skye’s swollen erection with her mound. Skye’s eyes grew wide at the sudden implications as to what was about to happen.

“Lara… what..”

“Hush, Skye! This is my cock and I will milk it in whatever manner I see fit!”

“But, baby..”

“Skye! Not another word! Just nod yes or no. Do you understand?”

Skye nodded in the affirmative several quick times.

Lara shifted her hips, knocking Skye’s legs wider and lowered herself capturing the hard shecock between her legs and rubbing her now moist pussy lips. Looking into Skye’s now wide open blue eyes, Lara gazed back with an icy, determined stare. With a deft shift of her hips and a shift of angle, she lowered her hips and consumed the turgid shemeat into the wet folds of her pussy. Skye stifled a moan as she blinked and gazed back into the fixed stare of her Mistress.

“Your Mistress is going to milk you now. I am tired of your spew going everywhere on milking day. We will multitask today. I will milk you, your cum will be contained, and you can clean me out and have your feeding at the same time. Plus, I will have an orgasm Ataşehir Genç Escort from a most thorough cleaning.”

Skye’s face morphed from an incredulous mask to a Mona Lisa smile and nodded in the affirmative again.

“You may speak now, but only to ask permission.”

Lara slowly lowered her hips until the shecock was completely enveloped by the sopping honey walls. Her folds were spread open by “her” cock and she rested on Skye’s pelvic bone and ground herself into her lover. Slowly raising up, she grasped the cock with her muscles, and slide back down grinding again. Skye let a stifled moan as the milking continued. From the back, it looked as if a beautiful man was fucking a beautiful woman. The location and attachment of the genitals was a most moot point.

“Skye, look at me. I want to see every look in your face as you cum for me.”

Lara increased the pistoning of her hips and fucked her sweet girl, building the passion to a fever pitch. Skye started moaning and squirming, her legs spreading wide to push up to meet each thrust.

“Oh my god, Mistress, May I Please Cum??”

With a measured stare, Lara gazed into the Skye’s wide eyes and said, “Yes, Skye, you may cum for me.”

At the utterance of the last word, Skye’s body froze in a last upward thrust, her hands clenched in the bed sheets, her breasts arched outward, her face in a frozen mask, mouth open wide, and a deep guttural scream came forth as the pent up passions spilled forth and her cum emptied deep into her Mistress’s body. Lara studied her girl’s contorted face savoring the ecstasy and passion etched in the lovely façade. Lara smiled knowing this was her work and her deeds that brought this moment about.

Skye’s body jerked with each wave of spasm of her prostate sending jolt after jolt of cum up through her into Lara’s clutching pussy. Lara watched as each stage of her lover’s orgasm progressed from frenzy to exhaustion. Lara rode the pulsing cock and felt the warmth permeating within her body. As Skye went limp underneath her, Lara raised up while reaching down to cup her dripping mound as the spent shemeat pulled free of her pussy. Lara knelt between Skye’s spread legs and watched the panting girl gather herself after the intense orgasm.

“That was a good one, baby!”, Lara said with a smile. “But your duties aren’t done. Legs down, mouth open, tongue out.”

Skye obediently complied, as Lara slides up on her knees astride Skye’s extended tongue.

“Open wider… ” as Lara eased down, removing her hand and letting the first string of cum ooze out of her pussy. As the cum landed on Skye’s tongue, Lara eased down with her splayed cum-filled lips nesting on Skye’s hungry tongue.

“Lick… scoop it all out. Eat your cum for your Mistress.”

Skye’s tongue flattens and licked the cum coated folds of her lover, and delved deep in long measured strokes. As Lara settleed on her face, Skye extended her tongue deep, her face pressed to her Mistress’s sex and her nose pressed to her lover’s clit. Lara started a rocking motion riding her lover’s face, while using one hand to rub her clit, and her other hand to pinch her nipple.

“I need my orgasm this morning. Fuck me with your tongue and clean me of your cum. Do it now, make your Mistress cum.”

As Lara queened her lovely submissive, she rubbed herself just the right way to bring herself to the perfect orgasm. Feeling the flush beginning to develop in her face and chest, Lara rode Skye’s face harder, using her submissive’s face and tongue to bring her passion to fruition. Rubbing and flicking her clit at the perfect moment, the first wave hit her and she let a long, languorous moan as she pinched her nipple hard.

Skye felt the rush of hot girl cum rush out on her face to mix with the cum of her own passion. Licking and drinking, Skye’s mouth and tongue went about gathering the remnants of both their passion.

Lara’s rocking motion slowly came to a halt, her full weight now sitting on Skye’s face, as she slumped forward to catch her breath. Panting and gasping, Lara waited for the waves to subside and collect herself. She heard a very muffled and garbled declaration.

Raising up a bit, she looked down as Skye took in a quick gasp of breath.

“Hey, a girl’s got to breathe!”

They both broke into giggles and laughs and quickly scrambled into an intertwined lovers embrace, while smiling into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, Lara!”

“I love you, Skye!”

And they both shared a long deep lover’s kiss.

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