Laura: Initiation of a Submissive Ch. 01

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Laura walked hesitantly into the restaurant, searching for the face she knew only from an Internet picture. She finally spotted him in a banquette across the room, and began walking slowly toward him. She felt as nervous as an understudy suddenly called upon to take the lead role in a play. Butterflies – no, eagles – turned somersaults in her stomach. While she wanted everything they had talked about in chatrooms the past weeks, she was completely inexperienced, and frightened both of the desires that flooded her frame every time they talked, and of not ever getting a chance to have those desires fulfilled.

As she neared his table, he held up his left hand in a clear gesture to stop when she was about two steps away. His right hand held a glass of iced water, and he sipped from it as his left hand motioned her to turn around in a complete circle. She turned slowly, presenting him with a complete picture of her, but as she completed her turn, he repeated his silent command, but faster. Her eyes widened – she was wearing a rather short dress of clingy material, with nothing underneath, as he had instructed her. If she spun quickly around, as he was ordering her to do, the skirt would billow up, quite possibly exposing her bare lower body to anyone close enough to see.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he noted her tiny hesitation, and that was enough to compel her to make a quick complete turn, no matter who might see what. As she had feared, the skirt did flare up, and just before she finished turning, she saw a man at a nearby table staring directly at her – or rather, at what was revealed of her lovely body. As she stopped, the skirt swirled around her upper thighs, and from the corners of her eyes, she saw more men’s heads turn toward her.

He motioned her forward to the booth, a three-quarters circle, and she slid onto the banquette seat and around toward him. As she neared him, he leaned to her and kissed her softly on the cheek with a smile on his face. Speaking very quietly, so that even someone standing at the other side of the table would not have heard him, he said, “Lift your bottom, my dear. I will pull your skirt back so that you are bare to the seat.” She blushed, but quickly did his bidding. When she felt the cool air caress her bottom for the second time in less than a minute, she blushed even more furiously, but sat down on the rough but strangely comforting fabric covering the bench.

“G-good evening, Sir,” she stuttered. “I’m so happy we have finally been able to meet.”

“We met long ago, Little One – in a life before this one. This is a reunion,” he said softly. He reached to her left shoulder with his right hand to turn her toward him as he leaned forward and kissed her deeply. His left hand, hidden from all others in the busy restaurant, moved directly to her right breast, xslot found her nipple – which was already standing firm and tingling – and pinched it hard. An almost-electric shock lit from her nipple, through her breast, down her stomach and burst into explosive heat in her center.

His hand dropped from her breast as his lips left hers and he leaned back to his original position to pick his water back up. Her eyes were unable to leave his as he sipped, and she knew three things for sure – her face was flaming red, her nipples were now as hard as they had ever been, and her … cunt – yes, she could say it, at least in the privacy of her thoughts – her cunt was as wet as if she were ready to make love. She could even feel it seeping toward her tiny anus, and knew that when they left the restaurant, the next person to sit in her seat would find it very, very wet indeed.

“Slide just a little closer to me, Little One. I want to have you close,” he said… “for whatever I choose to do.” She trembled, both inside and out, but moved immediately to his command. When her thigh touched his, she stopped moving toward him and looked at him with a question in her eyes. “That’s perfect. You needn’t be in my lap. In fact, having you sitting in my lap might inhibit my whims.” He smiled wickedly at her, and somehow the heat in her loins spread further than she could ever remember it without having an orgasm.

Their waiter came to the table and looked a question at him, and he responded with a smile. “Yes, Jason, we’re ready to order. My little one here will have …” and he looked into her eyes, knowing she had never been to this restaurant, nor had a chance to look at the menu, “the Sole Florentine with rice pilaf, a light house salad with oil and vinegar, and a bottle of this excellent vintage of water.” Jason smiled at this little jest, and waited. “I will have the eight-ounce filet, medium rare, baked potato with sour cream, chives and bacon, house salad with Italian dressing, and another bottle of water.”

“Yes, sir. Your salads will be out momentarily, sir.” The waiter sketched a mock salute that still had a large measure of respect in it, and departed for the kitchen.

“Without looking directly at him, my dear, look straight out across the table from you at the gentleman in the grey pinstripe suit – the one who looks like a junior banker. He’s been staring at you since you walked in the door. Do you know him?”

She turned her head slightly, and got a good look at the man in question. “No, sir, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him before in my life.”

“Good. Would you like to give him dessert before his entree even arrives?” She looked at him with a clear question in her eyes, but answered unequivocally.

“If you wish it, Sir, I will do it. Just tell me what you want.”

