Late Alimony Tickle

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“Wake up you fat slob,” I said to my deadbeat ex-husband.

“What the hell’s going on?” Joey asked.

“You haven’t paid alimony in six months,” I said. “That’s what’s going on.”

“Yeah, you deadbeat,” Sandy, my Mom retorted.

“Who’s there, how come I can’t move or see?” Joey said, sounding truly panicked.

Poor Joe was truly at a disadvantage. He really didn’t know what was going on or what was about to happen. Much like our five years of marriage. We were both in our fifties when we got married, a little late but we had both been burned before and were gun shy.

“You’re tied down and blindfolded, you big dummy,” I said.

“But why?” Joey asked.

“Did you forget about the alimony I just mentioned?” I asked. Then added, “Told you he was dumb,” All the other women laughed.

“Who…who’s there?”

“You sound like an owl, Joey. I’m here of course. Then there’s my mother Sandy, you remember her don’t you Joey?”

“Hiya big boy,” Sandy said in an exaggerated seductive voice.

“Then there’s April and May. You remember them don’t you? You said they should have been blondes because they were so dumb,”

“You said what?” April demanded. Her and May each grabbed a foot and started tickling it.

“Hey, stop, stop. I never said that.” Joey protested.

“Sorry big guy, this is your punishment for not paying alimony like you agreed you would,” I told my pathetic ex-husband.

Dressed only in his boxer briefs, which had moved from a large to an extra large, because he’d gained some weight. Joey had his arms over his head and his legs spread apart.

“Go,” I said. April and May were still at Joey’s feet so they attacked those, while Sandy and I got him under his arms.

Joey squirmed and bounced around and laughed like crazy. His big belly looked like a wave in the ocean. We tickled him nonstop for about fifteen minutes then Sandy yelled, “Switch!” and my Mom and I traded places with April and May.

“God, I never realized how fucking hairy he is,” Mom said going up his leg to his upper thigh. I followed suit.

“You would after you’d slept with him for five years,” I mumbled.

“How did you last so long?” April asked seriously.

“Two reasons. He’s loaded but cheap,” I replied.

“What’s the other reason?” May asked.

“That!” I said pointing to my ex’s dick flopping around in his undies like a huge lead pipe.

April and May’s eyes were like saucers staring at Joey’s bouncing dick.

“You wanna see it?” I asked.

“Umm,” April said.

“I don’t know…” May trailed off.

“Hell yeah!” Sandy said. “You told me enough about it, it’d be nice to see what the thing actually looks like.”

“Be right back,” I said and ran to get the scissors.

As soon as she was out of the room Sandy reached her hand inside Joey’s shorts and grabbed a feel. “Holy shit, Joey,” Sandy said. “Girls grab a quick feel before June comes back.”

Even though they were unsure a moment ago both girls reached under Joey’s short for a quick feel.

It’s so long and hard,” April exclaimed. Then Sandy reach back inside and started tickling Joey’s balls.

“Everyone having fun?” June asked. April and May turned beet red.

“I am,” Sandy said tickling Joey’s balls even more and laughing when he laughed.

“I brought some other things we could use,” Kartal escort June said, displaying a try with several items on it. “But first things first,” she said and proceeded to cut Joey’s shorts off.

All three of the women gasped when Joey’s cock finally came into view. It was fully erect and throbbing up and down.

“Oh my God is that precum?” April asked.

“I don’t know, it’s so hard to tell with all that fucking hair,” Sandy said, while picking out things to tickle torture Joey with.

“We’re going to take care of that next,” June said.

While she shaved her ex-husband, June sort of felt bad for him. The years hadn’t been good to either of them but Joey seemed to have aged worse or at least he looked it. June had also gained some weight and her boobs were a bit saggy now but she still got plenty of looks even from some twenty and thirty year old’s, which made her feel good. She especially liked to go out in public without a bra and watch the guys young and old stare at her swaying bobs and hard nipples. Sometimes she’d even bend over and give them a show, then quickly look up and catch them and give them a wink. Once when she was at a large department store a young guy was following her. She let him get really close then suddenly turned and “accidently” grabbed his crotch and rubbed it up and down a couple times. HIs eyes never leaving her braless tits. “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you,” she had said.

