Laura Learns Her Husband’s Secrets Ch. 04

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To J.J., who has stuck with me the longest

Jack was dutifully licking Elaine’s slit under her skirt and beginning to panic because he realized that her thin-lipped vulva would limit the air intake for him, especially after the sadistic girl began releasing jets of pee into his mouth.

“I know that it must be a bit close for you down there,” Elaine giggled as she enjoyed his tonguing of her most sensitive spots. “But you better do a good job or I’ll keep you down there until you do.”

Jack had been left in the 20-year-old Elaine’s care by his dominant wife, Laura. Laura had exercised complete domination over her husband once she realized that that was secretly what he wanted and had been surfing the net in all sorts of nasty places to find. Elaine enjoyed the position Laura was placing her in—especially when Jack was down under her skirt licking her pudendum—and planned on using the experience in her Women’s Studies Feminist Theory course.

Elaine had flaming red hair and a nice figure, Jack thought, although he was too concerned about his continuing ability to breathe to even focus on his tormentress’s obvious charms. He had dreamed of being made to serve a woman in this intimate fashion, but now that it was happening, he began to have second thoughts. It was getting late for them, he told himself.

Since taking Women’s Studies at the university, and especially after taking a course with Prof. Thompson, Elaine truly enjoyed her first chance to be a real dominatrix. She wanted to do a good job so that her Aunt Laura would give her even more authority over Jack. She had no sexual attraction to Jack, because she really didn’t like either older men or wimpy ones.

Elaine lived in a small but pleasant apartment with her roommate Cynthia near the university. When Laura returned, she asked Elaine how Jack had behaved. “Oh, he’s getting better at getting under my skirt…you know,” she grinned at Laura. “I was wondering, Aunt Laura, would you like him to spend a weekend over at my place with Cynthia and me? We could really work on training him for you.”

Laura pondered the request momentarily and then her face brightened. “I can tell that there’s no real sexual attraction here, Elaine darling,” she responded. “And I like that, because the only one I want Jack to be able to fuck is me, and only when I really am ready for it, not the obligatory two-minute deals he used to give me. But if you two can train him—and tell him that how he is treated will depend on how he satisfies me in bed—I would be really grateful. Suffice it to say that you may discipline him in any way you wish. But don’t mark him permanently or injure him, please, as much as you may feel he deserves it. If that were to happen, it would come from me in payback for all he put me through.”

Elaine nodded in sympathy for the years Laura had endured Jack’s bullying. “Isn’t it strange, Aunt Laura, that he really wanted you to take charge of him?” she said, most plainly.

“Yes, Elaine, I still am adjusting to it, although I must confess that I like being treated like a real tough lady,” she grinned at her niece, who clearly was an incipient dominatrix herself.


Laura did not give Jack any notice that he was going to be sent to Elaine’s apartment for the weekend. Friday afternoon, when they both were home, she merely commented, “I have some plans this weekend that are of no concern of yours. I have arranged for you to spend the weekend at Elaine’s. For your sake, you had better do exactly what she says because I have asked her to give me a complete report on how you behave there.”

Jack by now knew better than to argue with his newly dominant wife. “Yes, dear,” he responded, “I know you know best now. But I hope you understand that I will miss you terribly. You were right to punish me for what I did and I appreciate your taking charge. But your niece sometimes frightens me, with what she must be learning at that course in the university.”

“What she learns in Feminist Theory is none of your concern,” Laura snapped. “Just for that, I’d better give you something to think about, young man. Stand up, let down your pants, and pull down your shorts. You’re getting a spanking.”

Knowing better than to argue—Laura had already made him aware of her proclivity for doubling or even tripling the number of strokes if he protested a sentence—Jack complied and bent over, bare-assed, on the end of the couch, spreading his legs so Laura could see his ball sac hanging down and what looked to be a partially-erect penis.

Laura reached into her handbag and removed the small fiberglas black rod she now carried with her at all times. She lay it across his bare cheeks and merely flicked her wrist several times to apply some stinging strokes to Jack’s bottom. He cried as the red stripes became quite visible on his bare nates.

Then she used the rod to move between his legs and he understood she meant that he should spread his legs farther apart. She touched merter escort his scrotum from the rear with the tip of the rod and quietly observed, “You better behave for me and for Elaine or this will be where you get it next time.”

