Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 06

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Big Tits

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Tanner strolled into the room, his hands shoved in his pockets as he surveyed the small crowd. He saw a few familiar faces, but many new ones too. A typical Gay-Straight Alliance meeting with its unpredictable mix. He always surveyed these crowds with some humor at the myth that gay people stick out. Maybe his gaydar was broken, but Tanner had never been confident enough to guess sexual orientation. Students who attended the meetings spanned the typical college spectrum. Even the casual observer could identify the standard college cliques. Tanner then saw one of the officers of the group making a beeline toward him.

“Oh, Tanner! I’m so glad you’re here. We have a full-blown crisis, honey.”

Tanner smiled at the pocket-sized young man in front of him. Jarred was not one of the people whose orientation he couldn’t determine.

“What’s up, Jarred? I’m happy to help if I can,” said Tanner.

“Jessica didn’t come back! She didn’t tell anyone she wasn’t either. Now, no president!”

“Who’s vice president? Can’t they do it?”

“Oh sweetie! No one wants the job. I know you’re busy, but the club really needs your help.”

“Well it has to be voted on—”

Jarred spun around and yelled, “He’ll do it! Who’s in favor?”

Tanner gave a sheepish look in response to the roar of agreement from the membership. “I guess I’m your president for this year then.”

Jarred smiled as Tanner walked over to talk with the rest of the officers. He’d wanted to get into those form-fitting Wranglers ever since he’d first laid eyes on Tanner, now he had an entire year of meetings, events and parties to worm his way into Tanner’s circle of friends. From there it was a short jump to seducing the rugged man and putting another notch on his bedpost. Jarred knew Tanner had a jock boyfriend, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve to get him out of the picture. His body tingled at the thought of that big country boy pounding his ass.

Randy looked up and smiled as he walked through the door. He pushed away from his desk and wrapped Tanner in a warm hug.

“Well, aren’t you being all cuddly tonight,” said Tanner as he snuggled in Randy’s arms.

“Just glad to see you, that’s all. How was your meeting?”

Tanner started laughing. “Guess who’s president?”

Randy leaned his face against Tanner’s neck and inhaled softly. “Who, Babe?”

“Yours truly!”

Randy touched his lips to Tanner’s jaw, his lips trailed over Tanner’s in a soft kiss before the two of them separated. “That’s amazing, Babe. Congratulations! Just watch that little sneak Jarred.”

Tanner found it difficult to concentrate as Randy’s hands slid under his shirt, the tips of his fingers gliding over his chest. Tanner enjoyed the sensations, his mind racing to more physical considerations, but he realized they needed to talk. He grabbed Randy’s wrists.

“What’s wrong with Jarred?”

“He has a crush on you, and I don’t share,” said Randy.

“You’re crazy! Jarred doesn’t like me, not that way. Besides, he’s a full-blown hairless twink for god’s sake. Why would I want to be with him?” said Tanner.

Randy pulled his hands away and let them drop to his sides. “Whatever, but I’m just telling you, he has the hots for you. I know you don’t believe me, but keep an eye on him.” Randy gave Tanner a faint smile. “You don’t want to deal with a jealous jock, do you?”

Tanner pressed himself against Randy, his fingers trailing over the handsome man in front of him. He grinned as he looked at Randy. “Don’t worry about the little twink. You’re all I want.”

Tanner unbuttoned the top of Randy’s shirt, loving the small swirl of hair nestled at the top of his chest. He traced his finger through it and enjoyed the texture of Randy under his touch. His hand slid down, starting to open the next button when Randy’s hand closed around his. He looked up and met Randy’s eyes.

“I know what you’re doing,” said Randy.

“What’s that, Babe?” said Tanner, beaming innocence.

“You’re trying to distract me.”

“And is it working?”

Randy snickered. “Yeah, it is.”

“Good,” said Tanner. Lowering his lips, he kissed the hollow at the base of Randy’s neck. He eased open each button, exposing more and more muscular torso. Once Randy’s chest was exposed, Tanner pushed his fingers upward with careful attention to each length of skin under their tips. He used his thumbs to trace lazy circles around Randy’s nipples, gliding around his prominent areolas and flicking his nails over the hardened nubs. He pushed Randy’s arm up, exposed the damp hair, and buried his face in it, inhaling deeply. Tanner’s senses were overwhelmed by the pheromones exuded.