He xslot Giriş smiled, and there was no wickedness to it, but a softness in his eyes that she had not seen before. “Very well. Do not move until I tell you to ‘pose,’ but do so immediately when I do. Staying in the same position you currently occupy, open your legs wide, so there is at least sixteen inches between your knees.” Her hand trembled slightly and she laid it on the table to conceal her lack of control, knowing that he had noted it, and seeing from his eyes that it both amused and pleased him. He continued speaking to her, his eyes locked on hers. “After you open your legs, count slowly to three, and then turn your head to look directly at him. When he finally looks up from your pussy, smile at him, lift a finger in a tiny wave, and then slowly bring your thighs back together into a ‘modest’ position. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand, and I will obey.”

He smiled. “Pose.”

She moved her legs, opening them wide, knowing that the short skirt she had on could and would hide absolutely nothing from the stranger’s eyes. Slowly, almost under her breath, she counted. “One … two … three.” On the count of three, she turned her head to look at the man in the grey suit. Silently, she kept counting. “Four … five … six … seven … eight … nine.” At nine, his eyes rose to her face, and she smiled at him, noting that he blushed as quickly and furiously as she had when she whirled in front of the banquette. Her right index finger rose and waggled at the man as she casually brought her knees back together.

Turning her head back to its previous position, she looked at him and smiled. “Was I correct, Sir?”

“You did very well, Little One. Did he seem to appreciate your show?”

“Yes, Sir. But he seemed embarrassed at being caught looking. He blushed.”

“Do you realize that you did not blush?” he asked, smiling. “Not the least bit. You seem to have felt perfectly comfortable offering your cunt to view.”

Now, she blushed. It wasn’t at what she had done, but at hearing that word in a restaurant like this. She was saved from having to answer for a moment, as their waiter reappeared with their waters and salads. “Bon appetit, sir and mademoiselle,” he smiled, and was answered with their smiles.

When he left, she looked back into her companion’s eyes. “Since you mention it, yes – I do realize I didn’t blush. I think it was because it was what you wanted, and I didn’t worry about it, because it was your will.”

It was his turn now for slightly widened eyes. Then he smiled. “You have found your soul, Little One. You began seeking, not knowing what you wanted, and somehow found your way right to the destination you needed.”

“Thank you, Sir. I sensed that this xslot Güncel Giriş was right for me – you were right for me – almost the first time we talked. I blushed before, because I still had doubts, but somehow, when you ordered me to do that, all my doubts disappeared.”

“You may gain new doubts now and then, my pet, but if you hold onto the core of what you have learned about yourself already this evening, you will overcome them and grow even further.”

“I know I will, Sir, with your help and guidance. In fact… when I came in here, I would never have believed that I could do what I just did. But after only a few minutes with you, I felt perfectly natural and safe doing it, and I enjoyed it, knowing that it would please you. And I would never have believed that I could say to you – or anyone – what I’m about to say. I am sopping wet. My pussy has drenched me, and my thighs, and the seat beneath me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet in my life.” She looked into his eyes and smiled, completely trusting, knowing that she was pleasing him again.

“Lift your bottom, my dear,” he said softly, and as she instantly did so, he slipped his right hand behind her back and down under her as she lowered herself. His fingers sought and found her sex, and one opened her lips even further. “Do you want to cum now, Little One? Or would you rather wait a little while, and let the anticipation grow?”

Her eyes were as wide as they could get as he rubbed her labia, briefly flicking a fingertip across her protruding clit. She almost choked as she answered him, “I would love to cum now, Sir, but … I feel you would rather I wait, so I will.” He smiled and kept lightly stroking her. “But, Sir… if you keep doing that, I won’t have any choice in the matter. I’ll cum even though I don’t want to.”

His eyes regained that wicked gleam that so frightened, entranced and excited her. “Will you cum even though I don’t want you to?” His fingers stopped their movement, but remained cupped around her wet, heated center.

Laura stuttered and tried to regain some composure. She blushed, and looked briefly away, then visibly gathered her will and looked back into his eyes. “If you tell me not to cum, I will try my best not to. I don’t know that I can hold back if you keep touching me, but I will do my best.”

Her earnestness and strength touched him and he told her to lift herself again, and took his hand away. “That was what I needed to hear, my pet. I’ll give you release later, several times. And in time, we’ll work on you not having orgasms until you’re permitted.”

Laura shuddered, but didn’t quite cum. His words alone had almost triggered an orgasm, but she fought against it and won. He saw her tremble, and knew the effect he had had on her, and grinned. “Good girl,” he said softly. “You have the right attitude, and the strength, to be a good submissive. And that’s what we’ll work on this weekend. We have this night, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday evening, when you go home, you’ll have learned more than you would have thought possible.”

End, Chapter 1

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