“No problem ma’am,” he’d replied.

“Aww too bad. I would have taken you home and done anything you wanted if you hadn’t called me ma’am,” she said, then turned and walked away. The look on his face was priceless.

She was also aware of the irony that her name was June and her two best friends were April and May, making April, May and June. And yes, they’d heard all the jokes.

Finally she was done shaving Joey’s upper body and crotch. It took awhile because of all the hair he had and the fact that not only was his cock big his balls were too.

“Are you ready for more tickling, lover?” June asked coyly.

“No please June don’t,” Joey pleaded.

“I think you secretly like it. At least your cock seems to,” June said grabbing his cock and stroking it a few times.

“Okay, everyone have what they want?” June asked. All three women nodded. “Commence tickling.”

If Joey thought their fingers were bad the tools were worse. Because he was blindfolded Joey could only guess what was being used. A couple felt like feathers, one felt like a fork and one felt like a pizza cutter but smaller and with spikes. It didn’t really matter what was used it tickled and made Joey laugh and laugh. Even without anyone touching his balls or cock he was still hard. This was new information Joey hadn’t known about himself. Then they did start to tickle his cock and balls. They’d build him up only to start tickling him elsewhere giving him serious blue balls.

“Okay who want’s to watch my ex-husband shoot his load?” June asked. Apparently all of them because Joey immediately felt four feather on his cock and balls.

Four feathers tickled Joey’s cock and balls. All the women moved around so everyone got to tickle every inch of Joey’s manhood. Suddenly all four feathers were concentrating on just the head.

“Oh God, June, I’m gonna cum,” Joey warned.

All four women watched Kurtköy Escort intently as Joey’s cock throbbed and danced. Finally Joey shouted, “Ahh!” and shot a huge load onto his belly and chest. The women didn’t stop tickling until Joey had finished coming.

“Holy fucking shit, June,” Joey said.

“Yes dear, that was quite a load. Good job,” June said in a placating manner. She then had a powwow with the other women and they all laughed and nodded their heads.

“Because you’ve been so good were going to each make out with you and I’ll even take the blindfold off so you can see who you’re kissing. How does that sound?”

“Um, questionable?” Joey said. All four women laughed. June took the blindfold off.

“Oh by the way, were first each going to lick the cum off your body and then kiss you with the cum still in our mouth just so you can taste what were tasting. Who wants to go first?”

“Me,” Sandy said. Sandy leaned down and licked up a big amount of cum off Joey’s body then leaned down and put her lips on his and rolled her tongue around his making sure to get as much cum into his mouth as possible. And so it went. April was next, then May and finally June. The rest of Joey’s cum was wiped up with a paper towel. He had come a lot.

Joey looked down. To his surprise he had another erection. He wasn’t sure how he felt. He’d just made out with four beautiful, albeit older women, one his ex-wife, but he also tasted his own sperm. Today was just full of surprises.

“Okay I’m going to put the blindfold back on. Just for a little while,” June said, when Joey started to protest. “Trust me it’ll be worth it,” she whispered in his ear. However, before he knew it he was being tickled again. Then all at once it stopped. He couldn’t see or hear anything.

“June? Sandy?” Joey called.

“Are you ready for your surprise big guy?” June asked, a while later.

“I’m not sure how many more surprises I can take,” Joey said honestly.

Without any fanfare, June pulled the blindfold off.

Joey was looking at four totally naked women.

June had gained a little weight and her breasts were a bit saggy now but she still looked good. He noticed all four women’s pussies were shaved.

Sandy had saggy boobs too but they were bigger than her daughter’s and actually the biggest of all the women. Sandy also had big areolas and nipples.

