Late Bloomer – College Reminiscing

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This story is about me and reminiscing about my sexual blossoming while in college.

I was a late bloomer, sexually I mean, not really coming into my own physically, or mentally for that matter, until I was a sophomore in college. I wasn’t without friends in high school, in fact I had lots of friends and a couple of boyfriends but they were very innocent and never went past some heavy petting with a boy in a steamed up car.

My parents weren’t over protective or anything, it was really me. I just hadn’t matured and until the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in college, I hadn’t had any crazy hormonal surges that made me “boy crazy” or that really had me even thinking about sex.

That summer, after my freshman year, things changed. I had always been an athlete and had what you might call an athletic body. I was a tennis player and my upper body was strong but not overly developed. I wore a size 34 bra and was on the smaller end of a B cup. I have always had a narrow waist and hips and no real butt to speak of, so I was lacking the curves that many of my girlfriends had developed 3 or4 years earlier. A few months after my 19th birthday, I started to change. My hips got a little curvier and my butt seemed to “pop” giving me what one of my girlfriends described as a cute little bubble butt. The biggest change however was growing from a 34B to a C and then by the beginning of the first semester in my junior year, a very full D cup. I arrived home at Christmas that year with 8 extra pounds, a 34DD bust and what my new boyfriend referred to as “curves in all the right places”.

I started getting a lot more attention from boys and I was also a lot more interested in them. In fact, it was over the Christmas break that year that I lost my virginity to my boyfriend at the time. I was never one of those girls that thought my virginity was somehow sacred so when it happened, it wasn’t because I was crazy in love and thought I would marry him, it was because I wanted to experience sex. As it turned out, he was a good first choice. He was gentle and patient and although it hurt a little, it was overall a good first experience. Based on how it went, I think I probably broke my hymen playing tennis or something previously because there was no blood or pain, it was just different and a little uncomfortable.

The second time was better and by the third time, it was me asking for it. He was a great guy and although we broke up soon after going back to school, we remained friends. Neither one of us was really looking for a relationship and with all of the new attention I was getting, I had some exploring to do. The remainder of that semester I dated a few guys and learned about some other things like oral sex and how much I enjoyed getting it and giving it. I was experiencing a whole new world and the guys I dated were getting the benefit of my interest and enthusiasm but I don’t’ think they got nearly as much out of it as I was.

I was hardly what you would call a slut, having dated maybe 3 guys that semester, only 2 of which I had sex with, but once we got to that point in the relationship, I was kind of insatiable. I think I just wore the first boyfriend out. I wanted sex 2 or 3 times a day and he just couldn’t keep up. The 2nd boyfriend was great in bed and had incredible endurance but he graduated and moved across the country.

That’s when I met Ian. He was a year ahead of me and we were introduced at a party. It was lust at first sight for both of us and although we only kissed and fondled a little bit that first night, I knew there was something different about him. He was very confident but not arrogant and he treated me very well. On our third date, I gave him the benefit of my oral research in the form of a blowjob that he said blew his socks off. I soon learned that he could give as well as he got and our third date ended in an entire night of sex.

He had a nice apartment off campus and had two roommates that were rarely home. We started seeing each other every day and I spent more time at his apartment than I did at mine. My roommates were beginning to wonder if I was still living there.

We had incredible sex 2 or 3 times a day, and on weekends it was often non-stop. He seemed to constantly find new things to keep our sex life interesting. He introduced toys, some light bondage and even anal sex to our sessions. I was soaking it all in and there seemed to be nothing that I didn’t enjoy. Ian was fascinated with my willingness to try anything.

Ian would buy me sexy escort tanıtımları lingerie and I loved modeling it for him and wearing it under my clothes. I would text him and tell him when I was wearing it, describing in probably too much detail, how sexy I was feeling. I also took pictures in public places, pulling up my t-shirt to show him the sexy bra I was wearing or send him an up-skirt shot of my panties while sitting on a bench at the school. It was all very sexy and exciting for me and Ian loved it.

Our relationship continued to evolve and Ian liked to take me out and show me off. He liked me to wear sexy clothes that showed lots of cleavage and short, short skirts that showed off my legs. Sometimes we would go to a restaurant or bar and he would ask me to go to the ladies room and take my bra or panties off and then sit in a booth where he would play with my bare pussy under the table or reach inside my blouse and pinch my nipples. He liked it when he thought other guys could see my nipples through a thin t-shirt or blouse when I went without a bra. And, I loved all of it. It was exciting and fun and very sexy.

It wasn’t all physical, much of our exploration was mental. I had no inhibitions with the physical aspects of our relationship but I found it hard to express myself verbally. Ian soon found the key to unlock my mind in the form of alcohol. After one drink, I was relaxed. After two, I was horny and flirty. After three, I would answer any question he asked as long as he was playing with my nipples or had his hand between my legs.