He extended his tongue, Beylikdüzü escort tasting the musky flavor. Tanner paused and let the sensation curl through his system, melding the two of them. Tanner slid his hands around Randy’s neck and pulled them together so their lips pressed hard against each other. Tanner was lost in the moment, his body responded to Randy as adrenaline surged through his body.

“How was that, Baby? Are you distracted?” said Tanner.

Randy smiled, “Distracted from what?”


Tanner started back toward Randy, when a sharp rapping came from their door.

“Tanner? Randy? You home?”

Tanner recognized Jo’s voice and jumped away. Pausing for a moment to straighten his clothes, he glanced back at Randy and smiled when he saw a pillow strategically located on his crotch. He paused to catch his breath at the door, and then pulled it open.

Jo stood in the doorway, tears rolling down her face. She sniffled, her face contorted into a vision of misery. Tanner had not seen much of his sister since she had started at the university. But at this moment, he searched for signs of what had happened as a new freshet of tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Tanner took his sister by the arm, guiding her into the apartment. He watched Randy climb off the couch, all thoughts of passion dissipated.

They seated her at the table, handed her a box of tissues, and let her cry it out while they tried to comfort her. With a great sob, Jo came to a point where she could talk.

“He was cheating on me! That bastard was cheating on me with some blonde with big boobs.”

“Who? David?”

“Yes! Dear old Davey from home. He was in the union food court, and I saw him kiss her!”

Tanner breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t dismissing her pain, but no one had died, no one was bleeding. Almost anything else could be fixed.

He and Randy spent the rest of the evening talking with Jo. They hadn’t had much time to spend together since she’d started at the university, and Tanner was feeling guilty that he hadn’t made more of an effort. Tanner vaguely remembered David, but they were enough younger that neither he nor Jo were inside Tanner’s close group. Still, he and Randy knew guys, and tried to point out other ways the scene could be viewed, and Jo should talk with David. With a little humor, they also pointed out that there were plenty of eligible men on campus. In small steps, Jo let the boys’ calm her.

Randy looked at Tanner, a quick nod indicating his agreement with the unspoken question. Tanner rubbed his hand against his sister’s back and then patted her gently.

“Stay here tonight. You can sleep on the couch,” said Tanner.

Jo wiped her nose with the sleeve of her shirt. “It’s not covered with boy stuff is it?”

Tanner chuckled softly, “You just wiped snot on your sleeve, and you’re worried what might be on our couch?”

“Hurry up, the party starts in a few minutes,” yelled Tanner from the bathroom.

“No one shows up on time, don’t you know the cool code?” said Randy with a chuckle.

The young couple had managed to find balance in their lives, even if it had taken them until mid-semester. Jarred had invited Tanner to a Halloween party, and Tanner had insisted that Randy was also included. The couple was too broke to buy costumes, so they had improvised. The obvious choice was to dress as cowboys, and tell everyone they were Ennis and Jack from Brokeback Mountain. Since they were similar sizes, the boys raided most of what they needed from Tanner’s closet. The rest of the regalia Jo brought from home— including some of Tanner’s dad’s things that were a good fit for Randy’s muscular body.

They had put together a serviceable cowboy look, and Tanner assured Randy it was much more authentic than what anyone else would be wearing. He grinned as he pointed out their felt hats were even decorated with authentic sweat stains, earned doing real work. Randy had to chuckle since they had both commented on the trust fund babies that seemed to populate campus.

Randy was pulling on a pair of well-worn boots courtesy of Tanner’s dad, when Tanner walked out of the bathroom and snapped his fingers. “Come on! I can’t leave without my Ennis!”

Randy looked up with a smirk. “Yeah, you might want to remember that Jack was killed at the end of that movie.”

“Crap, maybe we should go as something else. I don’t know how I feel about dressing like a tragic couple.”

“Oh good god! It was fiction. Chill!”

Tanner wandered around the room and analyzed his choice of costumes until Randy grabbed his shoulders and lunged in for a soul-shattering kiss.

“There, you’ve now had your Brokeback Mountain moment. Stop your damn worrying.”

Randy grinned as Tanner rocked back in shock, then a shy smile spread across his face. With a firm nod, he threaded the western belt through his jeans, fastened the dinner-plate-sized buckle, and was ready to go.