She left him to clean up the living room and went upstairs to pack for her weekend away. She was going to visit her great friend from school, Maisie, who, it turned out, dominated not only her husband, Arthur, but the couple’s two offspring, now both in their early 20s but still living at home, as appeared to be increasingly common during this time of economic stringency.


When Elaine returned to her apartment, she was excited that her aunt was giving her total authority over her Uncle Jack for the weekend. She seemed unusually breezy and her roommate Cynthia asked her why she seemed so enervated.

“Cyn, darling, we are going to have the time of our lives,” Elaine gushed. “You know everything we are learning about dominating men in Feminist Theory?” Well, Aunt Laura is sending Uncle Jack over here for the whole weekend when we can do whatever we want with him!”

“Oh wow, Elaine,” Cynthia replied with a huge smile, “that is so absolutely terrific! You know that we can use this to write up the mandatory lab report for Prof. Thompson. We will have the best report in the class with a real live male sub to play with for the whole weekend.”

The girls prepared themselves for Jack’s pending arrival. Cynthia squealed with pleasure when she found an old pantygirdle that her mother had made her wear when she was in high school to ensure her continued chastity. She showed it to Elaine and they decided it would perfect to put Jack in the constricting garment.

“And Cyn,” Elaine responded, “it’s terrific that now that we’ve roomed together for a while, our periods are in sync, so he can service both of us now that we are right on the heaviest days.”

“I hadn’t even thought of that, sweetie,” Cynthia replied with alacrity. “We might just save on getting many more pads or tampax this weekend,” she giggled. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!” she added, with a very playful tone to her voice.

And with that, Cynthia slipped down her white cotton undies to disclose a rather soaked Always with wings pad, despite the presence of a soiled string protruding from her puffy lower lips. With only slight ceremony—punctuated by a mock trumpet blast—she slid the dark red-mottled tampon from her vagina and swung it around merrily.

Elaine quickly caught the devil-may-care spirit of the occasion but before she could attend to her own panties, her ever-so-active roomie had reached over and yanked them down, disclosing a very splotchy, clot-filled pad that she had to tug away from Elaine’s rather full bush to which it had affixed itself. Elaine got her hand down into her own crotch quickly enough to extract her own tampax, which like Cynthia’s, was soaked and had clearly done little to avert the flow from the nearly oversoaked pad.

It was clear that the two college girls were high on their monthly hormones, past the PMS downers and ready for a weekend of fun, amplified by knowing that they would have a male subject to dominate and practice all the attributes of being a successful dominatrix that blonde Professor Emily Thompson had been teaching them.

“He’s going to be spending a lot of time between our legs,” Elaine confided to her friend. “I had some bad cramps the other day and I feel that the whole male sex deserves to get whacked all over to make up for the pain we girls put up with every fucking month.”

“I’ll make sure we get some of those adult diapers too,” Cynthia answered, “and we’ll see how your wimpy uncle enjoys having to wear his soggy droopy drawers for hours on end. Did you see the face of that silly sub in the porno flick that Emily showed us when he realized he couldn’t hold his poo in any longer and would have to go in his pants? Maybe we can enjoy that kind of reaction and write it up for her. I bet we get a guaranteed A if we do that, with pictures!”


Laura drove Jack over to Elaine’s apartment Friday after supper. She had lectured him on the need for him to obey the girls—she emphasized that Elaine’s roommate Cynthia would have just as much authority to manage his behavior and discipline him if she felt the need. Jack cringed as he had only seen Cynthia once, but he knew she was the kind of small, assertive girl he most feared. She was a little like his wife herself and look where she had gone now.

“Can I ask where you will be?” Jack said softly.

“You may not,” Laura snapped, from the driver’s seat. “Actually, some day you will join me at my old friend Maisie’s place, because she now is in charge of her household, and that includes her two grown children as well as her drippy spouse.”

Jack hated to hear about Maisie because it seemed Laura respected her and the fact that she was a domme in charge of three individuals. He wondered if that istanbul escort were a better scene, so that Laura would not be so able to concentrate on him. But it was clear that Laura had no intention of having any children with him, anyway. He wouldn’t even consider the horrid possibility that his controlling wife might select someone she regarded as more of an alpha male to impregnate her.