Both April and May wore glasses. April had shoulder length brown hair and medium sized boobs with big areolas and small nipples.

May had short black hair bigger boobs than April and medium areolas and nipples.

“We’re going to see if you can make all of us come with that great tongue of your while the rest of us tickle you, but first we’ll let you suck our tits because I know you’re really a tit man,” June said.

April went first this time then May then Sandy and finally June.

May was first up to let Joey lick her pussy. It’s really hard to lick a pussy and laugh at the same time, Joey figured out.

“Every time he laughs I can feel his warm breath on my clit,” May said. That gave Joey an idea. He simply sucked on May’s clit and played with it with his tongue and tried to keep his mouth closed. It seemed to work because soon May was moaning and clamped her thighs around Joey’s ears in a powerful orgasm.

April was next. Pendik Escort With her Joey opened his mouth and laughed right inside her cunt. He licked her pussy lips then started kissing then like they were the lips on her face. Finally he gently bit her clit and played his tongue over it until she too had a massive orgasm. His ex-mother-in-law was next. He licked her pussy then hummed while holding her clit in his mouth until she too exploded in orgasm. Finally it was his ex-wife’s turn. He knew she like lots of tongue fucking as she called it. He’d stick his tongue in as far as it would go like an oral penis. After he had done this for a while she got up and turned around. “Lick my asshole, asshole,” June said and placed her ass right over Joey’s tongue. “Come on, stick that tongue in as far as you can,” June shouted.

“If you’re going to change the rules so am I. Girls suck his balls while I suck his cock. Let’s see if my ex-son-in-law can have another huge orgasm,” Sandy said.

More surprises. Joey thought. He wasn’t sure if they were good or bad. Sort of both it seemed. He was licking his ex-wife’s asshole but also getting a killer blowjob from his ex-mother-in-law. So it all sort of balanced out. And actually June’s ass wasn’t all that bad.

The three women took turns sucking Joey’s cock and balls. Then it was back to Sandy. “Okay Mom finish him off I’m about ready to come,” June said.

Sandy sucked for all she was worth and licked Joey’s cockhead like an out of control washing machine.

“Holy shit!” Joey yelled then exploded in his ex-mother-in-law’s mouth. June was rubbing her clit and fingering herself until she too had a massive orgasm. Sandy kissed all three other women, sharing Joey’s cum.

“Now you have to lick their assholes too while the rest of us fuck and tickle you,” June said. Joey was forced to lick the other women’s assholes, while being tickled by two and fucked by one. Except for the tickling part, not a bad deal.

Eventually he ended up licking Sandy’s asshole while fucking June as April and May sucked his balls. Sandy was rubbing her clit and came first. April and May were fingering each other and came next, finally Joey and his ex-wife came more or less at the same time. They all lay on the bed exhausted.

“Now can somebody please untie me?” Joey asked after a few minutes.

“Sure,” June said. “By the way, why did you come over anyway?”

“To give you this,” Joey said handing her a check for the past six months alimony and an advance on the next six months.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” June asked. All the women were looking at him.

“I wanted to see how far you’d take it,” Joey replied.

“My God you fucked all of us,” June said disgustedly.

“I also licked all your assholes. I think were even,” Joey countered.

“Oh, when I call my lawyer…” June started.

“Uh, don’t forget I have friends too. You may find yourself in a similar situation only you’d be the one being tickled and played with,” Joey said, getting up and walking away.

“Get out you bastard. Just get out!” June yelled.

As soon as they heard the front door close June squealed with glee.

“What’s going on?” Sandy asked.

“I know he was dropping off the check today I just wanted to have some fun. You guys aren’t mad are you?”

“No way this was too much fun,” April said.

“I agree,” Sandy replied.

“I think my husband’s having an affair,” May stated. “Do you think we could…”

“Yes,” June said.

“Absolutely,” Sandy replied.

“Oh goody,” April said clapping her hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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