He started asking a lot of questions and would start with the easy ones like what was it that I like the most that he does to me. After a while, he would dig into my fantasies. I told him some of my deepest darkest fantasies about having multiple guys at one time, being in a threesome with another girl, and how I fantasized about being tied up and spanked and then used like a whore. He absolutely went wild and asked me to tell him all the details of my fantasies while we were screwing.

Things really started to change one night after we came home from a party. We were both pretty drunk and in the Uber on the way home, Ian was fingering my pussy and unbuttoning my blouse and playing with my boobs. The driver was getting quite a show and I was kept on the edge of an orgasm the whole time. Ian knew my body so well at this point that he knew just when to stop before I was about to cum.

Finally, we got to his apartment and we ran inside, my blouse flapping open as we ran. We barely made it in the door before both of our clothes were coming off. Both his roommates were gone and we didn’t make it past the couch before I was on my knees, on the couch, facing the back and Ian was standing behind me fucking me hard and fast. Having him take me from behind is my favorite position. It is so raw and animalistic. I love to feel his hips slapping into my ass as he fucks me, his balls swinging upward and smacking my clit with each stroke.

I was just starting to cum when the door burst open and Ian’s two roommates came in the door and stopped dead in their tracks. I was too far gone to stop the orgasm that I been waiting for over the last 2 hours and Ian never slowed down.

So there we were, completely naked, fucking like animals in heat and Ian’s two roommates watching us I as I had the orgasm of a lifetime. Sure, that orgasm had been building all night, starting at the party and then in the Uber and now fucking in my favorite position with Ian’s big, hard cock deep in my pussy, but it was then that I realized what really sent me over the top was being watched by Ian’s roommates. They never stopped looking and I couldn’t stop cumming. Ian fucked me right through the first orgasm and then another a few moments later until it just kept going.

Ian’s roommates had stepped a little closer and were watching intently as Ian continued to pound my pussy. I noticed Rich, one of his roommates fixated on my boobs which were swinging wildly underneath me. I took the hand that was closest to Rich off the back of the couch and grabbed my nipple while looking right at him and pulled it tight. Ian’s pounding was still making my tits swing wildly but holding the nipple tightly caused it to stretch and pull and twist while Rich looked on. I could see a large bulge in his jeans which he started rubbing with his hand.

Andrew had moved a little further behind me so I couldn’t see him very well but when Ian slapped gaziantep escort telefonları my ass hard, I heard him groan and I imagined that he was also hard and wishing that it was him fucking me. I started cumming a third time just thinking about being watched and as I did, I also felt Ian slam deep into me and felt his hot cum coat my insides.

After Ian finally pulled out, I felt empty and turned around and sat on the couch. I reached down to catch Ian’s cum as it started to pour out of me and reached for a tissue to wipe away the excess. As I turned the other direction to grab the tissue, I heard Ian say to his roommates, “Guys, I’m spent but I think Tabby still needs some cock.”

I spun around and looked at Ian. Did he really just offer me up to his roommates? Sure I was sitting there naked in front of his roommates, right after they watched my boyfriend fuck me, but Ian and I had only talked about a threesome as a fantasy. I wasn’t prepared for that.

Before I could even say anything Rich was pulling off his clothes and Andrew wasn’t far behind. Rich was on me in an instant, his mouth sucking hard on one nipple while he mauled by other tit with his big hands. Andrew moved around to the other side and climbed onto the couch, moving so that his cock was just inches from my face.

I looked at Ian and he just nodded. I turned back toward Andrew’s cock and opened my mouth. He didn’t waste a moment before he pushed his cock to the back of my throat. He was only about six inches long but he was thick and I felt my jaw stretch around the thick shaft. Meanwhile, Rich was sucking one nipple and then the other. Whichever one he wasn’t sucking he was pulling and twisting with his fingers. His sucking and twisting would have been too much if I hadn’t already been warmed up by Ian. Now it was all that pleasure pain thing that makes my pussy tingle like crazy.

Finally, Rich had enough of my boobs and he had me scoot around on all fours. Andrew’s cock never left my mouth as Rich maneuvered me into position. I felt Rich’s cock at the entrance to my pussy before he slowly pushed inside. There was no resistance.

I didn’t really get a good look at his cock but it didn’t feel as thick as Ian as he pushed inside me. However, he kept going deeper and deeper, pushing further into me than Ian does. Finally my body jerked as he bottomed out and hit my cervix. He stayed there not moving for a second and I realized that I had been ignoring Andrew who put his hands on my head and began pushing my cock further into my throat.

Soon they developed a rhythm and were filling me from both ends at the same time. It was only another two minutes before I felt Andrew’s cock grow even harder and I could feel his cum pulsing up through his shaft and hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow as much as I could but he must have been saving it up for some time because he soon filled my mouth and it was leaking out the sides of my mouth and running down my chin.

I love sucking cock and the feeling of power it gives me although admittedly, with two guys using my open and willing holes, it looked like they have the power. Never-the-less, I loved it and I started to cum knowing that it was me that brought him to a level where he was no longer in control.