They parked in the small parking area behind Elaine’s building and Laura had Jack follow her up the stairs. They rang the bell and Cynthia answered with a smile. “Hi Laura darling,” she said, “I hope you know how much Elaine and I appreciate the chance to try out what we’ve been learning in Fem Theory this weekend. Don’t worry, this bad boy will be totally under our control.”

They walked in and Elaine came out and kissed her aunt on the lips. She smiled as she saw how subservient her once-proud uncle had become. He looked as if he were expecting to be put down, she said to herself. “Do you have any special instructions, or should I say, rules for him?” she asked menacingly, in Jack’s view anyway.

Laura smiled broadly and told Elaine and Cynthia that she trusted them entirely with responsibility for supervising Jack. “He’s become such a complete wimp from being online,” she said, “that I don’t know how able he will be to get it up at all. But you girls are welcome to do anything you want with him, including sexually, assuming you want his little thing inside you,” Laura sneered at her husband.

She motioned to Elaine to join her in the living room. Elaine in turn signaled to Cynthia that she should take Jack into the bedroom and begin his routines. When her niece had joined her in the living room, Laura smiled and told her that her friend Maisie was arranging double dates for Laura and her with two “real men”. “Maisie tells me that she went out with one of these guys and he poked her so delightfully that she came all over the place and he stayed hard almost forever,” she gushed. Elaine grinned and said she was happy she was bi and could enjoy living with her roommate, but that she still enjoyed having a real man in her vadge.


Cynthia told Jack to stand and drop his trousers. “Take them off entirely, along with your shirt,” she snapped, brooking no interruption or protest, of which there came none anyway, in view of Jack’s subservience and fear of what these younger women could do to him. He feared younger women of this kind, adept in feminist psychology, who believed in female domination and always hinted that they really were intent on effecting total emasculation of any male they were able to control.

Jack now stood, embarrassed, in his shorts and tee shirt, with his dress shoes and black socks up his calves. “Now remove those ugly shorts,” Cynthia barked, as he hastened to comply with her high-pitched orders. When he was bare from the waist down, she handed him the tiny flesh-colored pantygirdle and ordered him to put it on.

“But Miss,” he protested, unwisely, “it can’t fit. It’s so teeny.”

“You will make it fit,” Cynthia responded brusquely. She then put her thumbs in the waistband and tugged it up over his scrotal sac and penis as well as his hips. The tiny garment did stretch, although it pressed very very hard on Jack—compressing his tender bottom cheeks (from all the spankings Laura inflicted on them) as well as the lower part of his abdomen, now that his stomach bulged over the tight waistband of the girdle.

“Oh don’t you look so cute in that thing,” Cynthia laughed. “You wouldn’t believe that I had to wear that when I went out on dates in high school so that the boys wouldn’t get into my pants. My mother made me put it on.”

Jack thought that the petite Cynthia’s wearing the restrictive painful garment was a far cry from it constricting him so awfully, but as usual, he had learned to keep any such thoughts to himself.

He thought back briefly to when he had first dated girls like Laura in high school. Most of them were fine about letting him get his fingers into their panties and even into their moist slits. He upbraided himself for what he had allowed to happen to him that took him away from those days, when some of the looser ladies even enjoyed fucking in the back seat of his Taurus.


Elaine joined Cynthia in the bedroom just as soon as Laura bid her good-bye. She smiled as she saw Uncle Jack in the ridiculous pantygirdle. “Cyn, let’s start him out with some good period service,” she said gamely.

With that the two young women sat on the edge of the bed, with a thick dark towel beneath their cute bottoms, and flipped up their skirts so that their hairy pudenda were on full view. “Get down there and start licking me,” Elaine ordered, with a crisp flourish. “And I don’t want to hear any backtalk because I’m having my period. You will be our little tampon for as long as we desire.”

Jack got down on his knees and pushed his head between her pretty legs and smelled the overwhelming bayrampaşa escort odor of her menses as his nose and mouth grew close to her pussy. He began to lick and tasted the thick metallic bloody substance that was oozing from her vagina. After a moment or two at revulsion at what he was doing, he began to enjoy the sweet womanly smell of being in Elaine’s vulva, even if it were bleeding the waste blood of her monthly throw-off of the unneeded lining of her womb.

