Late For Dinner

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Hello. This is my first submission to Literotica – I hope you like it … comments are most welcome! Thank you x

You’re sitting at the table, and I come in behind you dressed simply in a black dress, with stockings, a suspender belt, bra and black heels. I lean down beside you and whisper in your ear – “Sorry I’m late – I couldn’t help myself …”. I trace my fingers down your neck and round to your mouth. They are wet and you can taste a familiar flavour as I kiss your cheek and then take a seat next to you.

You groan as I sit down, my dress rising and showing you the tops of the stockings, and the straps leading up my thigh. My hand on your knee, I look you straight in the eye and move my chair a little closer. You shift in too, and then raise your hand, curling your fingers around the back of my neck, never looking away from my eyes. You pull me in swiftly and kiss me hard, while still holding me firmly to you. Your other hand reaches across the table and pulls my dress down at the front, releasing my nipple from the silk bra it’s hidden in. You pinch it, and I moan into your mouth.

You pull away, look me in the eye and pinch it again, harder -“You should have waited …”, you breathe deeply into my ear.

You stand up with your hand still wrapped around my neck, looking me straight in the eye. You ask me if I’m hungry, and your spare hand goes to your zip, pulling it down you start pulling my head in towards your crotch. Your cock pops out and I raise my hand and lightly trace my finger up the underside Samsun Escort of your shaft.

The grip on my neck tightens and I feel your cock pulse as I use my thumb to rub the drop of moisture coming from the top of your cock around the head. Still looking you in the eye, you pull me in closer again and my mouth opens as if I’m automatically trained. Your hard cock fills my mouth and as you thrust in, my tongue curls up to run along the base as you hit the back of my throat. Your other hand pushes your trousers down and then comes up to meet the other at my face. Your holding my head steady whilst I bob back and forth, taking you down my throat, each time taking you further and further. Without warning, you thrust in deeply, and hold my head in place …

You can feel me gagging, not expecting it, and struggling to breathe. I look up, and you can see the panic in my eyes lessening as I start breathing through my nose, and getting used to having a mouthful of you. Your grip loosens and I pull back off you, using my hand to continue wanking you as I swallow down, trying to catch my breath.

You pull me up and turn me around, pulling my hips hard against you and then whisper in my ear what you’re going to do next ….

Kicking off your trousers, one hand reaches around in front of me and pulls my dress up – the other one holds it up while you push between my legs with your knee and shimmy them apart.

Your hand goes instantly to my clit, and rubs it slowly in circles, while you continue Samsun Escort Bayan to breathe in my ear, asking me if it feels nice. I nod and moan, arching my back … and you stop suddenly. I feel you sliding down behind me and you move both hands to my hips – one just above my ass and the other working it’s way down between my open thighs. You push my back down so I’m leaning across the table, and just as I’m flat against it, you thrust two fingers up inside me, and your tongue hard against my asshole.

Your fingers twist and thrust in and out of me, and I’m writhing up and down on the table, pushing back on your tongue and moaning how much I want you to fuck me. Your hand still holds my back down, but you pull away and take your fingers out. You spank my clit gently, which makes me buck more.

Seeing that I like it, you stop completely and stand up, bend over me and grab a napkin from the table. You lift my head up slightly and put the napkin in my mouth, and pull the ends round, tying them roughly and catching my hair. I catch your eye and whimper as you suddenly spank my ass hard.

You push my dress up over my ass and grab your cock with the other hand – I turn my head to watch you as you pull my hips up towards you, guide your cock up and down my dripping pussy, and with one fluid motion, sink straight in to the hilt, making me gasp and push my tits against the table.

You pull out again slowly, and then start fucking me, building up speed as I push back against you – my hands knocking Escort Samsun over glasses and screwing up the tablecloth beneath me.

Holding on to the edge of the table, I feel you grasp my leg and pull it out to the side and round your hip. I’m moaning against the napkin gag as you sink in deep and firm.

You start slowing down, and then stop completely. Pulling out, you tell me to turn over and sit on the edge of the table. I do as I’m told, shimmying my dress up around my waist as I sit down, legs open for you.

You hold my face and kiss me hard as I fumble for you, trying to pull you into me. You let me wrap my legs around you, and then I guide you back inside me. The thrusting starts again, harder and more intense – I can see in your face that you are getting close, so I clench up inside, knowing how tight it will make it feel for you.

You look me in the eye, raise your hand and slap my face, leaving a red mark that I know will still be there tomorrow. the thought of having a mark left on me under your hand pushes me closer and I glance up into your eyes, urging you to help me.

Sensing the urgency, you hock, drawing some saliva into your mouth, then spit it down onto my pussy, whilst pushing your hand between us. You start rubbing my clit firmly and fast, wanting me to cum with you. I start feeling it build and knowing how it will tip me over the edge, you reach over and grab my nipple, flicking it back and forth, taunting me and quickly getting me to the point where you want me …

My pussy clenches on your cock and pulses heavily … I can feel you pulsing inside me, drenching me with cum just as I’m flooding over your cock.

One long loud moan, and I eventually stop twitching. You lift your head from my neck, gasping as you kiss me ….

“Shall we order??”

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