Rich must have felt the contractions of my orgasm and instead of slowing down, he sped up and really started pounding me for a few more strokes before I felt him unload deep, deep in my pussy. I could feel his cock pulsing inside my cunt as pulse after pulse of his cum filled my pussy. We all three remained still for a minute as our orgasms concluded. Andrew was quickly going soft in my mouth and I let his cock slide out of my mouth as I lightly sucked on him, getting every last drop of his cum.

Rich was still inside of me when I felt something hit my cheek. I looked up and saw it was Ian.

“That was fucking awesome babe.”

I just smiled and opened my mouth to take in his familiar cock. He was really hard. I guess he liked watching his friends use me. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react even though it was his idea to give me to his friends but there was no guessing now. He started off gently and let me work my tongue over his swollen head and the sensitive part, just under the head of his nice firm cock. That only lasted a few minutes though as he was ready to fuck. He soon grabbed me by the hair and started to fuck my mouth. As much as I like the feeling of being in control gaziantep escort bayan telefonları sucking cock I like losing control just as much. I gave in to Ian completely and just let him fuck my warm, willing mouth, using it like a cunt.

It was only a minute or so before I felt my pussy being penetrated again. It wasn’t a cock. It felt like maybe two fingers sliding in and out, twisting inside me. Then more, maybe three fingers and they were twisting and stretching my pussy as they rapidly fucked me. I was rapidly giving way to another orgasm when the fingers suddenly stopped and pulled out leaving me feeling open and empty. Then I felt a warm wetness on my other hole. I could feel the fingers sliding across and then circling my tight little asshole but no penetration.

Then there was a cock pushing into pussy again it was nice and thick so I assumed it was Andrew. Now I was once again being penetrated on both ends, skewered between my boyfriend and his roommate. There was no coordinated rhythm this time. They were just both fucking me with abandon. Then I felt something pushing against my tight little bud. It felt like a finger or thumb push into my backside. It burned a little but with all of the other stimulation I felt it only for a second before it felt like it was fully in my backside.

Now I had a cock in my mouth, one in my pussy and probably a thumb in my ass and I was being fucked hard. I could feel my tits swinging wildly below me as I was being pushed and pulled onto their cocks. I could feel the biggest orgasm of my life building and I was trying to hold off as long as I could. When I felt someone, I assume it was Rich, grab one of my swinging tits and squeeze, I started over the edge. Then he let go and just grabbed my nipple. With my tits swinging around like crazy and my nipple being pinched and pulled I burst into a category five hurricane like orgasm.

I was screaming around Ian’s cock as my entire body was pulsing and shaking. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. I felt like I was floating and I was seeing fireworks behind my closed eyelids. It went on for several minutes but the guys never slowed down. I was super sensitive and I was blubbering around Ian’s cock that was still pumping my mouth and Andrew was still pounding my pussy with his thumb up my ass. I didn’t think I could take it anymore.

Then something strange started to happen. I normally need at least a few minutes to recover from an orgasm. I can have multiple orgasms but especially after a big one, I am too sensitive to continue. Initially I was starting to panic because I didn’t think I could take it and I needed a rest. I didn’t see that happening as the guys who had already cum once were lasting much longer and they continued at a fast pace. I just gave in and let it happen.

Once I relaxed, it was like starting over and I felt my orgasm start to build again, quickly. It was only two or three minutes before I was cumming again, not as big but longer lasting. And then, again. I think Andrew came because I felt him pull out but was then immediately stuffed again, different this time. It must have gone on at least another hour or more. I was being fucked continuously by one or more cocks. I even had one, maybe two in my ass. I can’t count the number of times I came. It just seemed never ending.

It did end though and I remember collapsing on that couch, covered in cum. It was on my face, my tits and running down my legs, leaking from my pussy and ass. When I was finally able to sit up, Ian was there holding me. He offered me a bottle of water which I sorely needed. I looked around and didn’t see Rich or Andrew. I don’t know if they had gone to their rooms or if they left the apartment and didn’t care. Eventually, Ian got me to stand and helped me to the shower where he gently washed me. I slept for several hours.

Over the next several months Ian and I continued to explore. He had me wearing a butt plug to classes, regularly tied me up and used nipple clips which drove me crazy, fucked me regularly with a variety of dildos, vibrators and even cucumbers, and he continued to share me with his roommates. I spent most weekends in Ian’s apartment completely naked. He liked watching his roommates fuck me and took lots of pictures that I hope never to see on the internet.

When Ian graduated and moved, we tried the long distance thing for a while but I think we both realized that would never work with us. Our relationship was more physical, not emotional. I loved everything we did and would do it all over but without the emotional attachment, it was just sex.

I did graduate and had quite a few other guys that I had fun with but it was several years before I met the man that would give me both the physical and emotional relationship I was seeking. That’s when I met John, the man that would fulfill my every need. I was a late bloomer but I eventually fully blossomed.

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