Last Night First Time

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We lay in bed together, which we did more often, but for some reason it felt closer than before. We were holding hands and my legs seemed to strangle his. We lay close to each other and I could smell his scent. It was great to be this close to him, to finally be this close.

At this distance, I could feel how his lungs filled up and slowly went down again as we breathed in each others oxygen.

Not for the first time this week I felt a little bit horny, being this close to him, feeling his skin on my skin and being able to touch every part of his body if I wanted to. Not that I would ever try something like that.

Every time he moved a little bit, I moved as well and for a moment I thought he would kiss me. That would be my first kiss. At eighteen I was still too pathetic to have kissed anyone and not good enough for anyone to want to kiss me. The sheets rustled and he moved a little bit closer to me. Again, I mimicked his movements and we were not more than three inches from each other.

I tried to breath in at the same time as he did. Our noses poked against each other. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I knew, I felt, that he was looking at me with this calm, strange look.

Suddenly he moved and I felt his lips on mine for just a moment.

A rush of I don’t know what moved through me and I froze in place.

He kissed me again and the rush came through me. It went from my lips to my toes and it made me freeze in place. It wasn’t a bad rush though, I just didn’t expect it.

Softly, I moved closer to him and I kissed him back.

He was turning me on with just his lips and I couldn’t help but imagine myself what it would be if his hands wandered over the other parts of my body. I smiled while kissing him and just as I was thinking about that, I felt his tongue part my lips softly and I let him in. It was strangely good, though I was worrying about everything. Was I doing something wrong? Was I doing something right?

After about fifteen minutes of it, though it could easily be an hour or more, I moved closer to him and he held his hand behind my back to pull me in even more.

‘Can we do more?’ I asked him. I had repeated the question to myself for the bursa escort last minutes in my head over and over and I still didn’t really feel like it would be a normal question. Somewhere in my mind I still thought he would laugh at me and leave.

‘What were you thinking off?’ he asked me in a soft husky voice.

‘Maybe you could touch me?’ I asked. It came out of my mouth without consciously thinking about it, but afterwards I realized that it was indeed what I really wanted.

It was too dark, but I could feel his lips smile as he touched mine again. They were soft and moved slowly with a certain pleasant rhythm.

His hands slowly moved along my sides and I shivered a little bit. I was getting wet and it was feeling good. There was a pleasant warmth, something that I couldn’t achieve myself. It was much more natural like this. Eventually he turned me so that I was laying on his belly. I was holding myself a few inches from him with my arms that were on the bed. I grabbed a handful of sheets as he slowly traces his fingers along my back and I arched until I was touching his belly with mine.

His hands slowly moved upwards again and he took my shirt with him. I felt my hair on my bare back as he pulled it over his head. For a moment there was an awkward movement where I had to move my arms strangely to get myself free from the shirt, but as soon as that was done, he was on my backside again and his fingers left a trail of tingles where they moved.

His hands moved to my front, they touched my belly and slowly trailed higher until they cupped my breasts. I shuddered from the feeling. It was strange and tender and beautiful. His palms were softly caressing my boobs and his fingers made tiny circles around my nipples which were rock hard.

By now, I was feeling turned on very much and I had trouble keeping in moans of pleasure. Slow waves were rushing through me from head to toe and centered in my chest and crotch. God this was feeling good, I wonder what he could also do with my body.

As if he had read my mind, he quit for a moment. ‘Do you want more?’ he asked.

I nodded in his shoulder and softly I sat right up. His hands were on the elastic band bursa escort bayan of my pajamas and he looked at me questioning. ‘Go on,’ I urged him as I pressed my lips against his and my breasts against his chest. I slowly moved upwards to create friction and moaned softly and sensually. This was the first time I did something like this and it was feeling strangely good.

He slowly removed my panties and threw them on the side.

I was naked now. I looked down at myself, at my naked body and I felt ashamed. My body was ugly. Tiny pale breasts and a big ass. There was too much fat all around and I had big hips that poked out.

He looked at me and caught my chin. ‘You are so beautiful,’ he said as he moved closer to me. His lips touched mine again and once again I was lost in the feeling. My eyes closed and I barely noticed that we laid down again. For some reason, he lifted me and laid me on top of him. I could feel my naked breasts poke into his chest.

For some reason, I moved my hips downwards, against his crotch, and I became red as a beat when I noticed that he had a boner.

‘Oh God,’ I said as I moved off of him. ‘I’m so sorry.’

He smiled at me. ‘You’re such a strange girl.’ While he said that, he moved on top of me.

He was heavy, but not uncomfortably heavy.

My fingers traced on his back as he had done with me as well and I could hear him inhale heavily. At least I was doing something right. I carefully took his shirt and moved it over his head. He let me and with every move I felt myself become hotter on the inside. It was so frustrating, I just wanted him to know that he could do anything with me and that I didn’t dare to ask him because if I would, there would be a chance that he’d reject me and this all would end.

‘You can take off my shirt as well, if you want?’ he asked.

And so I did. As slowly and sexually as I could I removed his shirt. I myself was so aroused that juices started slowly dripping on my thighs and I was terrified that he would notice. For the first time I felt his bare chest squeezing my breasts softly. It had a pleasurable feeling to it which only added to the wetness bursa merkez escort down there. Involuntarily I bucked my hips up slowly and pressed against his dick with my crotch.

A soft moan escaped my lips and he grinned. ‘Oh you like that?’ he asked.

For a few moments we lay on top of each other, he on me but with his arms on the bed to keep himself up. Then I pressed upwards again and this time he moved down. I could feel his member pressing against me and it was arousing as anything I have ever felt.

He must have felt me being wet, because he looked at me and moved his hand down and traced from my belly button to my lower lips. With just a few fingers, he made me feel the world. His finger softly rubbed against the surface of my clit and I could barely hold myself back. ‘Oh God,’ I moaned.

He snickered a little bit before continuing and within seconds I was on the verge of an orgasm, the first orgasm a boy had ever given me. I bucked up my hips and made his fingers press harder against me. His leg was in the way which he firmly held down. It only caused more pressure on me and I moaned again. ‘I’m close,’ I told him, though I was sure he knew that already.

‘Can I?’ he asked.

‘Oh God yes,’ I said.

A few moments later I felt him enter me. it was the strangest feeling, but I was so horny that it made me cum instantly. I bucked up hips upwards and arched my back, pressing myself against him.

‘Easy there,’ he said with a smile in his voice.

‘Continue,’ I just whispered in a husky voice.

So he did. Slowly he moved back and forth and I felt his dick inside of me. Within seconds I as turned on again and the sticky feeling was great. It was so fantastic to finally feel loved like this. I could stay like this forever. One hand behind my back, on hand softly fondling my breast and his lips locked onto mine. It was the most heavenly moment I had experienced. Within seconds my arousal was peeking again, though this time I could hold it off.

Apparently for some strange reason he had been aroused by me as well and so it didn’t take him more than a few minutes to come as well. At one moment he started to thrust deeper into me, moving more. I moaned and he sighed as he came inside of me.

For a few seconds he continued moving and I too, tried to synchronize my movements to match his, bringing myself to a second climax.

As we snuggled together, still naked, he pressed a soft kiss on my lips and I buried my face in his chest.

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