They chatted about Beylikdüzü escort the party on the way to Jarred’s house — a three-bedroom monstrosity his parents had bought for him while he was in school. Add the fact that he drove a bright yellow Jaguar, and there was little doubt that Jarred was one of the silver-spoon crowd. Randy had disliked him from the first time they met, but for no other reason than the lecherous way he looked at Tanner. He had recognized the look; Randy had seen it on some of his fellow lacrosse players when they were after a woman. It meant they would stop at nothing to get into her pants, and Randy saw no reason to believe Jarred didn’t fall into the same category.

The whole new rich flaunting their money thing didn’t endear him with Randy either. Jarred acted as if he had never worked a day in his life, and had no ambition to start now. Add to that the bitchy, gay boy act, and it was close to intolerable for Randy to be in the same room with Jarred.

They parked in front of the house and walked together to the front door. By this point, Randy wanted to mark Tanner as his own, but he didn’t think Tanner would appreciate having his boots pissed on. Besides, Jarred might like it. Tanner knocked on the door while Randy pasted on his best fake smile, knowing that Jarred never intended for him to come to the party.

The door flew open, and Jarred stood in the doorway in a skin-tight, Green Lantern outfit. The costume contoured to each and every part of his body, leaving nothing to the imagination — made evident when Randy noted Jarred was circumcised. He caught Jarred scanning Tanner’s hard body, and flashed an unrepentant smirk when he realized Randy had seen him.

“Hello Tanner! I’m so glad you could make it. What a fabulous costume! The hot cowboy is so in this year. Honey, you make it look real too.”

“Thanks Jarred, just something we threw together,” said Tanner. Randy listened while he was introduced, and nodded in acknowledgment, the smile on his face never making it to his eyes. He felt the chill of Jarred’s look.

“Oh yes, we’ve met,” said Jarred. “Please, come in. Both of you.”

As the pair walked into the fastidious house, a barking ball of orange fur flew at them, circling their feet and yipping fiercely. The dog stopped in front of Randy and barked ferociously.

“Oh Princess, leave the big old stinky man alone. I’m sure he didn’t mean to not bathe,” said Jarred with a sneer on his face.

Randy gave Jarred a blank look and squatted down to the level of the diminutive dog. Extending his hand, he gave the dog time to sniff his fingers. When he felt it’s tiny tongue flick against them, Randy reached over, ran his fingers through the long hair and scratched behind its ears. The dog almost purred with contentment and lay on it’s back so Randy could scratch his stomach. He smiled at Jarred.

“Nice pooch,” said Randy.

Jarred turned with a huff and disappeared into the room. Randy gave the tiny dog a last scratch and then moved through the crowd with Tanner. As the night wore on, and with Jarred’s marked absence, Randy began to relax and enjoy the party. He moved from group to group as Tanner visited with his friends. Randy was sitting with some teammates when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Aren’t you Tanner’s boyfriend?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Ah, you might want to check on him. I think he’s plastered.”

“Tanner doesn’t drink…” said Randy with a furrowed brow.

“Does he know what Jello shots are?”

“Where is he?” asked Randy in a biting tone.

“The game room,” said the kid, pointing toward the basement.

Randy stormed down the stairs, not certain who he was more furious with, Tanner or whoever gave him the shots. How stupid can one person be? Once Randy hit the game room, it was obvious where Tanner was and who was behind this. Randy stormed across the room to where Tanner was standing on the pool table, dry humping Jarred. His cowboy yells almost drown out Jarred’s moans, almost. Randy could not miss the thick bulge of Tanner’s cock running across the front of his jeans. The pair was the chief entertainment of the room, catcalls and wolf whistles raining down on them.

His first instinct was to walk off, leave Tanner with the hairless wonder. But before he let his anger drive the decision, Randy realized he had to at least give Tanner a chance for redemption, even if Randy couldn’t imagine a scenario where he would forgive Tanner. Regardless, this spectacle had to stop.

“Tanner. Tanner!” yelled Randy.

Tanner slowed and turned in Randy’s direction, an idiotic grin plastered on his face. “How’d ya get down there Randy? I was just fuck’n the shit outta ya!”

“Tanner, you’re drunk. We need to go.”

“Can’t be drunk. Ain’t had noth’n except water.”

“What about the Jello shots?”

“Oh hell, them’s not booze, Jarred said so! They’re like dessert or something.”

Randy reached up and yanked on his boyfriend. Tanner stumbled, Escort Beylikdüzü tried to regain his balance, but toppled from the table. Caught as he fell, he was hoisted over Randy’s shoulder. They started for the door, but before Randy had taken more than a few steps, he turned and met Jarred’s look of loathing. He flipped him off and then walked out of the room with Tanner over his shoulder.