He was licking her deeply and he felt her responding by moving her hips in rhythm. As she came and obviously was enjoying it, she drew his head up and told him it was time for him to give Cynthia some attention.

Cynthia was a smaller girl but he was amazed that her vulva was larger and had wider folds. He did not have the same problems breathing as he had when Elaine clamped him between her legs. Cynthia’s menses were also less metallic and lighter in consistency. His tongue flicked and licked in her open vagina and grazed the tip of her clit and she too began to rock’n’roll, finally exploding in what must have been a lovely orgasm, he figured.

“Well,” Elaine said, as Cynthia told him to pull away and stand up. “You probably want some relief, don’t you?” She asked the question in a whiny, querulous way that Jack knew boded no good for him.

He mildly said that was something he did like and she laughed in his face. She then pulled down the pantygirdle, rubbed his cock and watched as the precum oozed out of the little hole at the tip. But then she pulled her hand away and told him he would not be permitted to come.

Cynthia grinned as Elaine commented to her, “This is what Prof. Thompson refers to as the ‘ruined orgasm’ where he gets all excited and then is denied relief.”

“Get over my lap,” Cynthia then ordered and Jack quickly complied.

She adjusted her hold so that he was balanced nicely over her small frame. Elaine handed her the small black fiberglas rod and she began to flick it very lightly and realized that even light flicks generated a tremendous sting on his white bottom. Nasty red stripes started to appear and soon Jack was unable to restrain his tears.

“Yes, you’ll be crying plenty,” Elaine grinned as she reached between Jack’s legs over Cynthia’s lap to poke at the base of his scrotum. Cynthia continued to flick the rod and Jack’s bottom grew crimson all over. Finally, she let up and told him to get up.


Elaine then handed Cynthia a fresh tampon and both girls quickly inserted the small white protective cotton plug into their flowing vaginas. “You don’t need to be stimulated by seeing any more pussy,” Elaine told Jack as she put a new maxipad in her panties, pulled them up and then pulled her shorts up over them, as did Cynthia.

Then she reached over and tugged the horridly restrictive pantygirdle up over Jack’s genitals and burning rear end.


Meanwhile, Laura arrived at her friend Maisie’s and was greeted by Maisie’s subservient husband Arthur, dressed in a cocktail dress and holding out a beautiful flute of champagne for his new additional Mistress. After Laura took the glass, she joined Maisie, already holding one, in a toast to their friendship, Maisie took a quaff, winced, and flipped the remaining contents of her flute right into her husband’s face.

“You pig,” she shouted at him, “this is warm and disgusting.” With that she made the embarrassed Arthur flip up his skirt and she yanked down his pink panties and went to work on his bottom with a large martinet. Since the tails also bit between his legs, Arthur let out some screams, which merely fired Maisie up to hit him harder.

Laura said she needed to be excused but Maisie interrupted her. “Do you need to pee?” she asked. Laura shamefacedly nodded in the affirmative.

With that, Maisie ordered her daughter Janet to “assume the position.” Janet, a bright-eyed 24-year-old brunette, dressed in a short skirt, lay down under the toilet chair that was situated right in the room next to them. Maisie said to Laura, “Now don’t be shy. One way I keep them under control is to have them serve as a toilet for me and my friends. Janet will catch your warm pee in her mouth and not let it go if she knows what’s good for her.”

Laura hesitantly lifted her own skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees and sat on the toilet seat. Maisie came over and reached down to push Janet’s little skirt up and Laura, looking down under her, saw that Janet was wearing crotchless panties.

“Yes, she has a nice opening in those panties so I can use the little whip on her naughty pussy if she spills any of your pee,” Maisie advised her with a broad grin.

Laura had trouble releasing her pee, but then a strong stream burst from her labia and Janet held her mouth open. But the stream was heavy enough that the young woman, with a slight cry knowing what would follow, could not retain all of the warm yellow liquid in her mouth and had to let some run off. She flinched as she felt Maisie snap her little whip right into the opening of the crotchless panties and into Janet’s open vulva.

“Oh, a lovely hit,” Maisie exclaimed. “She needs to learn to be a far more receptive young lady when I have her on toilet duty.”

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