Once they exited the house, Randy carried Tanner rather than try to help him walk. He wanted away before the tenuous control he had over his anger snapped, and he went back inside and beat Jarred. Tanner was going to have plenty to answer for too, but Randy could only focus on them one at a time. Right now he just felt hollow where normally there was a warmth that Tanner existed in. He helped Tanner up the stairs to their apartment and leaned him against the door as he unlocked it. When the door swung open, Tanner lurched through the opening. Randy let out a long sigh, grabbed Tanner’s arm and guided him to the bed.

With no warning, Tanner looked at Randy and started projectile vomiting. The first wave covered Randy, a second heave hit Tanner and marked a round of purging that lasted for several minutes. By the time he finished, they were both drenched in the wretched smelling puke.

Tanner looked at Randy and started to whine. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I feel so bad—”

Randy cut him off. “I don’t want to hear it. If you didn’t smell so bad, I’d leave you on the floor and maybe you’d learn a lesson. But you reek. Keep being pitiful though and I swear I will make you sleep on the rug.”

“Ok, Randy,” mumbled Tanner.

He shook his head and stripped Tanner. For once the sight of Tanner’s naked body caused no stirrings for Randy. He was angry, hurt and had no feelings of desire. He walked him to their shower and then let him collapse inside it. He turned on the water, and let it rain down on Tanner’s moaning form while he stripped off his own drenched clothing, glad his costume had been old-and-worn garments. Ruining good clothes would have been more than he could deal with right now.

Randy snatched up both sets of clothing, deposited them in a plastic bag that he set outside the apartment. Tomorrow he would decide if they were salvageable, or just needed to be tossed. Once the bags of clothing were gone, Randy sprayed the room with air freshener, trying to kill the putrid stench. Satisfied that he’d done all he could, he went back into the bathroom to deal with Tanner.

He found Tanner curled in the bottom of the shower, having puked again from the looks of things. In spite of everything, Randy couldn’t help but feel guilty when he saw his boyfriend shivering, and realized that he had only turned on the cold water. He adjusted the controls to a comfortable temperature and lifted Tanner against the shower wall as he stepped inside. He washed them both; scrubbing the vomit off their bodies, but knew alcohol was going to seep from Tanner’s pores all night. After numerous washings, Randy decided he’d done as much as possible, and turned off the water.

Hands flying, Randy toweled them off and helped Tanner to bed. He wasn’t going to try and wrestle underwear onto the drunken cowboy. He just hoped that Tanner was through hurling. He lay beside Tanner, not willing to snuggle against him, the hurt and betrayal overwhelmed him. He wrestled with the situation and his choices into the predawn hours before dropping into an exhausted and fitful sleep.

“Oh god,” moaned Tanner, waking Randy. “God, my head. Oh shit, I feel awful.”

“You should. Do you remember last night?”

“I remember the party, and Jarred giving me some kind of candy. But not much after that,” said Tanner slowly.

“It wasn’t candy, it was Jello shots. You can’t be so backwoods that you don’t know what Jello shots are!” yelled Randy.

Tanner grabbed his head. “Don’t yell, please. Of course I know what Jello shots are. He said it was candy, and they were coated with sugar. Oh hell, he played me.”

“Yeah, well. Do you remember fucking him in the middle of the crowd in his basement?”

Tanner looked at him with growing horror. “No. No! I dreamed I was screwing you. But. Oh god, Randy, Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Nope, afraid not. You were on the pool table banging his butt. Seemed to be having a good time too,” said Randy with a wooden look.

“I swear to God, I don’t remember doing it. I would never have sex with Jarred, not even if we were not together. He’s, he’s, oh fuck he is such a little prima donna twink,” said Tanner almost in tears.

“Well you weren’t actually fucking him, you still had on your jeans, mostly,” said Randy, letting his boyfriend off the hook, at least a little.

“Oh god, Randy. I’m so sorry! I can’t believe I did that. I swear, I thought it was you.”

“I think you liked the attention, and the chance to be with someone else. You’re still curious,” said Randy, his arms folded across his chest.

“Please, Baby. Please tell me you forgive me,” begged Tanner.

“Oh no, it’s not going down like that. You beg for forgiveness, I say things are fine, and you’re off the hook. No fuck’n way. I’m pissed. You fucked up. I’m not sure what you can do to fix this.”

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